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My teacher gave me a project using 741c Operational amplifier but i have no idea what project should i make? please suggest some.....
hi everyone, i am doing this project on ultrasnonic sensor where im using 741 and the voltage 15 to -15v need help to know how do i start? looking for a simulation graph which will help me start on this work !! thanks - - - Updated - - - sorry its the ultrasonic receiver .. need to do a lit review and
The + input of IC1 is held at +12V The - input of IC1 will not go higher than +12V, so there is a good change that IC1 output will be permanently high. I would have put a potentiometer (maybe 100k Ohms) on the + input of IC1 to provide a variable reference voltage. I am assuming that IC1 is a 741 op-amp or similar?
can you suggest me nice project with the help of 741 op-amp....currently i m making a radio using 741 op-amp.....still can u help me for another...with circuit should not be very complex.....simple & easily implemented.... if you can... thank you very much....sir....u can also suggest topic on LM380 audio amplifier....or 555 ic tim
Power OPs are basically available. Optimal respectively suitable solution depends on your application. A 741 with a current booster (npn and pnp power transistors) may be a simple solution without depending on special parts.
please show me the circuit of "Two decade BJT-OP AMP cascade inverting voltage amplifier". SPECIFICATION: only one BJT,One OP AMP UA 741 and a single power supply of 12v must be used. a 10K ohm load and an input signal will be connected via capacitors to the amplifier.The maximum voltage gain is about -500. Input impedance is about 600 oh
hi all this is a very nice collection of tutorial circuits hope it'll be helpful for all of u cheers Contenents 7_2 Volt NiCad Cycler 555 Timer Go-No-Go tester 555 Timer IC Tester 555 Timer-Oscillator Tutorial 741 Op-Amp Tutorial A Super-Simple NiCd-Battery Rejuvenator ASSP ODD Product Lineup2 ASSP ODD Product Lineup3
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