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A 555 timer IC is an easy and common way to do what you are describing. Below is a method which is more or less When the input goes high, the capacitor begins to charge. After a second it reaches about 1.
Hi guys. I'm new here so a little back'ground. I'm an automotive mechanic with a background in automotive electronics. that being said I'm working on a project and while I do work on automotive components this goes a little deeper than I ever need to go. I need a component that I can momentarily trigger to energize a relay for 5 seconds. I hav
Hi All Frist: I'am new to this forum and know a little about electronics. I''m also thirteen. I searched the forum for a similar project.Before posting here.But? Could not find any thing to what i need. I build a astable 555 timer for clocking the time period of 10s appox five secs (On) five secs (off). Just to learn how the (...)
You could use a 555 timer i.c. in the monostable mode. The output would switch a relay with more than one set of contacts. One set, in parallel with the button contacts, would close and maintain the power until the end of the 3 second pulse - at which time the whole thing is automatically switched off. The other set of of contacts (...)
Hi guys i need a timer relay for my car. I already browse the forum but still confused. I need a 555 based power-on and power-off time delay relay(separated circuit). The time must be adjustable and i need a regulated power supply for the circuit. I also need to know how to calculate the timing of 555. (...)
Hi gang. Can some one point me in the right direction. This is what I have now. In my truck I have an air comp and air tank setup. I have a home made water cooling setup for the compressor. I have it wired so that the cooling setup water pump starts and stops with the compressor ( the compressor starts and stops automaticly using a pressure switch
Read up on the 555 timer chip. This will give you the delay you need for a small LED to remain alight for say 30 seconds after you close the door. You will have to take a trigger from the courtisey light to activate the 555 timer
I need to build a simple delay off timer. When the input is triggered (pulse only) the output must go high and stay high for a period of say 1 hour or 4 hours or selectable. When the input is triggered again, the output timing is restarted. Any idea's? Would a 555 timer work? Not sure about the long (...)