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The main difference between these two eeproms is in the way they are interfaced with something else .. The 93C46 has 3-wire serial interface (Din, Dout and Clock) whereas the 24c04 uses 2-pin I2C interface and can be easily connected to any host I2C device (or bus) .. Other differences can be found in their datasheets which are readily availa
for 24c01 to 24c16 (including 24c04) you have only 1 byte for addressing... (works fine with 24c01 and 24c02) for extra addressing you must use the 3 lower bits of I2c-address so you must chage your writing/readings routines... {the extra stuff over 0xA0 to the 3bit extra addressing... } unsigned char ReadBYTE(unsigned int Addr) {
Very nice project but its pity that this programmer dont support from 24C32 and up, such 24C128,256,512 - - - Updated - - - Maybe will be exellent to leave users to set over firmware source what 24C.. they whant on what taster, with added support for over 24C32 and up, like : T1 24C02 T2 24c04 T3 24C128 T4 24C256 T5 24C51
I am trying to make a i2c connection between 24c04 eeprom and pic16f877. I wrote the codes that need for. But I guess, it has some problem. But i can't find it. #define LC01CTRLIN H'A0' ; I2C value for CONTROL BYTE when ; INputing data to the eeprom #define LC01CTRLOUT H'A1' ; I2C value for CONTROL BYTE when ; requesting OUTput from t
Hi All, I want to interface the AT89C52 to the serial eeprom AT24c04. i did not make that be4. could anybody send the scematic and the program to read & write to the eeprom??? could u help?? hope so thanks alot bye :D Ahmed
Hi all, I know there are some pretty big difference between these eeprom memory. But I forget what it is. The difference could be in the acknowledge bit or the write protection pin. I just can't find the difference. All I remember was that I have to change my design last time when one of the particular mfg. have too long a lead time. Anyone
hi friends, can some one guide me how to write the serial data comming from pc. to the eeprom like 24c04..? i m using 89c51 MCU from ATMEL and using KAIL UV-2 to program it in "c" i can take the serial data out on the ports.. but i am stuck at how to write it to the eeprom like 24c04 and read it back.. on serial port..( (...)
hi friends, can some one guide me how to write the serial data comming from pc. to the eeprom like 24c04..? i m using 89c51 MCU from ATMEL and using KAIL UV-2 to program it in "c" i can take the serial data out on the ports.. but i am stuck at how to write it to the eeprom like 24c04 and read it back.. on serial port..( (...)
Use Atmel/philips 24c04 I2C based eeprom and interface it with your micro by writing a siple routine to make two pins of your micro work as I2C
Hi: I have made a USB serial eeprom programmer recently. I wanna find a partner to sell this production. below is the feather of this production. 1. 8 bit MCU, support self-updata firmware. - easy to updata for future serial eeprom (Support IAP) 2. USB port interface - easy to connect and support PnP 3
I use the DSPIC 30F4011 for my project. When I config to protect code. The eeprom alway readed is 0x00. My PCb have designed without the external eeprom such as 24c04 ... Please help me ! Thanks a lot !
It's possible via the parallel port .. Here is an example with bigger eeprom, but the same principle applies to the 24c04: Also, see: MemPlus 1.2 works with a lot of eeproms .. IanP :| /* * 24C32_1.C * * Illustrates how to write to
24c64 has a different frame format compared to other eeproms .. 24c04 and 24c64 frame format differs.. please check the datasheet for more details.........
Hi, im working with 24c04 eeprom I have done already a working code but I cannot understand exactly about the terms of addresses.. I just did the code with trial and error method and it worked but I want to know exactly the right approach.. 24c04 is 4kB eeprom according to datasheet. 4kB = 4096 = 15bits of (...)
Dear Sirs, Please help me by guiding me to correct the Code i have written. I am using Hyper Terminal for inputting 8 Bytes of data to 8051, which has to be written in to eeprom 24c04 at ADDR 0A0H From RAM location 30H to 37H. After writing cycle is completed, I want to read from eeprom and again save in RAM starting location from (...)
I know, due to the difference in address width we can't use code for 24C02 while using 24C1024. But I have used 24c04 instead of 24C02 & it is working alright. So my question is that whether code will change for every eeprom or it is applicable for group. I will explain my doubt further. Code A will work for 24C02/04/08, code B will work for 24C
It uses I2C/TWI. So, you can use the I2C library of mikroC. Here's the related link with an example of 24C02. Read the datasheet of the 24c04 and you can program the eeprom as required. You can find an example here:
I am using 24C64 with Atmega32, the concept is borrowed from that of Data-logger from To increase memory I wish to use 24C256 and for some trials I tried to use 24c04. The routines for eeprom are taken from the files from the above link i.e. 24C64.h and 24C64.c. Now the question is th
Hello What is total size of 24c02 24c04 24c08 Ic? Somewhere I find its 2KB, 4KB and 8KB organized in 8 pages. Is this true? Because on sveral internet locations I find that is lots smaller. How to access to each page in eeprom to edit data in some software like PonyProg,... How to access for reading and writing on each page over I2C ?
HI, I have one problem in VSMproteus.... I used At89c2051 and 24c04a for simulation I2C and I can't read I2C data byte ... is steel 0 value ... but in log view I2C is data ok read.... I connect SCL-P3.0 and SDA-P3.1.... I2C_read: SETB SDA MOV b,#8 I2C_R: CALL I2C_wait ;(nop's sub) SETB SCL MOV C,SDA CLR SCL RLC A
hi this orion programmer schematci,software and pcb knowing that this progrramer(interface)is called universal programmer Serial eeprom bcz its support the folloeing eroms: 24c00 24c01 24c02 24c04 24c08 24c16 24c32 24c64 24c65 24c128 24c164 24c174 24c256 24c512 25010 25020 25040 25080 25128 25160 25256 25320 25512 25640 2913 2914 2919 2922
Hi! I wrote this program to check the endurance limit of an eeprom(24c04). It writes and erases a specific location in the eeprom. The no. of times the eeprom is successfully written is displayed on a 4 * 20 lcd. I am posting the complete code. You can copy the lcd functions and use them for ur own purpose because (...)
hi i am trying to use TWI on atmega8, i want to write single byte 0xaa on eeprom 24c04 .i am simulating it in proteus.i dont get ack response when i send device address to eeprom ,so i send repeated start condition,i have pulled up the sda and scl lines,also address i use is 0xa0, with all address pins of eeprom gnd in (...)
I'm looking for simple software to use to view eproms type 24C02,24c04 and 24C08 and to copy/write into these tv memories. I also need the schematics for the hardware to use. I have tried the ponyprog with little success. tendi..
PIC 16f877 can be interfaced with eeprom 24c04 using I2C. find out more about pic , eeprom, I2C and atleast try n write a program.. if you face any problem we can giv u suggestion for correcting the program. Good Luck
eeprom can be programmed using i2c protocol... you can download eeprom 24c04 data sheet and go through it once.... understand i2c protocol.. it will be very useful in future also.. get some basic stuff about i2c basics and read it.... ---------- Post added at 22:28 ---------- Previous post was at 22:25 ----------[/SIZ
I'm making a distance measuring vehicle.i use pic 18f452.counted data will store at external eeprom when i plug via rs232 to the pc data will show in hyper terminal..i use pic c compiler.will somebody help me to code this project.I'm new.
Hi all. I've got lcd smartie 2x16 board from sure electronics. Board is in version 1. There is many components missing comparing to v2 and v3 boards. can somebody having v2 or v3 post picture of the board? I want to add temperature sensor (LM75), eeprom (24c04) and some resistors to upgrade my board. I was looking everywhere and there is no i