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What Is Difference Between 74ls00 & 74HC00? Ans: LS refers To : Low Power SCHOTTKY while HC refers To: High Speed Si- CMOS The difference is in performance. If U wanna To know More I am Attaching The datasheet of both U get clear Idea from That
Hi, I need to calculate power consumed by the 74ls00 IC in my circuit. In the datasheet of 74ls00 quadruple 2 input positive NAND gate ICCL and ICCH parameters are mentioned. Does these parameters are for whole IC or individual Gates? Some body please help me in this regard. Thanks and Regards, Viswanath
You don't have to use 74LS08 or 7408. These are AND gates. You must use 74ls00 or 7400 NAND gates. If you'll use 74LS08 for gates whom output is 3 and 5, then you must use an OR gate for the gate with output marked 5. Obvious you must keep the D latch and two inverter gates. However, there is no NRZ-biphase. It's either ordinary NRZ or Manches
Please tell me what does the IC no represent? I mean, for example, we have 7400 as quad two input positive nand gate,but what does the alphabetical symbols apart from 7400 eg DM 74ls00 , or SN74LS139A orSN74L139A signifies? Please help. It's urgent.... Another question, why does JK flip flop called so? These are the expected question in my
In addition to what you already have (oscilloscope and multimeter) you will need a 5V regulated power supply (low current), TTL/LS gates (74ls00, 74JS04 , etc.) and a test-board (any el-cheapo breadoard will do) .. The attached pdf shows implementation of series/parallel resonant oscillator circuits .. IanP :|
hello I am trying to make this simple oscillator but it does not oscillate at all. What could cause the problem? The chip is a 74HC00. I have used a 74ls00 instead.
AT89C51, Where 'C' implies CMOS +5V with +or- 0.25 tolerance AT89S51, Where 'S' implies Reduced voltage +V with +or- 0.5V tolerance AT89LV51, Where 'LV' implies Low voltage +3.3V 74ls00, Where 'LS' implies Low power Schottky diode 74HC00, Where 'HC' implies High Speed CMOS 74HCT00, Where 'H
Hai, I am little bit confused about the routing/wiring to form a star ground. I have a designed a signal averager (box car averager) circuit with few digital ICs (10 numbers) 74ls00, 74ls04, 74ls244, 74ls393 and analog ICs (26numbers) (like lF356 and LF398 e.t.c). I have made two individual grounds for those type and called as analog ground (
(Please excuse any stupid questions, I'm new to this) I'm trying to generate a 5V clock signal to be used with this 74ls00 series binary need a 4 MHz signal, but I'm really struggling to get any clock designs to work. What kind of ci