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I want to interface GRAPHIC LCD 128x64 with PIC16F877 by PIC BASICPRO. Who have code for this project ? Please help me. Thank :cry:
for 128x64 check
I'm looking for a decent graphics LCD that's easy to obtain in North America. 128x64, around that range..
128x64 LCD Driver for AT90S2313
Hello I have recently bought the 128x64 LCD module and I have tried to use one today. I understood that a datasheet states that a typical 4.5 voltage should be applied to the LCD module. So I test it in order to see it works by applying ground and 4.5V to Vss and Vdd respecively. Unfortunately I could not see anything from the 128x64 LCD dis
Are any one have an algorithm to draw any line in agraphical LCD Ampire 128x64 with controller KS0108? Thanks in advance
Hi, everybody I have a 128x64 GLCD and want to put it on pictures so I need to convertor bitmap to bin file for 24LC256. I found some convertors on the net but they output C or basic codes. I can know C and asm programming but program memory isnt enough for showing pictures on Glcd so I'll use an eeprom so I need to convertor bitmap to bin fi
Can anyone suggest me some code for scrolling up,down left n rigt on 128x64 pixel graphics lcd. I am using DM12864A glcd with KS0108B controller.
I am looking for supplier for 128x64 graphics LCD. It is very urgent. Thanks in advance...
Hi Friends I want to interface Graphice lcd 128x64(Samsung) with AT89s52, can any one having code and schamatic file. Please Help me in this regard Thanks & Regards Chander
Any body plz help me in interfacing 128x64 graphic lcd with PIC i need the data sheet of this lcd too
Hi, I recently bought a KS0108B based GLCD (128x64) I got it working today by for some reason it displays everything back to front. Basically it starts displaying from 63rd to 0th position for both sides of the display. I thought it should always be left to right? Can anyone please help me? I am using PIC16F84A and the chip select pins one and tw
I'm doing graphic lcd project. The lcd is 128x64 microcontroller is atmega32. Please help how can do lcd setting and imagine picture and text in the 128x64 graphic lcd. Please help me.
hi everybody, i want to interface a 128x64 graphic lcd with atmega16. can somebody help me about this please?. this is my first experince with graphic lcs's. thanks in advance.
hi, i'm trying to interface a 128x64 lcd by Lascar (SP 5-FDX1) with a PIC16f877a. can anyone tell me if this is possible by just using the PIC16f877a or do i need other ICs? the LCD comes with a SPLC 501C controller by SUNPLUS.... sorry i am new in this and haven't much idea how it all works...
Wanted to build and develop the following oscilloscope using Mega32: But the 128x64 graphic LCD I can reach has the following pin config: 1,2-backlight 3-gnd 4-vdd 5-rs 6-wr 7-en 8-cs 9-NC(no connected) 10-d0 11-gnd 12-14-d1-d3 15-gnd 16-19-d4-d7 20-gnd
Hello, All: This project uses BasicStamp 2P (also you can use PIC MCU) to interface with a GLCD Display and JP SerGLCD Module. Code used is standard PBasic 2.5, it should work on most BasicStamp chips. Components: 1) Basic Stamp 2P Manufactory: Parallax Home Datasheet:
hi can anyone tell algo or a c code to draw graph on 128x64 graphic lcd iv tried a lot...:cry:
i am trying to use touch screen in Proteus (128x64) but not found !! can one give me a model for this component . i attachment picture shows the component required plz help me
Hello I'm using a PIC 18F97J60 and would like to connect a GLCD 128x64. I tried to search with Google but i was not able to find a tested and working library for KS0108 controllers. Microchip graphic libraries look to be not compatible with PIC 16 / 18 Famillies. Can someone would be kind to post a library, it will help me lot. Bes
Im using 128x64(LM12468L) glcd with pic18f4550 and CCS. I use HDM46GS12 driver. First i developed a firmware without using "FAST LCD" it properly worked in proteus. but it didnt work when it is impemented. Then i used "Fast LCD" & it worked properly. But it takes more RAM space(50%). I want 70% ram space for other I cant use "Fast
I am interested in Mplab and hi-tech picC to drive an 128x64 + a resistive touch screen. Help me to do this.
Hello, I am interfacing the 128x64 GLCD with MCU. In the datasheet of LCD, I saw many parameters which are completely new to me. Hope you can help me out in understanding them... The LCD driver used... 1. The display had duty cycle like... 1/65 dut
The system consists of a microcontroller Atmega8 with a graphic display with a resolution of 128x64 pixels and controller KS0108B (HD61202/3). A popular chip sensor DS18B20 was used as a temperature sensor. The syste
maybe help you FastLCD creator (table creator) 128x64 LCD, 3310, ... at go to download section! ...after making picture go to BAS icon.....
hlo somebody ,please...i need file lib proteus LCD DEM128064A model (128x64 pixels) or
Hello! Here is 128X128 and 128x64 Touch Screens.
Hi everyone, I am facing from with GLCD 128x64 it has controller NT75451. I am getting first row dots are getting on, and character also display after that position. If any one can guide me where i am making mistake in code as below. LCD.c #ifndef _XTAL_FREQ // Unless specified elsewhere, 4MHz system frequency is assumed #defin
Hello Guys, I need help regarding Interfacing 128x64 Graphic Display and 3x4 keypad with PIC16f877a i Have designed it as 98003 here i have connected Keypad to port B and LCD to port C and port D. using the below Code //this is KBD.c #byte kbd = 6 // on to port B (at address 6)
Hi everyone, I am doing a Temperature Monitoring System by using PIC18F4550 with LCD Ampire 128x64. I use CCS C of MPLab plugin to compile the .hex file. And simulate on Proteus. My problem is : the display on Ampire 128x64 is unusual. Is there any configuration on Ampire need to done before simulate? I'm new to this. 103250[
Dear Sir, Would you please advise me the proper library/ source code to use with? I am using PIC16F877A with GLCD 128x64, S6B0108 controller. I tried to use library HDM64GS12.c but it did not work properly. My compiler is CCSC version pcwhdupd 5-0008 Here is my GLCD specification. ht
Hi all, Need some help with writing the C codes to project the values I have gather from the ADC of a PIC18F4431 onto a 128x64 GLCD. I am currently using the MPLab IDE if you do a forum search on GLCD it will give you links to many posts on the subject can you give more details on the hardware, e.g
hiiii i am finding it difficult to interface glcd 128x64 with lpc2148....escpecially i am not aware about the value of pull up registers to be used along the pins of glcd with lpc2148.. cud sumone help me wid the interfacg??does anyone have the diagram to interface??plssss
hello! i need to display simple character on glcd using mplab Hi aaddi, Indeed, there is huge difference between GLCD and Alphanumeric LCD. If you want to display only characters then I will strongly recommend you to use Alphanumeric LCD rather than GLCD. In GLCD you can display images only. Even you are displaying C
I'm looking for an black & white LCD display with the following specs. Display size 256x128 minimum Price Range : $10 ~ $30 Unless you buy 1000ths you won't find any lcd for this price. check autronic-melchers in germany, there you get 128x64 for the price range you mentioned.
Hello friends, many e-shops are selling Graphical LCD displays with integrated controller but it seems to me that they are still too much expensive (30-40$ for a simple 128x64). I'm looking for low cost LCD with integrated controller (with basic commands) starting from 128x64 pixels and backlight. Do you know a good LCD brand and a place wher
Is there any one for Samsung KS0108B Controller (GLCD 128x64)?
I begin programming in C a graphic LCD 128x64. I found some programs called bmp2lcd wich change a bmp file into an array, but there is no example of using it. How do you put this on an graphic lcd. Does anybody have examples? Thanks I'v googled, but only found the programs and NONE of them explained how to use it.
The LCD is: crystalfontz CFAG12864B-TMI-V 128x64 Graphics LCD blauw met backlight Datasheet:
Hello All Im developer the Mini Osciloscope , the just little Osciloscope Digital and portable . 400 Ksps 200 KHz 0-10V DC/AC 1 Kram Function Trig +/- 5V alimentation Use the Dallas 80C420 1 Display 128x64 and 1 AD and more. The projecte is Free !! for Donwload. Sorry is Datashee is not Englins. The Link my page . www.geo
hai, iam intialise the proteous lcd model ampire128x64.interface with atmega103. its working ok. clear the lcd ok. write the pixel ok clear the pixel ok but if iam reading the lcd for particular position value of pixel and write the pixel to that particular position. its doent work. is it truly support read oppration in lcd
I need some hints with a GUI design. As I have a 128x64 GLCD, I was wondering about some icons and a "start menu" bar, and using some keys as a pointer device to select the icons. Each icon represents an application (they are Agenda, Calendar, Mail, NotePad, and some other). If somebody has an idea, or a bitmap made of a GUI, please se
Salam, I search for very cheap GLCD (any resolution > 128x64 ) with standard controller. Thanks very much
Salam, I search for very cheap GLCD (any resolution > 128x64 ) with standard controller. Thanks very much
hello i have a 128x64 grafical LCD but i dont know how can i work bye CS pins only i know they are chip select pins can you give me some information about CS1 and CS2? thank you
Greeting guys Do you know any good tutorial and example of implementing graphic dot matrix LCD module? For example, KS0108 controller based LCD module 128x64. Maverickmax77
There are C code appilcation notes avaialable for T6963 on the internet. But normally 128x64 LCDs use KS0108 or similar SED controllers. But you can get some idea from the application notes.
Hi all, I am going to use freeRTOS to do project, which has the following hardware module. - 128x64 dot mono LCD graphic module - 4 key (direct key configure) - IrDA for printing - doing ADC via I2C interfaced ADC every 500ms The function of the device is; - User can use the key and display to read the DAC value - PC can request the A
128x64 graphic use ccsc sample?
Hi I have been using FastLCD for converting 128x64 LCD pictures into hexdecimal numbers but I could not convert the picture into numbers. Is there any alternative software for me to use? What is your recommendation? Maverick Max