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Your 14 VAC transformer puts out 19v peaks. This is sufficient amplitude to provide bursts of current to a 12v battery. This simulation shows a charging session (theoretical). Battery voltage starts at Time has
I would like to reproduce using a 24V battery in order to test a device a solar panel that delivers 18-19v with a maximum current of 300mA. I have built a regulator using the L200 IC with both voltage and current regulation: when the load required more than 300mA the output voltage dropped to 12v. I have also built a current limiter using two PNP t
pls can 0.33uF as input, CI and 0.1uF, Co, output capacitors withstand a 12v 5A DC SUPPLY! IF NOT, is there a calculator or formular for determining the values of input and output capacitors to be used in any DC supply circuit!
Convert to use laptop in car. Thanks a lot
I would like to design and build a DC-DC converter with following specifications. Input : 12vDC 7Ah from ups deep-cycle battery Output:19vDC 3A to a laptop. How can i setup the DC battery voltage supply system so that i can have it running for at least 12 hours without recharging?
Hi, Basically i have 19v 4A laptop PSU, i have want to use it for my IDE->USB converter as is orignal PSU unit gives 1 amp on both 12v and 5v, i know that i can use 7805/7812 directly but there output is 1A, is there any way i can get 2A on both out using simple schematic ? please help me
I think the item you require is in-car dc-dc converter (12v to 19v). It is sold in computer shop & used to charge Laptop in a vehicle. If you're thinking of building one yourself there's quite a number of projects available in the Net. One using the MC34063 or the TL494 are quite common.
Hi, i need to build a step-up converter which has an input range about 12v to 13.8v. The input needs to be step-up to 18.5/19v. The problem lies with the output current as it must be able to generate a max of 3.5A to the load. This is for typically laptop purpose.thx. Any schematics or suggestions?..
Hi! Elektor have done an easy-to-build 12v car battery in/19v 5A '3524-based Laptop Adaptor with PCB layout that can be adapted to give you suitable outputs by amending the 56uH series chopper inductor - I'll post the article as soon as I can find it - is it any use? Chris Williams PS! Eurocircuits can supply old Elektor PCBs - I got on