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I am doing a final year project and my project is "voice based home automation system" . Im using ic hm2007 for voice recognition and want to interface it with muc 89c51. i just want to control 3-4 lights.How this can be done? please any1 can help me?? reply awaited!
You'll find a clear timing digram of "External Data Memory Write Cycle" in 89c51 hardware description. Data is put on P0 during nWR low, for about 6 clock cycles. But how do yout want to latch the data in the second 8051? It has no bus device interface or input capture feature. The idea simply doesn't work. You can of course set the data stat
I m doing one project in which i want to interface GSM Module and RF-ID Reader to 89c51.. but problem is there is only one UART for 89c51.. I do not have an AT89c51 available.... Then why stated
Check these link: - - - Updated - - - Check these link:
This link having Lcd interfacing with 8051. If you more circuits search in google.
hello, Sorry, i am french, so i allready made some effort to read datasheet , always in English, and share my experimentation.( source C included!) so program written in C langage can more easily to adapt to other microcontroller than pure asm. I don't want to translate all, too much job.. try to use automatic translator . Transparent RS232
i used a RL=47Kohm and a pcf8591t adc , i interfaced the analog Vout of the mQ-7 sensor with one of pcf8591 analog input pins then how should i interface the pcf with the 89c51 microcontroller ? if there any thing wrong with the things that i have interfaced plz tell me .. this is for my project and pls i want (...)
hi guys pls help me for programming for temp and humidity sensorsy-hs-220 interfacing with 89c51. pls i need it urgently See this example (register on site to get full access to material, registration is free) : How to interface Humidity Sensor with 8051 Microcontroller (AT89c51) www.en
hi i want interface rs232 with 89c51 . my main ajanda is what i writing in hyper terminal that may be display in LCD. that is possible pls help me.
hi everyone i want to do one project like i want to interface dc motor by using the driver ic l293d with microcontroller 89c51 RD2 IC by using the concept of pwm can anyone help in that....
I am new in microcontroller world, want to interface two PC's using MAX232 and 89c51 microcontroller for Simplex Serial port communication and Bi-directional communication. However, Simplex communication is working through microcontroller on hyper terminal, what should be the code to interface Bi-Directionally. Thanks in advance.
How to interface LCD with 89c51 LCD TO 89c51
Hi, I want to interface my AC voltage signal (which is coming from transformer) to ADC0808 with 89c51 microcontroller. so prblem is that if i will connect my transformer o/p +ve wire to the analog channel 1 then where should i connect my -ve terminal, i can't connect it to the ground because ground of IC is DC whereas my signal is AC. So pleas
89S51 (I really dont know why people use 89c51) with keypad, RFID and LCD You have source in C, description, video presentation,... just register its free.
hi I have a problem interfacing RF module(433Mhz ask) to 8051(atmel 89c51). I am using two micro controllers First: I have written a simple program to transmit 'A' serially if P1^0 is high in transmitter micro controller(uc1). and at receiver micro controller(uc2) to take serial data and put in on P1 of (uc2). Baud rate 4800
hey can you help me in interfacing ic 24c02 with 89c51 please assist us in coding too
When your 89c51 power up all your ports becomes input (Logic 1). To use them for lcd interfacing you have to make them as output(Logic 0). Terminal Mode is present in the left pane of ISIS. you have to use proper ground and vcc in your circuit in proteus.for this you have to use POWER and GROUND present in Terminal Mode. your code has errors. Lcd r
hey everyone, i am doing a final year project on an rf signalling system for busy zones. it requires that i use a an rf transmitter and receiver and two microcontroller for both modules. i am using 89c2051 for thr transmitter and 89c51 for the receiver. i want to be able to save the zone data on the microcontroller and send it through the tr
I wants to use a 74hc595 to interface 7 segment display to 89c51 ... What input should be given to the sh_cp st_cp and DS . do i need to toggle the ips of sh_cp and st_cp for the 74hc595 as they are mentioned to be clock i/ps . I am trying to run a basic program tyo understand the working of 74hc595
hello i m an engg. student & i want to build a line follower robot... but i don't know any thing....... so please guide me....... warning against using sms type of typing words... this is not a place for lazy people.... All your post will be deleted if it is repeated again
i have usb interfaced mobile and i want serial interfacing with the 89c51 what should i do. can i have USB to serial connector for serial interfacing. plz guide me
hi i am writing code for cc2500 interface 89c51 but its not working can some one give me help or code if any one have
i have seen rpm meter 5 digit they put the 24c16 eeprom with the 89c51 and i saw when the power cut the count restore when the power resume using a timer ISR that executes every 1 second, save the data to eeprom. On startup in your code, read this value, and display it.
Check the code given here RFID Interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller (AT89c51) | interface RFID The code and circuit is for 89c51 but that would work with 89s52 as well.
Hi. interfacing LM35 to 89c51 microcontroller show temp 7segment In my application i have to sense temperature by using LM35 with ADC 0804 show the temp 7 segment. The temperature sensor i have choosen is LM35. I want to know how it can be interfaced to 89c51 microcontroller. Please give me an idea.
hi ... i want 2 interface 89c51 with Nokia 2700,does it supports AT commands and how to interface it with controller,i mean what type of connectors are used for it interface??? i need a detailed answer,Thank you....
hi i am doing laser light data and voice communication project .i have few but major difficulties in interfacing photo diode to 89c51 to rxd pin can any one provide me the working circuit diagram of it?
can i interface 12 bit ADC to 89c51 microcontroller?if micro controller is 8 bit..what does it mean?
I tried to interface SPI EEPEOM with 89c51. i know 89c51 doesn't have SPI in hardware, so i write it in software and simulate it in proteus. The code i written is in below, but it doesn't working. please correct it, if there is any error in my code. #include #include sbit sck = P2^0; sbit swr = P2^1; sbit s
hiiii i want to interface 3310 with microcontroller 89c51.. can i interface it using serial port directly ?
I want to interface LM75 temp sensor with 89c51. But i need help with how to bitbang the code.. Can someone provide me the code to be loaded in the uC to continously read the temp from lm75 and display it on a 16x2 lcd.. An algorithm is also appreciated.
I have to interface an NPN proximity switch to uC 89c51... Please help me with a schematic on how to connect the sensor and how to code it.. The sensor is NPN and takes 5 to 24V input supply. And it gives the same at o/p..
Hai Experts, I want to send a message to a Mobile Phone from a GSM activated by a Micro 89c51.I am using the following code. But the code is not working. Can anyone debug and correct it please...... Sudan ; CODE org 00h ajmp main org 30h mov p1,#00h mov p3,#00h mov p2,#00h setb p2.1 main:mov
im doing my final yr project.. and i have close to 2 weeks to get this interface working.. Its like this.. 1> Adc0804 goes to uC 89c51 .. to give output in LCD 2*16 this connection is made on bread board the only output tht i get now is "sensor data" after that nothing.. The attachment has all the text files containing the program for
i am doing a project of interfacing pc with an induction motor. All i have to do is to interface a triac with microcontroller. But for input voltage and triac gate pulse synchronization i have to use u208b. Anyone knows how to interface 89c51 and u208b?:|
hi i m working with Sim 300s v7.03 modem interfacing with 89c51... when i work seperately they r working well... i can see the results too... but wen i interface modem does not respond... wen i give the command from microcontroller modem led goes off for few seconds then it glows... can u help me to interface it properly... thank u...
hi guys i am a 3rd year diploma student i need to interface st -tr2500 fsk transceiver, which has SPI with 89c51............can anybody help? project needs to be done before 20th of march...........
Hi, I want to interface touchscreen with 89c51. I have ad7843 touchscreen digitiser IC. but I don't know how to interface that with 89c51. pls help me to proceed
i want a c program on how to interface ds1307 with at89c51 and display the time on 8 bit lcd(2x 16).. plz help
Hai Friends, I need GPS to Microcontroller 89c51 coding. Please any one can help me ? Thanking You, Sudan
can i have interface code of adc0808 with 89c51.
please help me i want to interface fingerprint detector with microcontroller 89c51 and then i want to interface it with GSM moderm any body have the circuit diagrm. pls mail me my email id is
Hi sir gud evening,i want some details of 24c04.plz give me detaqils hoe to interface to 89c51 microcontroller and also give the program for that.plz give me reply sir its urgent tome. THANK YOU SIR.
hi..I tried to interface data signals to LCD(2 x16) via P1 and control bits via P2(RS/RW/EN).its the standard code in Mazidi book and still there is problem in LCD dispalying chars.I gave direct connectivity w/o any it ok?I suspect the hw. Any adice please...? thank you..sri.kc
Hi all, I have already interface PS2 Keyboard with microcontrller. now i want to inter face controller with computer as a keyboard. so how i start?? share some idea in this line... Regards, Nirav Rede
Hi Can someone guide me the way to how to interface 2 Devices to a microcontroller via Serial port. I mean like I have to interface my controller 89c51 with GSM Modem as well as with PC. The data will be transfered to & from both the devices. Thanks for giving the time to read my problem.
Hi, I am using argox as-8250 ps2 based barcode scanner . I can easily interface ps2 keyboard with 89c51 but with the same ps2 port when I am using barcode scanner than sometimes it gives output and sometimes it is not. actually whwn we press the switch of scanner it should show the continuous light but here in my case on pressing the switch for a
take a simple micrcontroller like 89c51 and RS232-USB Convertor.
m new here! and i need help , can anyone help me in how can i interface MT8888C chip with 89c51 microcontroller ? any thing useful ( like codes for example or documents) Plzzzzz help
here is the code iam trying to interface 8x8 dot matrix display to 89c51.. please help me out... /************* #include sfr col = 0xA0; sfr row = 0x80; sbit r1 = P0^0; sbit r2 = P0^1; sbit r3 = P0^2; sbit r4 = P0^3; sbit r5 = P0^4; sbit r6 = P0^5; sbit r7 = P0^6; sbit r8 = P0^7; void delay(); char tdata={0x0111