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how can a (solar powered 12v car battery charger) be good?? what will i consider about the goodness of a charger...
I am trying to assess what type of electric circuit my 12v car battery charger is using. It is 2.7A DC (it also says its 4A rms) i just charged my car battery with this ?18 charger and when i scoped the battery terminals while it was being charged i (...)
Hi, I have a 12v car battery charger, that I want to try and adapt to use as a motorcycle battery charger, yes it can be used as it stands, but motorcycle batteries don't need 4-6 amps ramming into them, it will do the job, but I've been told they could boil the battery (...)
hi, i'm looking for a professional 12v,150Ah car battery charger Circuit with the following built-in options:(part of my Instant 220VAC Source (inverter)) a. Automatic BOOST, FLOAT & TRICKLE charging b. Charge Monitoring and Overcharge Protection c. battery Terminal low voltage monitor w/audio (...)
I have a following circuit of battery charger, please can any one help me
Hello, is it possible to connect an electric socket to a car battery? We're building a bicycle generator for a school project. The power generated will be stored in a 12v/250A baterry and we'd like run some devices with it but I guess we need to install a socket first, is it possible? If so can anyone give me a quick tutorial? Thanks.
Hi, I'm looking for a simple NiMh charger, for backup use. It is for a GSM module, but the problem is, that the charger can't consume more, than 20mA from 12v car battery.. The NiMh battery pack contains 3*1200mAh NiMh cells... The charging time is not critical, it is just for backup (...)
here is the circuit..... it is a car battery charger circuit... car battery is 12vdc....
If You will have 70Ah / 12v car battary, time=(12v to 5V efficieny)*70Ah/0.5A
hello, I am designing a battery charger for lead acid car battery (12v). I want it to be very efficient, so i don't want to run the charging current through a resistor. Does any reader think it will be allright to "drizzle" the current into the battery through an inductor instead? (...)
I use my laptop in my car on a daily bases. It only has 1 usb port and I use about 5 usb devices. I bought a powered usb hub. It works ok without power if you only use one or two usb devices. However, when I use more devices, they don't operate correctly. And it doesn't have enough power to operate my external dvd rom. Unfortunately, the power
Hi all, I need help in designing a battery charger (SMPS) which will charge a 100Ah 12v battery in about 3 to 4 hrs. Input: 160VAC - 240VAC Frequency: 50Hz battery: Lead Acid 12v, 100Ah Charge Time: 3 to 4 hrs I was thinking of using pulse charging method. But I need help in (...)
Hi, I have a UPS whose battery is 12v, 7.2 AH sealed lead acid battery. The battery is damaged. Now I want to replace that battery with lead acid car battery. So that I can add lights, fan, laptop charger etc instead of desktop computer. And I also (...)
hello, howcome car battery voltage is declared as 8 to 17V? i thought it was pretty much 12v all the time (unless flat) Is it the Alternator that overchargs it sometimes or something?
Hi, I'm trying to make a NiMh constant current battery charger. I need to charge an 8 cell NiMh battery pack (batteries are in series) from a car accessory or cigarette lighter socket. The battery pack gives out about 12v. I know the accessory socket gives 12 V and the cigarette lighter (...)
Please forgive my elementary questions. I am a novice seeking expert advice. I don't know if this is the proper forum. If not I would appreciate it if someone would point me in the right direction. I believe I need an electronics wizard with patience for my ignorance. ,,,,,, I want to use a Vector 3000 watt DC/AC Inverter vec051r to create a batt
Hi, I think the voltage is 12v, right? What is the current rating of your battery? That will determine the charging current required, in turn the charging power and so the circuit topology. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
My guess would be the charger will load the solar panel so the voltage drops well below 12v and then the charger will stop working all together. You can easily try it - measure the solar panel voltage and then connect the charger/battery and see what happens to the voltage. Also, the charger (...)
"Is it possible in theory to charge this car battery using a transformer that is rated at say 2 amps of out put, 12 volts DC ?". If you mean a power supply supplying 12v DC then yes. A transformer is a device that alters AC voltages. A fully charged 12v lead acid car battery should be (...)
Although it does not say what chemistry, these batteries appear to be standard lead acid chemistry so automotive chargers will work. AMARON QUANTA 12AL007 12 V 7.2 Ah Initial current 1.8 Amps Control voltage 14.2V to 14.4V Initial current 0.72 Amps Trickle ch
Hi all, I want to build a car usb charger using the 12v of the cigarette lighter. I already found a regulator for the job but how do i protect my circuit? I have heard that the 12v of the car varies a lot. Is a high power zener enough? Should i use a crowbar circuit? Maybe a low pass filter? Thank you (...)
Well I have a candy tin and wanted to put a 9v (battery) input and a 12v (car) input. And have it go out to a female USB port. I need one of these So it will regulate the voltage to 5v. It is rated for 5v to 18v s
I am looking for a circuit diagram for a charger and connections for 30 x 12v 7Ah batteries charged via wind power.I have a home built charge controller chargeing 6 of these batteries at the moment, the output of the wind generator is ,on a average windy day I get +/- 12 to 30 volts from the generator when the controller changes to the dump load ,I
19V @4 Amps SOUNDS like a LAPTOP power Supply! . In any case ..You should be able to buy one with a 220v or 110V input depending where you live .Now to convert from 12 V DC to 110 or 220V AC.You need a Voltage inverter .any small one will do ! ( you only 100 watts).. This is the cheapest solution .Now to design a straight 13.5 V to 19 Volt .
Hi, I need to find a way to provide a backup power supply for some equipment installed in a car. It is usually drawing around 2-3Amps from the car's 12v supply, but I need to have some sort of temporary backup if the car's supply is interrupted momentarily. I can think of two possible solutions: 1. Supercapacitors (...)
I think I answered your question a minute ago on another website. You must look at the datasheet for A123 Lithium battery cells. Their recommended max charging voltage is 3.6V so for 3 cells in series 12v is much too high. They are not fully charged when their voltage reaches 3.6V each, the charging must continue until their current drops to
now i have one battery charger 12v/24V output is (position at 12v ) is about 30V (position at 24V ) is 60V . the input is 240V. like that can charge 24V battery?? if charge what will happen??
You can use car's 12v as it is, why change the design?
im trying to find a couple of decent 12volt DC push/pull solenoids. i don't have a ton of money to spend, so im asking for suggestions where i should look. i have a 12 volt motorcycle battery charger for the DC power source, and a 4 channel 12volt DC remote control which I plan on using for the on/off switch.
OK thanks, so do we say that in fact, a lorry "bus" voltage, due to the series connected car batterys is thus 27V?.......because a car battery is not really 12v, but is in fact 13.5V (I dont know why people say car batterys are "12v", because they never have (...)
Hello all, I have a LiFePO4 battery that I would like to keep charged from my car battery. My problem is that the alternator runs about 13.75V, to fully charge the battery I need a source of at least around 14.6V. Charging with the 13.75V source only gets the battery to roughly 10% of its capacity. Would (...)
Hi I am running a 12v UPS that used to have a 12v 7Ah battery of a car battery - can I use the charging circuit on the ups to charge the car battery or should I use a separate charger?
What will be ratio of voltages between charger and battery in order to charge the battery safely and without reducing the life of battery. e.g if the battery is of 12v/10Ah(car battery) then how can I select the voltages of the charger. (...)
If somebody has a 12v/40A(minimum) power supply schematic(not switched mode), for car amplifiers, please post in the forum, or contact me. Thanks
A typical safe charge rate is 0.1 times the battery's capacity, so it takes about half a day to charge it. If it's a 60 ampere-hour 12v battery, then your charging supply should output about 13.8V and limited to 6 amps. You can apply several times that much current for quicker charge, but refer to the battery data sheet (...)
In converting from 12v to 3V even with smaller current, you will face a heat problem. Simple calculation: (12-3)V*1A=9VA, you need a big heatsink for it. Use lm2574/75/76, simple , easy and robust DC-DC converter.
12v is readily available there,,you have to just tap it. for 5,use a 5V regulator.. thats it .done.
Please view these two links....they may help you
I think the item you require is in-car dc-dc converter (12v to 19V). It is sold in computer shop & used to charge Laptop in a vehicle. If you're thinking of building one yourself there's quite a number of projects available in the Net. One using the MC34063 or the TL494 are quite common.
Use your 12v battery but include a 9V regulator:
how moble battery charger works Do you mean a charger for a mobile telephone?, input volts = 12v for a car or 110(230) volts from the mains?
I'm planing to make a 145W Solar Panel and Charge my 12vDC/120A car battery then power up with 12vDC/230VAC 1500W Inverter...And want to use my laptop charger,and table fan and CFL light. And also I wanted to know can I run any Air Conditioner unit though this inverter? Or there is any special Air (...)
I use wood to heat my home and need to move the hot air from the top of one room down through a wall cavity between studs to a vent near the floor in an adjacent room. Here's a commercial version of what I'm trying to accomplish via
Hi, I built a little battery pack in a .50 cal machine gun ammo container. Its 3 6amp hour 12v batteries with a charge controller, a switch and a 30 amp fuse. I charge it with about 8 sq feet of solar panels. It works fine for running things like motors or lights. (A small fan for example), however when I put a 12v to 110v inverter on (...)
SMPS 12v 5A (you can easily adjust voltage to your needs) supose you need lead acid charger, also see thi
(actually i want to give a dc battery supply to mobile phone charger when there is no current) it will not work on 12v dc higher dc voltage required. and the charger should be a smps based not iron core transformer based.
A 12v automobile starter motor usually draws 100A to 150A, not 900A. You could build a "trickle charger" into that size package (or you could buy one at an auto parts store). A trickle charger outputs only a couple of amps, so it takes a few of hours to charge a dead battery enough to start the car. That (...)
The 5mm LED's you can test for ESR and you should find them to be around 8~16Ω each @20mA and fairly well matched in the same batch. I would consider a Ni-MH battery pack from an electric drill. Choose one that matches the optimal load voltage of the PV panel such as a 24V panel running at 18.5V battery pack.. Then choose a string of LED's th
100 Amps and 150 amps car battrey - - - Updated - - - my idea is control voltage related to current drain,, for dead battery 10v stage to 12v by constant amp 10 ampere then rise voltage to 14.2 until current down then 3rd stage 13.8 voltage .. i will use shunt ressitor to mesure dc current