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I need a power supply circuit diagram for the data as follows: In: 40-80VDC(Unregulated) out: 12v(regulated) Current: 1.5A Temp: less than 65 * C
Hi all, anyone have atx power supply circuit with 12v supply? Please help me on this.. Thanks in advace... rgds, aghielan
Hi, i need a power supply circuit. I will use it for; 1- Obtain 5V 1A for microcontroller circuit 2- Obtain 12v 1A for backlight 3- Obtain 24-29V 5A for drive dc motors 4- Obtain 100mA constant charge circuit for charge 24V battery My circuit must work with AC (...)
I am using a 12v/5A Full Wave transformer to step down 230V to 12v using diodes. After the rectification I'm getting 17V DC. Then it is connected to an external circuit. Right now, if I mix up positive and negative power cables, there is no protection in the external circuit. So, I thought of using a (...)
Look! You have 12vDC? Right? Decide what frequency you want? Get AC frequency which is important for your AC signal. Then for amplitude is not a problem at all. You can use opamps, transistors again to change amplitude.
I do need one Simple DC power supply circuit . DC power supply have input voltage:220VAC?10% /50HZ and the output voltage is 5VDC and current ouput ≥450ma. Please help me to make that circuit without using transformer.
If the power supply can deliver > 3 x 1.5A - connect all three loads to the +12v / 0V .. To prevent any one load to cause the others from being shut down in case of a problem consider 2-3A slow-blow fuse for each load .. IanP :wink:
i designed a 12v dc power supply from a 12v battery of 45Ah. i used it to power devices each of 11v dc and cummulative current of 4A. am using the battery for the loads 24 hours and also charging it 24 hours steadily. i provided a heat sink for the regulators but they are still heating up. is it that the (...)
How to build a 0-50V voltage and 0-3A current controlling DC power supply circuit?
Dear All I have designed a simple ATS Card drive by a PIC 16F84A, I need a power supply circuit for this which hold the Relay for 3 sec when the circuit switched the generator ignition . Generator 12v Batter is use as a power source for this circuit. Thanks in advance (...)
hello sir, i am doing engg. i want basics concept to design unregulated power supply circuit i know the component i need but when i draw schematics digram i have no idea. how to calculate ,what formula i need? how can i chose rating of component 230v-transformer+diode+capacitor-12v transformer- power (...)
Dear All, I can found and understand simple power supply circuit whose input is 230Vac and output is 5Vdc. But, I cannot understand how to select the passive components of the circuit? Does anyone publish the design calculations for the power supply circuit? Regards, (...)
I have to make 12v ~ 10A power supply, but I have no idea how to do that. Any idea are welcome. thanks
Hi I need a schematic drawing for build a 15V 5A power supply because the one of my Toshiba notebook burn. Can someone help me?
Hi Can anyone tell me wich chip should I use for isolated 220v to 12v switching power supply. (20-40w autput power)
Anyone do have positive and negative power supply circuit for 0-30v with corse, fine and also current adjustment? Please help me on this. Thanks in advance.
Input specifications are 230v,50hz i need output of 5v under 1a current ---------- Post added at 09:51 ---------- Previous post was at 09:49 ---------- I need a normal power supply
I think my question is very elementary! I'm confused! What if i have 12v 2A power supply, i will connect it to a relay, gadgets with a current rating of 1 Ampere? Is there a effect on the gadget/relay?
I have been reverse engineering a power supply circuit that has the IC BP35A in it. I have carried out exhaustive search and cannot seem to find anything on said IC. Is there anyone that can shed some light on the matter. Please help.
Hello all! I found a bipolar power supply circuit and used it for a while successfully. I got +15 (V) and -15 (V). But now I get +15 (V) and -22 (V). Input voltage sof the voltage regulators are +35 (V) and -35 (V). In addition, when measuring the voltage at the point indicated by the arrow I get 75 VAC (!!!). Is this normal for such a (...)
Hi, I need to build 220VAC to 12vDC, 100Amps power supply circuit with current limiting. I also need to biuld a 220VAC to 3VDC, 100Amps PWM output circuit. Output freq should be adjustable to 50KHz and duty cycle from 0 to 100%. Protection for back emf is required. I shall appreciate any suggestions.
hi please help me i need or so much need psu circuit 24V 5A regards
I would use a fixed voltage regulator 12v 1 amp type, a transformer with a 12v ac secondry decouple with 2 - .1 micFarads capacitors eather side of the regulator and a 2000 uf resivour capacitor and 1amp rectifiers. Its a prity much a bog standard circuit that you would find in the regulator data sheet. Barrybear
Who has already made a ATX power supply from a 12v DC source (from a car sigarette plug)? How do you handle it? Roel
Check out This shows schematic for 5V and 12v supplies. Can be modified top provide 3.3V if required.
hi everyone... need circuit to build my own DC power supply (6V-12v). tq
I have designed a circuit to deliver -12 V , 0.5A using 7912 . However Im doubtful about the current limiting section. Also Im not able to get near exact -12v im getting -12.223 V o/p. I also need to use a fuse prior to the transformer but I dont know how to calculate its parameters . I think that overvoltage ( crowbar circuit) will not (...)
Hey all, I'm planning on building a 1.2-18V @ 1.5A variable DC power supply using an LM317 variable regulator. The circuit I plan on following is seen here: Variable DC power supply Using LM317 Regulator . I will be using a 19V @ 6A AC laptop adapter (VERY cheap on eBay, c
I think you need to buy the transformer (with 12vAC output), bridge rectifier, 12v regulator (7812 with can housing is good choice, it supports upto 5A current). Aftab,
Several examples (for 5V use zener 5,1V instead 12v or other value) : www.exp
I am building the power supply with short circuit protection whose diagram is on the attachment, but the problem is that the two resistors in the diagram are out of reach. Please can anyone help me with a better diagram or recommend a regulator IC (variabla 2V-about 35V) with in built short circuit protection and can handle (...)
This must be a specialized power supply because I can't find a replacement (15VDC 400mA). It powers a video tracker device (In the Picture video tracker sold by 21best), and there was a short in the power cord that goes to the tracker, big spark when I connected it, and it now looks like I cooked the power (...)
Thanks for the reply Brian, ok so im working with a circuit with 4xLM338 with resistors values of 0.1 ohm each. this would give me a power dissipation of 2.5W when 5A is being drawn from each regulator (so i can get the full 20A - LM338 is rated for 5A) so if i choose a 0.1 ohm cement resistor with 5W rating this should be ok? i have an input vo
dear your computer supply must have a 12v output, why you do not use that supply to run the fans.
I have a project about making a proposal of a 1.5-12v variable regulated power supply."Coz I have a hard time finding one.Can you give me samples of it, including its schematic and block diagram? I would be greatful if you could help me.Thanks & more power... I think that you should give us more infor
Hi, i want to design a power supply for +/- 15 V and 9 V output. The input to the unit is 230VAC supply. Can anyone give me a circuit to implement this .. please..... And which power supply is better tranformerless or tranformer circuit? Please suggest....
anybody who knows how to construct a simple, low cost, effecient switching power supply good enough as bench power supply for hobby projects.
are you looking for a simple 12v dc power supply or a sophisticated one? where are you planning to use it? if you want a simple one use a 12v regulator ic like the lm7812 fixed positive linear voltage regulator ic, nothing could be simpler than that (zeners are much simpler but not that good). i believe there are lots of (...)
I am wanting to power a 12v computer fan for long periods of time seperate from the computer. I have snipped the end off of a walkie talkie charger and ive been told not to use chargers but this cord was plugged into the base where you put the walkie talkies at, and i think the cable its self could be safe enough to power the fan. On the (...)
hello what happens when we connect a 1000mfd 12v capacitor across a 12v dc motor and connect a 12v dc power supply.will there be any improvement in the functioning of the motor?
Hi, I'm starting in this "world", so forgive me if the question is a bit "dumb". I'm working with a 'LPS305 Motech' power supply and I want to connect it to give +4v to a circuit. There are a +Vset button and a +Iset button. The problem is that I put +Vset=4volts (and I don't understand the "meaning" of the +Iset button) and the (...)
Hello, I want to build a dual power supply system and I have designed the following schematic. I want to know you opinion on this circuit. The way I want it to work is: while there is power on the primary line (transformer) I want the second LM2672 to stay in standby, this is achieved by holding the transistor T1 in (...)
I need a circuit diagram of an Integrated power supply for 8 hours backup of my two selling fans and 10 tube lights.I want to build it for my own house.If anybody agree to help me plz post to me a circuit diagram that i can able to know about it easily.
hi, i m looking for industrial grade circuit diagram of 32V/2A DC variable power supply? please help me to get get circuit diagram for the same. thank u
hi. i am looking for 100 volt dc/ 15A min stabilized power supply. i would like to be adjustable 50-110volt max and at least 15A. thank u
i found one power supply circuit with that i have some doubts.. please clarify why Two transistors and Zener diode are used here and functions of different capacitor in this circuit
hi friends, I want to make power supply using MC33063A and want that circuit get power from battery and at same time charge battery from mains using battery charger. can i get power from battery while it is charging ,by directly connecting wires from battery leads to power (...)
Im planning to make a power supply circuit. my source is 24 v ,5 A can i regulate the current so as to supply to a 250 mA ,24 V to a 2.45 Mega Ohms load.?
Here is my dilemma: I have just built a new aquarium and the setup requires a number of 12v power supplies. When done I will be running (3 )12v 1.4W fans and four 12vCoil 120v dpdt relays. Currently I am running 2 fans from a 12v .5A power supply and 2 relays from a (...)
Hi all, What is the exact use of schottky barrier diode? Thanks, Naveen