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I am currently doing a project using HD44780 20x4 lcd display and PIC18F252 to produce a simplistic Battery monitor. At the moment all I wish to achieve is taking a voltage from a shunt amplified to around 3v and the voltage from the battery reduced to 3v and display these on the lcd display. obviously the voltage acros the shunt is (...)
Hi all,. How to interface lcd with PIC microcontroller. what is the functions to be used . i am using JHD204A 20x4 lcd display and PIC18f452. Thanks & Regards sivakumar
Hello dears! I wana display user defined functions on Alphanumeric lcd(20x4). For this, i have to use CGRAM of lcd. I think CGRAM address starts from 0x40 to 0x7f. So i have to store the user defined characters in these locations, then to display at lcd.. When I wrote a code and stored a user (...)
hello Friends I am working on 20x4 lcd interfacing with LPC2368. I already work on 16x2 lcd. Is both display initialization same? how to write data on different line I mean what is line address? does any one have experience on 20x4
Jestin_cubetech, please send the all code of your 3 Wire serial lcd !!! Thanks.
I am getting a logic contention detected error on proteus i am writing simple program using driver flexlcd16x4 My code #include <16F877A.h> #fuses XT,NOWDT,NOPROTECT,NOLVP #use delay(clock=4000000) #include <lcd16x4.c> void main() { lcd_init(); delay_ms(6); lcd_gotoxy(6,1); (...)
I use the AT89C51 as the controller. I have simulated but with no display of LM016L ,is the models 'problem? I just use the Proteus6.7sp3. I do use Proteus (6.3SP1) with various lcd's (16x2, 20x2, 20x4), in 4- or 8-bit mode connected to PIC-?C without problems. Are you sure about the lcd connections and/or the lcd routines?
If it is a graphical controller, just buy a module(ie 16x2, 20x4, etc.), or is it a screen (like on a cell phone?) If that is the case then check out Phillips, Epson, Hitachi, etc.
Hi everybody I have connected a 20x4 alphanumeric lcd to ATmega128 and I want to use mikroC lcd library to initialize and write on it. But at the beginning, initialization process failed and doesn't work. I have simulated the code in Proteus and worked but on my board there isn't any desired output! Is there anyone that (...)
if you are learning, is best to start with a text lcd, the hdt44780-like lcd, or just 16x2 lcd (also they come in may sizes from 8x1 to 20x4 characters or more!) it's easy, it's well know, many people work with them everyday. also there is a plenty of code for them! it's better to begin with a parallel (...)
hi (regarding digital diary project ( may be you have disused before):grin:) i am working with atmega128 and writing program in code vision AVR. i am developing a program in which, i am enter char (a-z) through key board and i am saving it in predefined variable char *typed_word={" "}; //b'coz my entered word is not more t
can anybody provide me a sample mc coding for this project. the voltage and the current tat i give as input thru the pot and the output regulated, should b displayed in the lcd. i use 20x4 hd44780 and pic16f767 mc.
Hi, i am making a model of var. regulated power supply box using microcontroller and lcd display. i want a sample source code for mc pic16f767. inputs: 24v, 1-5v (var), +/-12v(var. +ve dual tracking) output: display the values in lcd. i m using pic of 28 pin, 8bit. it has crystal osc, icd3 debugger connector used for debugging, (...)
This is the implementation of the circuit in proteus. 65980 Hi everyone, we are interfacing a microcontroller with the lcd 4 liner and we have this problem..if we try to program a simple "Hello World" to be outputed in the lcd the lcd only display two black squares in 1 and 3 row lines.. and we hav
Dear amol_shah I wrote lcd interfacing C code program for 89c52 ,program runs successfully , i used lcd 20x4 but problem is that if 1st line of lcd complete than next should be started from 2nd line but it cannot start from 2nd line it start from 3rd line.Please let me know how (...)
Can anyone give me a working mikroC or mikroBasic code for PIC16F877A based lcd Progress Bar. The lcd should be 20x4 Char type.
printf( " the distance travelled is:); cannot be printed on lcd. It is more than one line. Do you want to use PIC16F877A and 20x4 lcd? or do you want to use 40X4 lcd?
Hi everyone, I am a newbie programmer and I am hoping that someone could guide me on the right path to completing this project. I am using a PIC24HJ64GP502 chip to display the current temperature on an 20x4 I2C lcd screen. The temperature sensor I am using is a DS18B20 and I will be using a 5V power supply with a 4.7k ohm resistor. I am having t
hello everybody ! I'm writing program display lcd 20x4, mode 4bit , used busy flag before communicating with lcd and not used Delay. I wrote according to the datasheet of lcd but not displayed at all. please help me #include #include (...)
For example I have a code below, How can I see PORTB and PORTD on the debugger ? ;lcd-P.asm ; ;This program is to display an 20x4 lcd module ;by Truly (HD44780 compatible) ; ;8-bit interfacing ; ;Pin Connection from lcd to 16F877 ;lcd (pin#) 16F877 (pin#) ;DB7 (14) -----RD7(40) ;DB6 (13) (...)
hello, sorry ! Yes , it is for a 20x4 lcd (20416D)
Im using codevision to program the ATMEGA16 through a dev board. Im hoping to connect it to a crystalfontz lcd (link below) CFA634-TFB-KS, CFA-634 Serial lcd 20x4, RoHS Compliant, White Edge LED Backlight, FSTN As according to the lcd datasheet, im connecting the port on the lcd
Hi, I want to interface PCF8574 I2C GPIO Expander with 89C52 micro controller. My application is to interface 20x4 Character lcd and 4x4 Matrix Keypad with the 89C52 micro controller using I2C. Before connecting lcd and KEYPAD, i am just trying to toggle LED. I have connected the PCF8574 to the 89C52 with two GPIO's and LED is (...)

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