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I am searching for a 220vac to +5VDC converter / regulator chipset. Can someone suggest of other chip that provides the the given conversion. I've seen one from MAXIM (MAX610, 611, 612), it is a chipset that directly converts 110/220vac to a regulated +5VDC (or even variable 0 to 17VDC) but I still need other options. Can someone (...)
Hi, I need to build 220vac to 12vdc, 100Amps power supply circuit with current limiting. I also need to biuld a 220vac to 3VDC, 100Amps PWM output circuit. Output freq should be adjustable to 50KHz and duty cycle from 0 to 100%. Protection for back emf is required. I shall appreciate any suggestions.
hi any one shall help me to come out the problem. i want to build 230VAC to 12vdc circuit without transformer. i need the circuit diagram and description. regards G R Patil
You haven't specify AC power of the motor .. If ≈500W is enough then here is a low cost 12vdc to 220vac inverter: Regards, IanP
can any one help me with the schematic diagram of a dc to ac converter.That is about 9vdc or 12vdc to approximately 220vac.
i want to build a dc to dc converter with input of 90vdc to 12vdc @2.5 amp
I need the schematic for 15Vdc to 12vdc converter circuit. The converter must have high power rating (more than 100W) so that it can drive various loads from my dc-ac inverter. Please help! >_
Hi, I want to convert from RS232 to RS485, maybe anyone here could help how to do that ( schematic ,etc). I would like to use Maxim IC. Thank you for your assistance.
dears; how to convert 48vdc to 12vdc?
Can someone suggest to me a multiple input AC to DC converter module or chipset that converts 220vac to 5Vdc. The scenario is this, in a control panel, there are lamp indicators that lights up upon completion of each process (flood control process) i need to detect each lamp indicator as it activates so that I could remotely control each device
100mA is a lot of current for a power supply that is converting from 220vac, if you are not using any transformer. It is also not safe (not for you, because you know what level of safety you have built it to, but concerned for the other users who may not be aware of the lack of safety) unless you are very careful. Small, pre-built power supplies
Hi to all. I'm trying to build a forward convertor (220vac to 12vdc 25A) , but am having a problem with stability. It's a single switch forward converter with a reset winding in the XFMR. I'm using 800V mosfet for switching. The converter is using the old uc3842 controller chip. It is working fine (Nice and stable) at (...)
@ above commenters, some 12V amps (a lot these days actually) pump up the 12V to +/- 50v so that they can do the power advertised. @ThorDruid, to get 12vdc 200A reliably from 220vac requires pretty decent switchmode converters, say 4 x 50A units with the o/p's paralleled, Ebay is your best bet for low $ here.
hello , i need verilog to ABEL converter . its very urgent. thanx in advance regards ~niks~
hi, i need help to design an 4-20ma to 0-10khz converter. any idea?
Hello, i'm intendind to make an NTSC to PAL converter, does anybody know where to find a chip for this pourpose?, i have found a NTSC to RGB and RGB to PAL, so it's possible to do first an NTSC to RGB converter and then convert RGB signal to PAL with the other chip, but i would like to use one chip instead of two thank you very much
I need some help about building ? Voltage to frequency converter. I think I qill use the lm231 from National but I have some question for the input. I need to convert 0v to 40 v and output 0 to 800 hz that look easy. I need to protect the input to a maximum of 300 v without bugs, so I need someting that can bock the tension at 40v, can you help me
SDI-12 to RS232 converter....any idea of interface.... schematics?
Please i also would love to get a Digital to Analogue converter schematic diagram
Hi CIF TO PS converter 1. (C language) 2. (Perl Language) * -> t tnx
IIC to RS485 converter
Hi all I want to build PCI to ISA converter in easiest way to adapt my ISA card to PCI BUS. If anyone have any experience on this matter please help me :( . Thanks in advance.
first of all, hello boys & girls, this is my first post in this forum. i want to make an USB to DMX512 converter, and then i want to develop a software for controlling 8 scanners and a sroboscope in my club. I need a schematics of such kind of converter, and any code program available, for inspiration. if you could help me... thanks!
Hi MATLAB Movie to MPEG converter MPEG is an ISO standard movie encoding format. The MPEG converter for MATLAB takes a MATLAB movie matrix and writes the movie to disk as an MPEG file with file extension ".mpg". The MPEG converter is a MATLAB mex file which can be built using the included Makefile by calling make at the unix (...)
Mini PCI to PCI converter i will want do design a Mini PCI to PCI converter, (use CompactPCI or cable), plz gime me some advise , and some information. ps: anyone know the Mini PCI to PCI cable?plz let me know!
Hello I doing a project using AT89S52 now I am serial commutation to commutate to the PC(RS232).I want to convert this RS232 output into USB.can any one tell me how to implement with some code(ASM) example or any link
I need paper or schematic about RF to DC converter. if you have, please upload . Thanks in advance
i would like to know whether the smd to dip converter socket exists or not because i'm doing wire-wrapping technique for prototyping. to develop a pcb (just because of SMDs) and then test, is quite costly for me. so is there any other method of prototyping DIP and SMD ICs onto a single board?
Hi I need a "Verilog to vhdl converter". do you know any link ? bye
hey, I need to create a voltage to frequency converter that will take an input analog voltage between 0 and +5 V and output a frequency. It seems the easiest circuit to use would be a 555 timer circuit, does anyone know how to design this or know of where I could find a circuit schematic. my Vcc is +5V Thanks
Hi Everybody I need a frequency to voltage converter using 4046 PLL IC (CMOS series). Can you provide me a schematic for doing this? Thanks in advance.
Hello I need scgematic diagram to AC to AC converter without using Variable Tranformer.... which drives at less 1 A ..
For MEMS designers from AD New A/D: AD7745/46/47 - 24-Bit Capacitance to Digital converter AD7747 is a high-resolution Σ-Δ capacitance to digital converter (CDC). The capacitance to be measured is connected directly to the device inputs. The architecture features inherent high r
Hi! Somebody have experience using AD7711A, a 24 bit analog to digital converter? I have a problem somewhere, because I can't see the right data on a LCD display... the good value is just in flashing at 2 - 3 second on LCD display ... in the rest, the measured value of analogic signal is 0. The AD7711A is conected at a AT89C2051 microcontr
Hi, Below is a link which show a servo pulse to PWM converter, this circuit can be used with the H bridge circuit which i have built and tested and im happy to say that it works!, thankyou to everyone who help me with that, however this circuit is even more complicated than the last, can anyone tell me how this works?, shown below is the link an
help me find a pci to mii converter ic. my search was fruitless. sowee about that. help pls..
could anyone provide source code for Delta sigma digital to analog converter
anyone got an information on how to create USB to IDE converter?I would pleased if anyone could help me!ü
Hello, anyone knows or have a schematic for a midi to usb converter?..I am loooking forward to experiment with a keyboard but I do not have any idea where to start...thanks.
Is it possible to have a USB to SERIAL converter using PIC micros? like 16F628?
How sampling is applicable to DATA converter ie ADC
Hi, I need a rs-232 to usb converter circuit. Can you tell me where can I find it?
i am using 8051 microcontroller along with external memory. as port 0 and port 2 are for external memory address . i have interfaced analog to digital converter (ADC 0804) output to port 0 of microcontroller . as port it can both handle address and data plz give me a small code for reading data from port 0 . without mixing address and ADC output.
Hi All, I would like to know what kind of input should be given to test the layout of Digital to Analog converter efficiently. Right now i thought of giving an Sine input through ADC command available in the ELDO. ADC_1 CLK IN B09 B08 B07 B06 B05 B04 EDGE=1 VTH=1.65 VHI=3.3 VLO=0 VINF=0 VSUP=3.3 TCOM=1NS TPD=10NS where B09 ---B04 are the i
hi all, need help on design of digital to analogue converter max of 4 bits r2r ladder using the binary bits to control a cmos switch. thanks
I'm design a chip in which it need a voltage-to-current converter to converter my voltage signal(Vin) into current signal(Iout). Now I choose the schematic as is shown below. The problem may be noise issue. There are both the resistor noise and the opamp noise. I'm not sure whether the noise performance is very poor. Anyone has idea about this
Need a very cheap way to use 220vac to connect to a 24vdc coil relay. Can some one help me? I'm trying to use OMRON G2R-214P-V-US 24VDC: CONTACT: 5A 250VAC 5A 30VDC COIL: 24 VDC Thanks in advance, Rui Caridade.
i need a circuit for resistance ladder digital to analoge converter i want to use only resistance :D
HOW we are satisfying Nquist rate in case of analog to digital in the process of continuous to sample conversion?
I am looking for an "USB to SPI" converter IC. There is a FTDI chip (ft2232) for this but its operating temperature range is not suitable for us (0 to 70 C). It must be working under zero temperature. Can you help me, please?