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Hi there Peace on you all, I'm designing a 3rd order mechanical filter and using electromechanical analogy i transformed it to equivalent electrical circuit and i want to simulate it on Cadence to see its frequency response but 'floating nodes' error faces me everytime and i need help to know what is wrong 92925
You could make a cascade of 3rd order and next two 2nd order butterwoth filters. The solution for 2nd and 3rd order filters you can find here:
hey there... i've got question regarding 1st order butterworth filter... i'm using Multisim software.. Question.. Design a first order butterworth low pass filter with cut-off frequency fo = 20 kHz and the gain K = 1. You will need to simulate the circuit using Multisim and shows that (...)
Hi All, I was trying to analyze 2nd order low pass butter worth filter. I have attached the image below. I have few questions unresolved. I understand that , 2nd order filter response can be achieved by just connecting C1 bottom terminal to ground. Again we can provide gain independently from active device close loop gain (...)
Very unusual. It is a classical lowpass with a series capacitor at the input that attenuates low frequencies and dc. You are asking for the center frequency - but how do you define (in this 3rd order case) the center frequency? Edit: Classical bandpass responses are of 2nd order (or n=4,6...). In this (unusual) case with n=3, you have two
I am supposed to simulate the spectrum of first order butterworth filter using DFT... However, I have no clue on what sample function to use... Anyone care to help?
Dear forum members and experts, I have some questions regarding the measurement of my taped-out active 3rd order butterworth filter.I am trying to extract the bode diagram of the filter. I attach a screenshot that contains the schematic of the board (PCB) where the filter is placed. The (...)
First, if the full scale of your 16-bit adc is 5V, the LSB is actually 76uV (5/2^16)... Again, the filter will not affect the resolution of the ADC but, of course, it will affect the amplitude of the input signal and therefore your SNR. One of the missing pieces is how much you want to attenuate the 4.8kHz and why do you need to do it with a 3rd
Hello I can't find the transfert function of this filter What is the best method to fidn the transmitance of it ? What is the form of the transmitance should I have ? Does the 3rd order low pass filter is always the product of the f
h0w do I derive a loop filter coefficient to implement design for a 3rd order sigma delta modulator in chain of inetgrator, weighted feed forward summation which has a high pass butterworth NTF with a normalised cut off frequency at 1/16
Some lecture notes states that butterworth filter is monotonic in both pass band and stop band. However, I believe it is not true, only if all poles's angle >45°. Then, why some people call this type of filter, maximally flat? thanks, Neoflash
Why the pass band gain of a low pass/High pass butterworth filter is 1.586?
I want 4kHz LPF, I design R=780K, C=10pF, and 3 same RC in series, the -3dB is about 4KHz, is the design right? if right but the size is too big to integrate in IC, can anyone give me some instruction to design a low cost LPF, thanks!
HI I am trying to design a low pass maximally flat RF filter the design requirments are set so that the filter is to be designed to be matched to a 50 ohm line i have calculated all of the components and matched the components to the line, in the design specification it is asking me to obtain a value for the reflection coeficient of less than
Hello I need to design FIR filter with cutoff frequency 100 Hz (with attenuation 3 dB at cutoff frequency), sampling frequency = 1000Hz and having 3rd order butterworth characteristics, using the various types of window functions Can anyone give me some ideas on how to do this? Also, could you please tell me how to do (...)
What are the rules when choosing the PWM frequency (period), and the corresponding flter for audio applications? For instance, I have used PWM frequency of 8KHz with a 4th order butterworth filter with cut-off frequency of 3.8 KHz, and a very powerful (and annoying) frequency of 8KHz is present in the output signal. Considering the (...)
Hi, can anyone tell me how to design a 3rd-order sima-delta modulator for a 14bit ADC?
I am using SONNET software to design a 4th order microstrip filter. The problem is, I was facing some problems to determine the correct gap of the resonator, as well as the ke. I can't get the equal characteristic ripple in my pass band simulation result. I need some advices...
Hi, can pls explain how does the low pass butterworth filter of 5 poles and cutoff freq of 2Khz works after demodulation.. with a message freq of 100hz and carrier freq of 2khz.. Thanks, :D
i need to do 2 tone test for LNA , i am doing HB simulation for 2 tones but i don't know how to find out the intercept point of 'fundamental' and '3rd order harmonic'........can anyone help me ? Please it is urgent ......
Hi there,, I am tyring to desing a 2nd order butterwort filter @ 4khz, I am using sallen-key desing approach... however my gain is 7.4 db.. i want to make it unity gain.. can anyone help me figureing out unity gain.
Hi, Suppose you have an CMOS differential amplifier which has 2 exactly matched transistors.assume the transistors acts acording to the square law model. since this is differential amplifier, the second order terms are in phase and thus cancell each other and you dont have 2nd order distortion as expected. my question is, why there is (...)
hi what's 3rd order intercept point? pls explain
hi ,i am new to filter designing and want to know how can i design higher order bandpass filter using only L,R,C components.I don't want to use any active components.e.g. amplifier. Any relevant material in this regard would be helpful. Thanks. Wajhat.
Hi, I have decided to design second order loop filter. Actually what is the trade-off between loop filter bandwidth and jitter peaking. Maybe you all can give references on this issue. thanks in advance
Hi, all I want do design a 3db bandwidth of 10MHz 3 order butterworth filter, what about the OP bandwidth of this design, 10MHz, 20MHz, 30MHz, 40MHz or any others? thanks
I understand well the aspect mathematic of butterworth filter. My problem now is, how to calculate the coefficients of the denominator of the transfer function in s-domain of an analog butterworth filter without looking up in the table? Of course, we are given a fomula to calculate the poles of a low pass (...)
I just want 4kHz LPF, I design R=780K, C=10pF, and 3 same RC in series, the -3dB is about 4KHz, is the design right? if right but the size is too big to integrate in IC, can anyone give me some instruction, thanks!
I am trying to implement a 3rd order CT sigma delta mod in simulink.I first need to implement the discrete time version.This is the block.I donno how to start off.The SD toolbox takes parameters of OSR and order and gives a 3rd order I use the same NTF to compute the k values in this block. Also after (...)
why can't we use a 2nd order DLL and wht is the modification by using the second order DLL.. even though we use DLL to change the phase differnce then wht is the purpose of using the 2nd order loop filter.
Hi, I'm trying to design a passband filter working in 869MHz centre frequency with a slope that assures 15 dB min. attenuation at 50MHz away from centre frequency. With a circuit simulator I designed a 3rd order Chebychev filter which could solve my problems. In particular I've made the filter giving to (...)
Hi, rg350dxlover ! Quote: I'm supposed to design a 3rd order butterworth low-pass filter and so I combined 1st order and 2nd order butterworth low-pass. Perhaps I misunderstood your wording, however, just to avoid an error: If you combine a first (...)
Need circuit diagram for Active low pass filter (4th order) for cutoff frequency 3.4khz using lm324
Thank you! To drive the second filter resistor with a low impedance. I guess the output to the filter is a charge pump or something that cannot drive a resistor directly. Why a charge pump can't drive a resistor dircetly? The loop filter without the buffer is a 3rd order loop filter (...)
I have made a 3rd order complex filter , when performing noise analysis using cadence , i put noise sources at both the inputs of I and Q channel , and saw the output noise at the I or Q channel , it was 45nV/sqrt(hz) . when i measured the input referred noise at the I or Q channel , it was about 100nV/sqrt(hz) although the gain is 0dB . So (...)
Hi, I have designed a 3rd order CIC filter. However, the bitwidths I require for each of the integrators appear to be much bigger than I anticipated by calculation. The filter can be summarised as: Over Sampling Rate (OSR) = 512 Differential Delay (D) = 1 order = 3rd (...)
Hi, Call people help me understand what is the attached 3rd order modulator's design type? Like MASH, FF3... So that I can search for related literatures. Thanks. Neo
I figured out that the NTF is indeed quite flat in that band. It is a 3rd order modulator with cascaded integrator and feed-forward
Hi, I've done the correlation of the noise power of a 3rd order modulator. Its block diagram is shown below. I've two results to be compared: 1. Using closed-form formula and do integration. 2. Using verilog-HDL model and post process data in matlab to obtain the noise power. The results are respectively 0.47 and 0.5037. I would l
Hi guys, my task is to cascade a 2nd order butterworth LPF with a 2nd butterworth HPF, individually my 2 filters function exactly as I want, however when I connect them together (ie LPF -> HPF) I do not get any passband, when my LPF -3dB frequency is 10kHz and my HPF's -3dB frequency is 5kHz... is it the way im connecting (...)
Can't you look at the frequency response in Matlab. You've completely speced out the filter above (3rd order, D=256, CIC).
Hello all, I need to design a IIR 2nd order notch filter with notching frequency of 50 Hz. & 500 Hz as sampling rate. Matlab HDL code generator is not generating the code. can anyone suggest me something or provide me a VHDL code for the same. thanks in advance
Hello, Iam designing 6th order butherworth LPF and need help in solving equations like how to calculate Rs and Cs of each stage and what specifications we need to consider for OTA. Bye
Do you think there is an implementational cost difference between a 4th order biquad and a 8th order butterworth? If i say that, more or less, i need 2 integrating capacitor per pole, then i need the same for both. Is there any application where a biquad is prefereable to a buttenworth?? Thank you very much.
Without a series resistor, the DAC output would show a strong non-linearity. To reduce the PWM ripple effectively without inacceptable response time, a 2nd or 3rd order butterworth low-pass (using one buffer OP) is preferable. The buffer also allows to reduce the filter capacitor size to < 1 uF and use high quality capacitors.
Dear All, Does anybody have any experience such that while designing an Sallen-key active filter you encountered a situation like this - I. I am simulating a 2nd order butterworth filter designed using SK topology. II. using ideal opamp I ma getting accurate transfer characteristic - i.e. calculated complex-conjugate (...)
Dear all, I want to ask a simple question: Why high order active filter can violate Barkhausen's criteria? For instance, if want to design a third-order low pass active filter, there will be three integrators in the loop. In other words, the phase margin is easily less than 0 degree. When we design an active (...)
Electronic Circuit Collection: Scratch and Rumble filter circuit and description The above link shows a circuit that I am trying to redesign using a more readily accessable transister. Therefore I am try to getthe jist of how it was designed. I tried to dev
Hi, i want to learn about 3rd-order Compression Point (IP3) & RF amplifiers in general ,Im a beginner in RF field..Can somebody recommend me some good books to start with?? Thanks n Regards
Hey gentlemans! Hi I need a simple way to high order passive filter design. Is here any idea? With appreciate Goldsmith