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hi, well i could give u the logic its up to you to write the code... say A3 A2 A1 A0 are your select lines with A3 being the msb and A0 the lsb. say d0-d15 are your inputs. so use 4 4X1 multiplexers at the input . such that the u have d0-d3 connected to the input of the mux1, d4-d7 as i/p to the mux2, d8-d11 i/p to (...)
can any one tell me which cpld is suitable with minimum no of i/o in which i can implement four 16:1 mux,means 64X1 mux using 16x1 as a component? also give me specification?because i want to implement it ith PLCC package? for that which cpld i will use?
How to implement a 4:1 mux using just 2 4-input LUTs? Does each 4-input LUT independently use four inputs to select one of 16 design-time-configured "fuses"? So each LUT generates an independent function of four inputs? Under those conditions, the problem is solvable with the caveat that switching between (...)
Design a barrel shifter for 16 bit words in VHDL. This barrel shifter is capable of logical shifting input toward left and right direction. Two different architecture designs of the same barrel shifter must be implemented and tested with the testbench you also need to develop. One architecture (e.g., structural) must use a 16-bit multiplexer (M
do you mean 16 inputs and 4 outputs? or 16 inputs and 1x4bit output? For the first case, that would just be 4x 16x1 muxes.
Can any one can send me right verilog code for designing 16 by 1 mux using 4 by1 mux in structural modellng?
Dear Friends i am interfacing GSM Module Sim 900 and GPS Module Holux M89 with Atmega32A using 74157 Multiplexer and select pin of mux is connected with pin 16 of Atmega32A. The Problem is that mux is not passing gps and gsm data to microcontroller. i have checked the continuity of traces all are ok. a (...)
in order to save the i/o pin used, i want to cascade 16 signal lines by using 16-to-1 selector(multiplexer) but the problem is my signal lines are bidirectional. so how to solve it ?? thanks
Hi All, I need to find a 16 bit device which has at least 12 analog inputs (12 channel mux) plus 6 pwm outputs (my application is a 6 channel maximum power point tracker) and a few other more common features (i2c, a multiplier, risc architecture and so on). I would very much appreciate any comments as I don't even know well the different manu
What is the diff between implementation using 5 X 4-to-1 mux compare to 16-to-1 mux ? Since the output is same but , what is the diff betweeon both of them?? Thanks!
hi, i got the same problem too. i want to create 4-to1-package mux to built 16-to-1 mux. i've read some tutorial from quartus but could not find the answer. but i've read from google groups that previous version of quartus did not support the vhdl package. but i'm not sure about the latest version. anyone know how (...)
Without knowing what light sensors are you using it is a little bit a guess work .. Usually chips have pins called /CS (chip select), /OE (output enable, or similar .. You can connect all data bits of all 8 sensors together to one 8-bit port, P0, for example, and use another 8 8051's general purpose I/O pins to control /CS (/OE) pins .. So, all
A 16:1 mux can represent all possible functions of a input LUT by placing a 16 bit constant at the mux inputs. But I don't see a reasonable purpose for this method, because FPGA elements are LUT not mux.
Hi bharat_in, Let me look at the problem from a straight fwd perspective. One output Y, may get a value from either of 4 inputs a0, a1, a2, a3, depending upon 4 other inputs w0, w1, w2 ,w3. OK? ok 4to1 mux, but you have 4 lines to select(instead 2, which you normally have), i.e 16 input combinations to decide 4 choices for y i.e a0, a1, a2,
Thanks. Just for building a dual clock FIFO. But BRAM based dual clock FIFO is big, I only need 16 byte deep.
i want to convert my signal from the output of fifo from 16 bit to 8 bit because i need to transmit it via the rS232 that support only the 8 bit so who can help me to do this task if it is possible a logic circuit because i m working with block diagram in quartus software of altera
ASA to ALL im eorking on led matrix display consists of 16X16 led matrix can any body tel me what will the appropriate timmer1 relode value for this..... and why if you explain so i clear my concpts for scanning your input will be highly apprictaed thx
I am working on xilix ISE webpack AND sPARTAN 3E KIT I want to know how a 16 bit input is passed tested on spartan 3e kit i.e where will the 16 input 4 are switches and rest??? where will be the 16 output are seen only 8 are given for leds presently iam not having any code I hav an idea which requires these Thank you Ramesh
Hi there. I need to do the attach circuit. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance Vivasso
Hello all. The voltage signal of a thermocouple type T is aproximately 40uV \ °C for a temperature range of 0 to 100 °C. I want to read 15 type T thermocouples, all of them have same reference (ground reference, negative wire, minus wire). I want to use an analog muliplexer (16:1 mux, model 74hc4067, it will be powered from a +3.3V rail)
Specify more about what resolution you have, or how many characters you will display, etc. I think easys way to do it, is using 5x8 led dot array, you must put 16 together, and control it with a few logic and a microcontroler like PIC, to control and comunicate it with a PC using serial port.
Salam, SOP = Sum Of product. You can implement any logic circuit by draw it's truth table then from the truth table you can find equation for the o/p using AND & OR gates only. CPLD uses these tech. It uses programmable AND & OR Gates array. Note: this in simple, but actually it the Logic Cell contain Flip-Flops and mux for handle (...)
Is the output delay corresponding to input is permittable in the design? I guess its not , unless your design is sequential.. You can achieve the same results by using a combinational 16:1 mux with 16 bit inputs and 4 bit select. But ur code needs to be changed. Please post ur NETLIST for omre comments.. rgds
hi, we have problems with analog multiplexer (dg406), becouse of crosstalk between chanels. at the imput, there are lf358 operation amplifiers, but they are disturbed with "parasitic switch" inside multiplexer which one short circuit input to negative voltage at channel change. we solve some this using 1k resistor in series with opamp output.
Hi all I have a simulink model which consists of a parallel blocks(filters)the outputs of which are muxed and plotted using spectrum scope(B FFT). the problem is the x axis is getting multiplied with the number of parallel blocks ex. i have 16 parallel blocks and each is a filter sampled at the figure plotted is from 0
I want to save a string/... I'm not sure if I understand the requirement correctly ... if you mean: "i want to store 4/8/16/? bytes in a memory as a parallel word and then read them out byte by byte" you can: - create a mux at the output of the memory; - push byte by byte of your test word to a fifo usin
The pdf of your schematic is too coarse to be readable - what I figured out is a mux and an adc controlled by the PP. The Stellaris? Family of ARM? Cortex™-M3 - LM3S2608 from TI supports 8 PWM; Freescale Semiconductor MAC7101 supports 16, STMicroelectronics STM32F103RC but these are all ARM devices. Infineon has a 8051 device - C509-L but I'
Hi All, I am planning to implement a 32-bit comparator on Xilinx FPGA, but the Xilinx FPGA has only 16 bit comparators only, is there any method to implement the 32-bit comparision using 2 16-bit comparisions I want to use a 32-bit comparision in my RTL, so that it operates at high frequency range(more than 300Mhz). Can any one let me know t
you have 16 bit ADC so your range is 0-FFFF (0-65535) so you need only 5 digit 7-segment display to display it 1> convert the hex code to decimal 2> break this in to individual fig (e.g. 12345 to 1,2,3,4,5) and save it in different reg. 3> write code to interface 5 digit 7-seg. display in mux fashion 4> convert the decimal code to 7-segmen
The number of parameters doesn't match. According to the component declaration of mux8, 16 more bits are expected before the bit vector. No idea what you are doing there.
Hi guys, Im trying to implement Analogue FDM on top of my single carrier modulation (eg: QAM and QPSK) or Multi carrier modulation (eg: OFDM). For an example, I have two different pair of I and Q channels, where first pair is upconverted at 2.2 GHz and the next pair at say 2.7 GHz and them mux them together as in FDM. I model them in matlab. The
having built it in Quartus, it actually uses 16-1 muxes. as is. It isnt any better if you use an intermediate signal that is (counter-1) You get much better/tidier results with a select. Directly using a select creates 8-1 muxes. using the intermediate counter-1 values uses only 4-1 (...)
69564 We are attempting to implement a 6-bit Flash ADC in 90nm CMOS technology using CADENCE. We require a 4-bit and 16-bit analog multiplexer (switch) but do not know the internal architecture of the same. Can someone please provide us with some help regarding the schematic of these components.
I believe the K70 supports 800x600 with high speed DAC so its parallel data in many formats. but 16 bit rgb
Hi Experts, I am using Virtex 4 ML403 Evaluation Platform FPGA kit, on this kit a product of TI is used for audio data converting named LM4550. This IC work on the AC 97 CODEC which take serial data as an input and output. This IC work on different 16 bit registers to route data either through the ADC to DAC or connect input to the output. A