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would there be a problem if I use two different AC wall adpater and connect their output in series to obtain a desired voltage to charge the battery? I have a 12v adapter and an adjustable AC adapter. One is 800mAh and the other is rated at 1.5A. My charge current will be under 800mAh. My battery requires 19v but there aren't a lot of cheap
i want a dc 24v to dc 12 v powersupply. for a 12v power amplifier from a 24 v battery supply in vehicle.
I think the item you require is in-car dc-dc converter (12v to 19v). It is sold in computer shop & used to charge Laptop in a vehicle. If you're thinking of building one yourself there's quite a number of projects available in the Net. One using the MC34063 or the TL494 are quite common.
Convert to use laptop in car. Thanks a lot
19v @4 Amps SOUNDS like a LAPTOP power Supply! . In any case ..You should be able to buy one with a 220v or 110V input depending where you live .Now to convert from 12 V DC to 110 or 220V AC.You need a Voltage inverter .any small one will do ! ( you only 100 watts).. This is the cheapest solution .Now to design a straight 13.5 V to 19 Volt .
Hi, i need to build a step-up converter which has an input range about 12v to 13.8v. The input needs to be step-up to 18.5/19v. The problem lies with the output current as it must be able to generate a max of 3.5A to the load. This is for typically laptop purpose.thx. Any schematics or suggestions?..
Hi, Basically i have 19v 4A laptop PSU, i have want to use it for my IDE->USB converter as is orignal PSU unit gives 1 amp on both 12v and 5v, i know that i can use 7805/7812 directly but there output is 1A, is there any way i can get 2A on both out using simple schematic ? please help me
Hi all, I want to design a boost converter with conditions: 1. Input 12v/10A 2. Output 36v/3A 3. Fre <= 50Khz Can you help me for this design? Thank you so much.
Hi, I have a 12v DC 1500mA supply (Non regulated output) built with 1 simple step down transformer, two 5480 rectifier diodes and one 2500mFD condenser. I use it to power a heater element that protects my Telescope lens from dew deposition in outdoor works during winter. Now I want to use it to charge my Sealed Lead Acid battery of 12v 7.5Ah. too
pls can 0.33uF as input, CI and 0.1uF, Co, output capacitors withstand a 12v 5A DC SUPPLY! IF NOT, is there a calculator or formular for determining the values of input and output capacitors to be used in any DC supply circuit As Nandhu told, your querry is not clear, but as i understood, you are asking about connec
Hello, We are doing TPS40210 boost converter. TPS40210 DATASHEET: Vin = 12v Vout = 19v Iout(max) = 1.62A F(sw) = 500KHz (Sync'd with diode method) C(in) = 20uF ceramic C(out) = 20uF ceramic, then 1.5uH series inductor, then 10uF ceramic capacitor. Current sense resistor =
Hello! I am making a flyback transformer with input 33V output 12v using UC3842. So my flyback transformer have 3 winding: Primary, secondary, bias Volt bias = 18V (UC3842) + 1V (diode FR207) = 19v. I choose 20V I choose Te=0.5, inferred that Ns=Te * 12v = 6 Turns Np= Ns*Vin/(Vout +Vd) = (...)
I would first get a good digital volt meter like a Fluke 115, it will serve you well for a very long time. If you don't want to spend so much there are fair meters for much less. You need to measure the voltage before you connect it to the Thrustmaster. I would also measure the hair dyer power supply to see what you already connected. Many lap top
Hi! Elektor have done an easy-to-build 12v car battery in/19v 5A '3524-based Laptop Adaptor with PCB layout that can be adapted to give you suitable outputs by amending the 56uH series chopper inductor - I'll post the article as soon as I can find it - is it any use? Chris Williams PS! Eurocircuits can supply old Elektor PCBs - I got on
You will need a DC/DC converter like the one in this link Unfortunately a 12v/7Ah battery will be not enough to power your laptop for about 12 hours. Let's assume your laptop will require 3A at 19v: it is 57Wh. Multiplied for 12 hours it will be 684W/12h Your 12v battery capacity is 84Wh, so ass
It is a dual-phase inverter with dimensions of 97mm x 59mm x 16mm. You can reach 5,5A for Uout=19v and 7A for Uout=15V at input voltage 12v. The higher voltage 14V at the input (the car engine on), you can obtain 6,5A for Uout=19v a
When plugged in the power supply makes a quiet ticking noise, it sounds like something is trying to trigger, but never actually does. It seems this indicate a variety of problems that sometimes can be related to a bad capacitor. If you're lucky you may be able to repair the unit by replacing some electrolytic capacitors in the po