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It depends on the application. If the 220v is AC mains, the current is low and you don't mind the health risk, you can do it with two resistors. Otherwise I would suggest a 220v to 5V transformer is the best solution. Brian.
Dear all Can i down the AC voltage from 220v to 10 volt without transformer, Is there any device make this function? thanks in advance.
Hi everybody, I need some help, I need a capasitive circuit that converts 220v AC -to- 5V DC . Can you help me finding this? Or can you give me an idea to construct the circuit? Thanks a lot..
Hello , Can anyone tell me how does the following circuit work? 7627176271 Attachment 76025 i've used it in a project's power supply to convert 220v AC to 5V DC for use 5V DC to ATmega16 and servo motors , (ATmega16 and a servo are connected parallel) ; will the parallel connection
I want to design a 220v 50Hz AC to 5V AC current is around 5mA~10mA PCB planner Transformer. The efficiency is just more than 10%, that is enough. Here is the question ? 1 Can I design it? Did anyone design this? Because the winding N is around 45:1. I think it will be not easy, but my current need is very small. 2 How Big it will b
Hi, I have TTL logic output level +5v and 0v I want to convert it to +5v and -5v. How to ? KSA
Hi! I´m in need to design a voltage reference to be used with an A/D converter (10bit). I need the reference to be 2.048V I´m designing a 5V system. So, I was looking at the LM385 because the referensce design looked simple but I do not know how to convert it from 9V to 5V system (if possible). Later, because of the need of greater Temp.
I have kept my eyes open for a switch converter for a long time but haven't found a suitable one yet! Does anyone have any tips? I'm looking for an efficient switcher that works as a down converter from 9V to 5V and as the battery gets below 5V it acts as an up converter to suck out everything of the battery. If it has a built in circuitry to c
Hi. i need to interface a 3.3v (logic) IDE/ATA device to a 5v (logic) IDE/ATA controler how is this made the easyest way? 3.3v <=> 5v any suggestions Special chips for this??, maxim has af few (hundreds) or could i use simple logic chips that will do the chip when only supplyied with 3.3v? will my ata controller work with signals of on
I'm developing a PCI card. My card need -5V, but I have not many experiences about regulators. Can you recommend me most common ICs in the market to convert from +5V to -5V. Thanks in advance.
Dear all, If someone can give me any suggestion about how to start in design a 12V to 5V regulator design (output current : 300mA max)? My boss give me the topic , but I don't have any idea in this region . So can you give any comment to design this circuit? Thanks a lot for any response.
I have cdrom old one and tape recorder. i want to play audio cd from cdrom, but i don't know to fix the power cdrom from my tape recorder. My tape have 9volt. Any body solutions for me? please help me!!!
I want to change the 3.3 v output to 5v output , but should still keep the 25mA current driving capability,because I need to drive motor. I have used 74HCT245 ,and 74FCT245 , but the current is not enough. Note that the output should not be the open-drain , such as ULN2003, but the port like MCU I/O port. If
hi! I have a power supply 3.3v. Need to boost up to 5v to drive a circuit for about 8 mA. Should i use the charge pump to boost or DC-DC converter (boost up converter) ? In term of size and external component, which one is better?
hello everybody could anyone offer me a simple circuit configuration to convert 3.3V to 5V for a low power application?:?:
Hi, right now I have a signal that is either high(5V) or low(0V). Is there any circuit that can make this signal when it is high, it's 5V and when it is low, it is -5V instead of 0V?
i encounter a problem of designing a circuit that can convert 12v dc to 5v dc supply, is there any one can help me ???
hello, please can anyone please give me the number of an IC that acts as a level shifter that shifts the voltage levels from 3.3v to we have two circuits,one operates at 5v and the other at 3.3v
is it possible to use a DCDC to boost up 1V to 5V?
If a 3.3 V output signal is driven to 5V logic,we add pull up resistor this instance is this related to rise time of the signal.Then how it is.Kindly clarify this
Hello, Can anyone tell me which buffer IC supports 1.4V to 5V logic. I want to construct Amontec JTAGKey . The section with FT2232 is simple. The only tricky part is the buffered output section which can debug/program devices from 1.5 - 5V. Can anyone help? Or perhaps a schematic/
Hi, Could you give me a reference number for a 1V8 to 5V level shifter? I need it to connect a 1V8 UART to a 5V pins. Thanks Added after 2 hours 3 minutes: That answers my question :-) Thanks
Hello, Could any one let me know how to convert a 12V pluse from a 555 timer to a 5V pulse. Thanks
Hi i'm currently on a project about measuring power consumption and communicating the data via the power line. I have decided to use TDA5051 for its ease and simplicity to build. However, I have a restriction on testing this over 240V line due to safety reasons and will need to be reduced to 30V. Are there any transformer which can transform
any have a schematic for 220v to 5V 1A supply using simple smps?
Hi Can anyone tell me wich chip should I use for isolated 220v to 12v switching power supply. (20-40w autput power)
Hi All, Could some one help me with a circuit that converts 4mA - 20mA current to 0V - 5V volatge using opamp(741/LM324)? Regards, Ravi
Hi can I measure negative voltage(-5v to 5v) with ADC804 and HOW ? if it doesnt possible please tell me about some 8bit ADC to do that by Regards.
can someone provide me the circuit diagram for 12V to 5V conversion using LM1085.Its datasheet contains only the diagram for 5V to 3.3V stepdown. thanks, in advance.
I have an inclinometer that outputs a range of -5 to +5v. The output of the inclinometer will be fed to my PIC that can only takes in positive voltage in the range of 0-5V. I have the following circuit as shown in the attachment. The gain of the op amp is --0.5 in this case. When I put Vin to Ground, Vout has a voltage of 3.75V. When I put
i want to build a smps for 230v ac to 5v dc / 1 A current. can any one give schematic with mosfets / ics and specifications for transformer to be used. i have to finish my project . so i need this power supply Added after 1 minutes: i want to replicate the circuit of nokia battery charger but with higher c
The output of my sensor is a sinosoidal (40KHz) voltage of 20mV p-p and I need to amplify this signal WITHOUT distortion and/or clipping to 5V p-p. I have opamps available with me that have GBP ranging from 500Khz to 1Mhz. Assuming I keep a 20% margin on the GBP specs, the 1MHz opamp reduces to 800KHz GBP. Keeping this at mind, would it be p
Hi, I was wondering how do i build a led bargraph to detect 0V to 5V? 0V mininum and 5V max. With the use of LM3914N or LM3916. If there are other chips then can be used, please let me know.
I designed a chip with 3.3v/5v process. The digital part is working with 3.3v. but the analog part need 5v power source, How can I raise the signal of digital output from 3.3v to 5v? Is there any good suggestion? I tried a simple inverter. Though it can work, the pmos could not be shut down since the input is only 3.3v. There is some static
hello. i made a simple circuit attached. to count interrupt at RB0, the software start and make u edit the number of pulses and then start the interrupt , when the number of pulses reach what u want , it stops the pic is attached to push-switch and lcd via sockets. the circuit works very well on easypic 3 where rb0 is attached to pulldown resis
Hello, Is there any simlpe way to convert the 24V power supply to 5V?
Hello, I am trying to drive a LCD with an ARM procesor kit. The output of ARM7 ports is 3V and the LCD requires 4.5-5V to operate. Can anyone tell me any device that could achieve a 3V to 5V converstion accurately. It could be a regulator since I might be using the LCD with a serial-to-parallel covertor. Thanks in advance. :)
What should I use to reduce the voltage from 6v to 5v? simple resistor or some kind of regulator?
I am designing a circuit to step up 3.7V (li-ion battery, protected 18650) to 5V. I am using a MAX608 Step-Up DC-DC Controller. I want to use an external N-MOSFET from IRF (IRL3714LPBF) MOSFET N-CH 20V 36A TO-262 and a 22uH inductor (SUMIDA RCH 855 or equivalent). I have two questions. 1- The datasheet for MAX608 says "can supply up to 10W". Thi
Hi firends, I have generated a simple square wave frequency generator with 0-5v amplitude using uC, but i need the amplitude range from 0.8v-to-5v how can i do that? thanks a lot, regards, garg.
Hi, (I don't know if I'm posting this in the right forum... But please help) I'm designing a microcontroller circuit with all ICs working on 3.3v. Only one IC (L289) requires a 5V supply. The power for the whole circuit is supplied from a 24V battery. I was think of using a 7805 to give convert 24v to 5v and then give the same output to a 3.3v
I want to generate a 10MHz oscillation signal with its amplitude swinging from -5 v to +5v. I want to use a crystal oscillator to create the 10 MHz signal. However I find the typical voltage swing for the crystal oscillator signal is single signed, i.e. from 0 v to 3.3 v. Could you suggest a solution how I can make the swing from -5v to 5v? What d
Hi, I need to implement a 48v to 5V buck converter. the load is 500mA. I found some docs preferring to use isolated converters for high input voltage in the range of 48V. Is it a must to use Isolated converter? and what's the drawbacks of using non isolated converters? The space available on the board is very small, and that's why I p
:?: i need to transform 230v ac to 5v AC. i don't want to use a normal transformer cause it is weighty and costly is there any other safe solution? please ans me as soon as possible and if possible give the schematics.
Hi every one i need pic 16fxxx based dc 220v to ac 220v 50hz inverter circuit with asm code please tell me some ideas and web site
Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. Recently, my lecturer gave us an assignment , the objective is to convert 12V AC power supply into between 4.9V ~ 5.3V ... So I wanna ask , how to do it ? I wish to see some simple circuit schematic diagram, so maybe I can take it as reference... Thanks :grin:
Hi! May I know how to step up an input voltage of 3.3V to 5V? Can show me the components use and also the circuit design for this purpose? Thanks!
Hi, I am using 3 x (4 x 1.5V AA batteries) to create a 6V power supply. I need to regulate this to 5V for my circuit. Because of the application, the batteries will run until they are flat and the circuit fails. I need to extend the life of the circuit as long as possible. Is it possible to regulate to 5V even when battery voltage drops to 5
hi, i have tried to buy max3372, lm3350 and QS3861 Ic's in Mumbai. i have to interface aubtm-20(3.3v supply) with 8051(5v supply) does anyone here know where i can buy these IC's or are there any alternatives to this. level shifting is needed for UART communication betweeen autbm-20 and 8051. thank you, Vivek
Hi I'm new to this forum and I've got a technical problem at work I should say I have very little understanding of electronics. I' m trying to operate an SSR (solid state relay) but my input pulse is to weak about 0.5v I need to amplify the signal to about 5v using a 12v source. I'm looking for an off the shelf product I can buy but I can't find