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You want to charge main HV or 12v battery? Don't you think it can be dangerous?
Hi, I came across a page on using a dvd player's power supply to run a load here. I was thinking... maybe to get it to work as a trickle charger for charging a 12v car battery. After all, a dvd player would not draw high current during operation. However, i am just not sure about the ACTUAL output vo
There are car battery boosters which put out higher than 12v. A versatile unit might come with a plug for the cigarette lighter, as well as clips for connecting to battery terminals. Pictured is a small one. Larger units are available at higher
how can i use 12v battery for my 3.7v portable speaker? Try this adapter. This having 3A out put but one speaker required only 400mA max. So you can use multiple speakers.
Compare the datasheets to figure out the differences. Two days ago just made one stepdown converter to use in car or with my LiIo 12v/4400mAh battery pack.
I have a sony car charger (AN400) it has a input 12v/24v = 700mA can any one explene me what dose it mean? 96816 another thing is I am looking for battery which can provide that input so that I can charge my moblie any suggestion ?
Hi I am running a 12v UPS that used to have a 12v 7Ah battery of a car battery - can I use the charging circuit on the ups to charge the car battery or should I use a separate charger?
You can use car's 12v as it is, why change the design?
Hi, I think the voltage is 12v, right? What is the current rating of your battery? That will determine the charging current required, in turn the charging power and so the circuit topology. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Hi, I'm trying to make a NiMh constant current battery charger. I need to charge an 8 cell NiMh battery pack (batteries are in series) from a car accessory or cigarette lighter socket. The battery pack gives out about 12v. I know the accessory socket gives 12 V and the cigarette lighter (...)
To charge a 12v car battery you must have at least 13v from the charger .. The amperage only dictates how long it will take to charge your battery . A bicycle "Bottle Dynamo" (which is a generator) doesn't give much current if you go slow .. Bottle Dynos are spec'd at 6V around the speed of ~15..20 km/h (...)
Hi, I need to find a way to provide a backup power supply for some equipment installed in a car. It is usually drawing around 2-3Amps from the car's 12v supply, but I need to have some sort of temporary backup if the car's supply is interrupted momentarily. I can think of two possible solutions: 1. Supercapacitors (...)
Hi, I have a UPS whose battery is 12v, 7.2 AH sealed lead acid battery. The battery is damaged. Now I want to replace that battery with lead acid car battery. So that I can add lights, fan, laptop charger etc instead of desktop computer. And I also (...)
hello, I am designing a battery charger for lead acid car battery (12v). I want it to be very efficient, so i don't want to run the charging current through a resistor. Does any reader think it will be allright to "drizzle" the current into the battery through an inductor instead? (...)
Hi, I'm looking for a simple NiMh charger, for backup use. It is for a GSM module, but the problem is, that the charger can't consume more, than 20mA from 12v car battery.. The NiMh battery pack contains 3*1200mAh NiMh cells... The charging time is not critical, it is just for backup (...)
hi, i'm looking for a professional 12v,150Ah car battery charger Circuit with the following built-in options:(part of my Instant 220VAC Source (inverter)) a. Automatic BOOST, FLOAT & TRICKLE charging b. Charge Monitoring and Overcharge Protection c. battery Terminal low voltage monitor w/audio (...)
how can a (solar powered 12v car battery charger) be good?? what will i consider about the goodness of a charger...
A typical safe charge rate is 0.1 times the battery's capacity, so it takes about half a day to charge it. If it's a 60 ampere-hour 12v battery, then your charging supply should output about 13.8V and limited to 6 amps. You can apply several times that much current for quicker charge, but refer to the battery data sheet (...)
If somebody has a 12v/40A(minimum) power supply schematic(not switched mode), for car amplifiers, please post in the forum, or contact me. Thanks
Hi, I have a 12v car battery charger, that I want to try and adapt to use as a motorcycle battery charger, yes it can be used as it stands, but motorcycle batteries don't need 4-6 amps ramming into them, it will do the job, but I've been told they could boil the battery (...)