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Hi Iam facing displays flickering problam in my project. Here iam using 74LS373 latches. Iam useing same hardware what vicky19 used . Instated of Bc547 iam using data latches. This code i used in my project sbit c1=P3^0; sbit c2=P3^1; sbit c3=P3^2; s1,s2,s3=data; /*Example:voltage=4.57v*/ while(1) {
Hi friend please help me for design of 24h clock /3 digit counter just with gate & BCD counter IC thanks
Hi, There I am looking for up and down counter project with three digits. if anyone made this project, would you please post it. I am waiting your posts.
hello everybody.. i've got a problem here where i can't see the display on my led matrix.. i'm doing a counter and using the led matrix as a display. i've writing a program using assembly languange. i also checking the voltage between each ic and each output.. the voltage showed around 4~5V but the led matrix still don't light on.. i hope
i need 2 digit counter 00 until 99 and repeat using state machine...with RTL Thanks By, cllee
connect your counter input to any of the external interupt 0(p3.2). #include.... int counter; . . . . void externalcount interrupt 0 { counter++; } void init() { ;enable external interupt } void main() { init() while(1) { ; convert the (...)
hi :D i am trying create 3 digit counter 7 segment. Using pic and basic language my question why 7segment brightness can not same. my program i deploy from sample program. any one can help me? thx in advance original program Dim digit As Byte 'input variable for GETMASK subroutine Dim digit1 As Byte 'current (...)
You can build it with only 2 x MC14553 + 1 x MC14543, look at inside the MC14553 datasheet.
hey everyone. i'm trying to eventually build a six digit counter for common cathode seven segment leds. I started off with an example that did two just fine. but everytime I try to add any more to it it refuses to work. I copied an example from a post on this site on how to multiplex them. but still no luck. any ideas? unsig
Here is my recent project using is pretty simple and useful for Arduino beginners. 83767 Single digit Decimal counter using Arduino You cam find the schematic and code in my Electronics blog -
I did my Fisrt FPGA project, that is a free running 4 digit counter, Is working like a charm but I think is to much for to litle. Is my design ok, ? Have any way to optimize for less resource. I'm a newby on FPGA, but a experienced microprocessor programer, I'm afraid to use old stuff that is not the best for Fpga world. Please coment a
With 4 digit counter and a 7segment driver your design needs 23 macrocells (4x4 +7) ....more if you want the latches between counters and driver. So you can't fit it into a single PAL or GAL (10 macrocells)l A small CPLD (64 macrocells, maybe 32) from Altera, Xilinx, Lattice..... should handle your design. Regards
Hi, I am working on a 3 digit counter and want to display a number, let's say '263'. This value is stored in a variable (word). To display the number correctly I need to split this number into three separate variables. e.g. 2 into var1 6 into var2 3 into var3 Can anybody help me with a piece of code of with a hint? Thanks! P
I just try to design bcd counter (00 to 66) by using verilog. I write verilog code in xilinx and test bench waveform show correctly. Then I try to download to xc9572 cpld. After downloading, when I try to test it start count from 00 to 66 at the first time. Then it back 08 (instead of going back to 00)and later the counter show 08 to 66 only. From
Actually I plan to test the 2 digits BCD counter display on 7 seg. (in circuit I used two 7493s). I want to use (your) counter as a module and other module will call this module to run 2 digits BCD counter display on 7 seg. How to do. Pls..
For someone who starts experimenting with 2051 this is a good site to visit: (driving 7-segment + keypad ++++) Regards, IanP
ok , u can use bistables to do it ,its very simple , look at the pics , it uses 4 jk bistables to get ur number into 4 digit , then u can use any transcoder to get it working on a 7 segment. i'm joining here also the 74ls192 (an up down counter ) datasheet . if u need anything else just tell me and i'll try to make complete schematics for u (wh
hi frnz i m designing a simple five digit counter which has the input sensor .the sensor is proximity sensor with either pnp or npn type output. the range is from 10 v to 30 v for pnp or -10 to -30volts for npn. now i have to feed this to 8051 .how to do this please help. will be waiting for response bye
hi evrey one; i need some Vhdl Files about 7 Segment counter(4 digit). and Moris Mano Cpu's Design in vhdl. also any other kind of ALU's are wellcom. tnx to all
Dear all, Plz download the examples of RTL hardware for counter....(2 digit)... Plz reply me if got any questions.. library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_ARITH.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_UNSIGNED.ALL; entity doubledigit is Port(CLK : in std_logic; rst : in std_logic; LEDS1,LEDS0 : out (...)
I;ve personally build this, working..... If u wan to have six 7-seg, just modify the schematic (add 2 more 40110 ICs), and the wiring do as the previous one, then should be ok......
A 11 digit counter will work. Output should be high continously for a period less then 11 and then low for the rest of the cycle. If outout is high for 2 clocks then it should be low for 9 clocks. 3 8 4
I read in a 2006 topic... In the old days, digital counters would not work at microwave frequencies. So you bought a prescalar divider from a microwave house, and a PLL/counter from someone like Motorola, and married the two. What is used now for frequencies up to 20GHz? tnx, GE
Hello, first question is where to get PROTEUS library with model of PIC16F819 /818 ? next, i have programmed my PIC16F819 chip, and connected 7 segment display to it like that: RB1 - a RB2 - b RB3 - c RB4 - d RB5 - e RB6 - f RB7 - g VSS connected to Gnd terminal of 7seg as needed. all connections are OK, programming was successfu
Taka a look at the 74C92X-seires .. "4-digit counters with Multiplexed 7-Segment Output Drivers" Regards, IanP
See the datasheet.
i need example code counter 2 digit switch up-down 0-99 by 16f877a file.pbp
Hello to all, I?m newbie in VHDL programming on FPGA. I need help from all of you out there. Right now I try to write a code for 2-digit BCD down counter, LCD display message and synchronization between both of them. For 2-digit BCD down counter, here?s my code library IEEE; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use (...)
hi! can someone help me... i want to display the heart beat on 7 segment display using PIC 16F877..the counter will reset every 60 seconds. and if the counts exceed for example 80, the alam will on... each 7segment display from 0 to 9 my question are: 1)I hv problem on how to display 3 digits..unit -->tens-->hundreds ( my display part) 2) a
use 4029 ic it is a decade counter and internal 7 segment driver to its input clock connect a 555 which is generating a output waveform of 1 sec you will get the seconds displayed in a simple circuit without using a microcontroller
i cant find any attachments with this post.. please can u send those attachments as early as possible :) There are two attachments at the end of post #2
i need to do a 2 digit bcd counter testbench verilog ,here i attached the verilog but i dunno correct a not Where is the attachment Nandhu
can any one help me plz on my project.. i need a ckt that count 0-24 and 24-0 plz help me..
I'm trying to build a circuit to count the number of steps when I go on a run. I need to know the best way to trigger the action of taking a step. The 4 digit counter is no probl em but a switch in the shoes doesn't sound like a good idea. What are some of the other methods to trigger this. I thought about a cds in the shoe but the doesn't soun
My teacher give me exercise Design 4 digit conuter by ic counter(digital IC): _up/down counter 0000-9999 _control up/down _we can setup initial cardinal number thank you P/s: i'm vietnamese, so i write english not well
You can use 4 LSB port pins connected to a 74LS247 Then for the multiplexing you can use two port pins connected to a 1-4 demultiplexer and one pin for the blinking LEDs for a total of 7 pins. For example: PORTB0 //To 74LS247 LSB PORTB1 //To 74LS247 PORTB2 //To 74LS247 PORTB3 //To 74LS247 MSB PORTB4 //To 1-4 demultiplexer PORTB5
you can create a 2 digit BCD counter by using two 4 bit counters and some logic gates.The main idea is that when the count in the first(LSB) counter reaches the value "1001"( 9 in decimal) it is reset to zero and the second(MSB) counter is incremented by '1'. I am not sure about why you need a 4:1 MUX for (...)
read this article, it may help you to design the counter
Hello everyone, I made a counter with 3 sectional of the schematic in attachments.On schematic is another pic, and I use the 16f76, 4MHz oscilator.Display with common cathode. In the Basic, I got the written code and tried to adjust it to end,but i do not now how and i ask for help! The counter is conceived to work like this: When the timer turns
This may be what you have in mind. . Just expand to 4 devices. It's easier to cascade 74LS191 since it has RIPPLE CARRY OUT and DISPLAY BLANKING features.
a 8051 or a Pic microcontroller will solve ur problem.Use a 2 dimensional arrray for the purpose.
this might help you ORG 00H START: MOV DPTR,#TABLE ;Set the first address segment code table MOV R0,#00H ;R0 keep count MOV P0,#00H MOV P2,#00H ;digital Display initialization S1: INC R0 ;Plus 1 count CJNE R0,#100,S2 ;Determine whether the maximum count MOV R0,#00H S2: JB P3.7,$ ;Wait for button LCALL DELAY JB
can someone help me on how to make down counter on 7-segment? the counter must count from 99 to 00.. thanks :)
Hi everyone I was told to design a counter that will counter the rotation of a car engine in one second. An 8051 microcontroller is to act as the counter. signals from a function generator will act as the signal from the car engine. the results is to be displayed on a 4 digit seven segment. I have finished my hardware but I (...)
what is the least count of frequency meter used in microwave experiments
hi i need to display received string on serial port of 89c52 to display it on seven segment. how can i perform the received data string to 7 segment i am receiving 10 char string and want display them on 10 different 7 segment.
This frequency counter is around about 20 years old. The original version(i guess) was made with PIC16C54 printed in an electronics magazine as a constructional project. I have that issue. It appeared on internet with modifications and improvements. Frequency counter,PIC 16F84,Weeder Techno
Four-digit frequency counter (schematic: )
hai, As i told before, I'm doing a 4 digit digital stopwatch project. It consist of a 555 timer, four 4026 and 4 7-segment display. Everything works fine, but the counter starts the count only on earthing the ground. Is it due to any grounding problem of my circuit or is there any other solution for it.
hello to everyone,,, i have a problem in designing the pcb layout of a 2 digit 7segment display counter using 74LS47 and 74LS192 IC's,,,,,, can anyone help in designing it's pcb layout,,,,,,, thank you very much ^_^