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Hello. I need to use several lookup tables(DATA,DATA1..) in one program and it should change after some time(like 1s). Is it possible to do it in assembler language with 8051 microcontroler? MAIN: MOV DPTR,#DATA CLR A MOVC A,@A+DPTR MOV R2,A INC DPTR ... ... DATA: DB 36D DB 1D,254D ; DB 22D,233D ...
I want to design a digital signal generator which can generate digital values for the Sine wave using 8051 and then convert it to analog sine wave using DAC0808. But how to compute values for a function x = sin(w n) using 8051 if i want 50 samples per cycle and 100 Hertz frequency of sine wave. I don't want to use lookup (...)
can 8051 microcontroller read in text file like notepad? If can what should I do? I am using C programming language for microcontroller 8051
u can calculate it, i guess ur using 8-bit adc with Vref+ as 5v and Vref- as 0v so the step size is approx 20mv, use two ram location say voltage_msb and voltage_lsb, where the voltage is stored in milli volts in BCD format. decrement the adc reading by 1 and add 20 to it keep repeating this loop till the adc reading becomes 0. This method is m
Here is another example with code and brief explenations: Regards, IanP
I am interfacing LCD module with 8051.When I am executing the program, the data I am sending is just visible in the LCD Module and immediately everything turns complete black.When I am switching the power off the data just visibles again in the LCd for a moment and then everythings go to blank.Can anybody help me in curing my headache. My prog
Hi guys.. i'm planning on displaying words through two 8x8 LED Matrix using 8051 microcontroller and C programming. i would like to make the words to move as well. My problem is for the coding part, what type of statement that i should use in writing the code? or do anyone has the related sample C language code that can share with me? Thanks..
Dear all, CRC calculation is required to append CRC check with below string to communicate at RS485 Link having modbus protocol. For ex: String is 01H 03H 75H 30H 00H 12H. Actualy i am in need to know the CRC calculation procedure to incorporate the same in 8051 coding (Assembly Language). I have read many data on net but couldn't get
Here is link describing the implementation of lookup tables in 8051 Assembly: How are lookup tables implemented in 8052 assembler? BigDog
I believe Andre is referring to the generation of a lookup table of sine wave values to drive your DAC. A table or array of the values of a sine wave is generated with a fixed time interval between sample points. A timer and the associated interrupt service routine (ISR) can be utilized to fetch the values of the sine wave in sequential (...)
hello, i am using 16X2 LCD with 8051 micro controller. in my c programing i declared a variable(say char a) in which the value 0xAE is stored manually(e.g. a=0xAE;) now when i want to show this value on LCD but when i send on LCD the variable name on lcd data (lcd_data(a);) then it send tha ascii value of variable a rather i want to displ
I Hope the below link will mates your requirements 128x64 graphic LCD routines and tools for KS0108 and HD61202