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I need, for car audio applications, the schematic of a DC/DC Converter from 12v to 48v (about 800W). Someone can help me?
Hi, How to control a 24V LED Driver (Green) dimmer with precision (brightness range:most Brightness to turn off). Can using MOSFET to design it?? Or using another component to design it? Another problem is how to using op amp to step up 12v to 24V?? I try using 741 op amp can't do it, so another op amp can do it or not?? Thanks!!
Go to this site: There you will find info on 12v-120V inverter. The only thing you will need to change is the output power transformer which, in your case, should have HV winding for 220V .. Regards, IanP
this circuit diagram provides inverter for 12vDC to 220vAC but 500w. does it work for you????????? also the schematic in Orcad format is included if needed.
Hi there I want to design and build a DCtoDC converter to boost 12v to about 20V. I am a bit rusty with my basic electronics, could anyone help or suggest a circuit. Also, it would be great if the output is slightly variable. Is there a IC that i can use or a circuit floating around somewhere? The output need not be 100% stable. I want to st
i want to convert a 12v to 20 v /4a plz send me the circuit &design
I need a circuit tthat would boost 12v to 20v at 4amps Please help
Hi anyone knows about how to design 12v to 3.6v Converter but with 2A current? I will use it for powering Sony Ericsson GR47 modules. I have founfd the schematic below, but I couldnt find IC MIC4684 in my country. I need similar schematic but with different he
Hi I have googled in attempt to get the information about 12v to 240V circuit but I could not find a suitlabe website that provide theory and build circuit. I would be very grateful if you know any good information about it and let me know about it asap Thank you MM
Hi. I need to find a schematic 12v to 48V 4 Ampere DC to DC Converter Someone told me that i can do that with a UC3843! The think is that i can't find a schematic! (Or don't know how... Because i am new to electronics) Can anyone help me?
Hi, I have a request to make up a DC to DC converter from 12v to 48V@15A output. I need a guide line for this. Any kind of help would be highly appreciated, in the mean time I would be thinking on how to design it. Thanks
can someone provide me the circuit diagram for 12v to 5V conversion using LM1085.Its datasheet contains only the diagram for 5V to 3.3V stepdown. thanks, in advance.
hi,i'm bhok i need schematic diagram of 12v to 220V inverter...pls forward to me..tnx
Can any one help in making 100+ watt inverter, 12v to 220v AC50 Hz,Using ferrite core transformer to run thr inverter at say 40Khz to 100 Khz,using a microcontroller in the high frequency section & then from Dc high voltage to 50Hz using another microcontroller or conventional components.Please post circuit diagrame etc. KKM
Hi there, I need a 12v to 20V/100mA converter. and it should be as small as possible. could anybody help me with any schematic or module? thanks,
I want to make a 12v to 220 v inverter via a computer backup .I just plug the 12v of my car instead of its battery .logically it will convert the 12v into 220v.Does this work .If no, why? thank you all
HI GUYS... Can somebody help me in this project? please give me a schematic of 12v to 220v inverter w/ lead acid battery charger... thank you in advance...
i want a schematic for converting a 24v battery dc to 19v dc 3A supply. seems am going to use regulators and or adjustable IC! pls help.
Hello, I have a three channel power supply, +5V, +12v, -12v DC regulated developed using LM317 and LM337 ICs. Now I want to have a voltage source that can be varied between +12v to -12v DC. This variable voltage is used for reference/offset adjustment of the comparator circuit. Kindly help me how to get the variable (...)
refer the circuit at SG3525 DC Converter 12v to +35V,-35V | Circuit Project Electronic This has PI feedback loop, Refer Pin 9,1, 2 connections.
Is there a solution to step up from 5V DC to 300V? Or 12v to 300V (DC)? I found something on this forum as Flyback Inverters... I want to use it to power my CDI.
as the title, I am designing a push-pull DCDC 12v to 400VDC. Before I start winding the transformer, need to make some decision of how to regulate the 400V. I can find many example schematics of AC to DC where the DC voltage is lowish using the TL431 and opto feedback......but not the other way
I need a simple and cheap PSU circuit to get around 15V from a 12v supply. The circuit does not need any fancy smoothing etc, must use cheap capacitors etc. No expensive chips or inductors. It only needs to supply a maximum of 1A and nominal around 400mA. But I must stress the circuit use the least amount of components and must cost less than $2
Can anybody help me for 12v to 220v 5kw inverter circuit diagram.
Inverter using push-pull configuration
Here is my contribution to the forum community. These work in Multisim 11 but I have not yet soldered them up and tried them for real. The +12v to +18V booster circuit is actually a voltage doubler circuit but with an added 18V zenner diode on the output to limit it to 17.9V or there abouts. Change the zenner diode and you can change the output v
Hi, I am currently building Push-Pull converter 12v to 315V 600W 50kHz. I am trying to use UC3846 controller as it seems like properly designed circuit is very robust. I hope someone can help me finding PSpice model of the UC3846(or UCx846 or UCx856) chip, or even better if someone has similar simulation completed. Thank you very much in advance
I want to make a sine wave 12v to 220v inverter with 25 to 50watt output. please send me the circuit.
I'm building a affordable portable phone charger, similar to the size of a typical Iphone charger with modular USB plug. My power source comes from a 12v solar PV system hence i need recommendation for a 12v to 5V switching regulator chip or very small device It will be preferable if the component can be brought from element14 and cheap. Than
Hi, Can anyone suggest a circuit to convert 12v to 33v.... Thanks What current and what efficiency range ? You can use LM350/LM350T Adjustable Voltage Regulator IC. Specifications:- Current: 3A, Regulator Topology: Adjustable, Regulator Type: Linear, [COLOR="#FF0000
Hi, I need to repair a 12v to 240V 1500W inverter connected to a 500W water pump. Lately I am hearing that the pump is not working smoothly as it should. It seems the current is not continuous and smooth. The pump can be heard changing speed sharply in short instants. I will give more info later when I get the inverter and test it mysel
Hello all! I am designing flyback converter with input 12v (car battery) to two outputs of 5V and 1A per output, basicly car cell phone charger. I chose LTC3803 controller and first make simulations in LT spice, and all goes well with perfect coupling but when i include leakage inductance voltage drops are big, on full load voltage drops to 4V. i
hello, i have made an inverter using cd4047 as per the circuit diagram i have uploaded here.. as per the circuit diagram gate pulse are given to the mosfet from pin 10 and pin 11 of the IC . but when i apply 12v to the ic i am getting 12v at pin 10 but not getting any voltage at pin 11 but i am getting 12v from pin 13 so i have connected (...)
I am looking for DCDC converter for solar light use please suggest 12v to 20v i have a few components and 555 and 100uH inductor i made this
would there be a problem if I use two different AC wall adpater and connect their output in series to obtain a desired voltage to charge the battery? I have a 12v adapter and an adjustable AC adapter. One is 800mAh and the other is rated at 1.5A. My charge current will be under 800mAh. My battery requires 19v but there aren't a lot of cheap
I think the item you require is in-car dc-dc converter (12v to 19v). It is sold in computer shop & used to charge Laptop in a vehicle. If you're thinking of building one yourself there's quite a number of projects available in the Net. One using the MC34063 or the TL494 are quite common.
Convert to use laptop in car. Thanks a lot
Help , need circuit and or Manual for a Sky Tronic Invertor 12v DC to 230V 1000W model is tnx
I want to design a simple dc/dc regulator from 12v ( or 24V ) to 200V/1A Do you have any suggestions? THX xxtigerxx was here...
Here is a link to 500W 12v-to-230V inverter: Should you need more output power just add more power transistors, and re-calculate the VA rationg of the output transformer .. Regards, IanP
You haven't specify AC power of the motor .. If ≈500W is enough then here is a low cost 12vdc to 220Vac inverter: Regards, IanP
HI Code Warrior, I know how to make an inverter from 12v to 230 V AC without a transformer :-)... Even Edison did !!. Paul. PS: You don't know already ?.
i want a dc 24v to dc 12 v powersupply. for a 12v power amplifier from a 24 v battery supply in vehicle.
Hello everyone, I'm Attempting to convert a Playstation 2 power supply from a single rail 12v supply to a 2A constant current supply to drive a stepper motor. I have been unable to find a circuit diagram for the item but I have been able to deduce a few things. ( If anybody has a copy of the circuit feel free to let me know :), ) I have worked
Witch is the easyest way to make a dc dc converter from 12v to 40v? Thanks.
first of all to convert 12v to 230V the amperage should be high enough.. Although it is 12v it should be about like 5 to 10 A. Now use a chopper circuit to convert DC to Intermittent square wave of 50 Hz/60 Hz. Then you can use a square to sine wave converter to smooth-up your output for a perfect phase lag between V and I. La
Hi, I'm trying to convert a pulsed 12v signal into a constant 12v signal. The circuit pulses several times a second so very quick. Can you tell me what sized capacitors, resistors i'd need to do the job? I was going to run the cap/resistor in parallel to flick a relay coil. to switch 12v line from a 12v battery. (...)
Is it possible, using resistors, to drop its voltage from 12v to 5V? What resistor(s) should I use? If the current consumption of the 5V input is constant you can use a resistor, but I doubt it very much .. By the way, do you know how much current will be drawn by that input??? and combined current by 12v pin and 5V pi