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What is the simplest method to convert a triangle wave to sine wave ( Range:- 0 to 100kHz ):?:
Hi Can any one help me to design a square wave from a microcontroller to sine wave. The frequency is 50Hz Expecting replies Nandhu
is it posible to do a square-to-sine wave conversion using mere resistor-capacitor networks. plis some one forward me a circuit diagram.
Hi... guys.. i have a square wave inverter circuit for 1KVA. I need to convert square wave to sine wave from that output. Suggest me some circuits to get sine wave from square wave. Thanks in Advance...
Hi.. How can the integrator convert the square wave to triangle wave? or triangle wave to sine wave? Can you give a complete explanation? Thanks..:)
pls can any one help me with circuit diagrams on how to convert sg3524,sg3526 pwm from square wave to sine wave
please tell , how to convert square wave output of inverter to sine wave output.???
Hi, any one know how to design square wave to sine wave with MOSFET? frequency about 20MHz and unity gain if possible. Thanks
What is the best way to convert a square wave to a sine wave? I was thinking of putting it through a LPF. Basicly, I need to convert the square wave output of a PLL to a sine. Mind you, the square wave frequency is not fixed, it will be changing. Any info would be appreciated. thx
hi all , i am making a 12KHz square wave using Microcontroller and want to convert it to sine wave , can u help me making a simple circuit doing this ? and then i am going to modulate it on telephone line , can i put a transistor between line power series whith telephone and then connect the output of the sine (...)
Hi All, I am Making a function generator i need a circuit based on an OP-AMP that converts square waveform to sine waveform please help reply schematic
Hi all, I am making a 24MHz sine generator based on analog method. Plz give me some instructions~ Thanks~
i have an input square wave of i want to remove upper harmonics from this to get a sine wave of frequency 125khz......i used a low pass filter(L-C filter)...values (L=1mh,c=1.62nf)....but in simulation i observed that amplitude of sine wave keep on increasing.......i don't have any idea about RF (...)
Hi, I am working on a feedback circuit. I am using a sinusoidal signal to excite a sensor. I need to control the output voltage in the range of 100-200mV. So I am working with an AGC cirucit which is a real complicated one. So I have thought of using a simple diode clamping circuit for this but as it generates a square wave. I need a sine (...)
i dont understand anthing so please make it simple. i have a square wave and i need to make it to a sine wave. its 250 v 20000 watts 20 min later o yeah its 1-100 KHz
Hi, I recently made a variable frequency drive whose output is square wave of 230V, wants to convert it into sine wave of 230V... Can anyone have an idea to how i can convert it into sine wave using appropriate filter and how should I calculate the the value of that filter. Thanks
I am trying to design a motor driver for a Robot Arm. I need to convert a square wave to a sine wave. My square wave has a peak-to-peak voltage of 80V and a current of 2.5A. What circuit must i use to be able to accommodate this large voltage and current? Thank You.
I made a motor driver which outputs an 84V, 2.5A varying frequency square wave. i wanted to convert it into a sine wave with almost the same parameters as my square wave. what type of circuit or filter must i use to be able to convert it properly? the figure below is my motor driver. V4 and V2 are 3.3V square (...)
i am doing a project on class d this i am using four nmosfets for h bridge. i am using sine wave 20hz-60hz with triangular wave 400-800hz to generate pwm which is used for gating signal of mosfet. mosfet drain is conecting to 28v dc. i need to get 28v pwm with sine wave freq and shape.but
Hi, I am trying to convert a PWM signal into a sine wave. My PWM carrier frequency is 15kHz and I am trying to create a 400 volt, 50 Hz sine wave. I know that I need to use a low pass filter, however I am not sure what values of R and C, or L and C to use, cuttoff frequency, etc. I am new to low pass filters and need (...)
Yeah a switched capacitor bandpass filter is one neat possibility. You just have to generate a clock to select the center frequency. Can u give me some site where it can show me the connectivity of switched capacitor bandpass filter with my square waveform
guys i'm trying to design a wide range input converter, i'm getting square wave from dc-voltage by using multiviberator, now i want to sonvert this square wave into sine/modified sine wave of same parameters as of my square wave (100-200 v), what should i do?
Can I convert my PECL signal coming out from a VCXO to a sine wave? The frequency should be around 80-100 MHz. I want to use Toyocom TCO−2111T 122.88-MHz PECL VCXO along with CDC7005 by TI and my ADC is ADS6149 by TI Any suggestion? Sincerely, Mustahsin
Hello, I am a newbie to verilog and just got a hold of a FPGA Spartan 3E board but now im in need of some help. Of course I have done a lot of searching and reading first. Anyways, the task I am faced with is to use a Look-up table to generate PWM that will be outputted into an RC filter which will convert my PWM to a 60 Hz sinewave. My board ru
Please i need a schematic for a UPS more than 2 KW Help me Kind regards
hi friends. i want to design an inverter, my problem is how to generate the sine wave form the dc using a microcontroller. can any one give me a hint pls. thank u.
Dear friends, I've nearly finished my ultrasonic cleaner project. I've tried to drive 60W transducer with square wave from H-bridge based on IR2110 and PWM, but I think sinus wave will be much more efficient for this operation. So how can I convert my square wave to sinus wave with a basic way? with kind regards,
Hy 2 all; I am designing a DC-AC converter . I am willing to produce the output nearest to sine wave ( or it could be modified sine wave) I have done PWM DC-AC converter. My Problem is that i have designed my boost ckt with L=10mH AND C=220uF AND R=110 DIODE=10A04 AND PIC=16F877A MOS=IRFZ44N 66931 My PIC code using
Linearity can be expressed by the amplitude of fundamental freq. component (freq. you want) relative to adjacent second harmonic freq. component. Linearity is the best if your oscillator has only single fundamental component.. You can make a simple sinusoidal oscillator using a 555 oscillator and simple LPF.. Depending on frequency.. This
My question is why you choose just 8038 , there is much simplier IC for this like 555 or other
How often do you want your 5 cycles? Do you want the cycles to be switched on at a certain part of the waveform. It looks like pin 3 controls the output level, so link it to V cc with a high value resistor. Then a 555 timer chip can be used as a monostable, if you set its time to (250KHz = 4 microS period X 5) to 20 microseconds to the output of t
You can use a comparator and connect a variable DC voltage to one of the inputs to vary the trigger point on the sine wave. Use the comparator output to trigger a one-shot such as with a 555 or a CD4098 to get a fixed pulse-width output.
How can one get the amplitude spectrum of a sine wave? For example, have a look at The amplitude spectrum of a sine wave is a spike in amplitude. How can I get it using calculations? Do I just get the fourier transform of the sine wave and then d
Hi all, Some one have a C code (for embedded) to calculate the RMS value of the sine-wave readed by an ADC of 8 bits? ThX NeuralC
I want to design a LCR meter,but how to work with using a sine wave to test inductor?
I have to calculate small transformer which is to be used only to generate voltage which is separated form primary side. The transformer must be powered by sine wave voltage at primary side of about 25kHz and power 0,5...1W. Alhough is seems to be very simple how to calculate such a transformer basing on equations used for oridinal 230V transformer
Hi, how to set the ac voltage for the Pspice software & display as a sine wave ? i juz can dispaly it with a horozontal dc line but not AC sine wave ! Thank you !
Actually I got a problem in designing a good sine wave generator! I got the folllowing needs: 3 syncronized outputs! Output-Frequency 1 - 10 MHz changeabe in amplitude and phase low noise outputs My task is to build an fast digital configurable sine source with this 3 outputs. Every output has a other amplitude. But all
I am required to implement a sine wave generator and frequence range is 0.005hz to 5000hz. Given the clock is 100mhz, the problem is whether DDS can generator this frequence range sine wave. If it can, how many bits have the phase acc as well as how long sine table(a whole period) Is there someone tell me (...)
Anyone can tell me how to create a sine wave with verilog ? thanx !
i need a referencing wave of a.c. sinusoidal in nature... about 230 volts... need to know if it can be realised using power electronic circuitry? is there already a way to do it?thanx in advance
resolution 10bit, how to generate this binary or decimal digital sine wave using matlab command? I know litter about matlab, thanks.
Hi all, I need to start a timer after detecting every lower edge of a ac standerd sine wave of 50HZ. I have changed these waves to fully rectified sinewave. ..............................*........*.......... ..........................*.......*.............. (...)
Hi I am interested to learn how to generate sine wave via PWM by implementing CAPCOM unit. Any good information for me to look into? Maverick Max
For a sine wave generated by PLL, can anyone tell me how to calculated its SNR? In the frequency spectrum , I can not distingguish what's the signal and what's the noise because the signal spectrum is not a single line but with a lot of phase noise. As a common method, in FFT analysis, we often pick some bins beside the signal and add them toget
Hi all, I want to generate a single sine wave pulse in Cadence's schematic as follows, then simulate in Analog environment's spectre transient analysis. The purpose of the sine wave pulse is to trigger a miller frequency divider. Can anyone please tell me what components in Cadence schematics can generate this (...)
hello:D i am doing my design project now. i have some problems on using this IC. could anyone give some informations or ideas to me? thanks!
how to extract the DC component of the sine wave signal V+V0coswt ?? that is : the input signal is V+V0coswt , when it passes through the system I designed, the output signal is V, or proportianal to V? one may say a lpf will do this work , but if w is relatively low ,for example in the range of 100Hz ? such a lpf is not easy
hi all how can i change half sine wave to squar wave. meaning that for each crest i want a pulse out.
Hi I am interested to develop algorithm to generate sine wave at different range of frequency for my microcontroller. Does anyone know how to do it or know the link for me to look up? Please let me know asap Kind regards Maverick Max