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It depends on the application. If the 220v is AC mains, the current is low and you don't mind the health risk, you can do it with two resistors. Otherwise I would suggest a 220v to 5V transformer is the best solution. Brian.
Dear all Can i down the AC voltage from 220v to 10 volt without transformer, Is there any device make this function? thanks in advance.
Hi everybody, I need some help, I need a capasitive circuit that converts 220v AC -to- 5V DC . Can you help me finding this? Or can you give me an idea to construct the circuit? Thanks a lot..
any have a schematic for 220v to 5V 1A supply using simple smps?
Hello , Can anyone tell me how does the following circuit work? 7627176271 Attachment 76025 i've used it in a project's power supply to convert 220v AC to 5V DC for use 5V DC to ATmega16 and servo motors , (ATmega16 and a servo are connected parallel) ; will the parallel connection
I want to design a 220v 50Hz AC to 5V AC current is around 5mA~10mA PCB planner Transformer. The efficiency is just more than 10%, that is enough. Here is the question ? 1 Can I design it? Did anyone design this? Because the winding N is around 45:1. I think it will be not easy, but my current need is very small. 2 How Big it will b
I don't trust 220v 50 hz triac/resistor to common DC elektronic/Processor. If I where you use the optoswitch, to isolate AC/DC!!! Thats just mine opinion. I'm sure there is another way. But I think this way is simple and secure!!!! That's just my words.. //BoNe
Hi everyone I am doing a system including a motor and I am using 220v AC relays and AY89C52 to control the system. Everything was going fine until I connected the microcontroller circuit with the relays as when the relays are switched on or off they reset the microcontroller circiut.
i m using ADC 0804. plz tell me the circuit for connecting AC voltage to ADC input. further more i have 220/5V transformer. can i connect transformer output (5V) to ADC input. At 220v frequency is 50 hz. i m step downing 220v Ac to 5V AC using transformer. can transformer output (5v ac) be applied to ADC input means is there any problem in step do
Hello all, I want to design a PIC based Digital Voltmeter which can measure ac voltage upto 220v. Any circuit ideas then plz tell. regards
Hi, there, Would you tell me which eda tools I can use to design a flyback converter IC(~220v to 5V/3A)? Any advise for me? How to deal with the transformer? Thank you!
Hello, I wish to make a cheap ZCD for 220v AC Mains lines. This is require for my isolated TRIAC firing. I would require the output of this ZCD to be in 5V range and it should be able to detect both rising and Falling edges. The PC817 Solution is elegant but requires 2 circuits to make a full detection. If there is some thing possible to do w
Of course, they using a technique with switches, and then averaging the output. We were doing this is my previous company for the AC-DC converter, which would convert 220v to 5v. Cannot exactly remember what the name was, but google it.
hi, plz help me with the design of a step down transformer 50Hz, 220v AC - 5V AC, i = 0.5A, with high efficiency, plz its urgent, so desperate. tnx
why bother to build one ? buy a ready made they are so cheap. 5V 2A Regulated Switching Power Supply (110~220v) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
I want to make multiple output smps to submit as my institute project.. i want its circuit diagram. Input : 220v Output: 5v,9v,12v,24v
I need a circuit to convert the 220v ac to 5v dc. 1. Is there any better alternate for changing the level of voltage instead of transformer? 2. I need a very smooth dc. (No matter how big the circuit would be!) 3. what should I consider for Impedance matching?
Hi, How to get the +5V (30mA) and +12V (20mA) directly from the main 220v (AC)? I need a simple circuit, not to much loses, and avoid of using transformer. Anyone have an idea & willing to share? Thx + Rgds, TR2000
Hi, Need an interface that gives me a steady 0 with 220v in and a steady 1 without 220v in using a 4N25 or TIL111 or any other opto that gives galvanic isolation. Thanks, Fernando
I want to get 3 power supply 5v/2A, +15v/0.3A, -15v/0.3A from ac 220v. I think I should use transformer first(tranform to 15v or 5v?), and then rectify it. And then what should I do? and which regulator could provide 5v/2A? Thanks. Yes you need a transformer. To at least 15 not 5volts. Unless from 5volts you want to go back
I try to make a flyback power supply for my matrix display. I used PC power supply before but it's too big and complex. I want a small . I have a lot of old PC AT/ATX. Can I hack them? (At least, I can take some component). I will draw some shematic to post soon. But I confused about the equation to estimate Flyback Transformer. It will two outp
Put the primaries in parallel for 110V and series for 220v.
There is anothe way to solve your problem ( And it works fine). Take a Optocupler that has LED in both directions, and connect each pin to the 220v with a 100K res in series. i.e. your power 220v through a resistor 100K to the opto and back through a 100K to the ground of the 220v. on the other side connect the Collector to a 10K p
What's the real problem here? Why do you not use ordinary power supply box for negative voltages? If you have ECL, than your ground or chassis of the ECL circuit is at 0 Vdc level. Simply connect positive output (plus) of the power supply box to this potential, i.e. to your ECL circuit ground. Then your negative output (minus) of the power supply b
Dear IanP I use a voltage divider resistors to get Max 5Vac from 220vac to i feed the A/D converter of the Microcontroller ( I use Motorola Series ) and by software i can detect the zero-crossing point if it is positive or negative About the hardware i built every thing but i asked about the software , how can i achive the point that i nee
It is a "flyback-converter" circuit that converts AC to DC in TVs.This circuit is called "switch mode power supply" which is different from linear this circuit there are a transformer,capacitors,resistors,diodes and transistors.They convert 220v AC to 120V,40V,6V,5V...DC whatever you depends on the ratio of N2/N1 of transform
Because of the low voltage (1.5V) your options are very limited .. Maybe you can use an optocoupler, for example the MOC3021 - with the emitter's input forward voltage of just ≈1.2V, and to drive a buzzer of 220vac use a triac .. see picture below .. Regards, IanP
how can i connect BUZZEER 220v with alarm clock that turn on battery AA 1.5v please when the alarm clock ringing(small motor switch on) must the BUZZER 220v switch on it's for wake up to university :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::idea::idea:
Simply, step down the 220v AC voltage to approximately 10 V in AC using step down transformer. Put Bridge rectifier and a electrolytic capacitor of value 10000 uF/25V to covert it to DC. See your battery specification. Charging currtent=AH of Battery/10 Design a transistor based regulator circuit. The current rating of the series pass transist
hi fren, i need to interface adc and pc.The input of adc is sinusodial (220v/3v). I have used adc0808. please would u tell me how to convert this bipolar ac signal to monopolar and feed to adc. so i need a complete circuit from u.thanks for ur kind help
hi all i am designing a fan speed controller using 2051 and single seven segment display . since the circuit needs to be smalll ,i want to cut short the power supply components.i want to make a power supply using resistance and capacitor ,diode. i want to derive 5 volts from 220volts. can anybody please give me the circuit idea for this power supp
Hi Guys, I need help to come up with a simple DC circuit: 1. Powered up by an AC Adapter 2. Connect 30pcs 12VDC bulbs The 12VDC bulb is small (about 1cm length) I bought from a local electronics shop. For reasons I can't explain, the bulbs have no polarity, but during the demo, it was powered up by a 9VDC battery! I'
Hi all, anyone has any idea how could I make 3.3VDC from the 220v power lines without any transformer? I need approx. 150 mA max. Also the small (tiny) size is very important. Are there any ICs out there for this? thanks, Zedman Added after 5 hours 54 minutes: Forget it, i've found the solution.
There are many instances where hobby projects need the equivalent of a wall adapter. And the hobbyist would rather spend time on the main project than building a heavy adapter with a transformer and such! or a complex switching converter! Is there an IC that: 1> Converts AC (110V and 220v) to DC (say 3V to 12V) in an efficient, as-light-as-a-ce
Is there any criteria to make the DC voltage choice in the presence of many supply voltage in the electronic cart? For example: supply voltage: 12V ; 5V ; 3.3V ; 1.1V ; 1V For the AC voltage : 220v So what supply voltage should I choose for the first conversion? 220v/ 12V or 5V or 3.
its not just very quick to get an smps supply..either you need to go in search for a suitable one or u need to deisgn onde yourself,but again you will need to run for finding the IC,s transformers etc etc. whereas 7805 is just a plug and use type. -cheers LM2575 is also a plug and use type... you use 7805 because you
Hi every one !! I want to design a circuit ( input 220v AC, output 13.5V Dc ) to charge for battery 12V Dc 100Ah using SMPS (boost mode ). I need some idea to do it . And i need some fomule to calculate SMPS transformer in this case ? Thanks !
Hi there, can anyone give me a solution (circuit) for transforming a variation of 220v AC ? 10% into a variation from 0 to 5V ? Thanks in advance. -SQD-
Hi, I think, he was assuming 1.2v instead of 1.5v, as there are many batteries rated at 1.2v especially rechargeable ones. ---------- Post added at 07:47 ---------- Previous post was at 07:45 ---------- What you need to do, is step down 220v/110v to 4.5v. This can be done very easily. Step down the voltage u
Hello All, I am designing a project with which I can control a 220v low power load (small light bulb or small fan) with the signal from a PC parralel port such that when the 5V from the PC parallel port is off, the 220v is shut off from the device and vice versa. For now, let's assume that I have the 5v control signal ready from the PC. 1) Wha
We created a transformerless 220vAC to 220vDC as the DC rail of our IGBT inverters. We already have a working H-bridge. Our desired input is a 220v DC that has a logic that of a the PWM from the microcontroller. If we connect our transformerless without the IGBT, the voltage output is 220v when we connect it to the rail (...)
Hi I want to design off-line smps with below specification: 1- 5v,5A 2- +-12v,1A 3- +-24v,1A AC-line=220v I want to use smps controller from Welcome To Power Integrations | Power Integrations for example top250 I want to have a %5 line regulation and load regulation for all of the smps output. I think about
I'm not sure I understand. Do you want to drive the gate of a MOSFET with 220volts? That won't work-Mosfets usually have a maximum Vgs of 20volts or so.
The transformer-based power adapter is simply a large AC-to-AC transformer that converts 110/220v to a smaller voltage using a step-down winding scheme. That fundamental stage may be followed by a simple linear regulator... maybe a simple zener diode, to give a flat output voltage. These are often bulky and heavy, due to t
Here is an adc project I did using pic. Now I am going to measure AC 220v without trf. I'm going to use a 220v AC to 5V DC transformerless power supply to interface with PIC ADC. The same thing I want to do with 440V. So I need a circuit (transformerless) which converts 1000V AC to 5V/12V DC. I will d
Several examples (for 5V use zener 5,1V instead 12V or other value) : www.exp
Here a project I did a digital voltmeter upto 220v-dc. You can change this project an use it. First by changing the voltage divider part you can increase the range over to 415v-ac, And by using timer and array you can get samples and then by arranging the measured values you can change it into ac, Be careful about choosing resistor, the scaled res
Hi Rekaviles, Do not worry, we'll make it, This circuit is not good. Tell me lamp what you want to turn on is on what voltage 220v/110V AC or some other voltage such as 12V 5V DC ? What output you have from PIR sensing device +5V and Gnd at 2,5A ?
but 220v is the peak value or RMS? RMS, if you're talking about mains voltage. Peak is over 300V. If you allow for +-350V, that should cater for any normal mains. Best to have some sort of clamp/limiter at the PIC input anyway in case there's spikes in the KV range.
"I want to stepdown 300Vac 50hz to 5v(peak)", 5V peak is 3.5V RMS. 220 to 12 V is not a good place to start from. Ignoring any transformer problems, you would get 300/250 X 12 = 14.4 V when you need 3.5, so you will have 4 times as many volts as required!!! If the 3.5V is going to feed a FIXED load (er, LED perhaps?) then a simple series resistor