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Looks like you didn't even read the user's manual. It says, the device can be supplied with 12v/2A as well.
Depends greatly on your heatsink thermal resistance how much current and heat rise to say 70'C I succesfully use 4S on 12v on AWG18 with 30AWG drops for Rs equalization of 0.1Ohm or 6S on 18 or 19v or 8S on 24V or 24S on 48V. So no loss on regulator and adjust supply drop with long wire suitable guage for 100% voltage matched between supply an
I am trying to connect my CD ROM with 12v and 5V adapter or just 19v Adapter. The cdrom drive power is connected with 4 pin molex connector . I tried connecting the 12v and 5V adapter to the power source....but nothing happens.... Can this work...or which wire should be connected to the right pin... direct 19v is (...)
Hi , i want to design a CCCV charger for my 12v , 65ah battery , i don't want to use any microcontroller , i have a transformer which is 14V , 10 ampere output rating . i want to use that transformer for battery charging. so my question is how to design the circuit for CCCV charging mode. i have already designed a battery charger for 12v 7ah batt
I would like to reproduce using a 24V battery in order to test a device a solar panel that delivers 18-19v with a maximum current of 300mA. I have built a regulator using the L200 IC with both voltage and current regulation: when the load required more than 300mA the output voltage dropped to 12v. I have also built a current limiter using two PNP t
pls can 0.33uF as input, CI and 0.1uF, Co, output capacitors withstand a 12v 5A DC SUPPLY! IF NOT, is there a calculator or formular for determining the values of input and output capacitors to be used in any DC supply circuit As Nandhu told, your querry is not clear, but as i understood, you are asking about connec
Convert to use laptop in car. Thanks a lot
I would like to design and build a DC-DC converter with following specifications. Input : 12vDC 7Ah from ups deep-cycle battery Output:19vDC 3A to a laptop. How can i setup the DC battery voltage supply system so that i can have it running for at least 12 hours without recharging?
Hi, Basically i have 19v 4A laptop PSU, i have want to use it for my IDE->USB converter as is orignal PSU unit gives 1 amp on both 12v and 5v, i know that i can use 7805/7812 directly but there output is 1A, is there any way i can get 2A on both out using simple schematic ? please help me
I think the item you require is in-car dc-dc converter (12v to 19v). It is sold in computer shop & used to charge Laptop in a vehicle. If you're thinking of building one yourself there's quite a number of projects available in the Net. One using the MC34063 or the TL494 are quite common.
Hi, i need to build a step-up converter which has an input range about 12v to 13.8v. The input needs to be step-up to 18.5/19v. The problem lies with the output current as it must be able to generate a max of 3.5A to the load. This is for typically laptop purpose.thx. Any schematics or suggestions?..
Hi! Elektor have done an easy-to-build 12v car battery in/19v 5A '3524-based Laptop Adaptor with PCB layout that can be adapted to give you suitable outputs by amending the 56uH series chopper inductor - I'll post the article as soon as I can find it - is it any use? Chris Williams PS! Eurocircuits can supply old Elektor PCBs - I got on