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I need a power supply circuit diagram for the data as follows: In: 40-80VDC(Unregulated) out: 12v(regulated) Current: 1.5A Temp: less than 65 * C
Hi, i need a power supply circuit. I will use it for; 1- Obtain 5V 1A for microcontroller circuit 2- Obtain 12v 1A for backlight 3- Obtain 24-29V 5A for drive dc motors 4- Obtain 100mA constant charge circuit for charge 24V battery My circuit must work with AC (...)
I have designed a circuit to deliver -12 V , 0.5A using 7912 . However Im doubtful about the current limiting section. Also Im not able to get near exact -12v im getting -12.223 V o/p. I also need to use a fuse prior to the transformer but I dont know how to calculate its parameters . I think that overvoltage ( crowbar circuit) will not (...)
i want design schematics digram for 12v dc regulated supply i know i need transfomer, diode, capactior and other component if input 230vac output 12vdc load 20ohms and o/p current 2amp how can i calcuate working voltage, current and rating of component
This must be a specialized power supply because I can't find a replacement (15VDC 400mA). It powers a video tracker device (In the Picture video tracker sold by 21best), and there was a short in the power cord that goes to the tracker, big spark when I connected it, and it now looks like I cooked the power (...)
Sir, I need a circuit of a power supply with regulated +12v and +9V output.Max current 5A ----power supply------>__>__.....>
Anybody can give me an example on how to make a short circuit alarm for power supply?? I want the output is a 5-12v buzzer, so it will get the attention of the user immediately when a short circuit occurs :D
I want to design 12v/5v ,2A power supply for my project. Can I use 7805,7812 for this rating? Also what should be transformer selection? Can anybody provide me ckt. If you are looking for a construction project , you may go for the said one. Instead stuggling for transformers and constucting the regulators, you may d
hi all! this is siddharth, iam searching for transformerless powersupply i.e i need 12v dc output with 0.5A current rating, so if anybody know any idea and any circuit , plz send me, thank you, siddharth.
for laptop a small attachment is available with inbuilt fan powered from usb port, there is no need of additional power supply, if you want to your own if you want it to carry better go for smps type and there is no need of 5A supply, maxim 1A will do for 3 fans( it takes 12v around .15A for one)
Question is: You want to make 12v, 5A, OK, but what is starting voltage? I use National Semiconductors simple switchers, you need just a few external components (capacitor, fast diode, induction). see link: SIMPLE SWITCHER power Modules, Voltage Regulators, & Controllers | National Semico
I want to build a power supply from a battery source for my internet modem. My modem is rated as DC 12v-2A. Suggest me the way i can do that. I read about the LM7812 regulator but they say that it is a loss of energy but it can provide constant 12 V. So help me to find solution of my problem I want to power on the modem at (...)
Hi, After seeing a article on Variable Switching power supply (UniLab) in Elektor magazine, I wanted to build the same. The UniLab circuit uses LM2576-Adj. But, 2 years back i got free samples of LM2596 (5v,12v and Adj versions) from National Semiconductors. These are Lower Input versions and NOT "HV" versions. I (...)
You should have at least 3V higher before 12v 7812 regulator, I mean when load is present. After bridge rectification you will get 12v x 1,414, but on load this will fall down for few volts. You dont need D4 diode. Use heatsink for both regulators. 1A is fine for most regular projects with 7-seg LED displays, LCD displays, uC,....
I have heard that excess current to the circuit will burn the circuit Yah, thats true.... Theory = you can connect small load to to high current source with no problem as amount of current is 'drawn by' the circuit.... Practice= You need to Limit current drawn from high current (Very Low Impedance source)
This power supply is an useful item in every electronic workshop. It can be used to test circuits. The power supply provides 15V/1.5A what can be great opportunity when using computer for tests is not enough for you.
Hi, L293D can drive a load of continuous 600mA. But my suggestion is not to load more than 500mA. Ref Datasheet. You don't want to put any regulator unless your load is in the 12v range. But be sure that ur load is less than 600mA when you connect w
The best way to do this would be to use a switchmode power supply that takes your input voltage (6v-15v) and converts it to a regulated 12volts DC. The 9 amps that you need is quite a high current rating ( cabling of at least 1mm). Sorry I do not have any circuits for you try searching google for switch mode inverters. (...)
28Vac x 1.4 ≈ 39.2V dc This ius how high will be the voltage after rectification .. If you can work with 3.5A then I would go for LM2576HVT-12 (or ADJ) as only these switching regulators are rated for input dc voltage >50Vdc, and, I think, you need that margin .. So, select bridge rectifier, say, 25A-35A (
Indeed, both circuits should be connected in parallel since both requires 12v supply.
I am glad to see there are much of interest about SMPS. I am not really interested in design but I am interested in repair. Recently I have encountered with a Vega 650W SMPS from Lambda compny. It has 8 outputs ((24V/5A, 12v/6A, module H5_3 with two output), (24V/5A, 12v/6A, module H5_3 with two output), (24V/5A, 5V/8A, module H5_1 with two output)
Hi, Do not waste your money on ATX power supplies, find a kit or build a suitable one for your needs. A weak point in all ATX power supplies, they will try to stabilize to +5V supply on account of the other voltages and the -12, -5 feeds are not powerful like their positive ones. As long as the +5V is not loaded, (...)
Hi, Suppose I use alkaline batteries with total voltage range from +4.8V to +9.6V to operate a device, how should I design the power circuitry to supply those parts which require higher voltage supply. For example, if I need to turn on a LED backlight which requires +12v supply, (...)
Hi, 12v 500mA is 12*0.5 = 6W. 5v*1.5A = 7.5W. So it's not possible. If you use 7805, you can't draw more than 400-500mA from your transformer. If you used switching, you could draw about an amp or so. For 1.5A, you can't use 7805. You can use LM317 or LM350. If you use switching, take a look at L4971. Generally, we can use 1000uF per amp of curren
Hello there!!..Can somebody helpe me, I am looking for a schematic for a DELL power supply ADP-150BB B 12v 12.5A, I am not able to see in the board the IC circuit number, it is scratched, I think it is not providing the swithcing signal to drivers. Thank you guys...
Hi guys, I want to make a power supply which provides 3 regulated voltage lines: 12v,5V and 3.3V from a 14.8V battery.Whats the best way to do this without dissipating too much energy.Thanks
Hi, I need to provide a high side load switch for a power supply coming from a battery... i.e. 12v Battery > High side switch> DC voltage at Load rated at 5A The load switch should be able to detect open/short, over load conditions. My question is if I?m using an N channel device then I should use some sort of charge pump driver that (...)
A switching regulator is certainly an option but your transformer current rating is too low for this. It needs to be rated at no less than the maximum current you want to draw from the circuit and preferably more to add a safety margin. You present transformer, aside from insufficient current, is also perilously low on voltage. One rated at 15V AC,
Thanks guys the tranny for the HDMI switch is external, input is 12v 5A so I can tap of that. Bradtherad I think you got It, correct me if I`m wrong remove the diode from your circuit solder directly from the input? Chuckey can you eleborate with a sketch given that I can tap into the regulated switch mode supply (off the pcb). Forgive me (...)
Hi friends I want to use some 12v and 2A ( or about 5A too ) switching power supply to use with some 1W LED to lighting room but i'm not sure in which way the powe supply life will be more: 1- using on-off key befor my power adaptor ( 220V ac goes through key to power (...)
this is not a difficult system to build, but you'll need several dc-dc converters. probably a 3-output converter for +5, +12 and +3.3, and a 1-output converter for +5(standby). I think you could make -12v, 0.5A with just a flyback winding on the +12v inductor, and a cheap LDO. breaking down the 120v input wouldn't be too bad either, but it might
Here is application of 723 voltage regulator and 2N3055 power transistor: Instead of potentiometer and R2 you can feed 0-5V through a voltage divider directly to (+) input of 723 error amplifier. However, I don't believe that in this circuit you will be able to gener
would there be a problem if I use two different AC wall adpater and connect their output in series to obtain a desired voltage to charge the battery? I have a 12v adapter and an adjustable AC adapter. One is 800mAh and the other is rated at 1.5A. My charge current will be under 800mAh. My battery requires 19V but there aren't a lot of cheap
Hi all, I need to build a power supply to drive a 150W Cermax xenon lamp. I'm thinking about modding a PC power supply by adding an ignitor circuit. This kind of lamps requires a 28Kv pulse during 100ns for turn them on, and its consumption in steady state is 12,5A @ 12v approximately. (...)
The voltage for the source should closely match to the product. If the product requires 12v, you should use a 12v power supply. 13V would probably work too, because most circuit system have their own voltage regulator inside. Don't rely too much on the text printed on the source device. Some may (...)
design ideas regarding circuit board design for a sliding gate opner. for the following 1) power supply design... 230-12v+24v 1.5A 2) input isolation using opto couplers 3) ac motor speed control 4) how to use moc3022 for motr triacs... why in most circuits is the anode conected to vcc... if (...)
i need to charge my 12v 100Ah lead acid battery for my inverter... how can i get a constant 10A current for its bulk charging i m thinkin of using 2 LM338( 5A adjustable regulator) in parallel... will this work ? can battery draw more cuurent , thus overloading the 2 LM338 ??.. pls make some suggestions .. thanx
Hi, I hope I am posting in the right section. I am wanting to reuse a small 2.5'' LCD screen in my DIY underwater camera case to be able to look at what I am filming. I would like to know if I can power the thing with some 5V DC instead of the 12v DC that it normally takes in a 4 pole jack connector. On the picture below, we can see a 78L
i'm trying to simulate a solar charger(not in software but in actual hardware) using a DC power supply to charge a battery of 12v/7AH..for that i hav built the following BOOST circuit: Vout = 13.8V Iout = 0.75A Fs = 50Khz L = 600uH (pot core) continuous conduction mode Cout = 100uF Rload = 33 ohm/ 15W resistor i'm (...)
Consider regulating only the supply to the op amps. The motor may not need regulated power. There are voltage regulator IC's such as the 7805. It won't handle as high as 5A, if you want it to drop 18V to 12v. Hence the suggestion to use it to supply low-power devices. When the load is connected, (...)
I wouldn't need a usb injector for a 3.5" desktop drive... I'd just need to power it from the firewire port. what would I need to drop the 30V down to 12v? I'm sure a 7812 reg would need some help in that regard. The hard drive has a seperate 12v barrel power input. laptop size drives are no problem. I have a Y adaptor for th
Hello- I am using a PIC microcontroller, 18F452, 5V. The maximum current source/sunk from any IO pin is 25mA. The maximum current source/sunk by PORTC & PORTD combined is 200mA. The maximum current source/sunk by PORTA & PORTB & PORTE combined is 200mA. I am using all of PORTC (8 pins) to switch 100mA of light wire per each pin. I am not usi
I was wondering is there any sort of regulator that can be powered down for a sleep period, by micro controller and yet be awaken? I'm using a 12v-300mAH battery, and 78L05 regulator, the regulator consumes 3mA when microcontroller enters powerdown mode, and wakes up with external interrupt. Is there any solution available to put the (...)
Hi, I have a circuit that includes a UPS created using a LT1513 and a LTC1142, with a 12v supply in, and a small SLA 12v battery. The output of this ranges from 12v up to 16V. I may have some issues in that circuit (described here), but wanted to understand what my options were for regulat
Hi Assume I have 2 Switching mode power supplies For example 2 flyback 400V/12v converters with 5A nominal output current. These power supplies do not have current limit protections My load (12v) requires a 10A power supply What happens if I parallel my two SMPSes? What should I take (...)