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Hi cfoek, Check for "555-circuits" or 555 timer/555 monostabil multivibrators & even general: triggered timer circuits...., we have such at EdaBoard too... K. Simplest solution is for you: per switch loaded serial RC element of 1uF & ca2.7MOhm to basis of a transistor, their Collector/Emitter has your relay...
Hey,Man who can help me to design a circuit which will activate a relay after 45 minutes during 10 s,I don`t want to use PIC or an other microcontroller type. I would like to use logic circuits like cd4060,monostable like ne 555 and so on-- Any suggestion is welcome!!
Hello. I am trying to construct a device similar to a transcutaneous electrical nerve simulator. I have built an astable 555 timer circuit which produces a square wave pulse every 6 seconds. However, what I would like to have is a circuit which produces a train of 50 Hz pulses, for an on time of less than 1 second, which repeats every 6 seconds wit
Hi captainkirksdog, You don't have to worry about triggering a 555 from a CMOS-level logic source as long as you use a CMOS 555 variant, which in fact is a must if you want such long delays: 1-hour. With standard 250 nA BIAS input currents you won't be able to acquire 1 hour delay without special (...)
Hi, I need a timer that after applied 127VAC/60Hz it counts let's say 20 seconds and then turn on a relay and stays on, using a transformerless power supply and a LM555 timer. Regards, Fernando
for this you have to connect it with the ldr tha a delay circuit and then a 555 timer it will gives you more accurate idea how the circuit hsould work
Single capacitors quite often don't work well as delay circuits .. Maybe you should consider the very popular 555 timer .. something similar to this: Regards, IanP
Low-jitter clock multiplication: a comparison between PLLs and DLLs van de Beek, R.C.H. Klumperink, E.A.M. Vaucher, C.S. Nauta, B. Univ. of Twente, Enchede, Netherlands This paper appears in: circuits and Systems II: Analog and Digital Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on [see also circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, IEEE Tr
hi, i want create a delay of 5hrs using only harware no sofware/programming can u tell me the harware circuit of this. (for example using a 555 in Astable we can create a 1 sec delay) so i need which harware i have to use in such a way that i can get a delay for 5hrs.. thanking you in advance.
Can a '555' do this? How should I connect the trigger pin?
You may want to describe the intended circuit operation more clearly. To my opinion it's hard to understand either from the circuits or your description. Generally, introducing a delay in the said range involves capacitors of about 1000 uF. It can be implemented more easily with active parts, either timer circuits with (...)
Hi, For getting proper related reply, you should give the details about requirement and where you are in electronics otherwise we are going to judge your capacity. As per your statements you are per your explaination (Allegro A1101-A1104 Hall-effect switch, 555 timer with a power on delay circuits ...) we hope that you are in middle. A
Hi, I think the simplest way is a double 555 (556?) to use. and these one "555 tutorials": maybe their helps. the first one as 1-3msec monostabil, triggered/started with the 10Hz signal
the max voltage of 555 is 15 volts. In truck the voltage can be more than 15 volts(24 volts or 26 whith engines running)
Hi, If you simply want to drive 4017, use 555 timer as clock generator KNIGHT RIDER Circuit Or if you want to play with PIC and use it as a clock generator; Use your programing language to configure a pin as an output, then repeatedly out 1 and 0 with some delay (say 500ms). You c
use monostable circuit! u can learn more about the 555 timer on thousands of sites on the internet ! and even use/download the program by which u can automatically calculate component values for your required timeout check this :
hi everyone i am building a simple DC-AC inverter for my school project, i am stucked at how to use a 555 timer to generate control signals to control two MOSFET, which will output ON/OFF/OFF to one MOSFET and OFF/OFF/ON to the other MOSFET, is there a simple logic circuit to do the job? ideas? thanks
From what you describe you need two stages of timers. 1: delay after initial sound begins (or ends?) 2: 'on' time for activating equipment It may be easiest to use a second 555 IC. There's the 556 which contains two 555 in one package. Otherwise if you are willing to experiment, you can use a simple RC combination and find the (...)
Although a 555 IC is fine for creating several seconds delay, there may be a momentary 'on' at power-up. It may or may not affect operation of the relay. The circuit below is not too different from what happens in a 555. In any case, something like it can be used in case you don't have a 555
For a first guess, have a look at 555 timer application notes. If you want zero current consumption in off-state, a different approach might be required, e.g. using CMOS logic ICs or transistors.
Good point! Sorry for being so unclear. The fan is mains (220V) operated, and the toggle switch is part of the mains power, switching the lights on-off. The delay off electronics is 12 V operated, and gets its power from the permanent phase and zero lines. The coupling between the low V and the high V circuits is made with relays. The referred to
Using 555 wil be the best option as far as i know.. If u want to develop it from transistors,then build multivibrators(astable or monostable as you wish..) Refer some circuits through google search.. Using comparator is another option,but 555 is the best if u want to change the duty cycle.. 555 is very flexible ic..
You can use a 555 timer 555 and 556 Timer circuits Alex
Hi guys. I'm new here so a little back'ground. I'm an automotive mechanic with a background in automotive electronics. that being said I'm working on a project and while I do work on automotive components this goes a little deeper than I ever need to go. I need a component that I can momentarily trigger to energize a relay for 5 seconds. I hav
There is an interactive animated simulator that will help to aid in understanding. Its library of circuits includes the multivibrators you mention. Click the link below. It will open the website at . It will load a monostable multivibrator constructed from transistors, and will run it on your computer. (Click Allow to lo
if you want to do it by cheap cost just use a relay only and avoid using triac by using microcontroller you can create 5sec delay ad trigerr your relay only for 5sec and after that make your microcontroller pin as low or you can create it using 555 timer if you dont want to use microcontroller but the problem is after very 5 sec pulse will genera
The simulation can goes as easier as projecting a 38 - 40 kHz pulses using pulse width modulation (555 timer) and use the inverting amplifier as channel attenuation simulation or even low pass filter to shift the phases (delayed). At the output, utilize snishanth512's diagram to perform amplification. The flight time or time difference between tran