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hai, go to the following link ,it provide lot of resorces I am looking for 8051 schematic or PCB Eagle File with EPROM and I/O Connection for design of applikation. Can somebody help me?
See ,these pages: (dialer w/ PCD3312 IIC chip & a 8051 or/+ a TSC73K321LIP TDK Modem) also see modem diagrams available at: also follow the links at MB.
hello friends, I'm having problems initializing the 8051. It's P1 ports are driving 4 relays using a ULN2003 driver, the problem is, when I power on the ckt, all relays are switched on and off. I've tried to use a 7414 to invert all P1 ports, but did not work. How to solve it? regards, 2000
I want Universal Programmer schematic, and Programmer Programing software. Or anything fit with 8051 :idea: thanks
hi there is another good programmer for 8051 family and 28** eeprom series here: i have built it and its worked properly :P :P
how may i interface 8051 mc to sdram ? any schematic and source code?
Hi al_extreme On this forum are many nice guys able to help you, no doubt about that. But you must ask properly. Hi guys ! I need information about programming specification of XXXXX from Atmel (i.e.) and I'm unable to find it on manufacturer site, even under NDA. Or: I found the specification, but something it's not working as s
i want Siemens C35i Datacable schematic that to be inegrated with 8051 microcontroller
Hi to all in this forum, I am searching a shematic miliOhm meter with MPU control (PIC or 8051). It's very important for me this shematic to give fast results - not for more than 5 seconds. Every help is welcome. Best regards. PICUser
Look for example here: best regards
Please any body provide me 8051 based disgital LED watch schematic & Source code, I am urgent in need of it. With LED diriving circuit for jumbo LEDs
Hi, I have built this programmer long time ago but it didn't work. Does anyone have tried it ?Does it work really ? Does anyone have a another layout (I don't like the too small pads) Thanx >If it's not can someone send me schematic for it. any classic schematic with flash 8051. Do you have any example?
I want to use AT89C51 or AT89C52 to implement FSK modulation.Can anyone help me ! schematic or source code
go to china). it's forum have some 8051 debugger schematics and program code.
as far as I remember the 8051 has a weak pull-up current source of about 100uA at his ports. It is not able to drive a ULN2803! You will need an external pull-up resistor. The current consumption is to high for more channels. An external FET is only a solution if it is a logic-level FET ! You need a flyback diode. The best way is to use a intell
You can use the 8051 UART and the USB-UART Bridge CP2102 from Silicon Laboratories. Regards,
hi, i find it really hard in configuring the modem using the ?contoller. How can i place an AT command using ?contoller?for example, how can i send ATA string to the modem,so that it can answer a call.. pls help..
Hi pkedvessy Seems that the keylogger really burns your fingers. Because you didn't succceed to find one circuit diagram based on AVR, at the end turns to AT89C2051. Programmer for AT89C2051: At the bottom page you'll find links to other programmer if the one above don't works as you e
Hi Handtronix has a nice appnote on how to connect a LCD to the 8051 "Interfacing a 128 x 64 Graphic Module with an 8 bit Micro-controller describes the software and hardware to display an image on a Hantronix HDM64GS12. This note includes schematic, flow chart and sample software in 8051 assembly language. (76k) "
Below is a link to a microcontroller based clock: Although it is based on the AT892051 the hardware + software are 8051-compatibile .. And here is a link on how to interface a LCD display:
You can start at: Here are some other sites: Clock_8051 Assorted on 8051 core 8051 + LCD + Keypad ht
Here is a link to EVB8051:
I am looking for a schematic of Sound level Meter in dB, must be PIC Micro based or 8051 Based. Thanks. Glenjoy
Hi Does any one know how i can make my own training KIT for the 8051 microcontroller
i m using EPROM 27C256 and RAM 6264 with intel 8051 microcontroller . plz tell me how to interface this with microcontroller . plz also tell me that how the code in EPROM will be executed and how i save data in RAM and plz provide me a small code in C language for doing this. also tell me that the read/write signal will be gnerated by microcontrol
Hi. I've been trying to use the ADC 0808 with a 8051 microcontroller, to build a robot. Now the problem is that the ADC only gives me the digital output only ONCE, when I switch on the circuit. It SHOULD be continuously giving me values, but it just gives me a value at startup. Can you help me out!? Thanks in advance.
The instruction set = instruction set of standard 8051 (except the instructions timing). schematics for simple application = schematics of simple application of standard 8031 (ROM-less 8051, needs external ROM). Manual can be easily found at Dallas Semiconductor website, (will redirect to Maxim, but it's OK as they merg
hi all i need a schematic for a temprature controller based on 8051 with type j sensor best regards thanks for replay
hy i wander if you can tell me some sites with 8051 evolution boards (shematics) or other informations. tnx
Hi, I am trying to interface an 8051 microcontroller with an external EEPROM and SRAM, I am not very sure how to go about doing it. Could someone please give some inputs or are there any books or websites, i could refer to. Thank you.
Hi, I am working on sensors, and my project consists of collecting the datas real time from the sensors and storing them in a SD card. I do not have prior knowledge of working in this field. I would be very grateful, if someone were to guide me in this and provide me with some resources. Thank you....
Use MOC3042 to isolate 8051 and the triac. THis one has zero crossing cct to minimize swithing noise.
i wana made remote controller sytem tx and rx on 8051 controllers i need help plz reply this topic
while searching on net this is what i found for AVR ISP i hope it will help on 8051 ISP too. may be it will need login in to forum.
Hello . I have a question . I want to send a pulse to a 8051 microcontroller when one of the keyboard arrow keys is pressed and after that the microcontroller moves the stepper motor(or servomotor) to the specified direction . How can I do it? I'll do appreciate you if you give me Assembly/C Source code for performing this operation . Thanks
Can anyone please teach me how to design a 89s51 running text display ? Using 8x8 matrix led... Or 5x7 matrix led, but with 14pins one... What component to use ? How is the schematic diagram look like? Note : I'm a beginner.... URGENT Thanks for all
I'm looking for a lcd frequency meter schematic but I must use at 8051 I searched this forum, but I did'not fınd Can anyone help? Thanks
use Search in this forum, I post and upload schematic with source code to microcontroller 8051 (at89s8252) if you not found tell me and I post it again
i want to interface the keyboard (one having 101 keys; attatched to PC) to the 8051... i've got only 7 unsed pins... is it possible to it uisng only 7 pins... if yes, how??? please give schematic, some source code or any other good tutorial... thx!!!
Hi, Please give detail schematic for smart card (i.e as only EEPROM) with 8051 as well as programming details of it. I want to use this system for attendance system. The smart card is having 1K or 2K EEPROM memory only which is written as well as read by mocrocontroller 8051 with PC connected system. Thanks, Sangmeshwar
Check out this diagram, Port-0 doesnt require pull-ups if used as external data/address bus. The external devices like RAM, EPROM have internal pull-up which are enabled when OE\ pins is set low. Any external pull-up on port-0 may cause bus-contention since RAM/EPROM cannot sink fair amount of current to make a pin low. I've use such configurati
hi please help me for download 8051 programming kit's circuit diagram from which site can i download it
hi :) go to this sit. it is so good for biginners also u can use KEIL to creat a program using c language to generate the .hex file then use any programmer to burn the chip with the .hex file, see this: hope that help u salam Ahmed
Hi, It makes no sense to modulate your signal using only the 8051. Try to use a pair of low-cost PLLs. Using CD4046, for example, you can achieve buadrates as high as 4800. I will try to upload a schematic asap.
I want any 8051 programmer schematic it canbe through usb or parallel port pr serial port it is prefered to be through usb thanks
how are you . And thanks for your good site . Please about sensor ultrasonic and circuit sensor for connect to 8051 and how work it ,please put article in site . Of course I buy one sensor but I don?t know how work it and how can connect with 8051 (PARTs of sensor mean s
I have a pair of RF TX and RX(433Mhz,ASK,digital). I want to implement encoder/decoder by using 8051. I would like to ask for the source code(Assembly code) and the schematic of encoder/decoder by using 8051. THX:)
i want to do a door lock with 8051 or avr is there any schematic or link thanks