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if any one have good quality recever for that can receve arround 137 mhz frequency please put here or email two .if it tested one its going to make weather sat picture recever
hi Guys... im will design LNA for weather satellite (137 mhz)..if i googling in the web it many design of this LNA...and mostly is only single stage and common-source configuration... why it doesnt design by differential or cascode.... is it any advantages or disadvantages of both model...? i have been read in wikipedia that cascode i
I'm looking to try to make an antenna to cover the range 118-137 mhz. The constraints are basically diameter < 20 mm. Length, certainly less than 700 mm, but even that might not be possible. I think something in the range 300-500 mm is more likely to be acceptable SWR < 2:1. Power handling 20 W. Fed at the base - it can't be centre fed.
QHA is designed for 137 mhz frequency in cst.simulation result shown the s11 paremeter at 480mhz.but the radiation pattern comes good at to get return loss at 137mhz give me suggestions on how to feed an qha antenna?reply me my design feed port is defined at the (...)
you said that it is difficult to generate 2 mhz.but your parameter gives 3.137 mhz.will it be stable and good working.
Hello, I´m trying to modify a Philips SAA7215HS with an SDI (Serial Digital Interface) output. Pins 128, 131-137 are data lines and the pin 126 is the 27 mhz clock to sync the signal. I have noise in the sync line and need to "clean it". I have try a 100ohm resistor in sync line and a 27-47cp Cap. from ground to sync but doesn´t work. Any
What package is the best for 915 mhz antenna design? ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks.
Hy, i'am searching a low cost long range transmitter for the European 8xx mhz band. Should work from 400m to 800m outside. Some good informations ?? Greetings mc_eddy
This website gives you a full explanation on how to design a Digital Oscilloscope. All circuits and software is included - Tip: This design includes a few hectic sampling circuits, but if you'r only interested in building a normal scope, just look at the PIC16F84 and sheet 4 of the scematics - the rest of the circuit can be disgarded. Just take tim
Anyone can help find such design , with PCB layout ? Tried searching but nothing worth ..... P.S. low power 100 m. will be more than enough Thank's for the help
I'm looking for a good schematic of FM AV modulator (VCO) in band 900 - 1800 mhz for ATV modulator .. Can someone help me ?
Thank you to all people who gave very interesting links. Now any one wants to go over 100 metres ? I am looking for 100 mW.. 1 Watt 433 mhz.. Any help in the right direction will be very appreciated. Thank you in advance. Regards
I need to change the output clock from default to 8mhz, to clock AT90S8515. But sometimes(after RESET button pushed) this freq is more than 8 mhz... Well, can i do smth to stop this bug. Regards...
I'm looking a very simple schematics about TX and RX circuits for 49 mhz. This circuits must have a crystal to lock the transmission frequency and lock the reciever. Thanks a lot! :D
I designed and simulated a 120 mhz (BW3db=21 mhz) bandpass filter with ciolcraft and temex s-parameters files, but when i made the PCB, the response of the filter was quite different from the one i obtained during the simulation with microwave office. Have i made a bad simulation?Should i rely on the s-parametres from coilcraft and temex? Thanks
Hello, anyone knows a simple way how to divide frequency by 3 ? The whole problem is as follows... I have a TTL compatible signal with the frequency of 10 mhz. I need to multiply the frequency by 3, because I need 30 mhz as an input to AD9851 DDS chip. So, I designed a simple PLL multiplier (NE564) and I need "divide by 3" circuit in th
I want to announce cc1010 rf transceiver chip with integrated microcontroller chip specs; 300-1000 mhz RF Transceiver ?Very low current consumption ?High sensitivity (typically -107 dBm) ?Programmable output power up to +10 dBm ?Data rate up to 76.8 kbit/s ?Very few external components ?Fast PLL settling allowing frequency hopping proto
can anybody tell me if there are any antenna design tools availbale for PCB or simple antennas for 868 915 mhz bands. or does any body have a design for good omin directional antenna's for these bands thanks
rules vertical polarization monopole style pattern planar 2.5" x 3.5" max tuning done on same plane as antenna so far i have not been anywhere near this goal i have no polarization purity or monopole pattern for that matter ive tried several loop styles with different tuning methods i realize ground plane size is a severe short
Hi, i would like to built a power amp. for 1200 mhz. i normally work AO40, and I like work the uplink in 1200 mhz. The people tell me with 2 m57762 hibryd mitsubishi 40 w. in 1200 mhz, But I don´t found the schema. Please I looking for schema for 40 w, or 80 w in 1200, please help me. Thank you very much. regards from IL18 (...)
Hello, please tell me what I built a power meter for 1269 mhz. The max power is 50 w. Thank you very much. The amp. have two m57762 hybrid
hello , I tapped a clock from a chip (50) mhz ,found it to be almost a sinusoidal waveform Can it be because of loading . Correct me if i am wrong
8) Has Someone detailed Information for 27 mhz EH-Antenna??? 8O
help where is the FM PLL (88 mhz - 108 mhz) with pic 16F8XX sch or asm code
kindly provide me circuit design guidance for 433 mhz ISM band transmitter/receiver for FM /ASK/FSK
can sombody help? i want to design a directional coupler at 27mhz. power 50 watts. directivity 20 db or better. thanks in advance
Hi all, The operating voltage of ATmega8L is 2.7V to 5.5V, speed is 8mhz, while operating voltage of ATmega8 is 4.5V to 5.5V, speed is 16mhz. Does that means ATmega8L's low speed is specified for 2.7V and can be saftly raised to 16mhz if using 5.5V operating voltage?
Hi all, Would you please give me a suggestion I need to design an ASIC which must has a 32 bit CPU( I hope it is royalty free) and an 80 mhz DAC(for video RGB, 5 bits resolution). Would somebody can tell me which ASIC vendor has such IPs, I prefer the Embedded gatearray ASIC, not standard cell. Thanks
I would like to migrate from 16F84 to 16C628 for the extra pins available, but am not able to find any data of Osc accuracy or stabilty in internal 4 mhz mode. I tend to use serial comms up to 2400, and am a bit concerned about long term performance. Any experiences most welcome.
Where can i find example of design of duplex filter for bands 1030 and 1090 mhz , please ?
I have a 54 mhz double-speed multiplexed D1 video interface. I need to split it into two separate channels : each a standard CCIR656 @ 27 mhz. Did anybody had the same problem and solved it? Are there any available Opencores or IPs for such a task?
Hi! I need to construct an RF signal generator from 800 to 1900 mhz Any ideas? any schematics? Thank you
hi all friends Any1 could help me in design of a 2 mhz Sin oscillator for driving a piezoelectric transducer needs about 20V p-p swing. thanx a lot
We wish to make 75 ohm RF detector for testing VHF-UHF small signal amplifiers. Pl. guide me in the matter.
I need 300 mhz transmiter 1Km distance outdoor. I need transmiter 1Kbps data bit rate. Gracias
Hi,All: what the power vaule means in Libray Compiler ? uW/mhz or other ? Best Regards!
I am designing a board with master frequency 50 mhz But I have hazards in the board ; the board is double face Should it be 4 layers or the hazard can be from another source ?
Have anyone tried this? I know Mininec, NEC-2, etc is probably the first choice for these simulations. But how about using MWS and HFSS? Any limitations at these low frequencies when e.g. wire and element thickness is much smaller compared with the wavelength? How about meshing, etc?
I have been asked to design a band pass filter Front end transmitter for RFID application at 868 mhz using 0.5 micron CMOS technology. The thing is at that frequency i might have large value Q factor. I think it is approximetaly at 10000. Im quite confused as my supervisor gave this topic and i realized that at that frequency it is
does anyone knows any VCO that can work in the range of 200-800 mhz. if so I need a link
I need to improve the distance of remote control (typical door radiocontrol), the frequency is 30.875 mhz, power I think 10 mW, someone has a most simple schematic for 0.5 W or less power amplifier ?
what's difference B/W MIPS and mhz ? and when each of them is used ? tnx ahead
Hi friends.. I want to convert 2.048 mhz to 10mhz... I have Spartan-3 device... Using DCM I am not able to get the exact factor for 10mhz.. I tried to search PLL also... but couldnt get anything... Can any one help me..
I have oscillator (216 mhz, PECL) connected to differential mux (PECL) on a digital board and fails. I get only noise. Same oscillator works on another analog board. Set up is so simple. What could be wrong with it? Any debugging suggestions?
Hello, Does anyone have i2c routines written in asembler for pic16f84a running on 10 or 8 mhz, THAT WORK? I am trying to get these I have here to work but it's giving me bad time. As I can remember it worked on 4 mhz but at 10 mhz I get all crazy data where reading, so, I don't even know if it writes to the chip. First I need to write (...)
What is 40.68 mhz generally used for in various countries?
Hi guys, I am developing a 418 (US) and 433 mhz (EU) transmitter / receiver with FSK for fairly low data rate (<10 kbit/sec) for remote control purposes inside a home. It is not a trcvr but a single TX and RX and the devices should be low $. Now for indoor propagation one has always the big problem of multipath "dips" when walking around in a
Hi there, I am looking for a PLL/VCO-chip (preferably not SMD) to generate a 10.7 mhz from a 10.000 mhz clock. (N=107, R=100) Does anybody know such a chip? Thanks, Hans
What would be your suggestions for the most efficient power amp chip at 900 - 930 mhz and 300 mW output power?
I need to design peak detector for 40mhz sine wave. There are some fast operational amplifiers that could be used in the project. These are current feedback devices but I don't know how to design a peak detector by means of such amplifiers.