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My teacher gave me a project using 741c Operational amplifier but i have no idea what project should i make? please suggest some.....
hi everyone, i am doing this project on ultrasnonic sensor where im using 741 and the voltage 15 to -15v need help to know how do i start? looking for a simulation graph which will help me start on this work !! thanks - - - Updated - - - sorry its the ultrasonic receiver .. need to do a lit review and
The + input of IC1 is held at +12V The - input of IC1 will not go higher than +12V, so there is a good change that IC1 output will be permanently high. I would have put a potentiometer (maybe 100k Ohms) on the + input of IC1 to provide a variable reference voltage. I am assuming that IC1 is a 741 op-amp or similar?
can you suggest me nice project with the help of 741 op-amp....currently i m making a radio using 741 op-amp.....still can u help me for another...with circuit should not be very complex.....simple & easily implemented.... if you can... thank you very much....sir....u can also suggest topic on LM380 audio amplifier....or 555 ic tim
Hello , I'm in computer engineering department . i design some project with my own idea . i use LM741 op-amp to output amplified voltage that i needed but output current is less than < 20 MA and i want to reach 1 A at least. so anyone knows how to reach this current value without changing this voltage value , like current amplifier or operational a
please show me the circuit of "Two decade BJT-OP AMP cascade inverting voltage amplifier". SPECIFICATION: only one BJT,One OP AMP UA 741 and a single power supply of 12v must be used. a 10K ohm load and an input signal will be connected via capacitors to the amplifier.The maximum voltage gain is about -500. Input impedance is about 600 oh
hi all this is a very nice collection of tutorial circuits hope it'll be helpful for all of u cheers Contenents 7_2 Volt NiCad Cycler 555 Timer Go-No-Go tester 555 Timer IC Tester 555 Timer-Oscillator Tutorial 741 Op-Amp Tutorial A Super-Simple NiCd-Battery Rejuvenator ASSP ODD Product Lineup2 ASSP ODD Product Lineup3
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