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Check if the Output is in the range of 89c52? If it is bellow the limit or above the limit it will not be detected. So can you please measure the OFF state voltage and ON state voltage at the output of 741? and also check the oscilator frequency. Make a pulse generator using 555 and check if you are able to count the pulses. If you do then adjust
can you suggest me nice project with the help of 741 op-amp....currently i m making a radio using 741 op-amp.....still can u help me for another...with circuit should not be very complex.....simple & easily implemented.... if you can... thank you very much....sir....u can also suggest topic on LM380 audio amplifier....or 555 ic tim
For my senior design project I will be designing an operational amplifier testing device. The goal is that a student can plug in an Op Amp (741) and a screen will display the measured parameters of the op amp. The testing device should be able to display all of the parameters that can be found on the 741 data sheet. Then the display will (...)
The + input of IC1 is held at +12V The - input of IC1 will not go higher than +12V, so there is a good change that IC1 output will be permanently high. I would have put a potentiometer (maybe 100k Ohms) on the + input of IC1 to provide a variable reference voltage. I am assuming that IC1 is a 741 op-amp or similar?
after some tests I did not arrive the conclusions i use ampop inverting way but I want to invert the out signal of the sensor (0 to 5 for 5 to 0 (not -5V)) if it will not be very work you can post or send a small project for help. the power for 741(?) it must be 5v/0v not 5,0,-5 many
hi all this is a very nice collection of tutorial circuits hope it'll be helpful for all of u cheers Contenents 7_2 Volt NiCad Cycler 555 Timer Go-No-Go tester 555 Timer IC Tester 555 Timer-Oscillator Tutorial 741 Op-Amp Tutorial A Super-Simple NiCd-Battery Rejuvenator ASSP ODD Product Lineup2 ASSP ODD Product Lineup3
title: Two decade BJT-OP AMP cascade inverting voltage amplifier SPECIFICATION: only one BJT,One OP AMP UA 741 and a single power supply of 12v must be used. a 10K ohm load and an input signal will be connected via capacitors to the amplifier.The maximum voltage gain is about -500. Input impedance is about 600 ohm.output impedance is abou
please show me the circuit of "Two decade BJT-OP AMP cascade inverting voltage amplifier". SPECIFICATION: only one BJT,One OP AMP UA 741 and a single power supply of 12v must be used. a 10K ohm load and an input signal will be connected via capacitors to the amplifier.The maximum voltage gain is about -500. Input impedance is about 600 oh
you may use opAMP 741 ic or a simple oscilltor consisting of a bjt and some resister/capcitors can work for you.
Power OPs are basically available. Optimal respectively suitable solution depends on your application. A 741 with a current booster (npn and pnp power transistors) may be a simple solution without depending on special parts.
Hii All! I am doing a project titled 'Design Of ECG Amplifier Using Microprocessor and Software Based Data Acquisition System.' I need help in this. I have designed the Ecg amplifier using OPAMP IC 741. Now I have to interface this with a microcontroller which houses the A/D Converter for analog to digital conversion of the ECG Signal. Which mic
... (that is also attached).Can anyone help me?extraction of only 100ppm from the total voltage will not show a considerable effect - but may be this is intended for the first trial only the 2 series resistors between R28 and GND, as well as R35 seem to be 1Ω instead of 1MΩ There seems to exist a s
Hey, I'm currently involved in an Audio Mixer Design project in school. Besides the basic design I've attached, we expected to come up with a number of interesting enhancements. Unfortunately, we're only allowed the usage of the 741 op-amps and discrete components only. I was wandering if I could get your inputs on what sort of enhancements m
first convert the sinewave to a squarewave usin some opamp like 741 or tlo72..make vcc 5v ok.then program pic as a counter.i think u can use ccp module in pic18 for that.input the squarewave to the pic..done
Hi ssatyaki, 1) First find hobby electronics shops near to your home 2) Buy Bread Board, Solder Rod, Multimeter, Variable power supply 3) Buy 555 Timer and 741 opamp Now you are ready to get started... :-D Bread board simple circuits such as blinking LED with 555 timer, experiment with different values of capacitor and resistor. In first attem
hi i am going to do my fyp on ultrasonic radar, and now want to draw my ultrasonic transmitter circuit using lm741 op amp. plz someone give me some link thnx. dont use sms or short hand typing skills in this forum... type the complete words by spending few more seconds. this is the last warning and further p
use general purpose opamp 741
Can you help me in designing a circuit for shorter range? Like 10pA-20nA. It's easy. Refer to the circuit from post #10, calculate a suitable feedback resistor value (500 Meg), change 741 against an "electrometer" OP with sub pA input current (e.g. OPA129) and you're done. But does a linear, single range I/V converter solve the
I'm pretty sure it is this esr meter : worry it even works not bad with a 741 ! go with your tl074 ...
The problem is most likely in the schematic which you should post. Keith - - - Updated - - - Also, attach your 741 model as the problem is possibly in there.

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