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how can a (solar powered 12v car battery charger) be good?? what will i consider about the goodness of a charger...
I am trying to assess what type of electric circuit my 12v car battery charger is using. It is 2.7A DC (it also says its 4A rms) i just charged my car battery with this ?18 charger and when i scoped the battery terminals while it was being charged i (...)
Hi, I have a 12v car battery charger, that I want to try and adapt to use as a motorcycle battery charger, yes it can be used as it stands, but motorcycle batteries don't need 4-6 amps ramming into them, it will do the job, but I've been told they could boil the battery (...)
hi, i'm looking for a professional 12v,150Ah car battery charger Circuit with the following built-in options:(part of my Instant 220VAC Source (inverter)) a. Automatic BOOST, FLOAT & TRICKLE charging b. Charge Monitoring and Overcharge Protection c. battery Terminal low voltage monitor w/audio (...)
I need a car battery charger circuit. Thanks :-)
Hi fellow hobbyists, I'm setting up something that involves a couple of linear actuators (5A each) and a winch that is normally used on ATVs. The actuators will be used to open and close a door as well as latch and unlatch a security device that's attached to the frame of the door. The winch will be used to raise and lower bikes from a pulley sy
hi I dont understand. you want to convert 12vDc to 20v&3.5A? or 20v to 12v? 3524 ? you meam swps IC (LM3524) ?
Dear all, Please send mosfet current limiter battery charger for 12v battery 150ah. Thanks Velayutham
Hi guys I have 12v car battery with 150 Ampere I want to make a circuit that allow me to get 6v from it since I need these 6v to turn some devices. It would be okay if anyone gave me a circuit that transform from 12 volt to any other rating voltage including 6v I want a circuit or something like that. your help is appreciated Hi ko
i need papers on solar powered car battery chargers for my reearch papers... anyone can hep me plsss... TC... :)
I have a following circuit of battery charger, please can any one help me
To charge a 12v car battery you must have at least 13v from the charger .. The amperage only dictates how long it will take to charge your battery . A bicycle "Bottle Dynamo" (which is a generator) doesn't give much current if you go slow .. Bottle Dynos are spec'd at 6V around the speed of ~15..20 km/h (...)
Give it 0.1C => 20A load and then measure the voltage .. For 12v-option it should be around 14.5V and for 24V-option double that .. IanP :|
Dear Friends, I am planning to design a Ni-cd battery charger. My input voltage is (10-32) V DC and output required is for charging 12v battery(12v-5Amps). I prefer to go for simple design, BUCK BOOST or SEPIC converter for this application. Expecting your valuable comments on this. Regards Libin
A charger will first give constant current to the battery, and when the battery voltage is charged up to a threshold, say 10V in your application, it transits into constant voltage mode, in this mode the 12v of the charger output will feed the battery through the path with (...)
Hello everyone, I have a Led-acid battery with 50-Amp and 12-Volt. Can anyone tell me the circuit diagram to charge this battery. it's best if it is Automatic, i mean when battery fully charged it automatically cut-off power. I shell be very thankful.
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Hello, my car battery charger says its "4 Amp"'s a "BasicCharge4" however, when i read the small print it says that its 4 Amps rms and 2.7A DC. Why are they stating the rms current ? surely its just the DC that matters ?
Dear friend, any body help me 12v,24v battery charger (10A) with full charger indication & over charge protection What help do you expect? A complete working projetc with Schematics, PCB, and explanation?
Hello, I have found this charger circuit. Low Cost Universal battery charger Schematic Circuit Diagram Can it be used for both ni-cd and ni-mh batteries? I thought ni-mh batteries require more complex chargers. Also is the charging Voltage determined by the inp
Hi my dear friends. I need car battery charger circuit. Please send me circuit diagram Thanks
If You will have 70Ah / 12v car battary, time=(12v to 5V efficieny)*70Ah/0.5A
"Automatic 12v Lead Acid battery charger" Regards, IanP
I am designing a battery charger to charge a 9V, 8-cell, 1500mAH NiMH battery from an input of 12v DC. The battery is supposed to act as a backup power source for the rest of my design. So, the input power is supposed to source both battery and the rest of the design. The design is supposed (...)
hello, I am designing a battery charger for lead acid car battery (12v). I want it to be very efficient, so i don't want to run the charging current through a resistor. Does any reader think it will be allright to "drizzle" the current into the battery through an inductor instead? (...)
does any body has charger for 12v 7ah sealed lead acid battery charger with over charging and low voltage prevention.
Hi all, I need help in designing a battery charger (SMPS) which will charge a 100Ah 12v battery in about 3 to 4 hrs. Input: 160VAC - 240VAC Frequency: 50Hz battery: Lead Acid 12v, 100Ah Charge Time: 3 to 4 hrs I was thinking of using pulse charging method. But I need help in (...)
Hi, I have a UPS whose battery is 12v, 7.2 AH sealed lead acid battery. The battery is damaged. Now I want to replace that battery with lead acid car battery. So that I can add lights, fan, laptop charger etc instead of desktop computer. And I also (...)
hello, howcome car battery voltage is declared as 8 to 17V? i thought it was pretty much 12v all the time (unless flat) Is it the Alternator that overchargs it sometimes or something?
my solar panel reads 20v on sunny day.i decided to make a 12v 7.2ah lead acid battery am new to electronic design....can anyone suggest a circuit for this.......
Hi, I'm trying to make a NiMh constant current battery charger. I need to charge an 8 cell NiMh battery pack (batteries are in series) from a car accessory or cigarette lighter socket. The battery pack gives out about 12v. I know the accessory socket gives 12 V and the cigarette lighter (...)
a charger that will work isa
HI GUYS... Can somebody help me in this project? please give me a schematic of 12v to 220v inverter w/ lead acid battery charger... thank you in advance...
Hi, I think the voltage is 12v, right? What is the current rating of your battery? That will determine the charging current required, in turn the charging power and so the circuit topology. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Hi to All Hope You all are fine and will be Enjoying your's life I have Simple Question today Can car battery (12v,96Amp etc)be harmful or Fatal for an Human ? If yes Please Explain it in detail .I want to discusse it in great Detail in order to get Experts Opnion and Experience etc (Espacially Skin Resistance,internal (...)
My guess would be the charger will load the solar panel so the voltage drops well below 12v and then the charger will stop working all together. You can easily try it - measure the solar panel voltage and then connect the charger/battery and see what happens to the voltage. Also, the charger (...)
"Is it possible in theory to charge this car battery using a transformer that is rated at say 2 amps of out put, 12 volts DC ?". If you mean a power supply supplying 12v DC then yes. A transformer is a device that alters AC voltages. A fully charged 12v lead acid car battery should be (...)
Although it does not say what chemistry, these batteries appear to be standard lead acid chemistry so automotive chargers will work. AMARON QUANTA 12AL007 12 V 7.2 Ah Initial current 1.8 Amps Control voltage 14.2V to 14.4V Initial current 0.72 Amps Trickle ch
Hi all, I want to build a car usb charger using the 12v of the cigarette lighter. I already found a regulator for the job but how do i protect my circuit? I have heard that the 12v of the car varies a lot. Is a high power zener enough? Should i use a crowbar circuit? Maybe a low pass filter? Thank you (...)
Hi, i know its possible to run a pc power supply unit directly using a 12vdc car battery without an inverter but i am not sure how to do it. So i need your help for this. Pls help. Thanks, Sunny55.
i need help on the battery charger that could fit to this file, that could charge the two battery which is 12v 6AH Lead Acid battery 103619103619 please help me
Dear forum, members plz provide me 12v 7.2ah sealed lead acid battery charger with charge complete and low charging indicator(slow charging). PLz.....!
i want to build a battery charger for (12v *10 in series) lead acid batteries i want some links on detailed concept of charging lead acid batteries thx :o why not people try to used search function here stop making post with same topic, any way what you want just click link given below www.edaboard.c
I'd like to design a 90W DC/DC converter to use a laptop in my car. It should convert 12v of my car to 20v. I know that the car battery do not provide always 12v... but I've no experience with it. Is someone know : - what is lower DC voltage (voltage drop ) that my converter must (...)
Hi Giorgia Your asking for some big currents there. i got some questions for you A brief description how a chager works. When the batteries are 80% discharged (if teh charger is caple of charging at 65amps) starting current will be 65amps it will take approx 10hrs to get to 80% charged (which is known has gassing stage) 2.4VPC (volts per cell)
shmoib, you didn't mention the kind of cct you are going to use and its voltage rating. Assuming a car amplifier with an IC designed for car use, then you dont need a lot of thinks. In general, a series fuse would be enough. To eliminate noise from the ignition and charging system, use a series inductor and some large electrolitics for good fi
Hi there, Hope you dont mind me giving my two cents. I once developed a charger to charge a 12v sealed lead acid battery, I will first briefly explain what I've done and let you filter if there is any chance where I can provide useful information to you. Mine is a PIC based dual powered, switch mode charger unit. I've (...)
Hi, Does anybody know how do charge a car battery. I need the safest way possible. Thanks
Hi brothers! Reverse Engineering: Chinese Siemens car Cigarette charger Gorkin.