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Hi I want to build a variable low frequency generator. Frequency range: 8Hz - 200Hz duty cycle: 20% - 30% I could not work out a suitable configuration for a 555 because the duty cycle conflicts when the frequency is increased. Can anybody help me with this issue? Ah yes, (...)
I don't agree about "unusual". A 555 circuit with feedback from output instead of DISCHG pin can be already found as 50 % duty cycle oscillator in the LMC555 datasheet. The variant with diodes and variable duty cycle is at least frequently used.
Hi i would like to make an frequency generator using a 555 timer chip. The frequency should vary in the range of 100hz to 1kHz with a reasonable duty cycle (20-80%). I am using the circuit below. Varying r2 alone would not do the job because at r2=0 the duty cycle is 100%. I found out if i started (...)
Hello sir I want to know about what must be the duty cycle for 555 ic so as to work properly in astable mode ? what must be the % ? if we increase what would be the effect or what will happen if we decrease it . . ? thanks
Dear vead Hi It is a very sweet and easy project ! at first try to generate a variable duty cycle square wave . e.g with 555 . if you can do it , tell me , i'll illustrate you another step . Best Wishes Goldsmith
You can use a 555 timer in astable mode. You can find a schematic and calculator here . variable period and duty cycle can be achieved by using variable resistors and capacitors. You may also need to use the CONTROL pin.
hi in simple way u can use 2*(555) timer first one as stable the output of first one trigger second 555 connected as monostable and last one drive output stage with that connection u can adjust period and pulse width for drive signal
Hi I need to generate PWM signal for battery powered application to make ON/OFF for a swicth.The frequency is typically 1 second and I need to have a variable duty cycle by means of POT. I did look into 555 and 556 timer circuts and op amp PWM geneartion cicuits . It looks they all consume much current. Since it is (...)
You will not get a symmetric square wave with only the 555 (50% duty cycle) and a variable output frequency will change the duty cycle also. Try another IC like XR2206.
Hi masterx81, if your power source is DC, what you say (variable duty cycle with 555) is OK (for AC you could use a phase control wuth triac). A power MOSFET (as IRF520 or 6N10 among others) will be better than a bipolar transistor. It has very low ON resistance and very fast switch, so no power consumption. The gate can (...)