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Hello, How to build Sin wave oscillator for learning??
A 555 will give you a square wave, not a sine wave. I suppose you COULD put a filter on that , but I think you'd be better off just generating a sine wave and amplifying it.
I posted a link to another thread on this forum, in which some sugestions were provide. However, you can try with that circuit : +++
Hi all, How to generate a sine wave of frequency 50Hz +/- 10Hz controllable through a POT? the amplitude can be +/- 5to12V, duty cycle 50%. 555 and 566 give only +ve wave forms, i need a wave with alternating polarity. thanks.
This design allows you to vary the output level (using R5) and allows you to switch between square wave or sine output. You can easily design the 30kHz clock source with a 555 timer.
This is my voltage stabalizer that I found in one of those old analogue electronics book. Need it for my project and had built it but it didn't work 68931 I also need to use a h-bridge to convert my DC battery to AC sinewave. The circuit used is shown below 68932 I cant seem to get both of em' workin
How often do you want your 5 cycles? Do you want the cycles to be switched on at a certain part of the waveform. It looks like pin 3 controls the output level, so link it to V cc with a high value resistor. Then a 555 timer chip can be used as a monostable, if you set its time to (250KHz = 4 microS period X 5) to 20 microseconds to the output of t
Just use 555 timer & 4017 to make a quasi sine wave generation to fireup two push pull transistor. Varying the 555 frequency, you can get the different frequency. taking the output from a different tapping of the transformer, you can have different outputs. Now you can approach in two ways. 1. First boost to regulated (...)
the main concern i post this circuit is i want to understand how the output of the circuit can appear as a waveform(sine wave or square wave is not my concern) with a positive and negative cycle. what is the main factor or process that made the output of the the 555 timer which is a a square (...)
It should be possible to do this without using a tracking band pass filter, but rather a wideband shaping circuit. For this the 555 should be modified to produce 50% duty cycle output (can be done by adding 1 extra resistor in discharge pin) to keep the shaped sine wave distortion low. Next the charge/discharge ramps on the timing cap should (...)
My question is why you choose just 8038 , there is much simplier IC for this like 555 or other 555 will generate square wave not sine.