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hi friends.. how do design timer and PLL using VHDL.. if anyone have sample code sent it thanks..
hi,I have an project of CNG billing system design.i have to use interrupt and timer using atmega32.i want to check if a pin is high.when the pin is high than interrupt occurs.when interrupt occurs timers start to count upto 5 sec.within this time again interrupt comes and (...)
looking for 《Basic ESD and I/O design》 / Warning #1 - Don't post same requst twice!
RF and Microwave Oscillator design ISBN 1-58053-768-5 Michal Odyniec, Editor 416 pages. Artech house Please upload. I would like to have this book for a long time, I do appreciate if someone can upload it.
RF and Microwave Oscillator design Artech House ISBN 1-58053-768-5 Michal Odyniec, Editor 416 pages. If anyone has this book please upload. thanks a million.
Hi All, I am an ASIC/SOC designer and verificationer, and I am very interested in the fields of DSP and Wireless comunication. I believe the two fields should be very hot in the coming years. So how to learn the two fields quickly in the hardware (...)
Hi! I'm looking for a book by Randy Bancroft called "Microstrip and Printed Antenna design". Does anyone have in an e-book form? meg
Hi All, I have 2 weeks left before the courses in RF and low power analog and mixed signal design IC start. What is the correct methodology to have a deep understanding of this fields. By what should I start etc... where could I find valuable exercices ? I (...)
I have found this: Basic ESD and I/O design by Sanjay Dabral, Timothy Maloney Hardcover: 328 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.88 x 9.52 x 6.41 Publisher: Wiley-Interscience; 1 edition (November 30, 1998) But I have no enough point to download,can anyone send it to me? Is there any other design about ESD (...)
hi all, I have a timer interrupt problem. When i use timer 1 & external interrupt together, i disable All interrupt and enable it again when leaving the function. If there is external interrupt, it may miss the the timer intrrupt. Am i true??? So, if I want to allow both interrupt to happen even in (...)
Hi, can some one provide me materials or links of what is an error amplifier and how to design an error amplifier. How is an error amplifier different than a differential amplifier. Thanx in advance
BroadGalaxy is a company dedicated in RFIC and RF module design. If you are having an idea of shrinking your circuit board, or make it more reliable, less power -eating, or you need to go to a high volume production, you may talk to us. Please view our website first at . We are in China, but our key designers are from N.A, we
Does anybody has soft copy of book on ESD and IO circuit design.
how does mixed signal design differ from analog design? how shjould i start studying mixed signal design?
hi every one, i want to start my career in analog and mixed design side and i am doing my project right now in fpga vhdl coding . i wnat to know what are the basic things i should prepare for future in mixed signal designer and (...)
I wanna write a perl script to control and run a design flow . I'd like my script can find and print each level depth module(submodule) of netlist after RTL synthesis. Another words:When given a netlist, the chosen depth of submodule and nodes can be listed out just use "cmd (...)
Can any one provide me with Practical and analog filter design:Les thede Yours Thankfully Ram
Hi, Basically you need to use the 555 timer in MONOSTABLE mode. See one of the many links on that circuit of this link and scroll down to Monostable circuits Make sure to read and understand the section under More about triggering to avoid any (...)
can anyone suggest which vendors tools are best for analog and mixed signal design flow out of cadence, mentor and synopsys..... and what are the various criterions to be seen to compare amon them?????if anyone has some good paper on this then plz do post it...
Clock and Flip-Flop design Issues
hi all, I am using ATmega1280 uC and IAR Embedded Workbench IDE for programming and simulation. I have written a LED blink program that is working fine . I have written interrupt based code for USART and timer but those are not working fine, when i simulated (...)
Hi, I want to know the difference between the Lacth based and flop based design. What are the difference between these two and which one is better. How we can take care of this in design. If any one can tell with some examples, it would be great. If some time has some good material, (...)
what is the core limted design and pad limited design?
Hi, I need to implement driver for CAN and timer Drivers?Tell me some links which can help me?
Difference between the layout in Custom design and Semi-Custom design? Thanx in advance for the valuable reply
Hello im praveen i need info on timer in PIC 16f877 other than data sheet and midrange manual. I mean i need practical application of timer and how we can use them as a timer and counter please tell me.....
effct of ground, and gap to design monopole antenna,what should be the dia of radiation box in hfss
Hi i'm using PADS software, does anyone knows how to do simulation on impedance control and high speed design in this software ?
Hi, Difference between chip design and block level design ?
hai frnds please help me for semi custom design and full custom design flow .. thanks wiith regards vamsi
hi all, i am a fresh graduate , masters, from Oregon state University. I am a question as i am going to start my career as analog and mixed signal design engineer. I was wondering if it is good and advantageous to begin IC design career in a middle order company as opposed to a very big (...)
I am an electronics engineer with over 10 years experience in CMOS integrated circuits design and CMOS/BiCMOS IC layout design . If you need my services in IC layout design and PCB layout design please find more details at (...)
can anyone tel me de relation of DSP and Digital vlsi design?
I wanna ask you if there are a possibility to design a swithces based on HBT ? Else could you plz give an introduction to RF and MW swithces design and theory . 10x
what is the difference between a timer and a counter??
good afternoon. can you please help us how to make a program for timer and for a stepper motor using pic16f628a? tnx
hi guys...i am a starter guys please let me know wat the function of a splitter is...and how we design it...splitter after pfd in a charge pump pll....btw i am using differential charge pump... please see the attachment below....
Use this calculator:
Hey guys.. I'm quite unfamiliar on how to use timer and interrupt in the said microcontroller. I am using mikro C and I have this project were the program has to do 2 sets of operation, one is to continuously monitor a certain adc level, and the next is to send the (...)
Hi friend....... thanks for help... am getting the count. but the thing is the count am getting is not correct. actually am generating 1kHz by using 555 timer and giving it to T1, and am counting it but for 1s MC giving just 20 count here is the delay routine pl.. tell me is it right.... (...)
How to calculate Die size for core limited and Pad limited design? please any one help me to solve this type of problems
Can anyone help? We need to use special function of the microcontroller like watchdog timer, timer, and interrupt for our project. We are using assembly language, we are going to use those in LED, 7 segment and LCD. I have here a sample program of our running lights of LED. ORG 0H (...)
Need LNA and Power Amplifier design Equations. Please post the equations and suggest some books too. Thanks in Adv.
It is a conventional etching tank equipped with a flat aquarium with aeration and heaters. The enclosed heaters are along with temperature sensor and there is no loose elements nor cables inside. Plastic grille was m
Dears i want to know, what is the difference between VLSI system design and VLSI circuit design? thanks
can any one explain the what we do in top level design and low level design? In which design,design is broken in to Flipflops and gates?
Hi guys, I would like to ask how to make a proper and professional mechanical design QC procedure for a product. All I can come up with is some tests that depend on the mechanical sense of the tester but I don't feel that is enough so I need any example on how any manufacturer do these kind of tests.
I want to get a dedicated timer and clock circuit using 89s52 to switch on at 6.30 pm and and off at 6.30 am every day my porch light in my absense
I'm new to PIC programming. Can someone please tell me what are the factors that I should be concerned about when setting ADC and timer clock inputs. I have given a project to complete but this is not my study area. I'm learning everything from the beginning. I've written the code but I need it to be accurate. I'm using CCS C. Thanks in (...)
can i configure the TMOD to be used both as a timer and a counter at the same time, say TMOD=0x25?