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Hi, Is there any idea to convert 230v to 180v to drive and dc motor. The current is 2 Amps. using transformer is my first option but it is costly and space consuming. The second one is smps, its costs also comes near the transformer Any ideas please Regards Nandhu
Have a DC(pm type ) motor 180v, Full Load Current ~ 3A (1 HP) I was using a circuit with 555 generating square waves and PWM (modulated) to control speed. Was using IRF250N. When driving a small motor was OK but when using as above the MOSFET was destroyed. Can anybody suggest a snubber ckt for the above combination. (...)
Thyristor implies an scr or triac. Since your supply is 180 VDC, it may be best not to connect the 555 to a thyristor, if the thyristor is connected to the supply. I'm not sure what amount of DC is able to come back through the gate of a thyristor, and harm the 555. I was going to suggest an N-mosfet for the switching device. 10 HP converts to 76