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You can create active RFID with PIC 16f877 and zigbee module. But the size will be large. so you can select a smaal size microcontroller and CC2420 chip for RF communication
hi I have a project about voice recognition project. I use pic16f877 and easyvr cards.I have a small problem between these cards.Main problem is ; When I said my SD commands which loaded with Easyvr orginal program, it send " r " from serial communication. this is good. it means that easyvr can understand my sd commands. I added all my comma
any one can help me to make a simple program using pic to send a byte continously on hyper terminal.. plz any one can write program with detail comments so that i can understand the program as well.. Assembly or C language? If C language, what compiler are you currently using? The following tutorial covers the
hi guys... i am new in pic family..>> >>my first question is that can i sample sine wave of frequency around 500khz by using internal ADC ... my pic device is 16f887/16f877 but first one is more prefer .. >>basically i want to sample the frequency and after converting it into digital bit stream ,then these bits i have to input to matlab through
Do you have any wifi adapter module or datasheet? The interfacing depends on what communication to use. UART, SPI, I2C. PIC16f877A and PIC16F887 is commonly used, that enough to use UART, SPI or I2C.
Please How can I communicate with VTU on proteus using PIC 16f877. Pls i need quick reply. thanks
You must first specify if will store data at 8-bit or 16-bit adressable I2C device. I sugest to take on the web some of thousands ready routine and go. ( I did a driver to I2C at 16f877, but is not simple, due works with several devices, so it´s better don´t share here ) +++
Hie guys i am working on a fire alarm projects and i need to communicate with the PC. I am using a for the GUI and PIC 16f877. Temperature, water level and smoke presence conditions are captured by the PIC and the information is displayed at the GUI. I need help on the serial communication please
SPI communication between two pic 16f877
Hi, The first code is for the slave, ie receiver. The second is for the master, ie transmitter. Data is sent from the master to slave (Tx to Rx/Transmitter to Receiver) via 2 data lines (it can be sent from Rx to Tx if required as well). You need the 1st code for one 16f877, the 2nd for another. Be careful, you specified 16f877, there's another 16
i need some basic uart code in c for pic16f877 to pc communication... i m using ccs compiler in mplab v5.7
Hi everybody ... i begin to build my project send/recieve SMS using Pic 16f877, i tested my phone nokia 6230 using Hyperterminal to send/receive SMS with AT command, it worked good, but my phone is USB If someone know how to connect correctly the Nokia 6230 via rs232 please let me know. I'll appreciate your help Thanks Note: i tried to c
Greetings everyone, I'm current doing a project where I'd have to interface a Nokia 6230 with a PIC16f877 through an RS232 serial cable, without the aid of a computer. This would be done by sending AT commands through the PIC so that I may read and send SMS messages. I have tested AT commands successfully with the 6230 (using the CA-53 USB cab
hello guys i need your help i am currently building a security system using wireless modules, that is the reciever and transmitter are separate. i want to use one microcontroller to tranmit and the other to recieve. what my problem is , is that i dont have knowledge of how to program the pic using assembly language for the recieving part. i hav
is it possible for a ?controller such as PIC 16f877 to communicate directly with a USB port without an intermediate stage?? If not why ?
check these topics Connecting 2 PIC16F876A via I2C, and testing in MPLAB communication between PIC 16f877 and PIC 16f877 SPI communication b/w master-slave PICs PIC 2 PIC Master/Slave C
hi,good day to everyone... I have a hard time throughout the process of learning serial communication, but gained nothing at last. I tried with 2 PIC where each of the PIC will control the LED that connected with it. There are 2 PIC in the drawing. Let the left PIC = A, right PIC = B. What i want to have is....A control the LED that connected
Hello everybody! I'm making an application and I need to load the main program for a pic (16f877) because the program is always changing according to the requirements of the User. For my application would be great if the PIC could load the main program (. Hex) of a SD Card and start working. The User record the file. Hex on the SD / MMC card pu
I am new to PIC 16f877 and what to get some sample codes for A/D convertor and for the serial communication through PIC. IS there any website from where i can get thses codes
Hi to all friends. I am new to the world of programming microcontrollers and trying to set up communication between my Pic 16f877 and Virtual Terminal in Proteus. I have written the following code. But it is not working. Please tell me what's wrong with it. //Pic 16f877 // Clock 20 Mhz unsigned char txt; unsigned int i
Yes, it is possible. I have connected a PIC 12F675 (which has an A/D converter) to a PIC 16F628 (that does not have an A/D converter, but it can control a LCD) in another board, via serial communication (USART hardware implemented in the 628 and software implemented in the 675). Some PICs have parallel ports (e.g. 16f877 that can be connected with
Hi! In addition to the above described interfaces the 16f877's have a very fast PSP(Parallel slave port). You can use that as well. Regards.
hi, i'm working on my final year project and need some help. i'm working on designing a 'mini cam processor'. my major challenge for now is extracting and transmitting the drill points (XY coordinates of the holes) from the eagle or freepcb software via serial communication to my 16f877 microcontroller. anticipating your contributions
hello... i'm trying to communicate CMUcam with PIC16f877...actually this CMUcam is from Boe Bot so the communication between CMUcam and Boe Bot using Basic Stamp can anybody help me how to interface or communicate this CMUcam with PIC16f877....
hi my friend i am new in your board.... And i need some samples about communicating pic 16f877 and rs232 has any body have pic c codes about this issue? thank you in advance
i am newbie in RS232 and want to work with microconroller (PIC 16f877) by the way i want some good tutorial about this topic thanks for your help
I use a simple rf module to communicate PC and pic 16f877. I send characters and I receive different characters than I have send. But I take same wrong value for the same cahracters altough it is wrong. What can be the problem?
HI, I am a final year electronics&communication engg student.i am doing a project on development of control system for bearing pressing machine using pic 16f877.please help me with the coding part for the following sequence of operation.Sequence Of Operation: The operation involved in this pressing machine is explained in a