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Hello, I'm helping my friend(no english). He wants to find a high quality TFT display with the following spec: 2.4inch touch screen TFT 3.3v input 240RGB×320 pixel 80 system 16 bit bus interface 65K color: 5R6G5B Good to use under sun light high quality, Long lasting for business usage Does any body can tell me what TFT display bra
You are comparing a variable which has 16 bit's magnitude with a numeric value which will never reach. Try declare tot_overflow as Long. if (tot_overflow == 234375)
Hey,I would like to implement a digital voltmeter with PIC16F877A and an 16*2 lcdbut the conversion is not succeeding,the voltmeter has to measure 0-30VDC but I am not getting good values. Could you please help see the codes here below:#include <16f877A.h> //Header declaration for pic used #DEVICE ADC=10 //definition of ADC bits for conv
I'm trying to interface a 16*2 lcd display and 4*4 keypad with lpc 1343 board. I have successfully finished interfacing the lcd. but can't find the keypad.h header file to interface the keypad. I'm using lpcxpresso v7 IDE. i'm comfortable using keil uvision5 too. help with the keypad interfacing code would be most appreciated.
This is a simple example of using the Keypad Library. It supports keypads with 1..4 rows and 1..4 columns. The code being returned by Keypad_Key_Click() function is in range from 1..16. In this example, the code returned is transformed into ASCII codes and displayed on lcd. In addition, a small single-byte counter displays in the second
I bought a 16x2 display off ebay six years ago and I am finally getting around to building something with it. As far as I can tell, its a HD44780U display and it appears to have ROM code A00 (reduced character set). When I first got the display, I tested it quickly an
probably the simplest way is to keep a copy of the strings you have written to the lcd (as char arrays with 16 characters) and as keys are pressed update the string and then write the 16 characters to the lcd otherwise note the column you have last written to on the lcd and when you get a backspace move one column back and write space (...)
hi , i am using the microblaze to calculate some thing and after that i want to show it on the lcd i have on my board . i ddidnt know exactly how to do it , so i searched and now i want to use this code to run the lcd for now : #include #include #include XGpio e,rs,rw,lcd_data; char reverse(char data) {
Hi guys I am trying to connect a 16x2 3.3V lcd with PIC32MX250F128D. Spent lot of time with no positive result. Please help me. The following code will explain my connections. // lcd module connections sbit lcd_RS at LATA10_bit; sbit lcd_EN at LATA7_bit; // sbit lcd_D4 at LATC6_bit; sbit (...)
I agree with the analog method. I got this 16 X 2 lcd Keypad Shield for Arduino V2. It does a nice job with 5 buttons on one analog input (A0). Any combination of the 5 buttons lead to 32 different key values.
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can certainly permanently degraded several components of the lcd, including the polarizing filter and clouding of some layers. lcds are also very susceptible to changes in temperature, especially to prolonged exposure to high temperatures found in direct sunlight. Such prolonged exposures to high temperat
can anybody plzz give the code and schematic diagram for following. i want to do display lcd using ADC pins in atmega16. so i m in thought to do it for temperature display using LM35. so plzzzzz send me the code and schematic diagram and i want to execute it in proteus and then do hardware.......plz do help me........awaiting for reply.......
I've got a test project for a PIC32MZ chip (PIC32MZ2048ECH100, microchip's PIM) that compiles just fine. The code works up to a certain point. My code is just meant to test an lcd module by filling the screen with a 16-bit color variable and incrementing the value of this variable (by 0xFF) on each pass of the main loop so what I get is a scre
If I remember correctly, Bharat Electronics (BE) makes them, even jumbo size single seven segment lcd plates. may not be display modules. Coming to things like 16*2 20*4 etc modules, Hyderabad based LAMPEX used to make them. perhaps their registered office might have shifted to Mumbai. ps: here is their link
I just solved my display problem( i wasnt getting anything on display ) and now i seems to have ended with another problem. I have set the contrast pin as specified that is connected it to 10k Pot. but you know whats happening is, the contrast looks really good when i turn it on, but after about 10 seconds it starts fading and then it reac
Your circuit is fine. I will check the code and update. I think this is causing the problem. I guess it should loop from i = 0 to i < 16. The lcdbuf1 and lcdbuf2 doesn't contain anything and hence 1st coloum of lcd will be always blank but the 16th column will be filled. If you have Proteus file then Zip and post it here. [syntax
Hello, i would like to test my card board Explorer 16 with ICD3 (display message in the lcd) so i conect my card with icd3 and icd3 wth the PC but when i open MPLabX and run my project he dispaly me this message 111740 thanks in advance
Hello seniors.. I have succesfully configure my ds12c887 rtc to be read and to display everything on the jhd162a 16*2 lcd using 16f877a... Problem.. When i m tryng to update the date and time its getting hard to do that.. Last time i tried to turn on the swuarewave pulse for 2hz but it ws not working...but then i repeated the call for that su
Hello, i'm beginner in Microcontroller and i have the explorer16 (pic24fga010) board ans i would like to connect LM35 to my board and display the value of tempertaure in the lcd. can someone help me please ? thanks in advance
hello, if you are using a 16*2 jhd162a lcd then you canuse one more method that send 0x80 as instruction to the lcd that is the start address of the first line and after that you can send 40 bytes to the lcd as data and the second line starting address is 0xc0...
Hi, On your lcd it shows a value of more than 150.000. How can this be? The max for a 16 bit value is 65.535. Or are you working with more than 16 bits resolution? Klaus
Hello Ankush Rathi, Hows your progress ?? First define hardware about 16x2 lcd and 89S52 M/C. OK ?? Revert me back with details. Thanks & reagrds Jay D
Hi all, I get my first exact work for my PSoC Project. I Need help for this. I want value of ADC_DelSig with Resolution bits 16 & input range Vssa to 1.024V (0.0 to Vref). This value i want to Display on lcd. I write some code for this from the reference of Example code "Ex2_ADC_to_lcd". But it Display only 8628 value on L
Try this int main() { uint16 ADC_Ans; uint16 ADC_Ans; Sys_Init(); // System Initializing CY_SET_REG8(CYREG_MLOGIC_DEBUG, CY_GET_REG8(CYREG_MLOGIC_DEBUG) | 0x40); ADC_DelSig_Start(); ADC_DelSig_StartConvert(); /* CyGlobalIntEnable; */ /* Uncomment this line to enable global interrupts. */ while(1) { lcd_Cle
worth checking for a poor connection (press on the display and try a soldering iron on the connections) I have had lcds fail on Microchip's explorer 16 development boards - changing the display usually fixed the problem
How long are those delays? You seem to be using typical values in mS but the delay is actually just a decrementing loop, with a 16MHz clock each pass of the loop will only be microseconds. Also check the initial start-up delay (line 23), on some lcds it can be as much as 100mS before they accept commands. Brian.
Hello friends, Here is my small project..Measuring frequency with PIC CCP capture module. It Has good resolution and give result as 00.00Hz Range is : 15Hz to 120Hz ...I used it for measuring 50Hz line frequency. compiler : MikroC Pro for Pic V6.0 Xtal : 16 MHz Timer1 prescaler : 1:8 lcd : 20x 4 RC2 pin is input for capturing.
hello, the following code , can be included in your main loop, to display value on lcd this example show ADC0 on line#2.. so to adapt to your case.. ADC_Read(0) gives the average of 32 elementary meaurements.. you can adapt to 16 or use only Raw measure.. I use a different function to display floating point as the MikroC floatToStr because
Ultrasonic Sensor Programing For measuring Distance By ProtonIde for pic16f876a & show in 16*2 lcd
For high sampling rate in Gs/s of scope passing data to fpga ,interpolation will be used , for a 8 bit ADC , multiple and sum in sinc interpolation will result in 16 bit data . 255 pixel of lcd is representing 8 bit data,but after interpolation 16 bit is comes out , how to put this 16 bit into 8 bit "heights" ?
I have a problem with this code the codevision have error with _lcd_ready() line .what should I do? #include // Alphanumeric lcd functions #include lcd_ks0073.h> // Declare your global variables here void main(void) { lcd_init(16); lcd_clear(); lcd_gotoxy(2,0); (...)
Dear all I need to interface 16*2 lcd with PIC18F micro-controller.Can any one post the library for lcd Thanks in advance
I am able to execute commands on my lcd when I use delay instead of checking the busy flag but when I check the busy flag,it appears as if an infinite loop has started.Here's the connections for my 4 bit lcd with the AVR Atmega 16.Thanks a lot in advance :) ***************************************************************************** P
Hello, i'm working with LPC1788 and i have working LPC1788 development board, in that development board 2 SDRAM use for lcd data One SDRAM for D0 to D15 and other for D16 to D31, all control lines and adress lines are common for both SDRAM. this board work fine. SDRAM use: 4M X 16 bit X 4 banks Part No: MT48LC16M16A2 , Micron but in my own
Hello, I am working on a project using atmega8535 involving the use of rfid. I want to display the rfid tag serial number on 16 x 2 lcd, but I am unable to accomplish it. I have even try to connect the rfid module with MAX 232, but it does not work. Can anyone please check for any errors I make in the programming? #define F_CPU 80000
hai swetha.... for dspic 30fxxxx controllers,,use the code to drive lcd 16*2,,,,do yourself for 16*1 and try to improve your skills...
Hi everyone, So I have this code which I use for lcd initializations and as I go through them I realize that I actually do not understand what each subroutine does! Obviously I see the function name is lcd_INIT which will no doubt initialize the lcd but I still do not understand why these certain ports need to be turned on and off. (...)
I want to display text on the lcd.The code for the program is: #include "16F877A.h" #define lcd_ENABLE_PIN PIN_B4 #define lcd_RS_PIN PIN_B2 #define lcd_DATA4 PIN_D4 #define lcd_DATA5 PIN_D5 #define lcd_DATA6 PIN_D6 #define lcd_DATA7 PIN_D7 #include (...)
I am interfacing at89s52 with 16*2 lcd. Problem is that lcd don't shows the character that I have written in the code. it shows some random character or weird character. Plz chk my code if it's correct or not: #include sfr ldata=0x90; sbit rs=P3^7; sbit rw=P3^6; sbit en=P3^5; void delay() { TMOD = 0x01; TH0 = 0x0
Are you using standard ISP/SPI programming or high voltage programming (HVP)? Typically, ISP/SPI programming will not damage an lcd/Glcd. Can you post a schematic of your design? Have you attempted to program to AVR with know working firmware, to verify the JHD162A is indeed damaged. Double check the connections and any solder joints. If it is
i had used in 8051 and pic controllers ADC channels i need to through ADC value to lcd display that accept only character how to send float value to 16*2 lcd display anybody help me please advance thanks for u
in general that in my lcd display is died eeprom chip, but at the same time with repairing i have copied flash chip. may be it will be useful for someone ) Code: LS20HABESQ/EDC Type: BR20CS Genesis gm5766-LF M-HA20B9BDa 1003 (8A80) 2006.11.16 Flash 25LV010 obrazki.elektro
Is the current rating for voltage after stepping down like say 12 - 16 V DC, if so the values are not too far from what is expected.
hello, To reduce amount of used ram instead of integer you can use unsigned char table , because size of data is one byte. unsigned char convert='0','1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9','A','B','C','D','E','F'; unsigned char lcd=0x00,0x08,0x10,0x18,0x20,0x28,0x30,0x38,0x40,0x48,0x50,0x58,0x60,0x68,0x70,0x78; and you get error because you
Hi.. i have made a ckt using atmega8 for 16*2 lcd .. there is no error shown in code in winavr..but while i run it in proteus 8 nothing is displayed on is also not showing any error...plz help ..i am beginner.. :-( here is my code. .99331 this is pcb layout. 99332
I'm trying to identify and locate what appears to be a WeBee GSM/GPRS development board. It has an onboard microcontroller, 16-button pad, lcd port, I/O ports, relay, and misc. other push switches. It looks like a handy fixture. This link displays the board in
how to use a 16 pin graphic lcd what about keywords on lcd to search on net for data sheet
Hello, i have ATTINY13a microcontroller, i want to interface 16*2 lcd display & 4*3 keypad to ATTINY13a microcontroller, it has only one port, so better way is use I2C communication protocol, but microcontroller dont have SCL & SDA pins, i think ATTINY13a microcontroller not support to I2C interface so how can i interface 16*2 lcd display & 4*3 k
i think your circuit diagram is wrong . because JHD 162A has pin no. 4 , 5 , 6 is RS , RE , E is connected to the micro-controller pin no 10,11 and 16 which is PORT3 of 89c51 and in your code u mentioned port 1 something wrong or not?