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i need everything about 8051's power down mode and idle mode in detail.
hello! I want my 8051 to go to idle mode but i don't know what are the advantages over power down mode, Can you please show me the advantage ( and actual meaning of it! though i went through the datasheet i still cannot get the whole figure) and how to implement it? I am using KEIL C
hello friends, I've been working with 8051 for the last 5 years, and this little uC never let me down. But now I've to develop a portable equipment and #A%T$M@E^L 8051 sinks lots of mA... is there any family or uC as easy to find and as cheap as 8051 that would have the same architeture but with much less current consumption?? And also (...)
dear all how can we calculate the life of the battery connected to the 8051 system if we connect an 89c51 which consumes 20 mA at 12 mhz clk,to a 3v 1000mAh battery,how many days will the system work? we know we can increase the battery life using the idle mode.can anyone provide how to do the same?. is there any other ways to increase the ba
Hi, Based on the advice in my earlier post to create a battery powered AT89S52 based device, I have added some code for idle mode into my digital clock. Unfortunately, after the micro goes to idle and it receives an interrupt from the RTC, it does not 'wake up'. So I created a test program which handles the INT1 interrupt and displays a sing
hello all, i have implemented the given circuit , in hardware and software, the 8051 code is simple i give a pulse of 0.5s at pin 2.0. Neither the hardware nor the software is working :???: :sad:, i have attached the Proteus design. please tell me why buzzer does not give a beep whereas the LED does, is the current low or what. and recommend a
If you have an eprom emulator you can also use a romless 8051 family member like 80C32 (easier to get and cheaper). A 80C32 needs only an oscillator, eprom and adres latch to run. I use a 74HC573 as the datalatch. Datasheets can be found at: Free tools (assemblers and disassemble
One idea is to use LadderWork I put specification for dedicated Hardware with 8051 family in FM Koky, If someone project a hw i can buy integral sw and shared it in fm
Hi Here is the VHDL code for 8051 MC. tnx Uploaded file: 8051 in
Does anyone have 8051 C code for controlling a graphic LCD? tnx ...
Does anyone have 8051 C code for controlling a graphic LCD? tnx ...
does anyone have a 8051 uC/OS port?
Hi Dis51 is a simple 8051 disassembler for Unix-like systems. It may even compile under Microsoft Windows, but that has never been tested. It takes an object file in Intel Hex format as input, and outputs an assembly language file. This disassembler assumes by default that everything in memory is data, and nothing is code. It starts at any numbe
How does one get started with a 8051 derivative SoC and C programming for the same. I got some experience in 8051 derivative. Maybe I could give you some hint. :)
Could anyone tell me how to compile my 8051 source into hex file ? Does any kind of application exist for this purpose ? If you know that , Please tell me . :wink:
hai, go to the following link ,it provide lot of resorces I am looking for 8051 Schematic or PCB Eagle File with EPROM and I/O Connection for design of applikation. Can somebody help me?
hello friends, I'm having problems initializing the 8051. It's P1 ports are driving 4 relays using a ULN2003 driver, the problem is, when I power on the ckt, all relays are switched on and off. I've tried to use a 7414 to invert all P1 ports, but did not work. How to solve it? regards, 2000
try which has some source code. You might be able to xlate to 8051.
Hi! I would be glad if somoeone have any real 8051 ipcore. Don't need to post usual open sources core. I would like to try any real core like (c.a.s.t. aldec dolphin) I'm targetting xilinx device Thanks in advance Best Regards
I think Compact Flash need an IDE (just like an hard disk) interface. Complete card + more for Pic 8051IDE interface hc
Maxim/Dallas now have released an 8051 with Fast Ethernet MAC and embedded Task Switcher/TCP/IP all in rom on board. Part Number DS80C400. alpha_man
hello friends, I´d like to know if there is any C Library with voids to interface a 8051 to a gps. Any help is welcome! regards, 2000
hello does anybody have source code in 8051 that can be used for tuning TEA5757 self tuned radio from philips thanks
For 8051: h**p://w*w.l
Hi, I search for Keil C 8051 short tuorial ? Any help be welcome :(
hi, I just finished a board to make a direct conection to internet via modem, my board has an embbeded 8051 microcontroller. It's conect to my ISP very good and my problem is, I have a network at home, this network is connected to internet by an ADSL router. Well i have an static public IP, the port i'm going to use is 4390 and i have open t
Hi! I am looking for a ready to use 'C' code (Keil51 V7.x preferably) to interface a standard PC AT keyboard to a standard 8051 micro. I plan to connect the Keyboard CLK line to an Ext. Interrupt on the 8051. and sample the data line (on a standard port pin with a pull-up) on every interrupt. Any code to enable something like this would be pe
What about the Smal Devices C compiler It's open source, available for linux an windows (using cygwin) and has support for the 8051 and zilog Z80 Antharax
would seriously suggest to switch to C. C and Pascal are not too differnent in basic form specially if you remove the C++ features from it. Pascal compiler if at all avaialable would be very primitive. Yes, very easy with C51 for MCS-8051.
Hi all, The DS80C400 of Maxim allow TCP/IP with a 8051 core. (mac + stack TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP...). Cost of 9$. See : Perhaps an alternative of Z-World rabbit core module for me... beuch
Hi anyone, I have to design a rds encoder using a mcu 8051. Can you help me in the realization. Best Regard.
Hi I need to know what 8051 components on the market have the prices under 3$?
What you think about Hi-tech 8051 compilel ?
Hi All I want to design a memory map decoder for the following scenario. I am using a 8051 variant with a special memory interface. This has 22 address lines and 8 data lines. This means that potentially 4 mb of memory or i/o can be interfaced. I want to add 2 mb of SRAM and also 32 bytes of i/o to this microcontroller. This is what I have
Hi how can i find hi rel 8051 microcontroller , or any 8051 microcontroller working at -55 celcius ? thanks
Does anyone know of any tutorials for disassembling eg. 8051 code? And any good disassemblers.... Thanks
hi How we can disassemble an hex file of 8051 fimily when there are lookup tables of data in it and we do not know the location of it? I have problems when disassemble these hex files. bye
hi,many core can do this.winbond have a 4 clock 8051 core,which is cheaper.these chips above are more expensive.see: h**p:// chips such as 77e54,77e58 will be good choice. REGARDS.
Hi any advanced user of 8051 and uCOS here ? 8)
CRC in 8051 have 2 type of function. 1. Calculate by xor. this function use much time to do. But use a little code. 2. Use table. this function is use a little time. but use more space to keep table. I have use table.
need a free c 8051 compiler for small and medium programs size (<4Kb)? Take a look at
FAT32 .... 8051 has to compute 4 bytes arithmetic. U may check cpu power that can be or not....
to make an rtc in an 8051 like any cpu you can use several technique software rtc are tricky the mellenium bug proves this one so you need too use timers and wasted timing cycles get added back on again too keep actual time the timer events drive the actual count and any correction is added before t
Take a look at Several years ago I thank there was another company that market firmware/software to do this thank the name started with E... don't remember, haven't seen their adds in a few years. I check and see if I
Hi! I would to start learning the 8051 core software development. I would buy a development board / development software package with buit-in RAM, EPROM, network and RS232 support. Where could I look? I need something with tons of tutorial/examples, and an affordable price! Thanks
Hi Synthesizable VHDL Model of 8051 The Intel 8051 is an 8-bit micro-controller. This micro-controller is capable of addressing 64K of program and 64K of data memory. The implementation below is written in Synthesizable VHDL (at least by Synopsys and Xilinx,) and models the actual Intel implementation rather closely, e.g., it is 100% instruct
anyone know a good free tutorial to learn VB for the 8051??and how to use the serial port with VB. thanx a mill OMG I hope it is a joke :) a 8051 isn't something wich much ressource. ASM is still the better for any mcu code at my point of view, or C even. Basic seem something people like, but VB............ ;)
Anyone know the applications by using the 1T 8051 plus the floating point DSP functions, thest FPU functions include, add/sub/mul/div/sin/cos/tan/atan/sq/abs... Thx!!
What's the best C compiler for the 8051?
There is an ebook "The final word on 8051" with very good informations, regarding 8051 applications, including your topic. Look after in the ebook sections. If it isn't there anymore (I think that I had seen someone upload the book recently), PM me and I will upload the file.