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I am trying to interface my PC with 8051 using a CP2102 USB to UART bridge. I tried sending the characters 'M' & 'C' and view them using hyper terminal. I am able to receive the characters but instead of receiving them once, the data is received repeatedly in a loop fashion. I simulated this in Proteus and it works as expected i.e. I'm getting ch
Hi, I've completed my Vehicle tracker working with 89c51 + 89c52, where 51 controlled GPS data and its ping 10 keeps sending data to 52's MCU pin 2 and 52 MCU is serving main program including serial communication with siemens s-46 model. Now I've connected the SIM300DZ and SIM300D none of the working as per my code used for previously sieme
Hi, i am using AT89C51ED2 microcontroller to perform serial communication using interrupt 4. The main purpose of code program is send received data to hyper-terminal using interrupt 4 (serial interrupt, echo received data) while the led connected at P1^0 will continuously blink with a delay of 1 sec. PROBLEM: when i produce a delay (...)
The 8051 UART is full-duplex. Not sure what you mean by "explain the steps". You write to the transmit buffer when it's empty and read from the receive buffer when it's full. If you need more information, examples, etc. there's about thirty years-worth of stuff on the web.
Hello, I am a beginner with 8051 family. I am trying to implement serial communication using 89S52 with PC. The string (rather a singel chracter at this stage) will be transmitted through Hyperterminal and after reception the received text (what ever it be) has to be displayed on LCD. The problem is when I am (...)
Hi... I want to receive the data from sensor. The output of IR sensor is one bit i.e. either '1' or '0'. If I connect the IR sensor output to RxD pin of 8051 microcontroller, the it will receive only one bit at a time. Then how do I receive the series of 8 bits and save it to the other port. Can anyone give me the necessary C code for that ??
if i never set TI=1 then this code not work in proteus. and if i set TI=1 than 8051 transmit parallel to receiving #include #include #include sbit RS = P2^1; sbit EN = P2^0; sbit WR1 = P2^2; sbit D0 = P1^0; sbit D1 = P1^1; sbit D2 = P1^2; sbit D3 = P1^3; sbit D4 = P1^4; sbit D5 =
8051 has different modes in which the uart will operate and all these modes have a different formula for the baud rate calculation. Check This Thread for the answer to your question.
How to calculate the baud rate in 8051 & PIC18F microcontroller.? Read datasheet for particular uC. Visit this link : PIC serial communication tutorial Best regards, Peter
in your schematic diagram there is one "NOT GATE " is connected ! for bi-direction when i connect NOT GATE on both tx and rx of 8051 it work. My question is this 8052 convert data before transmit from TX. :???: As jayanth.devarayanadurga said but in practical experiment you not need this not gate.
If you are using printf() then you don't need to set SBUF.
The following tutorials and code examples should assist you: 8051 Programming for UART - Starts half way down the page serial communication Tutorial: Introduction [URL="w
first elaborate a bit more, which stuff you will use, where you want to input your name, and where you want it to be displayed. Do you want to type it at your PC and display it on 16x2 LCD connected with your 8051 ucontroller?
Usart_Write() functions writes ascii characters like '0'. You analog variable is an interger variable. Convert it to string using IntToStr() function and then use USART_Write_Text(stranalog); I think you are using mikroC PRO 8051. Right?
hi,all i have a problem in serial communication my code below: Matrix1=; s=serial('com3','baudrate',9600); set(s,'flowcontrol','none'); set(s,'parity','none'); set(s,'databit',8); set(s,'stopbit',1); fopen(s) for i=1:length(Matrix1) A=Matrix1(i) ; fwrite(s,A,'int8') pause(2) end the problem with this code only the f
does matlab send data 1 bit at a time or does it send 1 byte at a time? Can you please post your 8051 code? I will check it.
hi, all i want to program 8051 mcu to receive 5 digital input for example if the digital value 0 the stepper motor not rotate else if digital value 1 the stepper motor rotate cw direction 72 degree then stop if the digital value 2 will rotate another 72 degree cw direction then stop if the digital value back to 1 stepper motor rotate 72 degre
what problem are you facing? elaborate your question so that everyone can understand what exactly you want. Have you done with serial communication of 8051 with PC using hyperterminal? or do you have any problem in it? Have you done with LCD interfacing with 8051? are you facing problem (...)
-> I want to interface serial communication between 89s52 and hyper terminal.. -> I have made circuit like this... 84929 -> I am making P3_2 pin high before sending frame and after sent making it low. -> Is this right procedure? if not then tell me the right procedure for communication to computer. -> Please help me t
I need help in Bi-Directional serial communication Coding in Assembly language... my scenario is given below: I had made 2 micro-controller base devices that is connected to the PC through serial Port. PC1, MC1. PC2, MC2. MC1 ===> Micro-Controller Device 1 MC2 ===> Micro-Controller Device 2 MC1 sends data from Port 2 to MC2, while
I'm trying to transmit an array of BCD form MC1 to MC2 serially UART. Which mode is better ? Pls help me with example or model c code...
I searched the net but did not find any simple 8051 development board. I want an board with P89V51RD2, max232 or transistor based serial to TTL converter for program downloading and serial communication. if any body have eagle files for that type of DIY board then it will save time to start from scratch. (...)
when you use two 8051 controllers TX1==>RX2 and ground of both controllers must be connected together then only you can transfer the data,if you want transfer data over long distance using wire you have to use constant current(attenuation of cable increase if distance increases) or if you want to transmit wireless over a short distance you can use
Hello, I need help for 8051 serial communication with computer. While sending strings to computer goes OK I have serious problem with receiving. Mostly because I don't understand this part well. This is critical part of my 8051 C code: SCON = 0x50; TMOD = 0x20; (...)
HI MCU 89c51, baud rate same 19200 I am facing a problem while serial interfacing of two MCU or one MCU with virtual terminal . Actually whenever one bit gets transmitted, the receive ISR of MCU gets triggered automatically, but there is no request from other mcu. Then it never come out also, I am unable to understand why the ISR gets trigg
Yes it possible! Here is example in assembler
I use the 8051 with the at 9600 baud rate. i give the SCON = 0X50; I did't give any value for PCON I use a board with 5volt only. in this board it communicate properly .But when i use 5v for controller and 12 v for port out put this is not working. I am using 485 protocol .
hi, i am developing remote control of "COMTECH CDM550 SATELLITE MODEM". this modem is controlled by RS232 communication. now i am using 8051 mocrocontroller for controllling that hardware. but the problem is that i have developed code for sending command via serial communication. when i connect my (...)
i want to send serial values to the 8051 mc by serial communication. but i want to send the values when i press the enter key. i wrote a sample code for serial interrupt program of 8051.#include void isr(void) interrupt 4 { unsigned char (...)
Yes. You need to program the 8051 serial communication using assembly language or other high level language (C or Basic) and connect 8051 to PC through serial port then you can use this program to transfer data. If you wish to program 8051 (...)
Hy! i want to send data from virtual terminal and show on 2 ports using 8051 microcontroller. can any 1 hep me to send code. thanks for example 0 to 2^16 typed in virtual terminal and show on 2 ports led's.
Hi, im trying to serially interface sim548c module with microcontroller 89c52. i have successfully sent AT commands via TX of microcontroller to RX of GSM part of sim 548c module. As soon as the commands are sent, i want to immediately start receiving the replies from the GSM part via RX of microcontroller. The replies are stored in a char array an
hello all i communicate two MCU 1200bps via RF TX/RX modules i am facing some problem that at transmit time the system halt for some milisec. so plz. help me how can i interrupt driven rut line for transmit
check this link for 8051 serial Tutorial and for code in assembly
anyone, please give me CIRCUIT AND CODE OF 8051 USING IR, and also a circuit of db25 connection, which is for interfacing with computer,
HI: c51 code is ok! / / Crystal 11.0592 4800 baud but you code no delay ================= #include<8051.h> main(){ TMOD=0x20; TH1=0xFA; SCON=0x50; TR1=1; while(1){ SBUF='M'; while(TI==0); TI=0; delay code } } Good luck!!
try this Try to google it. Sure you'll get more
Can you paste the code reading data in matlab and sending data from 8051 ... Then it will be easy to find the Bug As per your post I think it is a data type. It may be due to sending data type of the data from 8051 and receved data type from matlab differs
is it possible if we short the Tx and Rx pin of 8051 for serial communication then the transmitted data will be recieved The 8051 serial port is full duplex; in other words, it can transmit and receive data at the same time, so if you 'loop' the path by shorting Tx and Rx (...)
How a 8-bit microcontroller like 8051 can communicate with a sensor which is sending a train of 32 bit data,where sbuf register is cutting out the stop and start bits for uart system............? You will get more help here if you include the name of the sensor you are using and possibly a datasheet.
how is reception done in an 8051 we have to keep on resetting a ctsly transmting transmitter for the sequence to get received on the receiver???? ---------- Post added at 15:24 ---------- Previous post was at 15:18 ---------- how is reception done in an 8051 we
hello sir, i m trying rs232 serial communication using 8051 , i m using proteus to simulate it i m using virtual terminal to check the digit or character transmitted . i m getting binary data on port2 and corresponding ascii is to be sent on the VTerminal for display plz guide me to the correct code and circuit
Hi Firends, I am working for project which uses the serial communication using 8051. I used the keil software to write the program and it simulates well in the KEIL. Coming to Proteus, the output differs from the expected one. please help me... This is the prototype program to glow the LED for a particular key. (...)
hi iam sathish, iam doing a project on 8051 1 want to aquire the data serially and save the data on an excel sheet pls help in getting an solution thank u
Hello, i need to configure the Xbee and i have pair of XBee series 2 module, but i don't have Xbee explorer to configure it. I have to configure using AT89s51 uc which i have one. Please help me .
This is newbie to Embedded Systems. I see a lot of people helping out people like me. Thanks a lot to all of u Presently i am learning about 8051 Microcontroller architecture. I have P89V51RD2 chip on it and i want to program it using the following tools. I am using the micro Vision (uVision) IDE provided by ARM company from keil for programm
connectivity of max232 and 8051 is serial communication. You can follow the threads in same forum
Hi... I am implementing master slave communication using UART between 2 8051. 1. The master 8051 creates a frame of bytes and sends it to slave through UART 9600 8N1. 2. The slave first checks out the address in the received frame and if matches, performs the function specified. 3. The function (...)
you can do serial communication with the microcontroller... visit - The Online 8051/8052 Microcontroller Resource - and read the tutorials and sample program... you will get idea. ---------- Post added at 20:11 ---------- Previous post was at 20:08 ---------- chec