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Choose a 12V relay that is capable of carrying the contact current, the ammeter should tell you this. You have a 12V battery, you need a 555 timer then the only thing to ascertain is the polarity of the LOP signal, is it +12 for good or 0V? I would think that the timer is for starting, so when the engine is cranked the (...)
The signal from MIC has to be amplified and cleaned from unwanted noises, so you can consider a circuit consisting of a mic pre-amplifier followed by a pulse generator based on 555-timer .. Have a look at the attached circuit .. It?s from this
I don't think that you can operate a high voltage supply from 555 timer output, neither virtual nor real part. You can expect about 10 kV breakdown voltage. I don't think, that I can give easy help for designing a HV supply. I have an ESD test generator that is build around a TV HV transformer and cascade, producing up to 25 kV. I wonder, (...)