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It states: "3.pwm charging algorithm with auto charge set point according to the battery voltage" which includes nothing about current limiting, only that it auto detects whether a 6V or 12v battery is connected and selects the charge point (target battery voltage) accordingly. Brian.
I need a 12v halogen lamp pwm soft starter for my car. Every time a turn on the motor after a 5s delay the low light bean turns on using a pwm soft start method so the life of the bulbs will be very long. I think that the only way to monitor the engine is using an alternator signal picked-up in the terminal W, see a test here, (...)
I recommend letting the uC drive a power MOSFET driver IC (best, through some buffering that can break any ground loops) which can be had at multiple amps of output drive and take 12v easily.
so i think i need keep on read current through shunt res ? and need to control through pwm right? That's the usual way to operate stepper motor with constant current. Unipolar motors like yours are more often operated with constant voltage, yours is obviously designed for a lower voltage than 12v. In any case you should get an i
Hi, this is my first post here, feeling nervous. I want to design a pwm switch for general purpose loads, meaning I don't know if it is used with a 12v pump, a fan or LED lights. I want to pack 4 of these as tightly as possible and each has to provide at least 3A. What would be the best way to go about this? I have been looking into pr
PC power supplies with 5,12v are used for this reason. Then you can decide if you want open drain control with motor coasting or a full bridge with fast start stop or pwm speed control, then stop change direction using logic level full bridges to switch 12v instead of half bridge. Choose RdsOn much less than your motor coil resistance (...)
The pwm will control the speed of the fans very well. But the 555s and LM3914 do not need the 12v regulator so it can be removed. The input to the LM3914 is pwm pulses so it will show all LEDs lighted almost at every speed setting. The brightness of a few LEDs will show the speed. If you want the dot of a single LED to show the speed (except (...)
LM2576 (52KHz) or LM2596 (150KHz), which one is better for Raspberry Pi power supply (which needs a noise free 5V/2Amps supply from 12vDC (230VAC to 0-12v Transformer)). Only their difference is in pwm. will higher pwm give more noise free output ? Thanks in advance.
Noob here. I have some electronics experience but not much. I'm looking to go from 2-3 volts to 12 volts over roughly 10-15 minutes. 4-6 amps at full power. This is to power a strip of SMD LED lights for a 'sunrise wake up timer' to help me wake up more effectively in the winter months. This is what I've fou
There is no such device as a PIC16F62A so I'm assuming you mean a 16F627A or 16F628A which are almost identical to each other. 1. CCP1 (=RB3) is the pin producing pwm output. Use it to drive a transistor, preferably a MOSFET in series with the 12v supply and fan motor. 2. Tricky if you use a potentiometer because the 16F62xA does not have an ADC
Hi All, I'm planning to build a pwm solar charger for home use with flexibility/scalability in mind. I'm a beginner with less experience in pic programming. I expect to incorporate the solar charger with below features. 1. Based on pwm algorithm 2. Charging multiple 12v sealed lead acid batteries 3. 20x4 character LCD display for (...)
hi, Connect the Enable pin to +5V and use E for the 12v output. See Table on page 3-395 of the datasheet. E
The output of the DAC might be DC. If you amplify it to 12vDC at up to 50W/12v= 4.2A then the amplifier will be linear and get very hot. Pulse-Width-Modulation pulses should be used instead so that the switching output does not waste power by getting hot.
I am going to use the speed controller (in attached image) for my 8-9 A 12v radiator motor. Is it better choice, if not, then which one would be better? Will it also cause to take less Amp from battery? Thanks
Hi All, I have a odd issues driving some fans using pwm from my PIC. Fan details are : 12v 200mA 2 wire. pwm frequency 20khz. If I connect 1 fan to the circuit everything works fine. Problem is I need 2 fans to be driven. When I connect the second fan (Same type, manufacture etc) I get the following results; At (...)
I was experimenting a BJT buck converter using a SG3525 in a pretty uncommon configuration (pwm pulses through the VC terminal, outputs connected to the ground). The schematic diagram is as follow: 114253 The input voltage is 24V, the output voltage is 12v, the intended load current is 10A and the switching frequenc
Hello dear edaboard members ; I'm really tired of getting the same error from proteus :( I have 48 to 12 V dc-dc converter pre-design(not completed to apply in real life) with UC2525 pwm regulator chip. My problem is when i am trying to drive to mosfet gates(IRFZ44N) pwm-A(pin-11) is nearly correct but pwm-B(pin-14) is about to gnd.(some (...)
I have designed an H-Bridge using IR2110 but when the battery voltage depletes to less than 12v it becomes unstable perhaps the bootstrap supply circuit stop working at this voltage, but I have read its datasheet which states it can work up to 10V.
Hello everyone. I am implementing this design except the fan works perfectly. i have given 12v supply from battery,psu used
I am planning to make a buck converter able to convert from (30V - 90V) to 12v delivering 5A current. I am fine in calculating the inductor and capacitor and other parts requirement and selection but I am facing problem in choosing the right pwm controller IC. My converter will be 1. Current mode controlled 2. Non-Isolated 3. Synchronous or as
I am trying to make an SMPS. While powering the SMPS ,it is getting tripped. It works same even we power using 230 VAC without driving signals.(gate trigger) After MCB get tripped,if i power the pwm driver board(12v), it works fine and gets some voltage in the output and gradually disappears as capacitor discharges completely. (also SMPS workin
1. I want to get an output 10V from ISL6227, though the datasheet says the output range is 0.9 to 5.5v? Is it possible while change the feedback divided voltage in VSEN pin? 2. The Maximum duty cycle of ISL6227 is 87%, and the phase shift is 180 between phase1 and phase2, If and when the duty cycle > 50% the two Up NMOS conduct at the time? T
This motor driver board works by accepting a pwm input and using that signal to generate an output. The 5V means that the input signal must be 5.0V logic, although 3.3V will most likely work as well. As an example, if your working voltage is 12v, and you provide a 15kHz signal at a 50% duty cycle, you will effectively create a 6V output, oscillatin
The width of the pulses in the pwm controls the amount of average current in the fan. But the BC108 is very old and had a maximum allowed collector current of only 100mA. Do you have a tiny fan? What is Rb? A series base resistor? Its current should be 1/10th to 1/20th the collector current. With a +12v supply the datasheet of the LM358 shows that
Ok hi guys , need some help with pwm using 8051.I have got the proteus simulation working but i have some doubts regarding the hardware the simulation i used a ton period of 50 ms ,60 &80ms to generate pwm signal(T=100ms) which is connected to the enable pin of L293D IC to drive a 12v DC motor & there is speed variation.But should
Hello, I recently replaced a radiator fan on my car and the rating on the fan says 12v (10-15V max) and 6.5A continuous (15A peak). There is an ECU that can output pwm with varying duty cycle (5-20kHz) with up to 5A max. But I would like to implement an optocoupler to protect the output pin of the ECU. I have chosen IRF2804S-7P as it seem to hav
Guys, How can I control the RPM of DC motor with pwm on AVR? Any experiences ? I use 12v 0.14A DC motor for CPU cooler.. Any infos will be appreciated.. Thanks
Hello experts In my project , I want control & display the speed of the Wiper Dc motor(12v,5v). For this I am using the PIC 16F877A and IRFP150n (MOSFET). Now I control speed of the motor with help of pwm. I am using the proximity sensor to sense the speed.for my problem , how can get the speed with help of the proximity output si
Hello , I designed a power amplifier so that it plays the role of interface between my STM32 microcontroller and a pump (12v 1A). This circuit is a good power amplifier which helped me to control this motor from the microcontroller which inject into the input a pwm 3.3V. My question here is this: I want to provide a more comfortable curre
how you do this (top post) depends on the power drawn at each voltage, and also on the tightness of regulation required at each rail. You can actually get pwm controllers which provide dual buck converters and eg give a 5v and 3v3 output from a 12v rail, say. do them.
A car battery is at least 12v, meaning you have a decent voltage to drive a fet on why do pwm controllers like TLE8386 only have 5V fet drive.?....fet switching losses are far worse with such low voltage gate drive.....I know car batteries go down to 6v when cold cranking, but thats just a short transient condition. Surely the way to
Hello, Here are two identical 20W SEPIC LED drivers that use the LTC1871 pwm controller. (Vin=12v, Vout=~45V, Fsw=90KHz, Current mode) One connects the error amplifier in "voltage error amplifier" configuration. The other connects the error amplifier in the "transconductance error amplifier" configuration. The one with the "voltage error am
12v/20A is well in the range of electro flight motor controllers. They are mostly equipped with standard remote control receiver pwm signal inputs. You can either send pwm control over remote line, or use a digital protocol that's converted to pwm by a microcontroller.
Hello folks,I want to design 10%,50% and 100% Flywheel load for my BLDC motor whos specs are 12v,3000RPM,60W. thank you ! :-) Use pwm with variable dutycycle...
Hi all, I want to control the speed of a DC motor(40000 rpm, 12v) that is taking about 15A of current when loaded. To generate pwm signals, i am using a 8051 micro-controller(AT89s52). However i am really having trouble finding a H-bridge driver IC(like L293d or l298 etc) because the current rating is way above their ratings. So i have decided to
LED strips are often for a set voltage and usually have a current limiter built-in
Adjust the duty cycle to give constant 'average' voltage. Say, if you wanted a certain intensity at 12v, you need 50% duty cycle. So, that's an average voltage of 6V. To maintain the same intensity at 9V, you'll need the same 'average' voltage. So, your duty cycle must be increased to 6/9 * 100% = 66.7% Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Hi, Im using a PIC16F877A with L298 to control a 12v DC Motor. I want to control the speed of the motor by pwm. I already draw a circuit with external OSC 20MHz and some MicroC code. Can anyone checking on it and gives some guidelines or code (MicroC) on how to program a PIC16F877A. Thanks. unsigned short current_duty, old_duty,
O.k., a LM555 pulse width modulator will be fairly linear over a control voltage range of about 1.5 to 10V with 12v supply voltage. You might experience additional non-linerarity from incorrect operation of bootstrap driver (bootstrap capacitor too small).
Hi, Am adding pwm to my Pic program to drive 2 darlington transistors that in turn drive 12v led strips and a 12v fan. While it all works ok on a frequency of 2500hz , wonder if there is any standard forumula for determining the best pwm frequency or is it literally just random ?
I want to control the speed of 12v brushed dc motor(four quadrant). I think ı have to use the pwm but ı cant understand the four quadrant operation.what is four quadrant operation and how can ı do it ?
I would use a slightly modified windscreen wioe delay control. i am sure there are kits availlable ( ??). Just change the timing capacitor to give a reduced "delay" time. They also run off 12v DC!!
Hi all, I am making an H bridge for a supply voltage range of 12v to 24V and a max current of 4A. The motor speed will be controlled by a pwm signal (>10kHz) provided by a PIC microcontroller. I noticed that for driving the gate people use gate drivers (because the gate has some capacitance and it needing more than 5V to fully switch on).
How the two MOSFETs are connected ? When you say peak-to-peak=12v you mean the VGS voltage is both positive and negative ? It could also be you are using a pwm frequency that is too high. Try to give manually 0 and 12v as VGS in order to see if the transistor alone switches correctly.
Hello I want to implement a multiphase buck converter using a micro controller My buck converter converts 12v to 1.2V at 12A switching frequency 500Khz I went through TI and Microchips micocontrollers I require 2 ADC and DAC and probably 8 pwm generator modules i think and 4 opamps and comparators I am having difficulty in deciding the micocon
Hey guys I want an 50V voltage source...(Current is not a big issue, but larger is better...) I simply want to charge a 20,000uF Capacitor through it... so is there any ic I can use for this application or please tell if you have any better idea... :grin:
hi vvarlord first of all , i will give u the overview of the inverter ,, 1) linear transformer based inverter now i will tell u in detail about this type -- LINEAR TRANSFORMER BASED INVERTER-- In this type of inverters ,,first of all 12vdc is converted into 12vac(square wave or modified sine wave or pure sine wave) now this 12vac is (...)
LEDs are dimed by means of pwm. A couple days ago I've finished a "lamp" that hangs oer my working desk and it consists of 5m led strip (2 strips in paralel) controlled by an old Sony remote. PIC12F615 + TSOPxxxx receiver + IRLZ44N. All that powered by 12v/100W SMPS. And the LEDs are 72W combined power (6A@12v) :twisted:
Hi I'm currently making a boost converter. The output need to be 12v constantly. I already built the circuit and managed to boost the voltage. Now i need a feedback loop in order for circuit to maintain the output voltage. I hope someone will help since i really new for this. Really need some basic coding to control output voltage via varying pw