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help me out i am not able to read the adc value . i am reading adc value from analog channel 2 here my code is there /* adc conversion*/ unsigned char adc_value; unsigned char sensor; char *text="00000"; const gas_max = 642; void main() { adcON0 =0x08; ANSEL =0b00000110; ADRESH =0; (...)
Hi, I am presently doing some practical test of peripheral of PIC 12f675. While trying to use analogue comparator, a weird result is noticed. I have made a circuit with 12f675 connected as follows. GP 0 used as adc as well as CIN- for comparator. GP 1 used as output for LED_1 GP 2 used as output for LED_2 GP 3 not used. GP 4 not (...)
hello evrybody i m trying to drive a 4 wire hdd motor with pic 16f675 so i try this schematic with the commun pin of the motor connected to 12v i m asking if it will be working with this code #include <12f675.h> #device adc=8 #FUSES NOWDT //No Watch Dog Timer #FUSES INTRC_IO //Internal RC Osc, n
Hi all I'm a complete noob at writing code for micro-controllers basically want i want to do is... I'm upgrading my previous Lead-acid battery desulfator from a 555timer based osc with LVD to a pic12f675 (or 629) running a 3mhz osc (555 was a nosiey bugger lots of harmonics audible). So I've got super simple code set to pulse Mosfet at around
how I can use the CIC 12f675 as adc in SERIAL TEMPRATUER LOGGER?
#include <12f675.h> #device adc=10 #fuses INTRC_IO,NOWDT,NOPUT,NOPROTECT,NOCPD,NOMCLR #use delay(clock=4000000) #define GP0 PIN_A0 #define GP1 PIN_A1 #define GP2 PIN_A2 #define GP3 PIN_A3 #define GP4 PIN_A4 #define GP5 PIN_A5 #byte OSCCAL = 0x90 void init() { OSCCAL = 0x80; // set internal oscillator to mid frequen