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Hi guys , I am trying to simulate the standard astable oscillator using 555 timer, in circuit maker. But i am not getting any oscillations at all. Could you guys please help me out. The circuit is the same that you find in most of the 555 timer books .(operation in astable mode) Regard Vasan SNS
I've seen realistic results out of LTCSpice using the model off their Yahoo! user group repository. You should be aware that the 555 does not produce truly square (50/50) output for most sensible RA/RB ratios. Read the app notes if this matters to you.
82184 hi i've just registered and have a emergency question . i modeled a astable multivibrator with 555 timer in orcad but it showed this error convergence problem in bias point calculation, then i enabled skip the initial tran... but now i see this error!"There are no data values in section #1 ignoring this section"
hey i don think we can implement 555timer in verilog or can possibly realise its functionality... like if you want a astable multivirator or bistable one... you can realise it i suppose...
my college project requires me to build a 555 timer based LCR meter, so can i possibly replace the LM311 oscillator with the 555 timer in LC meter circuits
How can I use a 555 timer IC and LM 386 in ADS? is there built in ICs or do I have to design them my self? and where can I get the schematics of the ICs?
Just a question regarding triggering of a monostable 555 timer, what will happen if I pull down the trigger of the monostable circuit to the ground on the ouput? Say, I trigger it (put trigger pin to ground) and will just put it on ground (not release it), what will happen to the output? Will the monostable do its normal operation or it will jus
Need help please........... is it feaseable 2 use a 555 timer in place of LM3909 to produce oscillations and how do I go about it?
In the following timer circuit's block diagram whenever threshold pin is greater than 2/3 of Vcc and trigger is greater than 1/3 of Vcc. We have R=S=1 .............but we know that R=s=1 is an indeterminate state in R-S flip flop. In this case what would be the output ? Also, is it possible to have R=S=1 inside the flip flop of 555 (...)
i think there is a way of getting this...the babani book on the 555 timer is the best reference on 555's Or the 555 datasheet has a lot of application circuits. it may depend on the frequency though.....i.e. at high frequency it may not be practical
Im using the AM Transmitter and Receiver Pair along with the RF600 enoder and decoder. I have constructed my PCB, the output is going to a 555 timer with a basic pair of LEDs and a buzzer. At the moment when I press the learn switch the status LED on the decoded goes on but when I let go, it goes off again. I have this working on breadboard w
hi all, I have an analog circuit with a 555 timer outputting 0 to 5V, but what I want to do is switch the high's and lows. In other words when the 555 outputs 0V, I want it to output 5V and when it outputs 5V I want 0V. Inverters only seem to flip the signal around the 0V axis (multiplying the signal by -1) A "picture" may describe (...)
Hi Friends,, I am using a monostable multivibrator in my project,,which is implemented using 555 timer.But the problem is when i switch any thing in power line, the multivibrator jumps to its unstable state and it starts mislatching,,interesting thing the project has no concern with power lines .Plz help me how can i avoid this??
what is the main purpose of discharge pin in 555 timer ?
Can anybody help me explain with the use of an 555 timer IC in designing a digital sensor with a modulating sensor? I do not know what you call a "digital" and "modulating" sensor. The 555 timer can be used as a timer, an astable or monostable multivibrator, a PWM generator, etc. Please explain exactly (...)
You can for example look here: for a 555 controlled sawtooth generator. best regards
a 150W switchmode power supply with 555 timer: it cheapest method to design such switch mode power supply.
you can get many many reference designs with 555 timer from books or website. pls search it in library or www.
Hi, For 1), you can use two 555. The first one as a monostable and the second one as an astable. The astable period be the blinking period of the LED diode. The monostable period should be 5 second. The monostable output (3) should be connected to the reset pin (4) of the astable.
could any body help me to build a door bell circuit using 555 timer only no other ics
Hi guys i need help with a 555 timer circuit that i am trying to design , the 555 timer is used as a LED flasher , it has three user controlled settings Low ,Medium and High. Low denotes a time interval of 60 Min,Medium of 24 Min,High of 10 Min , the problem is i want the circuit also to compensate for the time when (...)
It's called timer because of its use in timer applications such as square wave generation ...etc. And the name "555" is because of the three 5kOhms resistance in its input (check its internal block diagram) Hope that helped, Ahmad,
You can simulate the 555 in circuit maker 2000 infact there is an example circuit which demonstrates the simulation of the 555 IC in the astable mode. I am attaching the 555 example file and a screenshot of the simulation.
i need a circuit for Phase shift keying.... a circuit using 555 timer would be much helpful...
Hi, Basically you need to use the 555 timer in MONOSTABLE mode. See one of the many links on that circuit of this link and scroll down to Monostable circuits Make sure to read and understand the section under More about triggering to avoid any trigger possibilies coming from the back (re
Yes, The name of 555 came from the three 5kOhms resistors at its input! important or not, it's not clear :) as they're a part in the IC structure! and according to them it works ! I hope that helps :) ahmad,
use 555 as ramp generator, see datasheet NE 555
You may like to take a look at this circuit, generating PWM signal using 555 timer.
Have a look at: There is a Relay Toggle Circuit Using a 555 timer.
Guys,can anyone give me a traffic light controller circuit that is made with only 555 timer.? ???????T.K????????
from where are you? you have to use 555, reed switch and tyristor? can you use anything else? what is your background? what lab it is? he gave you the circuit?
if you are using potentiomenter, then you require just one potentiometer and a diode with 555 astable multivibrator circuit Bibin John
hi.. how to write vhdl code for funtionality of 555 timer..using it pin details..i read 555 pdf but i cant able to write functionality..pls any one have the code for tat ...
Hi, I want to use 555 timer in orcad pspice 9.1 (student version). I downloaded the files from internet: anl_misc.olb anl_misc.lib and copy them to the directory: C:\Program Files\orcad_Demo\Capture\Library\Pspice However, when I simulate a circuit of 555. there is an errro: (...)
hi, everybody.. I want to build a function generator by using 555 timer for signal generator and it capable of outputting a square wave with adjustable frequency in the ranges of 1Hz to 100Hz.. If anyone have an idea please let me know...thanks for your cooperation..:D
Adjust values as necessary for your application.
Hi guys!! I am a hobbyist and my current requirement is to actuate a coil of approx 300mH with the help of a 555 timer IC or an 8051 or atmega8515 AVR microcontroller (as I require variable PWM). definitely I will be needing an amplifier gain stage in between and I am planning to use ULN2003 for it (with paralleled inputs and paralleled outputs for
It doesn’t make any difference which pole you label with (0)V .. That is the matter of convenience and/or convention .. For as long as the 555 “sees” the right polarity your circuit should work just fine .. Rgds, IanP
Hi friends, how can i make the 555 timer IC work as a PLL, do somebody have a circuit diagram for this job? Thanks Take a look at There is a circuit for PLL Application – Frequency Demodulation I hope it is helpful Regards
Hello. I wanted to make a 555 circuit that generates a 14 khz output. Can anyone help me out? If possible, show how it can be determined/formula, so I can figure it out next time i need to make a 555 with specific output frequency. Thanks
Linear Technology (link above) offers totally free simulator .. It comes with a model of the 555 and I think it has 555 simulation examples to get you started .. On the other issue, inverting output wave in 555-timer is so easy only beacuse the output can do both: sink and source c
to reduce the current consumption , when LEDs are off is to include a transistor in series with + line and controlling its base voltage with the sample from pin3 of 555. in which case the switch SW1 may be moved across the series transistor .
I wouldnt use any of those for your application. You want a loud buzzer, well you can get a cheap piezo that'll produce 100db's, which is annoyingly loud, getting that from your own circuit requires complexity. I'd use the above piezo on a monostable to give the time delay. A standard monostable 555 circuit would work fine, you'd need a 22
You can use a 555 timer in a monostable mode to get the desired effect. Check out this page, under monostable, and using the circuit modification mentioned in "Power-on reset or trigger" (cap in parallel with power switch) 555 timer circuits The basics of why this works is detail
You're mixing three losely related points in your last post. Consequently there's no reasonable answer to it. Referring to your original question, the modulation input is varying the threshold of the comparator ending the output pulse. Insofern, the instantaneous value of AC voltage matters, it's like being sampled. Unfortunately, the modulaion
Check this link 555 and 556 timer Circuits all the modes are explained and the equations to calculate the frequency or duty Alex
There is a Vcc power supply pin (#8) for the 555 and the note above refers to the voltage applied as power supply to that pin, the listed parameters are given with a power supply in the range of +5 to +15v Alex
There are many ways to built a 7 segment clock/timer project. Most of the circuits don’t include a 555, in this kind of projects need more accurate timings, so better to use quartz controlled oscillators. Please clarify why you have considered using 555 timer as a must for this application.
If you are going to incorporate a microcontroller (MCU) into your design, there is no need for a 555 timer. Most MCUs have one or more timer/counters which can be used to produce a delay. Do you have a particular MCU you were considering for your design? BigDog
Google "555 astable multivibrator" and look at a few of the websites you get back. There are MANY that talk about how the circuit works... all the way down to the nitty-gritty details about the level comparisons and current mirrors inside the 555 IC.