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On 2001-09-17 08:54, Robin Hood wrote: This free 555 timer design program provides for four operation modes (3 astable, 1 monostable), plus 16 application examples, and timer/component specifications. File size: 253KB Thanks for sharing
I know basic electronics from years ago, and now want to design a timer that has several settings. What I'm trying to design is a timer that has several settings for off time (say 1 day, 2 days, 4 days and 1 week), and (...)
Hi, For 1), you can use two 555. The first one as a monostable and the second one as an astable. The astable period be the blinking period of the LED diode. The monostable period should be 5 second. The monostable output (3) should be connected to the reset pin (4) of the astable.
Hello. I would like to modify a timer's design I have built, but do not have electronics workbench any more sad.gif I do not know that much about electronics, I've built a few velleman kits, made radio's as a kid. Kinda basic working knowledge.but with gaps. When I was at uni part of the computer course involved using Electronics workbench. T
Couldn't open the schematic. Anyway the design have been used before and also there is a version that use a 555 timer and diferent RC constants for each key. Micro use a timer for frequency measuring instead of ADC port. But there is a problem in both (...)
Im using the AM Transmitter and Receiver Pair along with the RF600 enoder and decoder. I have constructed my PCB, the output is going to a 555 timer with a basic pair of LEDs and a buzzer. At the moment when I press the learn switch the status LED on the (...)
you can find uA741 and 555 in every basic circuit book, these are study examples for analog designer is the home page of the designer's of the 555 (Hans Camenzid) But it is not clear for me, maybe you are looking for application. This topic is for IC design, not for (...)
I am trying to build an LED chaser using 4017 decade counters and a 555 timer chip. My design is based on that from this website, with a few changes: Instead of using 9 LED's, I wanted to use 12, which required a third 4017. I basically daisy chained it into the loop, so that now IC
Hello, I actually just designed a small buck converter myself (12v -> 5v). The design was pretty simple, 555 timer and P-Channel/N-Channel mosfets to a homemade torroid. I calculated my efficiency to be about the same as yours. I don't understand what (...)
this link could prove to be another revolution.
This page has the equations and a calculator 555 Calculator Also check 555 and 556 timer Circuits Alex
Hi, I'd like to design a circuit such that at first, the circuit is completely powered off. The user pushes a switch, which injects power into the circuit. Then a mechanism maintains the power active, even if the switch has been released. At a later about 3 seconds, when the circuit does no longer need power, it cuts its own power and (...)
Hi, Any solid reason is there for choosing 4060 IC as an 3second monostable circuit. The same can be easily achived with 555 timer.
Use a simple 555 circuit- ASTABLE OSCILLATOR CALCULATOR R1=120k, R2=68k and C=220uF Theoretically results t1=29s/t=10s :grin: LM555 timer Circuits
hi can anyone explain the relationship between control voltage and pwm output of a 555 timer. searched a lot but could not get one.
Google "555 astable multivibrator" and look at a few of the websites you get back. There are MANY that talk about how the circuit works... all the way down to the nitty-gritty details about the level comparisons and current mirrors inside the 555 IC.
hii, I have to design a flyback smps of o/p power 3W. I want to use 555 timer as PWM oscillator and control the duty cycle from 0 to 50% using control voltage. 1. In what configuration 555 timer will be configured, whether astable or monostable mode 2. How can i (...)
The formula is: T = 1.1 * Ra * C C could be 470uF or 220uF in your case. I already used 555 for such long time to control my 3 refrigerators so that they start one after another when mains voltage returns after cut-off. Kerim PS: The leakeage current of C will affect the time, by making it longer. But if it is relatively high then time w
This is my voltage stabalizer that I found in one of those old analogue electronics book. Need it for my project and had built it but it didn't work 68931 I also need to use a h-bridge to convert my DC battery to AC sinewave. The circuit used is shown below 68932 I cant seem to get both of em' workin
There are also many on line calculators, they can do the job but I'm not sure if you will learn anything. Alex
these two componets are also used to design filters. capacitors are also used for dc battery stability (to eliminatea/c flutuations). caps are used for timing (by charging and discharging through resistors) in 555 timer circuits. etc
im using Agilent ADS 2009. how to create a 555 timer? please help. im a newbie in this software.
The 555 timer IC can be used to do what you want. Example hits using an internet search: The concept is also known as a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). There's the question of linear response. Do yo
a 150W switchmode power supply with 555 timer: it cheapest method to design such switch mode power supply.
I have a 555 timer in monostable mode. When the 555's output is active, it drives a transistor which drive a dpdt relay which drive a motor. I need to know how to make a circuit that can detect when motor the stop because of a jam. Since the 555 has a reset pin, a circuit that sends a logic 1 to the reset pin when the (...)
Here are two 555 design programs.
u can try PWM with 555 timer? :)
What frequency / range are you looking for on output ? 555 is simple and crude, assuming a linear input, but if you say used a PIC or AVR with A/D on board, you could program the O/P on an I/O pin and code define the tables yourself and compensate for any adjustments on (...)
Well my idea is a bit different. I would use PC sound card for it. If 555 timer is used as voltage controlled oscillator then the pulse width of the output waveform can be detected using some programming. I haven't implemented it yet but may be a precise solution.
Your diagram looks fine, but I have a question: Why don't you use 3 x 555 (adjustable time from 1 to ..10s) and connect them in a sequence ie. one triggs the next one, the last one triggs the first one... ? On power on you will need to trigg the first one and the whole sequence will run ..
you can use the 555 timer from national semiconductor. in their datasheet, they have a oscillator wired the output isn't nice, you can put it through a inverter to get a cleaner square wave.
Hi guys i need help with a 555 timer circuit that i am trying to design , the 555 timer is used as a LED flasher , it has three user controlled settings Low ,Medium and High. Low denotes a time interval of 60 Min,Medium of 24 Min,High of 10 Min , the problem is i want (...)
You can use 555 timer in monostabile configuration to generate 1ms impulse. This impulse (reversed) can control P-Channel power mosfet or PNP BJT transistor. If you sue battery as the supply source you don't need additional capacitor; battery easily should be able to deliver 400mA over 1ms.. Regards, IanP
Firstly, take a look at the low-power C-mos version of the 555 astabile timer: Secondly, go to this site: Basically a 555 works as follows: When the voltage on pin 2 is less than 1/3 of the IC's supply voltage (Vcc), the RS FF is set and the out
You can use a 555 timer configured as a one-shot. See its datashet for examples and calculations. You do not need to use the trigger input in your case.
That is wery simply to make seconds indication. You connect 2 7447 and 2 LED display to U11 and U12 like displays of minutes. timer 555 is not stable. You must use piezo cristall for frequency generator. jj
I dont mind doing my own research but right now I am not sure what i am even looking for. What I need to do is send a high/low signal (from a sensor) to a board with a 555 timer to stop the clock (stopwatch). I dont know where to start I would think it would be relativaly simple to just send a 1 or 0 compared to audio modulation (...)
dear all, i want to design a timer having ON period=30 seconds to 1.5 minutes variable......and OFF period also variable from 2 minutes to 5 minutes........ I hope one can do using 555, but how to do ...plz advise me.... u tell me for 45 seconds ON and 4 minutes (...)
Look at The functional blocks in your picture are all single chip implementations. You need a 8 to 1 mux/encoder, a 3 to 8 demux/decoder, a binary counter, a 555 timer to generate the clock and a bunch of diodes and resistors to connect the seven segment display to the output of the (...)
I'm designing a circuit that uses a 555 timer that has a vddmax of 18v. Is it ok to input 12V from a car to run this circuit or should I get a voltage regulator?
tong forget 555 chip. It is not possible to solve your problem with it. Above circuit with 4060 chip is propper solution.
use 555 timer circuit to feed the buzzer also 8051 can work well for you
You will need two timers to do it: one that gives you the motor on time, 1s, the other that gives you the interval. Two 555 timers or a 556 will do the trick.
Friends, I originally posted this question in Analog design section, but I think it might be more appropriate to post here. I'm using protel to do some simulations and in my circuit there is a ICM7555 cmos 555 timer. I downloaded a couple of spice model files for this module (most of (...)
Just use a mosfet to switch a load in and out. Like on full load Fet off no load . If you don't have a function generator just use a 555 timer and a driver,for the mosfet.
It doesn’t make any difference which pole you label with (0)V .. That is the matter of convenience and/or convention .. For as long as the 555 “sees” the right polarity your circuit should work just fine .. Rgds, IanP
Hi I am using L297 and L298 to drive a unipolar stepper motor with 555 timer circuit which was connected to the Clock Pin in the L297 chip First I connected the L297 I connected SYNC, /RESET, CW//CCW, H/F, ENABLE to VCC and the freq out of 555 is 0.6 Hz to detect the (...)
In Australia you can easily get hands on PICAXE-08 (looks the same as 555 – 8-pin DIP) .. Altronics sells it for A$4.50 or you can get PICAXE-08 kit for A$35 .. Programming software is free, all what you need is a serial port in your PC .. 555 is just a timer, whereas PICAXE can be programmed to (...)
It can be done in several ways, here is one example: -Connect a diode between the reader and 12V-door .. -design a timer (can be based on 555) which will be trigged by the falling edge of the 12V-signal from the reader .. -Connect the output from timer (if you need more current you can (...)
Hi Macmmt, Why do you have to use a 555 timer? You can buy a step down controller IC instead of using 555 timer.