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I use CCS-C compiler. plz help me. #include <12f675.h> #fuses INTRC_IO,PUT,NOWDT,NOPROTECT,NOMCLR, BROWNOUT #use delay(clock=4000000) //define IO pins #bit VS = 0x05.5 #bit VA = 0x05.4 #bit gpio3 = 0x05.3 #bit gpio2 = 0x05.2 #bit gpio1 = 0x05.1 #bit gpio0 = 0x05.0 #use fast_io(a) #byte adcON0 = 0x1F #byte ANSEL = 0x9F #byte CMCON
how I can use the CIC 12f675 as adc in SERIAL TEMPRATUER LOGGER?
Dear All, If Anyone can tell me which micro is best for power where live supply is controlling contactors with high spikes. One of my fried got problem in same type of project when he used 12f675. It gets hanged many time even WDT is active. Shoul I use 12F510???? Thanks Vicky
#include <12f675.h> #device adc=10 #fuses INTRC_IO,NOWDT,NOPUT,NOPROTECT,NOCPD,NOMCLR #use delay(clock=4000000) #define GP0 PIN_A0 #define GP1 PIN_A1 #define GP2 PIN_A2 #define GP3 PIN_A3 #define GP4 PIN_A4 #define GP5 PIN_A5 #byte OSCCAL = 0x90 void init() { OSCCAL = 0x80; // set internal oscillator to mid frequen
PIC12F629 and PIC12f675 are 8 pin device. PIC12f675 has built in 10 bit adc. Please suggest me projects idea using these two microcontrollers.
Hi all I'm a complete noob at writing code for micro-controllers basically want i want to do is... I'm upgrading my previous Lead-acid battery desulfator from a 555timer based osc with LVD to a pic12f675 (or 629) running a 3mhz osc (555 was a nosiey bugger lots of harmonics audible). So I've got super simple code set to pulse Mosfet at around
hello evrybody i m trying to drive a 4 wire hdd motor with pic 16f675 so i try this schematic with the commun pin of the motor connected to 12v i m asking if it will be working with this code #include <12f675.h> #device adc=8 #FUSES NOWDT //No Watch Dog Timer #FUSES INTRC_IO //Internal RC Osc, n