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Recently I wrote logic to decode NEC, RC6, RC
-> I want to interface serial communication between 89s52 and hyper terminal.. -> I have made circuit like this... 84929 -> I am making P3_2 pin high before sending frame and after sent making it low. -> Is this right procedure? if not then tell me the right procedure for communication to computer. -> Please help me t
The 8051 documents says any enabled interrupt. I can't give additional hints in this regard. Perhaps you didn't enable the interrupt correctly.
Hi, I have an RTC chip (DS12887) that periodically asserts the IRQ line which is connected to the INT0 line of my AT89S52. I have seen that if my micro is in idle mode, the ISR for INT0 gets called periodically, without any intervention. However, if my micro is in power down mode, the ISR does not get called. In power down mode the only wa
Hi, Based on the advice in my earlier post to create a battery powered AT89S52 based device, I have added some code for idle mode into my digital clock. Unfortunately, after the micro goes to idle and it receives an interrupt from the RTC, it does not 'wake up'. So I created a test program which handles the INT1 interrupt and displays a sing
dear all how can we calculate the life of the battery connected to the 8051 system if we connect an 89c51 which consumes 20 mA at 12 mhz clk,to a 3v 1000mAh battery,how many days will the system work? we know we can increase the battery life using the idle mode.can anyone provide how to do the same?. is there any other ways to increase the ba
i need everything about 8051's power down mode and idle mode in detail.