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are you working on a PC or a 8086 development board? give some more details
can anyone differentiate between idle state and wait state in 8086?
Hi:D friends i need ur help in writing Program code for Digital clock and Stop Watch(using 8086)? Pls friends,i need ur helping hands for this work? PLS Help ME FRIENDS :|
Hi all, I have one doubt regarding the clock duty cycle in 8086. I am not that much familiar with 8086 processor.. but I read some where that 8086 has 33% duty cycle for clock frequency. Can any one let me know why that is so? where as in 8051 it is 50%... let me some detailed explanation (...)
hi. first time postin here , hope im doing it right : problem i got is i have to simulate a 8086 sbc using proteus however havent been able to find the clock gen (8284) model anywhere , does anybody have it or any thoughts on how to simulate a similar op using the parts available in proteus (im using 7.6 version) cheers
I made a mistake :cry:, 8086 requires a 33% duty cycle clock.
Can an RC circuit be used as a clock source for 8086?
hi can anyone design an analogue clock in assembler emu 8086 plzplzplz help