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Hello, I have led tube light for 277 VAC /60HZ. Where I can buy AC trasformer :input 120 AC, output 277 AC ? Thank you.
Hello I will be using led driver TLC5927. I will be driving 16 ledS and each led will consume around 30mA, thats total 30mA*16 = 480mA I was reading datasheet and it says output current: 120mA Device Topology: Constant Current D
From what I understand is that the column is driven from the shift registers (source), and the rows are driven from the MCU (sink). If that is corrct, I can't see why the shift register needs to be shifted 120 bit for each row? If you rearrange your program and circuit so the column is common, you may shift 1 column at the time, without rewriting
Were you ESD safe? Why are leds shown backwards? Each output is 25 Ohm nominal ESR so if shorted to gnd or supply and active in opposite state , current limit from 3V is 120 mA !! I calculate ESR as follows. ( actually internal RdsOn) ESR = Vol/Iol and (Vcc-Voh)/Ioh - - - Updated - - - Many kits run fr
The average current in the led is (120V - 2V)/10k ohms divided by 2= 6mA which is not bright. It will flicker at 30Hz due to the diode. The led will heat with about 0.012W and the 10k resistor will heat with 0.7W (it is way overloaded). Since it conducts current 50% of the time, , power is only 0.36W so a 1/2 W res
"A cheap way would be to examine the binary pattern of led's attached to outputs of a 4060 IC (or rather two rows of led's, one at the top of the picture, another at the bottom)." Exactly what I descripe in my first post that I intend to do Then progress can go full steam... I guess I needed this clarification, after seeing you ta
I want to design an led light to replace the existing fluorescent lamp.I will be using 120 5mm white led's.I want to design a power supply using a polyester capacitor and 4 1N4007 diodes.I will take all the necessary precaution to avoid any electric shock.I would highly appreciate help/suggestions in designing this power supply.
Potting material can be removed. The hardness of the potting material will decrease if you put it in an oven with 120 deg C. Be careful the wire may burn out.
HI, I'm looking for new design LCD with following requirements led 3D 100-120 Hz 19'' ? 21 '' kindly offer me part number or company name the deal with that let me know thanks in advance
Hello, I have to interface around 120 led's to PIC18F4520. I am planning to do it with Latch IC 74HCT574. But it increases number of latch IC's. As per the datasheet the maximum current sourced and sunk by all ports of micro controller is 200mA. Is it enough to drive all the led's? Please suggest. Thanks, paddy
Hi guys, I've been a member of this forum since 2002 - and i still cannot work this out. :cry: You think it's time for me to get a new hobby? :roll: I have purchased 5m of led strip lights, with the following info... ● View angle:120° ● Working Voltage: 12V AC ● led Quantity: 300 leds/5 Mete (...)
Model: ZT-F0806-14410A Shade dimension: 26*600mm Rated power: 10w Lamp beads: 144pcs Housing material: PC+6063 Aluminum Input voltage: flux: 650lm?50lm Viewing angle: 120 degrees Color rendering index: 75?5Ra Color: Warm white/White/Cool white Color temperature: (3000K-3500K),(4000K
Hello the 120 resistor it is connected to a pin of micro (pic18f452) when i set it high( set 5 volt at the resistor terminal) it works but when i changed the 1kohm situation at the collector of bdx53 led won't i
Do you actually need isolation if you're just delivering power to a led? Are you running from 120/240V mains? Do you actually intend to use active PFC? 100-200W is somewhat high power for a flyback converter, but it can be done. You might also consider a forward converter.
500 rpm == 120 ms per cycle 2500rpm== 24 ms per cycle i think it's just enough one magnet but you must check the reed switch specifications about this times, it should be at least then times faster (response time of 1 or 2 ms) (i would go to the optic way to get rid of this issue ) the almost exact way is to setup a
We would like to drive Infrared leds with a 120 MHz signal. However, we are not sure what type of leds can be driven at such a high frequency. What kind of a parameter should we look for in the datasheet of the leds to determine whether they will work at 120 MHz. In datasheets, the bandwidth of the (...)
Also, I didn't understand why the 120+400 signal lock the other VCO to its own frequency.. Is that some kind of cross-talk between oscillators?It's called injection locking. When you have two oscillators running at very close frequency, like in your case 120000000 and 120000400, they will eventually run at the same f
These particular lights can not work on 9 volts battery or 7.2 volts battery. They are designed for 120 volts AC or DC. You can simply (if you can do it) can use the plastic casing only while replacing the internal lights with an led and a 330 ohms resistor in series.
presume it is very high Why it should be? The voltage results from the current supplied by the 1Mohm resistor ( 120 uArms) and the led characteristic, about 1 V at that low current level. For reasonable operation, the current should be raised to about 0.5 mA at least, see the PS2505 current transfer characteristic in datasheet. ht
Nothing special in it. They use cheapest possible led's in the market. But the Lighting angle / visibility is 120 degrees and the beam concentrated by custom designed reflector arrangement. Despite we see led products of Eveready and Nippo in Indian market, we get better quality led products for the same price but are (...)
I am such a newbie please advise. I have a driver that I got of an old led light unit. The unit had 120 x 1wleds and 3 drivers. I have taken 1 of the drivers and I am wanting to make a new light with 3w Cree leds. I would also like to add a computer cooling fan to it. I tested the driver and it showed 164.4v DC; (...)
Hi, you can take the serial resistor of led from battery "and pulse it" trough repetadly contact to 9V... Or you can apply repetadly an "short" over your photo transistor too. Can you measure Uref from both diodes as ca. 1.2V? I would say: apply please the led+120 Ohm on an pulse generator (min. to an Oscilloscope calibrating (...)
Then you'll need to learn microcontrollers or use 8 MAX6952/3 driver ICs. To control them you need to communicate with I2C or SPI A 5x7 16x2 matrix will need 1,120 leds or 32 5x7
The resistors are there to limit the current. The leds have a typical voltage drop of about 2V. The AVR is driving common cathode leds and each individual anode connection has a 120 ohm resistor. Use good old Ohms Law and assume that the drop across the AVR can be ignored. The led current is (5-2)/120 or (...)
1. After applying mains supply, one can hear that the SMPS starts and stops regularly. 2. After disconnecting +120V from the SMPS transformer (the voltage for horizontal deflection circuits), SMPS starts up, and the POWER ON led is on. 3. All elements in horizontal deflection seems to be OK. But to be sure all elements in +120 V rectifier (...)
Red leds have Vf voltage below or close to 2V .. You should increase the value of resistor from 1Ω to ≈120Ω (25mA) and replace this "5V" led - most likely it is already "stuffed" .. Regards, IanP