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If you can't find 12-6-0-6-12 configuration you can always use 2 smaller transformeres 6-0-6 and connect their primary windings in parallel (220V) and their secondary windings in series .. Here is an example of multi-tap transformer from JAYCAR:
Electronic transformers 200 W shematics (220/12 V) Feron transf. needed. Can anybody upload it?
transformer - No centre-tapped (shown below). Look for 240/12, 230/12 or 220/12 transformers. If you can find 240/9, 230/9 or 220/9, it would be fine too. If you use a transformer with centre-tapped, you can instead use a full-wave rectifiers (using 2 diodes only), the centre-tapped terminal of the (...)
hi i want to design a supply without using a transformer the supply is 220/12 i thought to but a rectifier then a resistor then a zener 9v what i want to know does the supply can supply much current and is it stable "a rectifier then a resistor then a zener " will put you in troble and it is not safe. You may harm
i have a step up 12 v to 220 v transformer.I have the question that is 12 volt input rms or peak to peak. I mean should i have to apply 12 v rms or 12 v peak to peak to primary of transformer???
It will work although it is not very efficient. Expect to get less than 220V out and do not use it when the load is frequency sensitive as it will not be stable enough. The circuit is basically a multivibrator driving power transistors. For simply driving a lamp it should be OK though. Brian.
I looking for power supply circuit that input 110to220V AC output 12V DC 1A but don't use transformer like mobile wall charge, notebook.. etc. a tiny circuit is very good. How you call this circuit ? I don't know keyword to search. Because I am Thai. Have a good day.
I'm looking for a schematic of it, I need a power of 1 KW. Some one help me thanks a lot to all.
Hi, How to get the +5V (30mA) and +12V (20mA) directly from the main 220V (AC)? I need a simple circuit, not to much loses, and avoid of using transformer. Anyone have an idea & willing to share? Thx + Rgds, TR2000
Who can to help me with a schematics for power inverter 12 v DC to 220 AC which provide 3500 Watt to outpout. I want to use this inverter to supply my house (tv, mixer ,computer etc)
i want to make inverter 12 to 220 volt i can bulid transformer what is the best for main transformer 500va is to roll dc(12 v) line i mean big diameter --primary line first or to roll the small diameter(220) line for heat and noise thanks
You can try this method: connect a small 220/12 (or less) transformer between each phase and Neutral (I asume you have access to N or E, in isolated circuits the primary should be rated for 400V and connected betwee phases). If you want to monitor each phase separately you will need 3 circuits with OR function at the final stage. Rectify the volt
I'm trying to convert a sat positioner box by replacing the 220 volt input transformer with a 120 volt input transformer. I don't have definate specs on current, but something like this should be fine: 120 v primary 12 volt secondary at about .5 amps 36 volt secondary at about 2 amps The 12 volts drives a small microcontroller (...)
You make the very very simple problem as large problem .. no need incase of implementing a DC power supply ( that you called AC to DC converter ) to calculate voltage drops or whatever if you will use regulator .. just i want you to know that voltage out from the transformer is root two its peak value .. so for example if you are speaking about 220
Here you have an example of 220ac/12Vdc smps: However, if you don't feel confident about HV ferrite transformers then you should consider a step-down transformer 220/24Vac + bridge + smoothing cap, and a switchmode dc/dc converter build around sme 5A IC, such as for example LM2768: www.national
Hello, I need a circuit for 5v/12v DC supply from 110/220 AC. The common way is to use a transformer, a bridge and a voltage regulator. I know this way, but it is needed to be done without using trans becasue of its weight. The maximum current is 500 mA. A friend told me to use HV capacitors instead of Trans to reduce the AC voltage, the other p
Hi friend, Here is the shematic of the regulated power supply Here is the component list: F1 - 2A fast acting fuse R3 - 4700 Ohms Potentiometer F2 - 250mA fast acting fuse C1 - 4700uF/35v S1 - SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) Switch C2 - 1uF/35v T1 - transformer 3 Amp (Primary 1
Hi! A fast solving (not a humour): Put a small power (trying!!) 220v filament lamp serially to the primer circuit! But you must measure the output voltage at your load (first a resistor only)!! zuisti
Is it possible to step down the Voltage of the high voltage transformer from a TV to 220 to 240V and more Current (means more Amps aroind 20 to 30A) using a stepdown transformer.. guide me:D
Hello all, I am in need of some help. I am in need of a transformerless power supply will allow me to have a universal ac input 110/220 volts and an output of 12 Volts at 3 amps. I had a couple of old monitors around the house that were auto switching. I traced out the ac portion of one of the
i want to make a small invertor that converts 12 volt dc to 220 v ac at 50 hz i am facing problems some people are telling me that i should have a heat sink with my transformer if i want to run any appliance!!!!! also i am facing current problems that need enough current to run the transformer!!!!! need some help that should i have a (...)
Hi, check following links , they may be useful for you 12vdc-220vac 100/200watts sinewave inverter dc to ac converter... 12vdc - 240vac power Inverter
Can someone help me: I am building a 1000W full bridge inverter using 2 self oscillating full bridge drivers IRS2453D. The first irs2453d converts 12v dc at high frequency of 10kHz to 12v peak to peak, then a transformer to step it to 220v then a rectifier to get 310v dc, and finally another urs2453d to get 220v ac. 1. What are the step up (...)
Please, I need, if possible, a transformerless circuit for 220VCA to 12 VDC at 1 Amp . This circuit is for 96 5mm diameter high bright leds ( 8 x 12 in series of 3 leds) forming a ceiling light. The total power required is less than 800 mA. I can´t use a transformer for reasons of weight and volume. Thanks to all.
The transformer is that used in an IDE psu 220 ac input, 12v 2A 5V 2A output. It is an EI ferrite transformer with a gap between the center leg of the E shaped part and the I part ,the center leg is cylindrical. Its dimensions and number of turns for each winding are known (i have dismantled it). I found IDE psu schematic (or (...)
I hve read the thread regarding Full Bridge Inverter with MOSFET and IR2110 gate driver but unable to understand that how the 12 Volts (single Batter) can be raised to 120/220 Volts without step up transformer.Any one should explain it. Thanks,
Dear All, I need to make a converter from 220VAC to 12VDC -4A to operate a solenoid i required this circuit for pulse shot only (800ms -1s) please tell me any circuit i can not use transformer . only linear circuit.
Dear Experts I want to design a pic micrcontroller based switch mode(Ferrite Core transformer) Based 12 Volt DC to 220 Volt Ac 50 Hz Inverter. today i have downloaded a circuit from this forum but i dont understand. can any one help me to understand the circuit as well as required Microncontroller Code and also ferrite core transformer (...)
remember conservation of energy? Well, for an ideal transformer, the power into the primary = power out of the secondary. Since you want 220*5=1100 watts out, you need 1110 watts in, or 1100/12=92 Amps. But since you can't buy an ideal transformer, you're going to need to put more than 92 amps in. You need to know the efficiency of the (...)
1st: 12v/100ohm = 0.12 A = 120 (and NOT 40) mA relay current !! 2nd: the value of R1 (now 2.7ohm) is too small, use min. 220ohm here (to decrease max. current peak!!) 3rd: always use an additional R2 resistor (for ex. a 470kohm) parallel to C1 to avoid an unwanted shock 4th: the value of C1 (now 1.25uF ) is also small for the wanted 120 m
hi, Most probably a curent surge produces the voltage drop on ac main supply and your transformer has <1 VA power rating, try a different transformer 220/12 V ; 5VA ... or whatever standard type transformer that is greater than the one that you use now
Use transformer. But on transformer primar you need lots of current. Core 30mm x 25mm 56W, Sec 220V at 200mA EI type of iron core. Primar 12 turns of thicker wire, secundar 1397 turns 0,31mm.
I'm learning how to make an inverter, and need help figuring out what is normal and what is not, and fixing the latter. The basic layout is - make 320V from 12V, using a high frequency, small size ferrite transformer, rectify the 320V, turn them into AC with a full bridge. It splits nicely into two parts, and i want to debug them separately.
hi i need a Electronic circuit to convert 220 to 12 for turn on 3 led thanks
Hi all. I am designing a 1KVA, 12VDC to 220V RMS AC, Sine Wave digital power inverter. It should be low cost, Sine Wave (PWM) design with good load regulation. Extras like pulsed battery charging are welcome. Any suggestions?
For low power (< 50W) you can use sinwave generator (eg. ICL8038) and just amplify this signal using linear amplifier and 12/220 transformer connected opposite way around. Tha output will be nice sinewave but unregulated ie. depending on load the voltage may drop 5%...15%.... If your power requirements are higher I would't bother. There is no si
If we invert 12Vdc into 220Vac, 50Hz what extend of current (Amps) we can use from the output. Say it is 500W means we may use upto 2Amps., is it right, after getting that output is it possible to stepup up into higher current rate upto 8Amp with same 230Vac? If so what can we do with the transformer or circuit and what would be the forumla we've t
Assalam o Alaikum i want to design an inverter giving by giving 12V input and gettg 220 V output. The input im giving is with the help of an oscillator reply soon plzz..!! Regards, Talha
Another option is to use 2 standard 220-240 low-VAs transformers, say 230-to-9V, and connect their primary windings in series - this will expose each winding to no more than 200Vac .. Secondary windings can be connected in parallel, in series or CT, as required .. rgds, IanP
Hi, Thanks for the reply. Well, i think the High Frequency Ferrite transformer's wire should be upgraded with a different gauge...? But, we don't know the number of windings and the mutual inductances? Nokia CA-44 is an official Charger Adapter. Its about Rs.220 ($4.7). The local is Rs.20 ($0.5). And there is another Charger from Nokia, it
High of secondary winding is 45cm, diameter of the pipe is 9cm so you can easily calculate that frequency of that coil is about 100KHz Primary winding consist 12 windings of cupper wire with 4mm square Wire for secondary winding i
i am confused about max load current if i have transformer input 220 V / output 9 V how can i know how much max output current can supply? and the samething if i have solar cell supply for example 12 V DC and i dont have datasheet for it how can i know experimentally check the max output current can supply and hence the watt of it thanks
hello. I am making an amplifier on two tda2030a. Now anything is connected to the pcb and the only problem is that i need to buy the correct transformer and connect it correctly. I don't have the schematics, but i have uploaded a part of the schematics where i need to connect ac - gnd - ac. It needs bipolar power supply and i ha
This project is new for me however I designed lot of square wave inverters using transformers(12+12/220) but looking your project using full bridge with MOSFETs and IR2110 pure sine wave in which you have not used transformer,how voltage from 12 volt(single battery) will be raised to 220v there any one to make me (...)
youcef2010, In post #11 in your circuit you showed 170 volts input to the MOSFETS, is this input voltage you are using? If yes what output voltage you want? And which form, AC or DC? Your question is confusing (atleast to me) make it clear first. In your post #5 you said Yes I want to make a transformerless inverter 12v to 220v for use i
OK Scott. Your not THAT badlucky ( As I am! ) Mesaure continuity of the three small gauge wires. You should find a midpoint which reads equally to the other two wires. Suppose between red and white you measure 4 Ohms and between red and black you measure 8 Ohms then the white is CENTER. You should read 4 Ohms between white and the other two wire
The point is that the differential output is within 660mV for good linearity (mcp3909). First, we assume the worst case of the highest mains voltage is 240Vrms This gives an RMS voltage at the transformer secondary: Vs_rms = 12/220 * 240 Its peak voltage: Vs_peak = 12/220 * 240 * SQRT(2) = 12/220 * 240 * 1.414 Its (...)
The inductances of the primary and secondary should be different if the ratio is different: L1=L2*(N1/N2)^2 . For example, let's say you have a 1H secondary inductance and the ratio is 12/220, then the primary would be approximately: L1 = 1H*(12/220)^2 ~ 3mH Also, the coupling coefficient can be safely chosen as 0.99, but set it to 1 for a better u
for instance we have a 220/24 back to back with a 220/18 . 220/18 = 12.2 . 24 x 12.2 = 292.8 V ac output An example that shouldn't be implemented. Operating a transformer at 133% of it's rated voltage will bring it near to saturation, involving high magnetization currents and possibly overheat it.
C2 and C3 appear to be only 220 nF. They need to be a much larger value (probably 100 uF or more). That should bring up the output to a higher volt level.