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Do you need to do it with flip-flops? Can you use a one-shot? A simple 555 circuit can do the trick for you.
Hi guys,is there anyway I could get time delay using D Flip flops?I've tried googling it but all I get is info. on 555 IC timers.
you can use 74121 for that purpose 74121 or 555 timer as a One-Shot
See this circuit maybe you will find something usefull for you : Three Stage - Cycling timer Circuit Stage time delay Circuit
You can use a transistor in series with the motor and put a RC circuit on the base. Or you can use a cmos 555 timer in the one shot (monostable) mode and an AND gate which will drive the transistor base.
I need to build a simple delay off timer. When the input is triggered (pulse only) the output must go high and stay high for a period of say 1 hour or 4 hours or selectable. When the input is triggered again, the output timing is restarted. Any idea's? Would a 555 timer work? Not sure about the long (...)
Say i want to have a motor running, and i want to hook up a 555 timer so that when i turn off the motor switch, the motor continues to run for the time i have set on my 555 timer. I dunno how to hook this up, especially as i don't want to interupt the power to the motor, not even momentarily as i turn off (...)
You may want to describe the intended circuit operation more clearly. To my opinion it's hard to understand either from the circuits or your description. Generally, introducing a delay in the said range involves capacitors of about 1000 uF. It can be implemented more easily with active parts, either timer circuits with 555 or transistors (...)
You really need to post your schematic. No one is going to know the exact Maplin circuit you "robbed". Take a look at: This is the basic 555 monostable circuit. One problem is charge stuck in C1. If you close the switch for several seconds, open the switch and then close it again quick
Hi, In the net, you can search the 555 timer tutorial of Tony van Roon. It is clearly mentioned there and you can be clear about 555 timer. Thanks.
There used to be an 8 pin IC for automotive use, that had capability from 3.7 secs to many hours, it had a built in ripple counter so that timing components could be small and more accurate. I really cannot now remember the part number, which is a pity, as they were very reliable in noisey enviroments. You may be able to find something similar, oth
I wouldnt use any of those for your application. You want a loud buzzer, well you can get a cheap piezo that'll produce 100db's, which is annoyingly loud, getting that from your own circuit requires complexity. I'd use the above piezo on a monostable to give the time delay. A standard monostable 555 circuit would work fine, you'd (...)
Hi, I'd like to design a circuit such that at first, the circuit is completely powered off. The user pushes a switch, which injects power into the circuit. Then a mechanism maintains the power active, even if the switch has been released. At a later about 3 seconds, when the circuit does no longer need power, it cuts its own power and sleeps u
I need to know if the 555 is using any power at all while waiting for the button to be pushed. A standard bipolar 555 has a rather large supply current of several mA, CMOS 555 still up to several 100 uA. Refer to the data sheets for details. So you would want to disconnect the power supply in idle state or use a RC + CMOS monostabl
Osc. and 45min timer timer Circuits With 4060B - Electronics instead of transistor use time delay circuit for 10sec ( look time Recovery delay Circuits) LM555 timer Circuits
I wouldn't use 555, instead consider (also 8-pin-DIP) PICAXE-08. delay can be set by programming this IC (command WAIT 60 => 60s delay), there is no problem in triggering it on power-on, and input can read transitions from 0-to-1 and from 1-to-0 .. Cost - $1. And the most important thing is that there is no dependence on any external (...)
See LM555 timer Circuits the "2 stage time delay circuit" for the basis of a timer I would use in your application, where you need to set an accurate delay time for catching water drops.
Good point! Sorry for being so unclear. The fan is mains (220V) operated, and the toggle switch is part of the mains power, switching the lights on-off. The delay off electronics is 12 V operated, and gets its power from the permanent phase and zero lines. The coupling between the low V and the high V circuits is made with relays. The referred to
Hi, I need a timer that after applied 127VAC/60Hz it counts let's say 20 seconds and then turn on a relay and stays on, using a transformerless power supply and a LM555 timer. Regards, Fernando
If you can put your circuitry inside the amplifier box, you can use a 555 timer to make the time delay for the relay closing. For the resistor, just put it from the capacitor output to ground.
for this you have to connect it with the ldr tha a delay circuit and then a 555 timer it will gives you more accurate idea how the circuit hsould work
use a TSOP 1738 receiver which operates at 38jHz search d net for datasheets......very easy to use and for d transmitter u can use IR LEDs u can generate 38kHz freq using 555 timer as astable multivibrator or retriggerable monoshot having small time delay use bursts of these 38kHz freq signals aimed at d TSOP 1738 sensor.
I need a timing circuit with the said output below. You may say this is an ordinary monostable circuit. But this is probably not, the circuit will only change its output after a certain period of time after the user triggers the circuit. Another difference is that the output is dependent on the users trigger, after the trigger is released (OFF)
i have uploaded a corected version to so check it out. The idea is that you calculate the time on for the 555 timer i added to the time it takes to scan through the LED sequence and the time off to be the delay u want. If
You can use a 555 timer to implement the delay. In the astable circuit, disconnect the DISCH pin, and make sure your button shorts the timing cap to ground when not pressed. Once you press the button, it should open its contact and the timing cycle will begin. Once the time has expired, the output will turn on and stay on (...)
Ken, I wonder if it can be done with a two 555's wired as monostable??
I think it?s a perfect job for something like the PICAXE-08 .. Cutting story short, it?a 8-pin PIC based microcontroller with BASIC interpreter .. Almost no external components are required, and if you stuff it up for the first time ? just change the code .. Look, mate, the 555 is still good but in applications that require a little bit of ?in
Adjust values as necessary for your application.
Hi Wondering how i might have diff. delays by using 2 diff. size resistors in my RC. I know you can have 2 together in series but i was thinking of having one to provide a very short delay whenever the board starts up due to a power change, and another one that would occur whenever the restart was due to a reset button that pulls pin2 low on the
I think you can use a 555 with a relay.
Power-on delay can be realized in several ways, for example with the very popular 555-timer, but I would like to encourage you to use a small microcontroller, some times called the 555 of the new millennium, namely the PICAXE08 .. You shouldn’t have problems in buying it in Australia (Altronics) ..
For jobs like that you may consider PICAXE08 .. Some times it is called the new millennium 555 .. Not only you don’t need to worry about R or C, and triggering the 555-timer on power-on can cause some problems .. Nothing like that with PICAXE, if you need to change time, or delay, (...)
here is the App. Unnafortunatelly, this document does´t bring informations about range of output current. This tolerance could explain your imprecise result. Concerning delay, it is su
maybe helpful 555 timer Tutorial | Basics of 555 timer | 555 timer Pin Diagram - ABC of Electronics
Cheers...... For a cheap timer circuit, the 555 is the best option. But the circuit's efficiency will be poor if u designed it for long time delays. Because, the timer capacitance leakage is the problem. It is better for time delay's up to few minutes. U Should connect the (...)
I have built a simple infrared remote with an Arduino and a library written by someone else. I am very happy with it but thinking to build the same with a 555 IC, as a personal exercise (reading Make:electronics). I am hesitating about the circuit, would I need one or two 555s and also calculation for the resistances and capacitors, I thought I w
i asked the tutor he said its the delay of the 555timer and flip-flop. that caused the phase shift between flip-flop output and comparator output. Doesn't sound reasonable. 4027 and 555 have delays in < 1us range, even the comparator response time is much faster than the (...)
Hi, Welcome to the Wacky World of Electronics! My first thought is that you might have some problems getting this to work reliably with just a 555 as your time reference. First of all, it's very difficult to get accurate time delays of the length you need (9 hours). Over time everything will drift and (...)
Ceramic and Al electrolytics have wide tolerances, high leakage and high temperature coefficients. They cannot be relied on to provide accurate timings. The collector-emitter leakage of Q8 may also be an additional source of inaccuracy. Moreover, although I haven't had time to analyze your circuit, it does not comply with the st
Maybe you need to have a timer and delay using a LM555+CD4017 70183 johnson counter for your 6sec delay ?
Hi! I'm trying to design a digital weighing scale that would open a certain port when a certain weight is present as input. However, the weight ranges are too close to each other and gives an equivalent ADC output of like 10.111 and 10.555.. how do i consider the numbers after the decimal point to be read by the analog to digital converter. Please
Yes it is possible, altough your 120 seconds won't be extremely accurate. You can expect to end up with about +-10% tolerance on your timing.
Hi guys. I'm new here so a little back'ground. I'm an automotive mechanic with a background in automotive electronics. that being said I'm working on a project and while I do work on automotive components this goes a little deeper than I ever need to go. I need a component that I can momentarily trigger to energize a relay for 5 seconds. I hav
A 555 timer IC might do the job. It's one of the most popular and easy-to-use chips. You would arrange it to trigger when it detects a drop in volt level. The output goes high for 15 seconds, whether the switch is closed again quickly, or remains open. The length of time delay is set by the 150 kOhm resistor and 100 (...)
For a first guess, have a look at 555 timer application notes. If you want zero current consumption in off-state, a different approach might be required, e.g. using CMOS logic ICs or transistors.
Do you mean you need a delayed starter? You could use a 555 timer and connect it's output to a transistor to power your LC circuit.
Hello, Could any one provide me with code for detecting a pulse stream such as that from a 555 timer in astable mode. Here is something I came up with. A circuit attached to RA0 and RA1 detects movement. If there is no movement the is a stream of pulses at RA0 and RA1. If there is movement, the pulse stream stops. It measures the time (...)
Single capacitors quite often don't work well as delay circuits .. Maybe you should consider the very popular 555 timer .. something similar to this: Regards, IanP
use 555 as ramp generator, see datasheet NE 555
You can use an astable multivibrator using IC555... you can vary the square wave frequency as well as duty cycle... you can easily google out the circuit...