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a single "old" pic like 16f84 or 16f628 and a small program inside and you're done with every situation you want even 2 digits CA and 2 digits CC are possible this way !
Code sise limit is 1K in 16f84 wheras its 2K in 16f628. If your code is more than 1K, it won't fit in 16f84. There is some memory allocation difference too, which may or may not bother.
hello Even with a pic16f84, or 16f628 or 18F252 you can use an external clock for 16F8x use HS osc for configuration ( but in fact you don't use the internam Pic Oscillator ! ) and connect output of External oscillator to the pin OSC1/ClkIN ISC2/Clkout keept unused i used this kind of oscillateur EPSON 25MHz on 16f84 for DDS (...)
Just a guess; what crystal were you using with the 16f84? And the 16f628? Remember the 16f628 would default to its built-in clock. Anand Dhuru
Hi, I'm a microcontroller newbie, i found this code but it's for PIC16F48. I tested it in the circuit with 16f84 and worked fine, but when i tested it with 16f628 or 16f628A, i wondered for this because what i know that the two PICs can be replaced with each other with no problems. please, tell me what the reason of non workin for (...)
I have a 16f84 prog which is working great with ntpicprog, icprog, winpic800. I tried to program 16f628 with same prog. I succeeded to read and write but was not able to ERASE. Attached is the schematic of my prog Can anyone explain why and help me in solving this problem? Thanks in advance
How can I write a program of frequency counter with PIC16f84A that measure 1Hz~2MHz?
i have build the programmer shown below link i am using ic prog and winpic softawres it is programming pic16f84 correctly but not programming pic16f628.pic16f628 is not is working with the other programmer. any ideas and experiences share with me. thanx alot
anyone plz give me the code for the DC motor control using pic16f84a plz upload the code and circuit diagram plz hellppppppp
Hello everybody I have been working on this project for quite a while now and I am stuck on the programming part of the PIC 16f84 microcontroller. What I want to do is to collect data from a F2F decoder (magnetic data decoder) with the help of a PIC 16f84 and to store it on the external EEPROM 24C256. I also have to program
hi this is good pic programmer built for to interface with picbasic plus compiler with isolated RS232 and support all most all pic micro 12F629, 12F675, 16F630, 16F676, 16F83, 16C84, 16f84(A), 16F627(A), 16f628(A), 16F648A, 16F72, 16F73, 16F74, 16F76, 16F77, 16F737, 16F747, 16F767, 16F777, 16F818, 16F819, 16F87, 16F88, 16F870, 16F871, 16F872
According to the datasheets, the 16f628 and 16f84 are compatible. Does this mean that code written for a 16f84 will work on a 16f628 if programmed in? i have a 16f628a, i guess this is the same chip. can a led be directly connected to the output of the 16f628a without a current limiting resitor?
16f84 may be the easier. But if you don't feel it's hard 16f628a is the bridge between low end and mid range cpu's. Usually it should be better to start with 16f84 if you have no experience in any ?c. Less features will get you less confused at the beginning. Then you can move on to 16f628 and others. Their basics are all (...)
usually its enough to disable analog comparators to switch from 16f84 code to 16f628 code some other functions have to be re-written (eeprom interrupts for example)
Hello I want to built a PSU using pwm with 16f84, wich it not has pwm/ccp port.....I want make a sotware pwm... Someone have a paper or tutrial about pwm in pic microcontrollers Thank you
Hi there, I have a complete pic project using 16C711 (also source code in asm).But there is a very big problem with it.I can not find 16C711 in my country.I also dont wanna order from any other there a way to migrate asm code to any other common mcu's like 16f628(A) of 16f84(A)? If so what should i modify in my code? Thanks in advanc
Take a look at the software of a magnetic card reader i have posted here: It uses a 24C16 connected to a 16f84 programming language is MPASM. best regards
I never heard of a pic 16c628. I have been useing 16ce621 and 16ce622 which are OTP (one time programmable) devices but since the 16f628 is available they are obsolete as the 16f628 can do everything they could do ... The 16f628 should be programmable with every programmer that can program a 16f84 for example ... (...)
I would recommend to use PIC 16F627 or 16f628 instead of 16f84. They are cheaper and better pin compatible replacements for 16f84. The only reason not to use the new 627/628 is a lack of awareness. Read this:
Hi! Yes, you can protect your program with a fuse. Again yes, you can change data in the PIC internal RAM or EPROM. Is the "ComPort" the winsoft component? If yes, congratulations! It is very easy to use. Forget the PIC 16f84. Use 16f628 instead, it is better than 16f84. You need to put the max232 to convert the RS232 levels (...)