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The 8086 and 286 are very slow chips by today standarts .. The fastest 286 as i recall was 24 Mhz . On the other side the instruction cycle frequency was even smaller .. There was a PROJECT of a 386 compatible open core running at 60 Mhz and that was 10 years ago! probably the best way to MEASURE the processing power of a CPU is by the number o
Exactly, The_Risk_Master is right. The 8085 CPU accepts clock signal in two ways: 1) the crystal oscillator ( usually 5MHz ) is connected to both CLK pins and thus generate a single phase clock for the CPU operation 2) The square wave is connected to the CLK input pin and further propagated to the internal clock conditioner of the (...)
hi can anyone design an analogue clock in assembler emu 8086 plzplzplz help
Can an RC circuit be used as a clock source for 8086?
Why divide the clock by two in 8086 microprocessors? and also why divide by 12 in 8051?
U can easily design it using memory mapped I/O ... It can have a max of 64K ports in 8086....because single bank can have max of 64k....
hi. first time postin here , hope im doing it right : problem i got is i have to simulate a 8086 sbc using proteus however havent been able to find the clock gen (8284) model anywhere , does anybody have it or any thoughts on how to simulate a similar op using the parts available in proteus (im using 7.6 version) cheers
Hi all, I have one doubt regarding the clock duty cycle in 8086. I am not that much familiar with 8086 processor.. but I read some where that 8086 has 33% duty cycle for clock frequency. Can any one let me know why that is so? where as in 8051 it is 50%... let me some detailed explanation (...)
Hi:D friends i need ur help in writing Program code for Digital clock and Stop Watch(using 8086)? Pls friends,i need ur helping hands for this work? PLS Help ME FRIENDS :|
Hi everyone, I want to do a project using 8086 microcontroller but some people say it is outdated. Is it really outdated....
can anyone differentiate between idle state and wait state in 8086?
are you working on a PC or a 8086 development board? give some more details
Hi, 8085 AND 8086 are both NOT pipelined CPU's, they use the "Von Neumann" execution model. CPU's with a pipeline use the "Harvard" execution model. 8085, 8086, 80186 are NOT. pipeline started from 80486 !!.. Paul.
please post materials regarding 8085/8086/8051 applications programs, particularly building temperature controller using 8085/8051.
okay the processor is intel 8086.......its a theoretical question for me