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Hi everyone, Can any body present here may help me in understanding and making a UPS based on SMPS AC to DC converter so that there will be no need of any type of transformer and the UPS would not be bulky and heavy. It should handle be capable of handling atleast 500Watts of Power. Thanks in advance
Can someone suggest to me a multiple input AC to DC converter module or chipset that converts 220vac to 5Vdc. The scenario is this, in a control panel, there are lamp indicators that lights up upon completion of each process (flood control process) i need to detect each lamp indicator as it activates so that I could remotely control each device
Hi good day. I am using some 6Volt batteries that you can pickup at walmart, to get either 12V dc or 18V dc. I was wondering if there is a way to achieve the same outcome using an AC/DC converter. When I search the net looking for a converter there are just too many to understand what will work similar to 2 or 3 6Volt batteries in series. Any idea
hello i need sch about AC TO DC converter with ICL7107 ,please help me. thank you
hai, i have a an ac to dc converter with 3 switching frequencies 100Khz(power factor and harmonic correction),230Khz(primary of dc to dc ),460Khz(secondary of Dc to dc ),I have trouble in choosing the input/EMI can i choose a filter for this module please help
Hi All, I am looking for really small ac to dc converter(would be really good if its made using cmos process) that can operate at 13-19 Mhz and can provide output voltage of 2.8 volt. I need this type of converter as i am working on wireless energy transfer using inductive coupling, any help is appreciated. Thanks
hi .. I need a simple circuit for AC to DC converter of 220 V AC to 15 V DC (current rating: 3A) using a transformer for charging my VRLA batteries. Thanks in advance
1. For AC-DC conversion, the ripple is difficult to compress. But in DC-DC conversion, that is easier. 2. Telecomm equipment always use -48V DC, that is safe to human body. But AC, say 110V or 220v, is dangerous to operator.
Hi, Can anyone tell how the isolation come into picture in the case of ac to dc converter? what is use of the ground pin int the ac power supply? Is it any way related to isolation which is coming at dc side of ac to dc converter?
i want to make cheep and precise ac to dc converter. from 10-500 volt ac. please help me
i have a moderate electronic circuit background im building a electric vehicle from a 1974 VW beetle and i had a idea to help me drive further, i wanted to take a small 110v AC generator and convert the AC to DC and then regulate it to 98v, i need the circuit to handle at least 1000w, it doesnt have to be a perfect DC signal, just enough to cha
Hello, Working on design - inverter for 3 phase induced motor 380VAC x 3 I am using IGBT module (rectifier + 6 transistor) that convert the 3 phase to ~537.4VDC = 380 x 1.414 I need from that voltage 537.4VDC create lower voltage for the control section - 15V + 3.3V Isolated one option is to use flyback trasnformer with multioutput with i
Hello everyone, i am making a wireless charger for my phone. I need to fit a small ac to dc circuit in my phone's back(<1mm). I can't find small diodes ( i need to convert 5v, 1a or more). Can you post a schematic with small parts ? Thanks.
Hi everybody, I need some help, I need a capasitive circuit that converts 220v AC -to- 5V DC . Can you help me finding this? Or can you give me an idea to construct the circuit? Thanks a lot..
As already dito, the perfect way is to change the primary of mains transformer from 110 to 220v, and I know this is not expensive. I think any other CHEAP solution will carry noise, or something else not very good. Good luck
hi all.i want a circuit that convert 220v AC to 12v DC without using transformer.i want it give me not less than 40 or 50 mA.and also it costs so cheap.its better not using an ic. thanx very much
hey, could you give me the schematic high efficiency converter AC to DC 220 V to 24 V.. thanks... i really need this
drive circuit required for the following ac to dc front end boost converter please post tested circuit... you can find the boost converter in uploaded file specification: input ac 100V output dc 200v control closed loop hysteresis controller
hi .. I want to convert 220v AC to 6v DC with the help of diodes please help me with circuit diagram ....
Hello , Can anyone tell me how does the following circuit work? 7627176271 Attachment 76025 i've used it in a project's power supply to convert 220v AC to 5V DC for use 5V DC to ATmega16 and servo motors , (ATmega16 and a servo are connected parallel) ; will the parallel connection
Hi all I want to design a AC to DC power,but I have no idea how to start,is there any related data or reference circuit ? AC input : 85V ~ 250V DC output : 4.5V ,1A Thanks -------------------- chmr
Hi. If i use an ac-dc converter (thyristors bridge) to feed a dc motor and then i use closed loop control to change the firing angle when there is speed changes my question is what is the practical limits of the ac to dc converter to do this operation? I mean what factors i must consider when using this type of control on a dc motor?? any sug
Hi, I want to design dc to dc converter that can produce 220vdc 10A,,,can you share the topology? thanks for your help,,, best regards priambodo
Dear all, I have a computer power supply of 300W but it it faulty. I opened the power supply and found that its AC to DC converting unit is still working. The output voltage of this unit is 118Vdc. Now I need to step down this voltage to 24DC 2A. Any suggestions please? regards Satau
what is the purpose of rms to dc converter in the system
i have microcontroller(AVR) system deal with relays this relay switch on 220v AC to control the AC motor ,when no load connect with the relays my circuit is work ok when i connect the 220v AC load with my circuit , the controller sometimes restart ,it do that when the relay contact is switching ,is there any problem with my supply voltage make vo
Hi good day everyone! Can anyone help me simulate the RF to DC converter circuit that I have created in Agilent ADS? I want to know the output voltage given an input frequency (915 Mhz) and also the correct specs like the width and length for my microstrip design? THank you
I need a circuit to convert the 220v ac to 5v dc. 1. Is there any better alternate for changing the level of voltage instead of transformer? 2. I need a very smooth dc. (No matter how big the circuit would be!) 3. what should I consider for Impedance matching?
If you need very low power you can do by voltage multipliers , Other wise you can run a 12v DC motor coupled with a 300V DC generator to get the output. That is the only way How do you mean only way? Can you elaborate and give us some light on this? What you will get if you put Graetz bridge on HV mains (
Hello All, I don't have 5V, 5A power supply adapter (AC to DC ). I have 12V, 3A power supply adapter. my current requirement is 5A at 5V. So, can (12V,3A) adapter replace (5V,5A) adapter? because 12V power supply adapter has only 3A current capability & i require 5A current & 5V. this adapter will be used to source the power to step dow
Hello experts! My task is to design 35V AC to DC converter at 5A. I will go simple all the way so I will use LM317 as a regulator. ** Changed to 1.5A Stages of the design are given below: 1) Selecting transformer 2) Selecting diodes 3) Selecting input capacitor (value and working voltage) to the LM317 4) Selecting output capacitor (value and wo
I need paper or schematic about RF to DC converter. if you have, please upload . Thanks in advance
hi all, I want the DC to DC converter IC. The input voltage is 5V and the output voltage is +/-3.3V and (minimum)150mA (maximum)250mA. I came to know that this type of converter is available in Texas. Can any one help me in finding this. It was very urgent Thanx all.
How can i reduce the settling time of RMS to dc converter. In my project i am using ad636. Max settling time desired is 100ms.
hi i want to make basic level ac to dc convertor controller project any who0 have idea cct etc plz inform me
Hi. I need to find a schematic 12V to 48V 4 Ampere DC to DC converter Someone told me that i can do that with a UC3843! The think is that i can't find a schematic! (Or don't know how... Because i am new to electronics) Can anyone help me?
Hi all, Can any one know any thing about DC-to-DC converter (or) Buck converter?. Plz help. Thanx.
Dear all, I measure my dc to dc converter ( 3.3 -> 1.8 ) . My design is load current is 0.8A. But I measure my output will have a spike at load current of over 0.4A. This spike will be sometime the peak of 2.8. This condition my OCP is off. Why do my load current can not over 0.4A? The other question. Is it load current is l
Hi, everyone, i have a question need your help. can anyone give me the equation to calculate the value of L and C when design DC to DC converter, these three type--->> buck, boost and inverter. any idea will welcome. thanks.
Hi, I have a request to make up a DC to DC converter from 12V to 48V@15A output. I need a guide line for this. Any kind of help would be highly appreciated, in the mean time I would be thinking on how to design it. Thanks
Hello All, i m need of a transformer less AC to DC circuit. Input 220 VAC Output 30 VDC want to run 15 Red LEDs in series and its a flasher of 15 LEDs sample remember. i dont know values of component. that is the problem. please let meknow values. if anybody want to see this tin
Hello All, I am using a optical module that required 5, 3.3 and -5.2V. the current needed at the -5.2 V rail is 4A, I was searching a -5.2V non-isolated DC to DC converter with an output current up to 4A I did not find any because the input voltage to this non-isolated DC to DC converter is 5V (the board have only a single 5 V supply). I am p
Hi friends, I want variable -200V 0 200V dc power supply for my project. I need a circuit for it.. Can any one send me DC to Dc converter circuit or AC to DC converter circuit.. Please. I need it urgent.
hii, I am working for a project and the basic goal of this project is to make AC to DC rectifier with 4 NMOS devices. There has to be a pulse generator for NMOS biasing within few neno second (just like PWM). The output of the rectifier has to be about 15 V. I have tried a lot to design it, but failed... Plz help me.
i want to build a dc to dc converter with input of 90vdc to 12vdc @2.5 amp
It depends on the application. If the 220v is AC mains, the current is low and you don't mind the health risk, you can do it with two resistors. Otherwise I would suggest a 220v to 5V transformer is the best solution. Brian.
Hello All, I want to use a DC TO DC converter to supply 3.3V for a high speed design, usually I put a linear regulator (LDO) after the DC to DC converter, but in this case this is not possible because I will exceed the power budget. I find two DC to DC converter with an output voltage of 3.3V and the required current rating ...., but (...)
hi all my friends! i want to know ,how can i convert 5V ,500A (AC) to DC.please help me!!! thanks!
please suggest me 5v to +/- 15v dc to dc converter with driving capacity of 4 amps isolated output.
Hi, There could be a better solution, but you could try this. First convert the 220v AC to DC by means of a bridge rectifier. Filter this. Then have a power stage with 4 MOSFETs/IGBTs driven by a control section that produces 2 outputs of 400Hz that drives the MOSFETs/IGBTs using hi-lo side drivers. Adjust the duty cycle as required to get 115v a