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hi, I'm trying to design a flyback DC-DC converter which can provide up to 24V from a normal 12V,40Ah lead-acid battery that every car has. It can be used to run radios, small lights, relays, horns and other 24V accessories(multiple output) from a 12V vehicle. I have done research about flyback topology, but both modes(discontinuous mode and co
heh so how do you want convert 12vdc to 24vdc/50Amps(!) only by transformer and for it need change to AC ;)
hi murali_dece, Thank you very much for helpful and useful advice. I just finish my assembly with all components and found out the output voltage is very unstable(voltage flow between 23.7VDC to 24.3VDC). I have make the change to input voltage became 12vdc 2A, so this is the main reason that can't generate stable output voltage?(since i need t
I am making a switch mode power supply 24vdc to 12vdc using push pull topology . Transformer is center tap at both sides ground is not isolated . Rectification is via MUR3020. Switching frequency 100khz using SG3525. I have spikes of about 100~ 200mv on my ground line as shown in picture attached. Spike levels increase with load current . W
Dear Members, I am trying to develop a battery operated device which works on Automobile battery (12V/24vdc) , so the input range is around 9-36VAC. I need to derive two isolated supplies 5VDC(at)500mA and 12vdc(at)1A.I have seen circuits using UC3483 for such circuits. I need help in deciding the transformer for the same , ca
Hello, I am looking to generate 24vdc from a ?12vdc Power supply. The component I wish to use is Traco Power TEN25-1222. This dcdc converter gives us +12V and -12V. My qeustion is how to use these two to generate 24vdc? Any help would be great. Thanks.
Dear Goldsmith, On the one hand I'd really be interested in knowing if it is possible or not because i got many powers of PCs. On the other hand, it is important as well to get my solar system work. Obviously, If can't find any schematics of it I'll purchase a 10A 24vdc to 12vdc buck converter. Thanks for your reply. Cheers, Solar88
Hello Folks, I am having a problem with my DC-DC convertor board(24vdc to 12vdc/3A), where my ceramic capacitor is burning out after a long time run in the field. Due to that, fuse is blowing off and i/p protection mosfet also failing. After replacing all with new ones, the board is working normal. Again samething is happening after