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hey everyone, i am doing a final year project on an rf signalling system for busy zones. it requires that i use a an rf transmitter and receiver and two microcontroller for both modules. i am using 89c2051 for thr transmitter and 89c51 for the receiver. i want to be able to save the zone data on the microcontroller and send it through the tr
I just bought a expensive SHT75 from my country, but i am poor in 8051 assembly language and need some guide to write the code. i can understand and write some simple code like running leds,displaying a LCD.But when come to this sensor, how to read the signal,send and display the reading in LCD. How to do it? I had read the datasheet of SHT75
hi i want interface rs232 with 89c51 . my main ajanda is what i writing in hyper terminal that may be display in LCD. that is possible pls help me.
Hello Sukanya, I can tell u 16x2 LCD interfacing from Atmel 89c51 its very simple i will post a file which includes all the info for driving LCD including code(Assembly Language) with circuit diagram. If wanted plz reply. I really want it. If you can share it with us plz upload here! Thank you
Hi, Do any body had interfaced DS1821 with 89c51 and the Temperature result should be displated on 16*2 LCD display, If so please share me the schematic & source code for it, as i am urgent in need of it. Thanks
Most modems respond to standard AT command set. A basic modem connection is pretty simple. 1. Connect the modem serial port to the 89c51 serial port. 2. Send an ATDTnnnnnn command to dial the nnnnnn number. 3. Wait for CONNECT from the modem
Please i need more info about the interface of DS12887 RTC with 89c51
hello friends can any one tell how to interface gsm modem with 89c51 microcontoller
how to interface an lcd to 89c51 using 4 bit mode. am using lampex16200 pls send me manual of this controller
The SHM75 sensor belongs to the I2C family and as a such needs two lines to connect with a microcontroller: SCK(clock) and SDA(data) .. see picture below .. As you intend to use 89c51 you can select virually any two pins, for example P1.0 and P1.1 .. Some designers use pins from P0 port because of their Open Drain configuration .. Keep in mind t
Hi all, i m trying to interface a GLCD with 89c51. i am facing some problem because i m doing it first time. when i power up the circuit LCD back light is on and dots are highlighted but the data is not on display. below is the connection diagram from 89c51 to GLCD i m using JHD12864A GLCD. here is the program code ORG 00H (...)
how can i interface 64 leds to single microcontroller 89c51 pls send me related ckt diagram and web site
m new here! and i need help , can anyone help me in how can i interface MT8888C chip with 89c51 microcontroller ? any thing useful ( like codes for example or documents) Plzzzzz help
please help me i want to interface fingerprint detector with microcontroller 89c51 and then i want to interface it with GSM moderm any body have the circuit diagrm. pls mail me my email id is
can i have interface code of adc0808 with 89c51. Send me ur project
i want a c program on how to interface ds1307 with at89c51 and display the time on 8 bit lcd(2x 16).. plz help
I have to interface an NPN proximity switch to uC 89c51... Please help me with a schematic on how to connect the sensor and how to code it.. The sensor is NPN and takes 5 to 24V input supply. And it gives the same at o/p..
I want to interface LM75 temp sensor with 89c51. But i need help with how to bitbang the code.. Can someone provide me the code to be loaded in the uC to continously read the temp from lm75 and display it on a 16x2 lcd.. An algorithm is also appreciated.
Hi, I want to interface my AC voltage signal (which is coming from transformer) to ADC0808 with 89c51 microcontroller. so prblem is that if i will connect my transformer o/p +ve wire to the analog channel 1 then where should i connect my -ve terminal, i can't connect it to the ground because ground of IC is DC whereas my signal is AC. So pleas
I don't use PIC but i use 89c51 ,to interface beetween microcontroller and RS485 ,you need a interface chip.and you can use IC 75176 to implement interfacing beetween microcontroller and RS485 line. Good luck !
Hi, I want to interface UM91214B/HT9315 Phone Dialer IC with 89c51 microcontroller. Can I directly connect row and column pins of this IC to the microcontroller? Thanks.
i have interfaced a ds1287 with 89c51 , since i saw ur post , 2 days , i m unable to compose all the info in a format to send u , plz give me one more day and u will get schematic and code for it. bye
how can i use MCU AT 89c51 as normal AT keyboard for 5/6 keys.I have searched the site but all the sites tell how to scan the keyboard. but i want to make the keyboard. the circuit should send the KBD data and KBD clk for PC. I have made the software in assambly but the problem is, when i make the line, low(by pressing any key )of MCU, code is ge
Dear friends, Could any body share the schematic of 89c51 based single board computer. I mean development board with monitor program to download code from PC via serial port and provision for key board and LCD interface. It would be very helpful. thank you.
HI The 89c51 dosen't have hardware SPI port there for you have to do it using I/O pins togel What language are you using : C,ASM, BASIC ? If you are using C you can adapt code from other controller's Regards Bobi
KDear friends, I am making a simple temperature measurement device. I?m using LM35 with 24-bit ADC and 89c51. Please tell me how to feed value from 24 bit adc to 8 bit registers of 89c51 and how to perform calculations for decimal (I?m designing for 0.1 degree Celsius accuracy). I have to display the result on 7-segment displays. Th
i need to connect the micro 89c51 into the lan network via ethernnet Anny sugestions ???????
Hi, Add some additional hardware and save your time. Add additional FFs to catch and keep external events, then read this FFs periodically with appropriate routine in the main loop and take approprate action in another routine. 89c51 interrupt system is not so fast and good as some newer architectures (ARM). Use polling with some add
If you apply 10V at the excitation pins, and put full weight on the load cell, it will give 2mv X 10V = 20mv output at the output pins.. That is quite small to be measured directly by the ADC inputs unless the ADC has a built in amplifier. So conventionally, you will need a low noise amplifier and an ADC to be able to read by 89c51.
dear friends this circuit is used to measure light intensity using the following basic analog circuit .... now i want to use microcontroller (89c51) and adc -AD7922 (12 bit) so that i can include some more functions and also 16 x 2 lcd . in the present circuit two pots are used one for zero setting and other for calibration in 741 section .
for a calculator you have to do part by part programming ..first learn to interface only keypad with 89c51 then proceed with lcd interface ..and after that go for calculator which then will be easy for you to understand since u r new to programming.after that if any problem tell us we will help you Added after 1 minutes:[/c
dear frnzs me want to interface a numeric printer that is model number m42v of epson with 89c51. can anybody guide me how to proceed. help will be appreciated chao
Hi I am new to microcontroller, can anyone give me transmit & receive program to upload & download data between PC & 89c51 microcontroller. Thanks Centiago
hi, i have done a slave module with 89c51 controller, now need a VB interface for the same. i am looking for the comm programing using VB, iam able to send the data and make a port active and deactive. when i request for the status i ensured that the controller is sending the data but dont know how to capture in the VB. have any one worked on
Hi, last night i was trying to interface ADE7754 with 89c51. I just gave 220 v AC voltage at Phase A input (via 1Mohm/1K resistor network) and read the value of AVrms register which is showing a huge value which changes with change in voltage. But the value is too large than maximum possible. I doubt in one part of my code. Should the code be
hai all i am trying to interface a atmel 24c64 to the 89c51 mcu i want to write four different datas to the ic and read it in different time i have connected the sclk to p 3.0 and sdata to p3.1 can anyone give me the code for the same in assembly? i am using a 12 mhz crystal thanking you sunish
hi i am trying to interface external EEPROM 24xxx series with 89c51 using Keil C51. I found one application at:- but only a short code is given along with circuit diagram. For full code you need to download the file given at bottom,saying "Download KEIL C51 example " but the li
hi i wanna use a serial memory (AT24C1024) with 89c51/52. i read the datasheet but i still don't know how to read and write exactly :cry: anyone has experience on this???:?: or a simple sample???:?: (i use assembly not c or c++) thanks for any help
Hi everybody. I'm a new person in forum,my English not good.I have a project is "Control device in home via PC",and programming with VB6. anyone have schematic circuit interface 89c51 with serial port,please send to me,thanks a lot my email thanks and regards
as ur problem suggest that u need a interface u have to think about the type of interface that a printer uses. if usb than 89c51 have to be interfaced to a USB controller & then the printer if parallel then 89c51 have to be interfaced with 8255 & then to the printer consider the (...)
using serial port how can i interface printer to microcontroller 89c51
Dear Manish, I am also looking for interfacing code of RTC HT1380 with ? 89c51 in assembly codes. As you are saying for datasheet of the RTC. Hence attached the same. Pl help if possible. Regards Mak
Dear All, Help rquired to interface the RTC HT1380 with Micro 89c51 in assembly coding only as i dont know C. Kindly help. Regards Mak Added after 4 hours 57 minutes: Any body help!!!!!!! Added after 39 seconds: Any body help!!!!!!!
I'm a beginer & 89c51 I want to interface At 89c51 &AT 28C64. plz help me both Hardware and soft C. thanks
I don't think you need any interface .. If everything goes right you should "see" (oscilloscope) square waves on pins P1.1 and P1.2 .. Double-check if you haven't done something "stupid" like, for example, to execute program from 89c51's internal memory you need to connect pin 31 (EA) to +5V .. If you still have problems post your code and s
hi, i need program for interfacing serial,parallel,ethernet and USB using 89c51 in microcontroller.........please help me get it..............or otherwise send me the site where i can get....please reply soon.......
Please can anyone help me to interface serial printer to 89c51.... I will donate 15 pts. if u give me the proper c code....
Please can anyone help me to interface serial printer to 89c51.... I will donate 15 pts. if u give me the proper c code....
Hi friends; Please can any one provide me C code for interfacing com port with 89c51 using MAx232. Thanks in anticipation.
HELOO friends, i am stuck at a project situation. the requirement is: using 89c51 microcontroller(Atmel)i need to provide the following. 1> with 16 switches 16 relays are to be operated. 2> with same controller ckt, i need to provide I2C interface ( 24c04) 3> with same controller ckt, i need to provide serial communication.[