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Hi All, I have a ready design of a power supply circuit and it is 20V,3A. But I need it to be done for 12v,5A. I have a design of transformer too which is for 12v,5A. My switching frequency is 29KHz and have designed a transformer with the same switching frequency. Please let me know, do I have to (...)
HI, I had using the 24V 15A SMPS now, but its getting problem with my application. So i thought to ready with own power supply design. I having the confusion to choosing the transformers and whats range have to select. My output wants dual 24V output with 15A each and 12v 5A. This was my output requirements. Could anybody suggest the idea (...)
Hi, i need a power supply circuit. I will use it for; 1- Obtain 5V 1A for microcontroller circuit 2- Obtain 12v 1A for backlight 3- Obtain 24-29V 5A for drive dc motors 4- Obtain 100mA constant charge circuit for charge 24V battery My circuit must work with AC (...)
Hi, I need to provide a high side load switch for a power supply coming from a battery... i.e. 12v Battery > High side switch> DC voltage at Load rated at 5A The load switch should be able to detect open/short, over load conditions. My question is if I?m using an N channel device then I should use some sort of charge pump driver that (...)
i want design schematics digram for 12v dc regulated supply i know i need transfomer, diode, capactior and other component if input 230vac output 12vdc load 20ohms and o/p current 2amp how can i calcuate working voltage, current and rating of component
I need a power supply circuit diagram for the data as follows: In: 40-80VDC(Unregulated) out: 12v(regulated) Current: 1.5A Temp: less than 65 * C
Hello there!!..Can somebody helpe me, I am looking for a schematic for a DELL power supply ADP-150BB B 12v 12.5A, I am not able to see in the board the IC circuit number, it is scratched, I think it is not providing the swithcing signal to drivers. Thank you guys...
I have a laptop,its getting real hot i need a circuit that can power 3 fans and 6 leds. The problem is that i cannot find a diode that can give me 5amps . The fans that i am using here are pc power case fans,and the question here is that do i need a regulated stuff or an ordinary is ok.are there any ic that convert 12vac (...)
design ideas regarding circuit board design for a sliding gate opner. for the following 1) power supply design... 230-12v+24v 1.5A 2) input isolation using opto couplers 3) ac motor speed control 4) how to use moc3022 for motr triacs... why in most circuits is the anode conected to vcc... if (...)
Hi all, I need to build a power supply to drive a 150W Cermax xenon lamp. I'm thinking about modding a PC power supply by adding an ignitor circuit. This kind of lamps requires a 28Kv pulse during 100ns for turn them on, and its consumption in steady state is 12,5A @ 12v approximately. (...)
Anybody can give me an example on how to make a short circuit alarm for power supply?? I want the output is a 5-12v buzzer, so it will get the attention of the user immediately when a short circuit occurs :D