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Hello. I need to use several lookup tables(DATA,DATA1..) in one program and it should change after some time(like 1s). Is it possible to do it in assembler language with 8051 microcontroler? MAIN: MOV DPTR,#DATA CLR A MOVC A,@A+DPTR MOV R2,A INC DPTR ... ... DATA: DB 36D DB 1D,254D ; DB 22D,233D ...
Excel, Mat lab, calculator etc., My choice is always C program. Example code
hi all what is look up can i use it in vhdl reduce a "case statements"........................ thanks for your help
Anyone know how to define all the string into a lookup table?? After define all the string into lookup table, how we can access it??
I use PWM to control fan speed. The fan will return a tacho to represent the factual speed(RPM). The lookup table will contain the to be used PWM settings for the requested speed. The speed needs to be converted as the PWM output is not linear with the voltage of the connected fan. Depending on the load of the fan the to be used PWM characte
LUT(lookup table) in FPGA can be implemented in ASIC? Sum of Product with LUT in ASIC?
I want to implement this in c++ by using lookup table. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
How can i build a lookup table in a s7-300 siemens PLC?. I can build the table, but i dont want to use comparators to return the value. Any ideas?
Hi! I'm trying to make a lookup table for a LED sign I'm making (hardware done, test program done and working). 5x4 characters. But then I 1280(256x5) byte big lookup table. I have read somewhere that I need to alter the PCLATCH register. Any help would be great! Or if anyone know of a better method of doing (...)
Hi friends, I want to implement a lookup table (rom memory) which comprise 362 cells, each one is 16bits ( so contains 2*181*16=5792bits). I prefer to use CPLD because it do not need any PROM in PCB. Can you suggest me a CPLD from XILINX (for example xc9500) that can implement this lookup table and two (16 bits) dividers (...)
When we implement the lookup table, we can use RTL or ROM. How to evaluate the cost between RTL and ROM? Thanks. May the small lookup table can be implement by RTL. The larger use ROM. What's the limit? Thanks.
hi all, need some advise on how to implement lookup table in NS-2. for example: a lookup table for IEEE 802_11Ext module, which has details such as modulation type, SNR level, and BER. So based on SINR measurement from NS-2, instead of using the SINRThresh_ value in current module, the probability of reception is (...)
I want to find an efficient way to build the compact lookup table inside FPGA based on following code: Currently I detect all input 64 formats by using “if” and “elsif”, but this way is too timing consuming. If I use ROM to build the lookup table, so much memory space is going to be wasted Do (...)
I have a 24V lead acid battery bank.I want to know how can i estimate state of charge of battery by measuring its voltage using ADC of a PIC Microcontroller. I have found many tables on google but all are for battery open circuit voltage while in realty like in UPS the battery is not open circuit. Many cheap UPSs too have a battery level indicati
how to do GPS PRN lookup table in simulink??
hi i am doing my project on hybrid spread spectrum so for frequency hopping i need seven frequency to be generated using a single lookup table ca anyone send me the code mail id is thanks
Our project needs some high speed ROM, but the ROM from many verndors can't meet our spec. So I try to make it with "Combination lookup table", just use standard cell. The results show that area and speed of "Combination lookup table" is better than ROM. Could anyone tell me some shortcoming of my method?
:?Hello, I am new to PIC programming and I could really use your assistance in my code. I would like to make a random output on Port D using only 5 bits. I attempted different ways to make the lookup table pick a different line in the lookup table but it would not work at all. I?m using a PIC 18F4550 microcontroller that (...)
Hai! How to convert binary bits (eg."00") to digital symbols(eg."1/sqrt(2) ) using lookup tables in vhdl coding? Can anyone help me out please:-)
Hello. The switching frequency of my inverter design very high that the frequency ratio irequires the use of 420 steps in the lookup table.The question is for pic16f877 is the memory and resolution sufficient to cater for this table as well as the main PWM program in asm.
Okay so I created Block RAM using Xilinx's Block Memory Generator, creating an 8-bit sine wave coded as a .coe file with 256 samples. I need a look up table to assign 44 different frequencies spread out among 4 octaves (Middle C up). How should I go about doing this? -Much appreciation in advance
Hi All, I am doing a project regards to log function. I am wondering where can I get 32MB lookup table for single precision log function? I tried to generate it from GCC, but it failed.The problem was a lot of table items were incorrect when I compared them with those generated from Turbo C.Does anybody know the reason? and where can (...)
hi iam not getting how to write verilog code for 4 bit multiplier using lookup table actualy my project is to find square of a n number so please help us
How Library Compiler determine the index interval for a 2-D lookup table? the variables listed in x-axis,and y-axis are not normally distributed. Thanks
I want to create a lookup table inside an array. The code below won't compile, can someone please let me know what I'm doing wrong? Does the for loop need to be in the always block? What I really want is for the compiler to do all the math and load the values into memory... localparam BIT_WIDTH = 8; localparam NUM_STATES = 255; re
Hello! Can someone show me an example C code for implementing lookup table for 10 entries. The entries will be some float values like, float my_lookup_table = {1.2, 2.2, 3.2, 4.2, 5.2, 6.2, 7.2, 8.2, 9.2, 10.2};
Please help me to code a very large lookup table ....having over 50 entries.. What is the approach used to code such BIG LUT's? I think that, if manual coding is done , it will be Error prone. Please provide solutions/links on this
how can i simulate lookup table for sine wave in Hspice tools. plz give example of lookup table simulate in hspice.
hello I am designing a smps based sine wave inverter of 500VA 220v/50Hz. i have succefully designed DC-DC converter stage. my aim is to convert 311VDC to 220V ac sinusoidal. for this ,i have designed a H-BRIDGE driven by a UNIPOLAR SPWM. i am using a microcontroller (DSPIC33FJ32MCPWM) to generate the UNIPOLAR SPWM of 20KHz carrier and 50Hz
Anybody knows how to interpolate delay values from the 3-D lookup table in the Liberty file? here are some sample template: /* 3-D table template f(i_trans, o_cap, r_cap) */ lu_table_template( f_itrans_ocap_rcap ) { variable_1 : input_net_transition; variable_2 : total_output_net_capacitance; (...)
I want to design a digital signal generator which can generate digital values for the Sine wave using 8051 and then convert it to analog sine wave using DAC0808. But how to compute values for a function x = sin(w n) using 8051 if i want 50 samples per cycle and 100 Hertz frequency of sine wave. I don't want to use lookup (...)
can 8051 microcontroller read in text file like notepad? If can what should I do? I am using C programming language for microcontroller 8051
u can calculate it, i guess ur using 8-bit adc with Vref+ as 5v and Vref- as 0v so the step size is approx 20mv, use two ram location say voltage_msb and voltage_lsb, where the voltage is stored in milli volts in BCD format. decrement the adc reading by 1 and add 20 to it keep repeating this loop till the adc reading becomes 0. This method is m
hi all can anyone describe the difference between lookup table,truth table and table lookup thanks in advance
How can I create lookup tables greater than 256 values? For example, I have 800 values in a table. Thanks Sputnik :idea:
i want a topic or site explain how to build a look up table in atmel 89c51 pls reply me fast
i want a topic or website explain how to build a look up table in atmel 89c51 in assembly lang. thanks Antharax but please send it in assembly and if there is a web site send it
I am interfacing LCD module with 8051.When I am executing the program, the data I am sending is just visible in the LCD Module and immediately everything turns complete black.When I am switching the power off the data just visibles again in the LCd for a moment and then everythings go to blank.Can anybody help me in curing my headache. My prog
Hi all, can anybody help me with my problem, i want to do VLC of MPEG2 , e.g in any image i do the RLE and after that i want to get the bitstream using variable length coding, so if we have a large number of zeros for example 20 zeros in the middle of RLE sequence obtained, where to look for the table to get the bitstream which can be us
I am still confused about how looup table works. Please give me some explanation. Thank you.:cry:
I want to create look up table in which output voltage is dependent on input voltage But in pspice part ´table´ there r only 5 default set (input,output). how can I increase them ?
Ok I have concrete question to those who knows AVR-GCC. My data is in flash memory: const uint8_t sinewave PROGMEM= //256 values { 0x80,0x83,0x86,0x89,0x8c,0x8f,..... I have a function which outputs data from this lookup table to PORTD. void signalOUT1(const uint8_t *signal) { uint8_t i=0; do{ PORTD=pgm
Hey all, I found on the web a neat PIC Controlled Themostat... The software was created with an old version of MPLAB. I made one of my own and have been having nothing but problems with the software. I belive the problem is with the lookup table... If anyone dosent mind giving it a look and giving alittle advise would be great! thanks everyone! Th
dear all: the difficulty is the input figures varies over a larg range,so I plan to convert them into remainders of 2pi to confine them in , and then feed the remainders into lookup table. I wonder if I could make a remainder in one clock cycle somehow. and how many cycles does a '%' calculation need in Verilog_HDL?
how to implement a look up table of 8 bit constants in Atmel 89c52 Added after 2 minutes: in C compiler
Can anybody tell me how to estimate the power consumption in synopsys .lib file? What's the Unit, uW/MHz? eg: 0.18um inverter If i use C×Vdd?×f to calculate the dynamic power, then 0.00200pF loading matches the result (0.00200p×1.8?×1MHz = 0.00648uW, which is less than 0.008075 in the table). but 0.396000pF loading will lead to 1.28304uW/MHz
a resistive(two pin small in size like switch pad on pcd ) humidity sensor i am using. i need lookup table for this sensor thanx
can everybody help me to show the sample of vhdl code for sigmoid activation function lookup tables??? :cry::cry:
Dear all, CRC calculation is required to append CRC check with below string to communicate at RS485 Link having modbus protocol. For ex: String is 01H 03H 75H 30H 00H 12H. Actualy i am in need to know the CRC calculation procedure to incorporate the same in 8051 coding (Assembly Language). I have read many data on net but couldn't get