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all lcd module have its own address , for lcd 16*1 {ROW1=80-8f} {ROW1=C0-CF} check data sheet
One way that i found, is to write 16 "spaces" in line 2 too. I write the 0xfe
anyone knows which company has the lcd controller for the sharp 16:9 TFT lcd LQ043T1DG01 ????? Or which mcu can drive this lcd ??
hai ihave a problam in my program pic 16 f877a with lcd .i used two micro switch connected through PORTE,RE0,.i decide to connect single push micro switch RE0 input high display the lcd after i repeat push switch RE0 input high display another program how to write this program please help me?
Hi, i m using 16F877A and interfacing 16 X 2 lcd. But when i try to print 'f' or 'F', it prints 'g' or 'G'. when i try 'r' or 'R', it prints 's' or 'S'. Any clue why is this happening..:?:sad: ---------- Post added at 20:17 ---------- Previous post was at 20:14 ---------- also when i try 'a' or 'A' it will
Hi. I have a lcd (gdm1602a) , and I have problem with the pins 15 and 16. I know that they are related to back lights, but I dont know exactly what to do with them. help me please. thanks. if there is no back light in your lcd leave then empty never used them if it have back light you can supply 5v inseries of 56ohm r
hi I'm looking for a modified putchar for a 16 character 2x8 lcd standard display I play with CCS Thx
Hi which model of 16x2 lcd u have? I work with some from vendor....
Hi all I am facing problem in 16* 1 lcd , GDM 1601 . The first 8 characters are working . and remaining 8 characteres are not working. To solve this problem i used this trick: 1) moving the cursor at 9th character by using its address as the first 8 characters and last 8 characters address range ( ie 00 and 40 as starting address)
Hello everyone... I am working on CPLD XC9572-PC84. I want to interface a 16 x 2 lcd display . Anyone please send me some VHDL code for the transfer of data from CPLD to lcd display. Thanks in advance.......
dear this is source code of developed program used for lcd 16*1 ;lcd interface 89s52 ;lcd 8952 ;D7 14 p1.7 ;D6 13 p1.6 ;D5 12 P1.5 ;D4 11 p1.4 ;EN 6 p1.3 ;RS 4 p1.2 ;GND 1,3,5 ;VCC 2 #INCLUDE "8051EQU.INC" lcd_DATA_4 .equ P1.4 lcd_DATA_5 .equ P1.5 (...)
Assuming that you are using 16*2 charector lcd using Hitach lcd driver built in. Initialise lcd using the command sequence described in datatsheet. then send 01 as command -lcd cleared and cursor on position 1 of line1 If you enabled auto incriment position during initialisation it is easy to update. when you (...)
hi everybody! i am using pic 16f877a for my project. i am using 2*16 type of lcd DISPLAY. I have written the pgm for that. but i didnt get any any display in my lcd. can anyone plz check the codings??\ #include<lcd.c> vod main() { icd _init (); printf(lcd_putc, " NORMAL"); (...)
hai to all, Iam using pic16f877a and 16 x 2 lcd to display my string as an array. The problem is when i touch the crystal legs, I could find the characters display steadily or else the display is flickering. I use a 4mhz crystal. I even grounded the body of the crystal. But eventhen the problem occurs. I use 33pf decoupling capacitors for
im using the new version of ccs c compiler. i am using pic 16f84a for my project. i am using 2*16 type of lcd DISPLAY. I have written the pgm for that. but i didnt get any any display in my lcd. can anyone plz check the codings??\ #include<lcd.c> vod main() { set_tris_b(0x00); set_tris_a(0x1f); icd _init (); (...)
The function set of HD44780 lcds have only two options i.e two lines disply or one line display...How can i select 4 line display for 16*4 lcd??
i'm using winstar 16*2 char lcd for displaying volume byte on screen.this lcd is interfaced with MC9S08SE8 MCU.i'm controlling the volume by pt2258 .after running the asm program and increasing the volume by remote is displaying the correct sequence of volume bytes but when i continue to press the volume button it abruptly stops displaying the
I am using a two line 16 character display lcd , JHD, in my project, I am not able to get the display clearly I have given a 5v to the Back light with 470Ohms resistor. pls help
get the control back to c0 location or initialise it to any location you need. c0 to cf are the commands ---------- Post added at 10:24 ---------- Previous post was at 10:23 ---------- put a condition to check the number of characters and after 16 characters give command to bring cursor to desired location
- Can any body know what is the different between segment lcd and alphanumeric lcd . - Prize wise which one is better? - Anybody used the segment lcd for energy meter that can be recommend. - currently I am using the 16 X 2line lcd. Thanks, Sandip Nandwana
does you 16*1 have auxillary controller in it???? ---------- Post added at 12:15 ---------- Previous post was at 12:12 ---------- because The Working of 16 x 1 lcd is Little Bit Different then of lcd 16 x 2. In Most of Cases 16 x 1 lcd is available without Auxiliary Controller. Means as you see only HD4
Dear frnz I want to design a project using pic24f series and 16 x 2 lcd. My problem is that pic 24f series work on 3.3 v operating voltage while lcd needs 5 v to operate .i want to connect many periperals like pendrive etc. which also operate on 5 v. how to solve this problem? please help. thanku lats
am working on 16*2 JHD162A lcd display...i just gone through datasheet and all i have written a code too...but its not working at all..but am asking u guys to give a simple program if u have already have to verify my program ...i don't have that much of time to keep on working on the same thing...hope u will help me.. least u guys can h
Hi, Please has any one the code or program that can be used in a standard 16 x 1 or 16 x 2 display, only displaying V_Bat, Curr, V_out and volt and also a logo many thanks
ebay is your
Hi everybody, I want to interface a 4*20 character lcd to this board,is anyone has the lcd_4bit.c? I have that file for stm32f103 but i can't change it for stm32f407. /*---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Name: lcd_4bit.c * Purpose: Functions for 2 line 16 character T
plz send header file 16 x 2 monochrome lcd in atmega 16 (code vision avr)
Hi, Welcome to the forum. From what I read in the datasheets of that display and its controller it should simply display the 16 characters as one row starting at address 00. Cannot explain your happenings with 2x8 etc, but would suggest there is something wrong with your wiring or you program code - its easily done. Do first check your
How to do that?? wot to do with remaining 2 pins?? If the lcd is HD44780 compatible the remaining two pins are for a backlight, pins 15 and 16 in the schematic you'll uploaded, which are certainly not a requirement for a successful simulation. Simply leave them disconnected. BigDog
I have a 16 x 2 lcd
see this link i think it can help u
Hi, two years ago I ripped a graphic lcd I wanna use it and can't find a datasheet. The diplay is labeled as MGLS-8464V1 and has a 16pin Dataport (1-16) and two seperated pins (17-18) for a 50V controlled backlight. It uses a HD61830A Controller, two SED 1181 and one SED 1191. Is there something like a standart for the port as us
Hello, Look at: Microprocessor Ports : Miscellaneous there is FUJITSU 16 bit uC port and some Application Notes
Hi, I have lcd HB16102. It seems 1*16 lcd. But i'm not sure so i search for datasheet or any other info about this lcd. Thanks for any help, yours S 8O KRAT
Hello, This is a little 2*16 caracters lcd simulator. Write in javascript. CD / File deleted, see link below.
I am working on a battery powered lcd message clock project using KS0066U plus KS0065B to drive a 16 x 2 character display. The unit is powered by 4 x AAA battery. The datasheet of KS0066U says the current rating at 5V is just 0.15mA. However, the power consumption of a lcd module constructed with these two IC is above 1.5mA. The battery capacity i
From my experience with 2 * 16 alphanumeric displays I can tell you that it is only necessary to adjust the contrast once and then leave it there all the time. I do this by using a 1K pot connected to ground the other end is connected to an 8K2 resistor which is connected to +5V. The adjustable end of the pot goes to the contrast pin, thats a
Hi all! I too am in search of this lcd's datasheet. The best I could find is the following off a German forum: Pin allocation: First the pin number at the display, then the pin number at the VESA Connector and then the meaning. Data: Display: VESA: DATA 8: 16: D7 9: 14: D6 11: 12: D5 12: 10: D4 14: 8: D3 15: 6: D2 17: 4: D1 18:
Hi ZeleC The 16-pin connector is more or less standardized for such lcd's. Mostly the backlight (LED-Backlight with or without resistor) uses 5V and about 50mA. If these 2 pins are not connected (as in your case) there are two other pins on the board marked with '+' and '-'. These pins are for backlight. Connect them (for security reasons over a
hi I use Text lcd 16*2 and controller is HD44780. thank you :o
hello guys. Can anyone direct me to a link or upload some source code in assembly regarding the interface of an 16*2 lcd with a hc11 uC( or any other uC) in 4-bit long mode. thx
You can obtain lcd standard in 2 ways, Parallel or Serial interface. The most common for 2 x 16 is Parallel so you will need say 8 bits data, RD, WR, CS lines at least for the interface to it. As a bit bash exercise it is not too bad in C. For the temp sensor i would suggest it is a di
yes i work some small job with it is very good and very function up to windowing GUI ! but very slow for 8 or 16 bit mcu (test with cygnall at 25MIPS and AVR in !MIPS) then i write own GUI is simple but fast and small size it have 40% of ability of ucos ....
What kind of lcd, STN or TFT, driver? the following is my lcd controller features: ************************************************************ lcd Module - STN-lcd (single scan/dual scan) - TFT-lcd Maximum Resolution - STN-lcd VGA (640 dots x 480 lines) - (...)
Look below there are Programming Notes and Examples source code for 4/8/16 bit-per-pixel driver under linux, wince and more ...... Init13506.c sample source as referenced in the Programmer's Notes and Examples for download Enjoy
Z80, can you post your schematics and your code here so that somebody has a look at it? What kind of display (standard 16 char 2 lines) have you connected? How do you try to initialize your display? best regards
Salam, As i know there is no method to clear one line with one command. As checkmate said you can clear the entire screen only. But you can use loop to clear one line Ex. for(i=1;i<=16;++i) { lcd_gotoxy(i,1); lcd_putc(" "); } Bye
Take a look at: Low power, high performance 32-bit Intel XScale? core-based CPU (200, 300 and 400 MHz) Low Power and Turbo modes enables enhanced optimal battery life 32 KB data and 32 KB instruction caches 2 KB Mini data cache for streaming data Support for 2.5 and 3.3V me
So your problem is "how to display", but you should give the information of your lcd driving method. Your lcd is spot-array type? then 2*16 is not sufficient to display digital numbers
generally standard lcd has 16 pins pin1->GND pin2->VCC pin3->contrast(usually with potentiometer ) pin4->RS (RS=0 command reg RS=1 data reg) pin5->R/W(read write) pin6->Enable pin7-14 -> Data0-7 pin15 & 16 for backlight in some models