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I am working for a 120V DC to 5V DC converter. I have planned for a microcontroller based design. But the problem is how to power up the controller part. The Controller needs 5 Volt and how can i get this at startup as there is no power except the 120V input.
I need a isolated DC/DC converter that with 5V in I get +12V and -12V (don´t need to be accurate simetrical) with 30mA power supply. This will be used in an RS232C to RS422 converter, if possible with LM555 or ua494 or LM3524 or any other very popular IC. Regards, Fernando
Hi. try max1676. It's very simple 3 condensaors and 22uH inductor. It have very low quescent current - 16uA Input voltage 0.7-5.5V, Iout-300mA. It have shutdown pin and low battery in and out pins. Best Regards
hi! I have a power supply 3.3v. Need to boost up to 5v to drive a circuit for about 8 mA. Should i use the charge pump to boost or DC-DC converter (boost up converter) ? In term of size and external component, which one is better?
Dear All, I need to have a dc-dc converter in which input is 20-60V and output is 13.5V @ 2Amp. Please suggest . Vicky
here is an example of a 5v to 13v boost converter it's simple, with explanations may be you can change it to start from 1v ? regards
please suggest me 5v to +/- 15v dc to dc converter with driving capacity of 4 amps isolated output.
Hi, I am looking for a dc dc converter for with inputs +-15v, +-5v, output 12v, I am bit rusted with analog electronics, please let me know any ideas how to design this circuit or any ready ic's is avialable in the market thanks in advance bestha
hi,if you only supply a cpu ,it will consum small is is good mothed of using a LM317.but the LM7805 will be better,you can save two resistences.maybe this is the cheapest way to slove this problem. what you need is to get ride of noise from can : 1:use a LC filter from input,the cap must be a low esr ,big capacity one,such as
hello friends, I´m looking for a dc dc converter from 2 or single cell (NiCad/NiMH) to 5 V. I´ve found some but they´re dificult to find/buy is there any magic IC??? regards, 2000
Hello!everyone I'm designing a AC/DC converter with PFC, because I'm fresh and absent of more practical experience, so I have to turn to everyone and hope to get your advice and suggestions. The following is the speciafication of the converter, The input voltage range:85Vac~264Vac; the output is 5V/22A; and the PFC is>0.95@2
Hi, Did anyone know hpw to control the Switched capacitro DC-DC converter that regulate to 5v output , Iload=100mA , Input=3.3V. Can supply some material about Switched capacitor DC-DC converter?? Thanks a lot! SC
Try this link: To increase the output current to 100mA you will have to use capacitor of ≈1.5?F .. Also, for 5V output you can use a small 5V (78L05) voltage regulator (preferred option) or a 5.1V zener diode .. Regards, IanP
I would like to build a DC-DC converter to go from 7.2 V down to two outputs:5V and 3.3V. What would be the best way to do this?
Hi all, I want to use this IC for convert 5v to 15v DC for 10mA current. I really have no idea about how to connect this circuit. Actually, I have the datasheet but I need some guides. Please help me. I also attached the shecmatics. Thanks
hi, i look for a dc-dc converter with a isolation voltage of 4 kv or better. the input voltage is in the range of 7V - 15V. the output voltage should be 5V. it would be nice if the converter has small dimensions. Have someone a recomedation which firm produce such parts? Anything will be usefull. best regards, El Paco
Hi ulaska; do you see this circuit in LM2576 datasheet? it is 0.7A at -12V but i think for -5V current reach to 1.5A you can check it. (use LM2576-5 inseted of LM2576-12) regards, Davood.
You could use this dual output Buck. Given your small input/output voltage differrential Vin = 5V plus line variations LDO's would probably be the simpliest to build.You dont have to find cores. The LM2991 & LM2941 or a suitable dual output LDO.
Hi. I have a problem with my circuit that I hope someone could help me with. =\ I have built a data-logger unit using a picaxe28X that communicates/transmits via a MAXIM485 to another picaxe28X. The unit uses a Mean Well dc-dc converter, SPR01N-05, to step-down 24V power supply to 5V for the data-logger unit circuit. The unit has been logging we
1. in Matlab ur switch is on with logic "1", and off with logic "0". But in your circuit, ur pmos will be on with logic "0" at your initial state, which make the output = input, that's why you got a high (5V) in the initial stage. 2. u need a soft start control, and usually high side and low side switch will not behave "simple inverse mechanis
i need schematic for convertor 5v dc to 15v dc thancks
Hi everybody, I'm not familiar with DC/DC converter design, so I ask you for suggestions. I have a voltage source of 24V DC and need 2 outputs: V1 = 5V /0.5A for TTL logic V2 = 16 to 35 V / 0.5A Both V1 and V2 must be isolated from source. V2 is to be controlled by a microcontroller according to a thermistor. I've been searching on web for s
as to 2, that means I have to get 5v out of 12v using resistor devider? Use a simple zener shunt.
The LM2575HV is a good candidate for this job .. It accepts any input voltage between 8Vdc(5V version) to 60Vdc, or with rectifier diode/bridge on input up to 42Vac, which is more than you need .. Here are its details: Regards, IanP
hi, all in dc/dc converter, such as boost, usually have input voltage from 2.7v to 4.2v, and the output is 5v, so the duty cycle can calculate, one is 0.46(2.7v) the other is 0.16(4.2v), does it means this boost can work normal with 0.16<=D<=0.46? now i have question: 1. which part confirm the duty cycle range? the error opamp output range?
Need Isolated dc-dc converter 1.5V-2 V input 15-18V out that is relatively easy to do , now the challenge 10-20 Watts , better than 90% efficency ,manufacturing cost less than $5.00 in OEM quantity (10,000 up ) Is anyone up to the challenge ? Able to come up with some up front money
Hello everyone. I've recently started studying electronics, and now I'm trying to build this DC-DC converter circuit. Everything seems to be working fine, but I am very keen on knowing, how really does this converter works. If the 12 to 5V is more or less understandable, then the 12V to 170V is kind of a black picture for me, so, that is why I
Hello All, I am using a optical module that required 5, 3.3 and -5.2V. the current needed at the -5.2 V rail is 4A, I was searching a -5.2V non-isolated DC to DC converter with an output current up to 4A I did not find any because the input voltage to this non-isolated DC to DC converter is 5V (the board have only a single 5 V supply). I am p
Hi. You can put zener diode for 14-15V between VT2 gate and ground. Best Regards.
Hi, I want to design a fly back AC-DC converter to supply a set top box... In input I have Vin = 220V. In output I need to have : 12V, 5V, 3.3V, 2.6V, 1.1V and 1V. Please could you help me with some reference design or some ideas. Regards, Titou.
I was searching 5V to 3.3V DC to DC converter with an output current of 2A and a small package, you will not find one with a switching frequency lower that 0.5 MHz (or maybe 250 KHz). PTH series has a huge footprints, I want a very small one( the PCB dimension is small), My question is : is 0.5 MHz or 2 MHz switching frequency bet
Thanks, you are right indeed. I asked the manufacturer and this the answer: The Sense input is normally connected at the load for the respective Sense Polarity (+Sense to the +Vout load). The sense input compensates for voltage drops along the output wiring such as moderate IR drops and the current carrying capacity of PC board etch. This out
Any suggestions for implementing DC-converter with following features: Input: 48Vdc nominal Output: 0-60Vdc (adjustable) Output stepsize: 0,5V (120 steps) Has to fit inside 1U rack so component maximum height is about 35mm. Isolation is not mandatory (can be achieved otherwise) but i would be nice. Do you think this could be done with only
Hi I am trying to design a circuit that accepts as an input 0->5V DC from an AD converter and translates them linearly to -6V to +6V with a maximum sink/source current of 200mA, the input signal will change very slow (every 20ms or more) and the fast response time is not an issue. A have designed and simulated the attached test circuit and I am loo
I'd like to create a compact 100W DC->DC converter board for a communications system that accepts an input voltage (between 9-36V) and outputs several fixed voltage levels. There are so many options that I'm going in circles on this design. Some of the current draws are too large for linear regulators to be efficient, and so I'm not sure if I shoul
hi, find the attached file,it is shown for 28V output, i got it from the datasheet. Change the R1 and R2 values using the formula Vout=1.25(1+R1/R2) to get 5V
Hi I use a DC/DC converter that have a 24-36 V input and produce these voltages at given current : 1 - +5V --- 300 mA 2 - +12V --- 65 mA 3 - -12V --- 65 mA Can i boost current for these outputs ? Thanks for your support.
Dear Members, I need to design dc dc converter that have input range 30 to 44 volt DC and outputs are 5V @ 3 A, 3.3 V @ 2 Amp and specially low voltage 1 V DC with about 10 AMp capability. Please guide me for my design. How I can apply Synchronuous rectifier for such low voltage design. If any one have tried similar design,please send me the
There is no useful information here. The +/-15 pair being jacked as you describe, may mean you haven't got the ground for that section commoned with the 5V ground (which evidently is the measurement reference, since that at least is right).
Hi, I'm use NCP1400 step-up DC-DC converter. I use input 3V from battery and use 5V at output. The problem is, my circuit use 5V, >100mA but the device only can supply up to 100mA. I tried to boost current, same as boost current for voltage regulator 78XX usin
Your DMM have 5 Ohm shunt resistor at mA range and 0.1 Ohm in A range of current measurement! V So 0.5V drop at 100mA .....
Hello everyone. I am building a SMPS AC/DC power supply using a PFC and a full bridge DC/DC converter. I want to control the output current of the converter using a 5V external power supply. I was thinking of using a BJT in linear mode but found out that the losses would be great, what would you guys recommend? Also, is there an IC which has both f
I need a 5V and 1A supply for my portable device. I am thinking of using 5 * 1.2 V NiMH batteries. Which regulator shall I use: Low voltage dropout or DC-DC converter ?
I'm looking for a design of inverting DC/DC converter using MC34063. +12VDC IN and -12VDC least 150mA. I've seen some design but limited to 5VDC input only.. TIA
I think you are making a mistake in your calculations.. As far as charging time is concerned which is approx 5 times t=R*C ,R=5V/5mA=1000 Ohm and C=1.65 F t=2.3 hours :D
I am using LT3525 as 5V dc-dc converter to power my microcontroller. And, I am using the in-built ADC. But, I get some ripples on my ADC readings, which I guess is due to the ripple of dc-dc converter because I do not get those ripples if I do not use the dc-dc converter. So, how can I get rid off this problem?
Hi Everyone! Please tell me how will I control the charging current of a Supercapacitor Bank using a DC-DC converter. Connecting a suitable value and wattage resistor I can control the charging current but this will be an inefficient method. I want to charge a supercapacitor bank from a 3V supply till 5V via a boost converter. The max. c
Hi How to convert +5V DC to -5V DC ? anyone can help me on that thanks
hi all....i'am study about RF to DC converter..i need some advice how to design RF to DC converter..i also asking any example of RF-DC circuit that will produce 5v of DC output.. thanks
It mainly has to do with the low losses and the high efficiency. You won't get much of a benefit from 5V to 3.3V since the voltage gap is so small. The advantages would be far more noticeable if your input voltage was greater than, say, 9V.