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Hi, How to use LM335Z in general and with 16f877a/16f84a ?controllers? Any beginners guide on this topic? Thanks in advance AG
I have made a K149A programmer, it programmes the 16f84a very well but donot programme the 16f877a .I have checked the hardware many times through out but there remains some problem it donot even detect the 16f877a . I have used a 16F628A instead of 16F628. Can some body help me about this problem. Is there an thing missing in (...)
i just want to know the difference between 16f877a & 16F877? and 16f84a & 16F84?
hello When I needed a 16f877a programmer , I searched the web.. Yes I found many , but most of them are complex ( or at least not simple ) But I have found this programmer from my friend , it's very simple to use this
we're now using pic16f877a, do you know some assembly codes for accessing/controlling the sim900?...just for example in filtering the text message that is received by the GSM or replying using the pic to the text received by the GSM.....tnx
Consider Oshon Pic Programmer, Best PIC Programmer I ever seen. Can Program Following Devices : 12F629, 12F675, 16F627, 16F627A, 16F628, 16F628A, 16F630, 16F648A, 16F676, 16F72, 16F73, 16F74, 16F76, 16F77, 16F737, 16F747, 16F767, 16F777, 16F83, 16F84, 16f84a, 16F87, 16F88, 16F818, 16F819, 16F870, 16F
Salam, Yes, It also support 16F877, 16f877a, 12F675, 12F629, 16F627, 16C84, 16F84 and 16f84a devices. Read SphinX
From where can i download a good free pic simulator ( 16f84a & 16f877a in particular) other simulator found in MPlab , maybe a simulator where i can add leds and push buttoms. thx
Salam, CCS is not free :-( bctang Please don't start to cry.... :cry: :cry: You can use HI-TECH LITE for free It support 12F629, 12F675,16C84, 16F84, 16f84a, 16F627, 16F877, 16f877a As you see it can program 12F629 and 12F675 and both of them 8 pins :-) h
Salam kseng2002, Do you use Hitech Lite version ? This version is not suppot PIC16C73. HI-TECH PICC Lite compiler supports 16F877, 16f877a, 12F675, 12F629, 16F627, 16F627A, 16F684, 16C84, 16F84 and 16f84a devices AnyWay, Give look to Bye
First, maybe your programmer can program only 16F84 not 16f84a. For example, programming methods are diffrent between 16f877 and 16f877a. Second, I used to use JDM programmer with ICProg. For ICProg, I had to run a reg file for winXP. If you are using WinXP or NT system, you should do that. You can find this reg file from ICProg web site.
can these 2 PIC communicate? if can, how is the pin should be connected because i didn't find any Rx or Tx pin on these two. i'm going to tun a dc motor controlled by pic16f84a, and i found it does not have a built-in pwm function. can anybody help me with the source code to run this motor? the compiler that i use is picc. thank you
hi. i was able to make this work with ICprog but only with the 16f84a. i tried using 16f877a, no luck. any help is appreciated. still getting verify error at 0x00. thanks in advance.
Which PIC is best suit to connect with U2270B? Currently i've 16f84a and 16f877a. At the same time i need to connect this PIC to a bluetooth module (KC-21). Any suggestion?
Dear all I'm newbie with PIC16f877a. I've already familiar with 16f84a.... Now I found a problem with 16f877a... First at all I try to write very simple program with it. Blinking LED. But I can't..... I connect the Vdd and MCLR with power supply 5V and Vss with ground. My program is very simple.... when I press the push buttom which (...)
Hi xjackal, Check this out : This is a basic ultrasonic range finder, from 30 to 200 centimeters, it uses PIC16f877a with 8 Mhz crystal, an ultrasonic piezzo transmitter with its receiver, mikro c code:
Dear Sir, I would like to do some projects. I first intended to use 16f84a. But later I found that it don't have enough I/O pins. So I change to 16f877a. But unfortunately there is a lot of configurations for 16f877a for I/O ports. First I would like to use 16f877a as 16f84a. The only thing I choose (...)
How can i generate random number using PIC Microcntroller (16f877a OR 16f84a )
Hello i new in programming in PIC 16f84a and 16f877a i use Flowcode 4.2 i have some questions: 1-How can i make SIN COS TAn equations in PIC? 2-in flowcode the max. size for external eeprom is 4096 byte , is this is the max. size can i use with pic or i can using larger that 4k? 3-how can i connect the EEprom and TX,RX of MAX232 to PIC (Wiri
Please let know if there is a pi16f877a mcu block in multisim11? if no, where can i find the simulation software for pic16f877a for free.
Hi, For PIC, people usually start with 16f84a, which has only a TMR0 module and no ADC/Comparator/SPI/UART module, but is used only to start off with PICs. Then you can move to 16f877a or better yet, 18F series and then to PIC24F. Just out of curiosity, why are you deciding to come to PIC from 8051. Atmel has ATmega series of microcontrollers, wh
hiii i am trying to build a digital clock using 7-segment display can any one please help me... i am having 16f877a,16f628a and also 18f2550 so i am trying to use any of the pic with 555 timer ic can any one help please i have one but its using very large 7 segment display what i need is a simpler one
@ansarmytheen, If you check the datasheet of 16f84a, you will see that there is NO ADC. bogusmeister is asking for interfacing the 16f84a with an external ADC, namely ADC0808. @bogusmeister, I haven't used external ADCs, so don't know much about them, but this site should provide plenty of
Hai experts i made multipic 5.2 programmer . first i programmed and read without fail both ics that (pic16f84a and 16f877a ) again i tried but some time 16f84a can be program but 16f877 not. it shows on Picpgm . verify error ' i tried winpic,winpic800 and pony prog No escaping please help me the circuit is [url=f
i want to ask the reason for using pic16f84a form you and alertlinks. My dad told me to use the 16f84a to start with, since it has very limited peripherals, so I can get a hold of the very basics first. Then, I moved to 16f877a to learn about the peripherals. And from there, migrating between PICs was simple
I have built the following circuit and it works perfectly with winpic800 software (I try PIC 16f84a and PIC 16f877a) But there is one problem : As long as I connect the programmer to my circuit and after write the program , the PIC micro-controller always stay on reset mode. So if I want to run the Program I have to unplug the programmer connecto
Hi I have a G540 programmer and I have programed 16F628A and 16f84a, 16f877a ones. The 16F628A is very similar to the 16F648A but has only 2K of flash. The only mistake that you may have made that I can think of that will cause the problem you reported is to select the wrong device, the A at the end of the device name is ve