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Hi all, I have problem in converting 26 bit binary to bcd using PIC 16F782 using assembly language. I need to convert eg 2FAF080 hex to 50 000 000 dec using 4 registers casade together.. which mean 4 bytes. actually my application is to make use of timer0 as a counter to count the input freqency and store them in a 4 byte register.. (...)
I searched in internet and find code for converting 8 bit and 10 bit numbers So you got the answer, isn't it? I presume you know how to delete lines of code.
Using Couleur's Technique (BIDEC), a binary number (most significant bit, MSB) first is shifted and processed, such that the bcd equivalent is obtained when the last binary bit is clocked into the register. The basic rule is: if a 4 or less is in a decade, shift with the next clock pulse; if 5 or greater (...)
8 bit or 16 bit? here is an 8 bit routine: ;***************************************************** ;* "bin2bcd8" - 8-bit binary to bcd conversion ;* This subroutine converts an 8-bit number (temp) to a 2-digit ;* i.e 0x15 becomes 0x21 ;* result in (...)
can anyone share me code that converts an 8-bit binary to bcd. im using the Altera Quarus II compiler and programming into the Altera DE2 board. my intention is to convert output of a counter (8-bits) into bcd and then display it on the 7-segment. both the counter and bcd-to-7 segment (...)
Hey guys, I'm using a pic16F690 and I need assembly code for to convert an 8 bit binary to bcd and bcd to binary. I have to use the w register. Also, I only want to display numbers from 0 - 99, how do I write a default or error message in mplab? Thanks for the help :)
Maybe it helps you.
unsigned cha? rez;

void Bin_bcd_18(int val)

 rez = (val%1000) / 100; 
 rez = (val%100) / 10; 
 rez = val % 10; 


Try this, or browse code on same site. ;)
Hi Alexander, I think that convertin a 24bit binary number into bcd format is similar to 8bit BIN2bcd. char i; // counter char binary; // binary number char bcd; // bcd number for (i=0; i < 3; i++) { bcd = (...)
GAL chip:LIke GAL16V8.etc use google to find such imformation
i want to know how to convert binary to bcd or decimal in assembly i want a code thanks you can use simble method for converting 8 bit binary number into decimal equivelt stored in 3 memory locations code for 8051 family( let r0 contain the binary number and r1,r2,r3 contain decimal equavelent) (...)
for something inline.... #include #include int y,x,z,bits,bit,array; bits =24; array=0; {bitvalue 3rd dimention position {super position}} LONG bitvalue; bitvalue = convertion input value BOOL fifo; x=1; z=1; {can be used to choose what (...)
I often see people asking "how to convert binary to bcd," and I suppose they could mean the pencil and paper shift-3 etc. method, but they could also be asking the question regarding an actual schematic. This is especially frustrating for students whose textbooks may be asking them that question assuming that the 74LS184 and 74LS185A chips are sti
you should be able to do the transformation by first doing a mapping. Use the truth tables and the graphical method for each output bit. Many years ago there were commercial ICs for this. Try looking through an old TTL data book. They will have diagrams of the logic inside the chips. 74185 is one example. The 74185 turns ou
A binary to two-digit bcd converter Input = 7 bit, binary count = 00000000-1100011 Output Required = 4bit + 4bit (=8 bits for two digit) Output count = 00,01,02,03,.....99 bits need = 100*8 = 800 bits Use ROM is 2^7 x 8 = 1024 (...)
are you planning on displaying in decimal format or using binary form(i.e. one bit each in one 7 segment display)..... decimal format..... well if i use decoder like 7447 then its input will be 4 bit and output of 8 breaking the 16 bit output in 4 bit make them bcd again ...
I have searched the forum but couldn't find what i wanted exactly.. Say i have an output from an 8-bit binary counter "95" .. I want to display it on 7-segment displays on a spartan 3E FPGA board.. What is the solution of this problem even if i got the bcd conversion, how can I display it on 7-segments? Thanks for your concern..
Hello i am having these verilog code for 16 bit binary to bcd conversion . I am not getting the algorithm or method used for it I have uploaded file for it.
I've found a routine that convert 32bit binary to 10digit bcd: But I don't know whether the high significant byte of binary and bcd is at high address or at low address. Or if have anyone using this routine and it works? thanks!
Hia Take a look at in examples codes section. it have been writen for 8051 asm but it is easy to translate them to pic asm
how can i make voltmeter with ADC0808 without micro controller this is my project in my collage !!! can anyone help me ?!! thx in advance :!:
can someone spare me of codes for 6-bit binary to decimal conversion in verilog?.please..tnx in advance. :-)
Maybe some of these exampless will be of any use to you: vii Contents 5 Software Applications 5-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.1 Integer Calculation Subroutines 5-2 . . . . . . . . 5.1.1 Unsigned Multiplication 16 x 16-bits 5-2 . . . . 5.1.2 Signed Multiplication 16 x 16-bits 5-7 . . . . . . 5.1.3 Unsigned Multiplication 8 x
Hi! I need working assembly routines for - 32 bit x 32 bit integar multiplication 32 bit / 32 bit integar division 32 bit binary to bcd conversion 12 Packed Digits bcd to binary conversion These routines I need for MSP430 (...)
I trying to implement this methode of binary to bcd conversation: It uses the shift 3x -> add + 3 if grather than 5 -> shift 1x methode. library IEEE; use
Hi, I need help with this module . It's to convert a binary value to its bcd equivalent assigning each digit to an element of an array. For example the binary value (11111111=ff hex) is equivalent to( 255 ) decimal so the 5 digit is assigned to the first element of the array......second 5 is assigned to the next element and 2 is assigned to (...)
Hi there, please advice on how is the most effective way to change 8-bits binary no. to bcd by using VHDL. thank you.
The 555 timer will generate pulses which can be used to either: 1. Clock a 2-bit binary counter. The counter's output will be applied to the "select" inputs of a 2-to-4 decoder. 2. Clock a shift register with a circulating logic "1." how this can be done how can i clock 2 bit binary counter and how this can be (...)
Goto: and find Hex/Dec Converter /LCD .. by Jacek Bogusz .. or 24-bit binary to decimal(bcd) .. by Manoj R. Thakur .. Regards, IanP
hi, sir, i'm working on DA-FIR filter generation using sysgen. i want to design a LUT for the same . so i am using vhdl code to design the LUT. i have designed the FIR filter. so i'm getting the coefficients form it . there are real numbers.. eg: 0.27656, -0.0984,... so initially i have to convert these to 8-bit binary digits. then depending o
how do i multiply the 12 bit binary input to the 8 bits sine wave (in std_logic_vector form) any help plz..I will use the syntax for ASK Modulation..
i m talking about intel 8086.
Thanks guys. I have NAND, NOR, NOR, AND, OR, XOR, jk flip flop, quad 2-in mux, 8-1 mux, counter, shift register, octal D FF, 4bit adder, dual decade counter, and a bcd 7 seg.
The below is the verilog-A code for 8-bit thermometer to binary encoder. `include "constants.vams" `include "disciplines.vams" module bin2thermTC2BC(TC, BC,CP); input CP; voltage CP; input TC; electrical TC; output BC; electrical BC; parameter real tdel = 2p from [0:inf); parameter real trise = 1p from
Hi vveerendra Here is my understanding about what you've wrote , tell me if it is correct : you want display a decimal number on seven segment but your number is binary and you need to convert it into decimal right ? If my consideration is right you can go through many of the available binary to 7 segment integrated circ
Hi Below is the one of the possible methods : void num2str ( INT16U tNumber, // Number to be converted INT8U *pString // Pointer to sstring where converted number will be stored ) { INT8S tpos; while(*pString != 0) // Goto end of string pString++; // Find number of bytes to encode number if (tNu
Hi SphinX This is my 8051 version to convert 16 bit number to decimal: ; FUNCTION: BIN2bcd ; BYTES: 27 ; CYCLES: 327 ; INPUT: R6 (Msb) and R7 (Lsb) (binary_16_bits) ; OUTPUT: R3 (Msb), R4 and R5 (Lsb) (PACKET bcd) ; Destroy: R2, R6, R7, A, and PSW ; ; ALGORITM: ; ; (...)
Purpose: Convert a single byte into two bcd digits Input: A = Byte to convert (0x00-0xFF) Output: A = High nibble (ASCII 0x30-0x39,0x41-0x46) R0 = Low nibble (ASCII 0x30-0x39, Value In Acc From Hex To bcd. Entry Requirements: Acc Has V
I wanted to make a keyboard to directly write into the ram for my 8085 board... So I must have 16 outputs.... I have reasons not to use the existing chips from Intel... Thanks, I will think if 2 such ICs help....
Salam, Hex2bcd Converter using 8051 ; ;**************************************************************************** ; ; Description: ; Convert Value In Acc From Hex To bcd. ; ; Entry Requirements: ; Acc Has Value In binary To Convert To bcd ; ; On Exit: ; Acc Has Entry Value Converted To (...)
i am having a very difficult time finding the 4-way DIL switch and a 4008 4-bit binary full adder. is there some sort of alternative that is easier to get? i would have broken down and ordered it from the UK (!!!!!) but i'm under a bit of a time restriction. if anyone could help, that'd be great.
hii evrybdy, i want to design an 8-bit binary divider..its transistor level implementation..and thn i have to optimize it using its criitical delay under worst input pattern. can anybdy hlp me or guide me in this regard links , pdf files and e-books will b hlpful... hope a sooner reply thnxs in advance harry
hii everybdy.. hwz life and work goin on? i have two questions: 1)actually m a student and being assigned project to make 8-bit binary counter and to optimize it in terms of critical path..cmos implemnetation of it. SO can anybdy guide me how shuld i pursue it..i have jst 2 weeks...not more than tht.. 2)can anybdy provide me the solout
Hi I have to design a 8 bit binary comparator using VHDL that consists of 3 inputs - two data words (8 bit vector) and an input state (2 bit vector). There are two outputs - output state (2 bit vector- '00' => A=B, '01' => A>B etc ) and a bitwise Exclusive-OR of the input words (8 (...)
i need to display 8 bits binary number for example (01110010) (114 decimal) on three 7 segment display without using microcontroller . share your ideas plz ! my input number is not bcd i want to convert it first to bcd then display it on the 7 segmets
who can give a sample of verilog code that convert 4 bit binary (deciaml is 0-9) to display at seven segment? Inside the code need to have a reset and clock. I am facing problem to create a clock and reset.
Dear, I want to Draw a logic diagram of a 4-bit binary ripple down counter using: (a) Flip-flops that trigger on the positive-edge of the clock And (b) flip-flops that trigger on the negative-edge of the clock.
If you are referring to the PS/2 keyboard: All data is transmitted one byte at a time and each byte is sent in a frame consisting of 11-12 bits. These bits are: ? 1 start bit. This is always 0. ? 8 data bits, least significant bit first. ? 1 parity bit (odd parity). ? 1 stop (...)
can anybody help me with the logic? i have to implement 8-bit(binary) security code with all the combination i.e 256 then the output is XOR with the input and if the result is zero then print the desired result.