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Please: I need design FIR and IIR Digital Filter on pic microcontroller. I need schematic and code.Please, I need any information. Thank you... :cry:
I need help with TEC controller based on pic or any other microcontroller.
Hi All, I am looking for POCSAG encoder based on pic processor. I need to know any more about POCSAG protocol. How I can control 10-15 receivers. Any software ? Any ideas ? Thanks, Pioneer_007
Hello all, I'm searching for a 1Hz to 100Hz frequency meter based on pic16F877 or pic16F84 for measuring Mains Frequency. I've already searched for the same but ended with 50Mhz frequency which gives error when measuring lower frequencies of 1 to 100 Hz. Any advice/links will be appreciated.
Where I can find an examples of using interrupt (including the header) for ADC on pic?
Okay, okay, people have been so negative as to the idea of a pic playing MP3 files (even just 8kbps) so I have thought of an idea. How about a pic playing WAV files? When I get my pic interfaced to a HDD, then I'll be able to play WAV files. I won't have a file system, but instead lists of bytes with data. So, any idea as to how to play (...)
did anyone tried to run somehow code from RAM on pic? i made it with motorola HC08 micrcontrollers - that have Von Neumann's architecture making easy to jump from code space to data space with loaded program, but pic are Harward architecture based with separate data and code spaces. my idea is to load a little piece of code from outside to RAM an
hi all here i find a good tutorial on pic MCU,hope it might be useful. regards john
where can i get help on pic 18f452 other than datasheets provided by anybody out there who can help me out........
I am not sure yet, but it seems that BCF and BSF instructions on pic 18F series behave very odd when a PORT is set to input mode. For example, if you do this: MOVLW 255 MOVWF TRISB BCF PORTB, 0 BSF PORTB, 1 then it seems there is no effect when using those instructions. However, if you do this: MOVLW 255 MOVWF TRISB MOVLW 2
Hi All, I want material on pic Microcontroller, any e-links or pdf, or documents..please share Thanks...
I am look out for EBooks on pic microcontroller. Please send me the all the book on pic.
do any one can guide me how to implement P_Q theory on pic micro controller used for spectrum analyzer !?
Hello to all, I wanted to start desgining Sin Wave UPS based on pic microcontroller. I want to strart a poll here if people are interested and want to work with me on this project we can share our work and experience. I have experties of both hardware and software with a small team with it. I need good people who have exposure in this field.
Please can any one help me with links to any good book on pic. Please I need it for a project I'm corrently working on. Thanks
:?:I want to make my on pic programmer.I read about pickit 2 .I want to make this can any body help me.......................................................
hi guys can any ony tell me where to write an AT command on pic 16f877A ? pleassssssseeeeeeeeeeee :cry:
can anyone help me? I've got a problem with the code I'm working on. For a while it was kicking out of the program when RA0 and RA1 were both low. I've played with it and now when RA0 and RA1 are low, it runs a bit then gives me a stack overflow error on pic Simulator IDE. Where am I going wrong?? Oh, and that bit at the beginning with errorlevel t
does any one know how to record voice on pic ((16F or 18F) record and u can hear the recorded voice???
hi friends pl any body help me about 48volt \1kva on line ups based on pic microcontrller.
I have a strange issue on pic Microcontroller.Whenever i place my hand above microcontroller at a distance of few centimeters the controller restarts.Note that I don't touch the controller instead i place hand in air above controller.What is this and how to solve this issue
I wana work on pic Micro controller if any one have video lecturs on pic programming and interfacing please helpe
I am a new member here... I dont know if it is a valid question... Is asking for free links on some books allowed? i am financially not good to buy textbooks. i learn from hearing others talk and seeing others program. i want too learn pic programming. many of my friends read it, but not willing to share with me. can anyone post any li
I am trying to recieve 1 character using the USART feature on pic 16. Both the transmitter and receiver are both pic 16s. Can i check if the way to call the receive function is correct conceptually char tmp; CREN = 0; CREN = 1; while(!RCIF); if(OERR==1) { tmp = RCREG; tmp = RCREG; CREN=0; DelayMs(5); CREN=1; }
i want to build a electronic lock using password saved in eeprom and ****asterisk based when pressing buttons. I didnt find yet any helpful link to accomplish this task with pic microcontroller by using c or basic. Do have any idea or capability to help me???
i need to turn Timer1 on that on pic 16F877A for a time and then turn it off, then displaying the period of the time on LCD my circuit on protues: 91059 can anyone help me in coding this !!! i'm using Mikroc language
hi i made a little project based on pic 16f8777a to convert a analog pot movement (from zero to 5v) to binary value on 8 led attached to portd. Everything works pretty fine and i want to do a modification that when i rotate the pot the led lights up linearly like a progress bar. i use assembler to write my program and i use proteus to simulate
Guys, How can I reduce 16 counter on pic assembler ? I've done this code but only reducing the low part of the counter, it didn't reduce the high part, how can I reduce all of them ? What do I miss here ? any helps will be appreciated, thanks movf LedTimer,w ;for every 10 counts btfss ST
I am having trouble developing a 38khz signal (for an IR LED signal) on a pic16F687. I would also like to program the pic in C (since I HATE assembly). Could someone please help and send some code if possible? Thanks for your time and assistance!
Has anybody seen a pic routine for PPM ? Any info greatfully recieved. Schmitt :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:
Hello , Somebody can share information about how to make a interface based on pic microcontroller to drive a hard disk. I want record B/W video to hard disk. Any information is appreciated. Regards Garfield :roll:
I used to program pic's in circuit with good old Tait Serial programmer connected to parallel port and using ICProg1.05a. This seems not to work with Xp/AMD2200. So, I'm looking for a SMALL design which can program pic's in circuit and also works with Icprog and Xp. It should be a reliable programmer. Don't like JDM, cause it doesn't progra
Hi guys. I have a problem with my first pic micro. I use pic18c801 with an external EPROM. And after switching on the power supply, signal OE (output enable) of the micro is high. And it never goes low to read a code from a eprom. What can I do? I really need help!!! Best regads
Hi there, Please give me an idea to solved my problem. I 'm using 16F84A I create 1 variable as a memory address pointer named as pointer and i want the pic microcontroller to write a data to the address mention inside the variable address. example my data is 5 and address inside the variable pointer is 20h. Pointer equ 10h data equ
Hi there, hope you guys dont mind me starting this post and throw in general and simple questions regarding pic from time to time. Newbie here...need help. Thanks in advance. Would like to ask, if you guys mind explaining regarding the following instruction in pic: cblock 0x20 MULTA MULTB endc Would like to ask what
hi... as the topic title above
Hi, I have some doubts on programing pic 16F872 using assembly language. 1) Can a program have more than one interrupts ? If so, may I know how to set priority? so that two interrupt will not clash together ? 2) at the beinging of a program org 0x000 goto start ;skip over location pointed to by ; interrupt vector
hi all, I'm trying to do this project: speaking clock using pic16f84, ds1302 & isd2590 I have an example of a quite similar project, as enclosed. can anyone help me to modify the program so that i dont have to use dcf77 to set the time? any help will be much appreciated.
hello everybody!! i'm lookin for a code in .asm to implement PI controller on pic microcontroller.... can anybody help me out!!!!!!!!
hello nid some. I am usin a sensor lm35 to measure temperature and feeding this to a pic 16f872 thru RA0 which is an A/D port. Is it ok if i directly input the voltage from the sensor to the pic. The voltage is in mV e.g a temperature of 26 degrees gives a voltage of 260mV. Am tryin to avoid an amplifier. Also if someone can help me with the n
i want books in pic 16f877
need to write a few eeprom bytes after power loss. What may be my solution alternatives? battery, supercap, ... ? and how to switch back and forth? anybody has practical experience doing it? regards
Hi everybody, I want to make a menu with some functions like in this video from youtube. I have no idea, can anybody help me? Thanks Elson
can i use pic 16f877a to change the frequency on the output for square wave i need the user select the value of the frequency and diseply it on lcd :?::?::?:
Hi, I have developed a pic programming / training board (called pic-EL III) that may be of interest to folks here. It goes along with a free on-line pic training course (called Elmer-160). It is specifically designed with the radio amateur in mind - supporting hardware components that radio amateurs typically want to (...)
Anyone can suggest a AVR/89 programmer based on a pic microcontroller. I don't like GTP USB plus because it is not a free.
HI for what kind of projects are you using USB port of pic microcontroller, I am currently using it for ADC application using CDC driver on computer side
Ok hope that somebody could help. I tried a simple program on Fuzzytech Pro edition, basically one input and one output and two rules 1 If input low output off. 2 If input high output on. I want use this on a pic 16F74 micro-controller. I compiled to C in fuuzytech and this is the code obtained. wat the??? How can i get this in a form the
Hello, First time poster here. I am currently working on a side project and would like to develop an IR remote control transmitter and receiver. I would like to have 3 or 4 channels (momentary on-off) using a Microchip pic (probably 16F). The output of the receiver would probably go into another pic or CPLD. I would also lik
Hi All, I am working on a project which need to make the pic microcontroller acts like an ANN. I decided to choose the pic18F452. The ANN (backpropagation/Multi-Layer Perceptron) was train first using MATLAB. After that, the input and output weights obtained from the MATLAB will be used in the microcontroller. However, since there is not enough