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Hi, I heard there are some regulator circuit, it can stable the provided voltage, why we need to use such kind of circuit? and how about the key parameters during design?
hi, im trying to provide power to my PCB using a 9V battery. however, the 10 pins on the left use 3.3V and the 10 pins on the right use 5V. I know i should use a voltage regulator to do so, but im afraid that my circuits basics are not that good. could someone plz explain to me how the voltage regulator circuit should (...)
Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. Recently, my lecturer gave us an assignment , the objective is to convert 12V AC power supply into between 4.9V ~ 5.3V ... So I wanna ask , how to do it ? I wish to see some simple circuit schematic diagram, so maybe I can take it as reference... Thanks :grin:
can any one give me automatic fan regulator circuit,which gets input from DAQ kit.
Would some one mind explainging how these circuit work and the difference between
I need a 12vdc 5A regulator circuit from 200vac maximum and 26vac minimum of a motor cycle Ac generator
Hi, I'm looking for a regulator circuit which can take a 12 to 15 volts coming from a bridge after a transformer and has 2 output for 3v and 5v. Thank you in advance
Hello! I need to design a charger + regulator circuit. I have a Li-Ion battery at 33.6V max/29.6V nominal, and the whole circuit should be able to output 24V and 5V. I don't need a complete schematic or anything, just ideas that could point me in the right direction. And just so you know, my background is in instrumentation and comms, (...)
Hi all... I need a regulator circuit that should give ripple as minimum as possible on load. I'm currently having a RPS which gives 600mV peak to peak ripples as i monitored on scope. It making my ADC value to get oscillate around +/-32. Can someone help me???
Hi All: My application requires regulated 300vdc at about 150 mils. I have a DC/DC converter that will handle the load, but now I need a good regulator circuit. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Garry (
Can any one provide me circuit for buck-boost regulator using discrete components Urgent
Hi everybody, I would like to make an automatic voltage regulator. It must consit voltage stablizer + surge protection. If someone have this circuit, please share me. Thank... zawminoo
How to Derive three different 12v dc supplies from same 230v ac mains so that i can use it for isolating the ground using optocouplers?
hi i have question about 7805 voltage regulator so can i put 2 of them like 7805 and 7806 in parallel to the same IN and of course with different OUT because i want to use one transformer then rectifier the AC voltage to DC then have from the tow voltage regulators to different voltages you can see the attachment to see the circuit and thanks
Dear All, I would be really happy if someone could explain how the circuit: 5A Constant Voltage/Constant Current regulator given in the LM317 datasheet works. I have built this circuit and it works like a charm. Really good circuit for experiment purposes. circuit: 70362 What are the (...)
Automotive Power Supply regulator circuit Hi I am working on a tracking system for vehicles (both cars and trucks). The system power supply is the vehicle's battery (which supplies 12V or 24, for cars and trucks respectively), which may have many fluctuations (spikes, negative voltages, noise, transient voltages, etc.). The tracking system
Hi guys, I'm making a voltage regulator to be plugged into a PC's PSU (as I'm fairly sure that they are fairly accurate. Will this circuit work? - It's for a friends PICAXE which as far as I'm aware, only draws 90mA. The reason I've got a 7809 regulator is to sort of step it down from 12v > 9v > 5v as the 78L05 which was on the PICAXE (...)
Hi, I'm trying to build a 12V, 3A voltage regulator. Attached here is the simulation schematic and LTSpice IV libraries for TL431 reference voltage IC. Can you please tell me what is going wrong here? The simulation takes ages. I have a feeling the transient analysis inputs are off but I'm not sure how and what values I should input here for a 5 se
Hi Everyone, I need help on this circuit, this circuit was designed by other engineers in my company, but, now, we have a problem. It is use to provide power to the cell phone, while I switch S7 change the voltage from 3.9V to 3.2V, there is a big undershoot that make the phone crash down. could you tell me how to fix this problem? I tried to ad
Hey Guys I want to build a motor speed regulator circuit and I've came across this schematic: 105403 Before I build it I want to understand how it works in case if I wanted to customize it. Could someone help me understand what the following parts of the circuit exactly
Dear All : How to do the slop circuit in the PWM Buck regulator circuit ? If I use the current mode PWM refulator , what is best compensation circuit , Thanks
hI I need a circuit sch for isolated dc dc converter with 5V out and 10-30V input,the output power is 3W. bye
How to calculate the capacitor value for designing voltage regulator supply(LM7805)?? any equation ??
hi there, please help me, please tell me how do this shunt regulator circuit works? and please tell me what is the advantages and the disadvantages of this circuits? thank you :)
hi there, please tell me how do this shunt regulator circuit work, and what is the advantages and disadvantages of this circuit?? thank you :)
hai BT136 600D is the name and my supply voltage is 230v .AC 600D is 600 volts I belive. Locally no high voltage Triacs are avilable .High current is available . Can anybody guide me regarding the part number of available high voltage Triacs here in INDIA? With regards Picstudent
hi there, please help me, i got a little confused with this circuit, please give a correction, is it from the circuit would be like this? if the load increases, then the current flow through the load would be decreased because of the capacitor would be discharging its charge slowly (Vc = Vload = Vin.e^-t/RC), and the voltage through the load would
hai all i am trying to make a simple poer saving circuit using 89c51 and triac do anybody have any idea or schematic? thanks in adv sunish
do you have any simple schematic for a regulator 50VDC ( 0,2A) from 42VAC. :-P
Hi, I would like to know if anybody knows what is a LDR regulator I would like some paper about this : - Dual-loop feedback for fast low dropout regulators - A novel frequency compensation technique for low-voltage low-dropout regulator Thanks by advance
I'm trying to do a phone charger for car using used components. I have attach a simple/basic regulator circuit using LM317. I want to set the output of the circuit at 6v & around 500mA. Where this is the output of my indoor charger. I tried to calculate the resistor value using this formula: Vo=1.25(1+R2/R1)+IadjR2. But can't g
Hi, The circuit attached in PDF file is to be used for 8V/200mA o/p.How can I calculate component values ie Vdc in,Zener & R3 Thanks & regards tramp
I am not able to simulate the circuit, as at the output i am not getting boosted voltage , its same as input. Their is no effect of duty cycle variation
Hi, I need a design of a voltage regulator that gives 3V / 1.5V output, and 500mA maximum load current. I tried to look for a 7803 IC, but it is not available (atleast not in my country) I want to make this regulator with transistors and commonly available ICs. Can any one help me?
please help me in finding a circuit for an AC Voltage regulator for household purposes.Voltage fluctuations are frequent in our inorder to rectify the problem i need a 230 voltage regulator circuit...
How to deal with 24v->3.3V LDO circuit? ------------------------ Goal : input : +24V~~+30V output: 3.3V , 80mA ------------------------ I plan to use "LM317" . If I input the 24V directly to LM317's input, then the efficiency is too low ( efficiency = Vout/vin = 3.3/24 =13.75% ), So I want to use a pre-regulator circuit , (...)
ASA to ALL im working on micronontroller based circuit .... circuit will drive by car bettery 12V or 24V.... in case of using simple 7805 regulator it become hotter though i screw heat sink with that regulator. pls share me some idea to make some reliable regulator cicuit. wich remain cool upto 3 amps. regards
DEAR FRIENDS, CAN SOME ONE HELP ME SUGGESTING THE circuit FOR FOLLOWING IMAGE..? can the vibrations be varied in steps some how..? please advise and help. rony. here is the
hi all! I m new in forum but I viewed this forum for a long time. I searched but I cant find. I need full circuit fior a buck circuit with its pwm controller and gate drive circuit. we will adjust the duty cycle thanks man
Hello, I currently making a design of a boost regulator drive that can output 30V with an input voltage of 3.0V to 4.5V, however, I can't find a controller that is capable of doing this. Here are the specs: Output voltage: 27V-33V Output current: 0.2A to 0.4A Input voltage: 3.0V to 4.5V (input current can be adjusted to meet the desired
I have use bandgap output as the reference of the regulator. When the regulator is sinking larege current, there will be voltage drop at power net. This affect the output of bandgap, then large variation is seen from the regulator output. How can I make the bandgap output stable? PS: If you said the PSRR of bandgap is not engouh , I (...)
The circuit is found in the following:
Hi I am required to build a moving car transit that can be moved from station to station and reverse automatically I have been given the following items which are: 1) Light Dependent Sensor circuit to detect the station. 2) Counter & Display circuit to display the Station number on the 7-segment LED display. 3) Motion Control circuit (...)
Hi, At the moment I am trying to design a very low noise power supply for a 7GHz comms circuit. The best power design I got is based on ADP3338 attached below. The circuits require 3.3V and takes in 150 mA current max. The smaller the voltage regulator circuit is, the better. Have u got a voltage (...)
Hi I have 12 V battery and I want to use it to drive 3.3V 30mA micro I/O's In my circuit i have 3.3v 1W Zener diod with series rsistance Rs,I am not getting stable output When i am varying my source voltage from 3.3 to 12v And i am using these formula to calculate Rs Imax = Watts / voltage = 1 / 3.3v = 303mA Rs= ( Vs -
Hi all, I am new to this forum and have come here with an electronic background as a technician rather than a design engineer. What I am after is a voltage regulator circuit with the following criteria. 1) Input voltage will be from Li-Po battery 2S or 3S (7.4V to 11.1V nominal fully charged 8.4V to 12.6V). 2) Be able to accept 2 input sourc
I tried to design a shunt regulator for digital power supply. The schematic is as attached. However I'm not sure whether my simulation method is correct or not. For the input current, I used series resistor (100mOhms) with 1V dc source from external power supply. (I'm not sure how to set the input current as I do not know how to define the spec for
Hi All, I am designing a push pull shunt regulator circuit for regulation of digital circuit. The block diagram is attached (PushPull_Block_Diagram.jpg). The circuit implementation is also attached (pull_up_schem.jpg --> for pull up function and pull_down_schem.jpg --> for pull down function). The basic idea of this (...)
pls., how do i get a circuit diagram for converting my 24v dc battery to 18v dc regulator supply. my load is 3A.
hi please help me on these schematics: concerning the "IC" and the pinouts , which pinouts are ,outputs, inputs