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I have a 230v to 15V-0-15V step down transformer without the center tap wire. Is it okay to just insert the wire in the hole (middle one) to make it work ? I have to use the 0V connection in the circuit from the transformer. Any suggestion ?
hello friend some days before iwas need to produce negative voltage with 40v and 3amp and IC LM333 fullfill my requirement but thing is that this IC is not available in my area. so if any one know any substitude for this IC or any circuit for full fill my requirement plz share with us. and re-writting my requirement as input:230v AC output
Hi all, I have a H-bridge circuit which is 1500W and operating at 25khz pwm. The power line is 230v. The logic circuit controlling the pwm is 5V. The 230v to 8V transformer supplies the 5V voltage regulator. The logic circuit and high power circuit is isolated with (...)
How to Derive three different 12v dc supplies from same 230v ac mains so that i can use it for isolating the ground using optocouplers?
Here is a simple dimmer 230v AC dimmer | circuit Project Electronic
Dear All, I am trying to implement 0-230v variable voltage control to my high voltage power supply. I am using a ceiling fan regulator to do the same. But I am not able to control the voltage. When I keep the regulator in off position, I am able to keep the power supply to the module switched off. However, when I turn on the knob, the (...)
hello, can somebody help me with my final project. i'm doing the simuliation for my voltage regulator project. i just want to know is this circuit is correct or not. i want to drop the voltage from 240v to 230v. pls can anybody help me. here i attach the matlab file together. pls help me.
What current do you expect after converting the 230vDC to 3.5 volts?
Hi, i want to design a power supply for +/- 15 V and 9 V output. The input to the unit is 230vAC supply. Can anyone give me a circuit to implement this .. please..... And which power supply is better tranformerless or tranformer circuit? Please suggest....
Where can I find a power supply circuit for my 3 v walkman ? Mains : 230v ~50Hz Thank you!