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Hello all, I was given a bachelors project by my professor to design antenna described in the document I attached and adjust it for GSM afterwards.. In the first step I should realise this antenna and match the S11 shown in Figure 3, page 3322(at least for 900 (...)
118495 118496 I'm working with a signal generator testing module and there are two antennas on it. One of them is for generating 400 mhz and another is 900 mhz (these are estimates). Right now I'm stuck on how I can change the (...)
Good Day Dear Members, I have designed the following rectenna in CST Design studio that works in parallel with the antenna designed at 900 mhz using CST MWS.(Fig1) I have placed all the relevant Voltage sources and probes in the circuit as shown, but Im unable to generate correct DC Voltages (...)
Good Day Member, I am working on a rectenna that harvest GSM energy at 900 mhz and converts it into DC Voltage for charging a cell phone battery. From various literature review, I have made a simple patch antenna in CST MWS and designed its relevant rectifier circuit in (...)
I think the (18-181j) ohm is the series impedance at one particularly frequency point. So draw a circuit with a 1800 K ohm resistor and a 0.89 PF capacitor in parallel. Then calculate the impedance form this circuit at your frequency. At 900 mhz the impedance is (21 - 196j) ohm
Hi everyone, i have problems about my cell phone signal quality in my home. i thinked that i can use cell phone signal booster or a basic signal repeater. As you know it is hard to work with RF signal level. I want to amplify only 900 mhz signal level. Do you have any suggestions about antenna or circuit diagram. Which transistor (...)
A simple way to check for near-field interference is to temporary replace internal antenna with a short coax and external antenna. For existing antenna, route pcb pattern as long away as possible from chip inside SIM, especially first part of antenna. As antenna efficiency (...)
I am trying to analyse different aspects of wireless transmission for Reflecting wall and fixed antenna. This is used in order to determine the location of base stations and power to be transmitted. Given is the f=900 mhz, d=20km, r=5 km
I am looking for omnidirectional 868 mhz antenna that comes with tilt option and has reverse SMA connector. It seems there are only two options to choose from: W1063 and ANT-868-CW-HWR-RPS. The first is made by well-respected manufacturer, but it seems to be designed to be primarily used (...)
will this rf power detecting circuit will work in 400 mhz to 900 mhz frequency band (diode :BAT85)?? here is the
HI my question is .. what will be the simulation graph look like of simple antenna that has frequency 900 mhz and wavelength 165 mm ? Thank you
Hi I design a patch antenna for UHF 900 mhz dimension patch : W= 10.21 cm L =80 cm dimension ground W=11.17 cm L=80.96 cm Substract Er = 4.32 h = 0.16 cm air box Xsize= Ysize=Zsize = 120,96 cm using coaxial feed i try many position but i can't find a good result close to 900mhz (...)
Hello, i am designing a microstrip dipole on the frequency between 900 mhz and 2200 mhz . i did something about it in Hfss with lumped ports but i should realize it physically.and when i did it with lumped ports it have not a omnidirectional pattern . so what can be the (...)
WTB 900 mhz & 1800 mhz antenna Looking for ONE 900mhz and ONE 1800mhz antenna with these specifications: 1/4 wavelength monopole 50Ω input impedance VSWR<2 Please tell me the part number of it or suggest an (...)
Hello to all, I made two λ/4 monopole antennas with your precious help and now I need some guidance about the measurements. First of all, I calibrated the network analyzer(HP 8714C) with the open, short and load and I tuned the antennas in order to (...)
I have a design that has a 900 mhz receiver and a wifi module on the same PCB. It is a four layer design. My thought is to define three grounds, analog1, analog2, and digital. Each section of the board will have it's own ground plane, both the internal ground (...)
Hi, i need antenna design PIFA of quadband GSM 900/1800/1900/UMTS 890-960/1720-2170 mhz please anyone maybe have paper or book for reference
my project is"microstrip patch antenna at 900 mhz design and simulation in ads 2008". Is there any tutorial of this ?I don't have good command on ads2008 ....please helpppp
is it one way tranmission only? If so you can add a transmit amplifier. You can get directional antennas on your controller and point it at the robot. Make sure the receive antenna is a good one, with a good connection to a metal ground plane if it is a monopole. Depending on the country, you could move to (...)
I think I'm gonna use glass You didn't exactly tell, what "RFID Tag that is not for near-metal use" means in your case. I guess, you are still working an your previous 900 mhz topic. If it's an E-field antenna, e.g a dipole, only distance or "air", as enjunear told, will help. Plastic foam will be better than glass, (...)
Currently, i'm in my finaly year of degree doing my final project and its title is "Designing a single band of fractal antenna operating at 850-900 mhz" I found a several references and articles however, i'm required to figure out the (...)
Dear most Abdelmoniem, u said GSM 3G working on mhz range.. ummmmm Let me clear it. GSM 900 working on 900 mhz means 0.9 GHz. But its Uplink(Mobile Set to BTS) BandWidth(BW) is 890mhz to 915mhz (=25 mhz) So 1st term is operating (...)
Hi Who can design an antenna that works from ideally from 160 mhz upto 900 mhz and even 2.4 GHz. It could also be two designs. One from 160 mhz upto 175 mhz and the other from 850 - 2500 mhz !. Design must (...)
Please help me with this: I made an RF audio TX device, it has a mic input digitizes the voice and sends it over 900 mhz to the RX device which than records it. The problem is that the Mic is located close < 8cm to the antenna and I get the 16ms (~60Hz) sending noise. (...)
Hi, Try to add another solution setup, and so you can set two solution frequency as 900mhz and 1.8GHz. The extra effort you have to make is two frequency sweep. Best Regards.
can anyone help me out ?? I want to provide theoretical information about Microstrip monopole antenna ... i want to know about its design and parameters?? please .. if u can help me , then i will be thankful
hy guys! i design a patch antenna for GSM 900 but it not cover all the band (880 mhz-960 mhz) and i would like to know if a patch it's a good idea? how to cover this band? do i make a stacked antenna? (...)
Hi there, Currently I am working on a project which part of the modules needs me to design a 900mhz patch antenna. But I don't have Telecommunication background so it seems hard to me. So may I know anyone has the exact PCB dimensions for a simple patch antenna? (plz specify the PCB's relative permitivity also if (...)
Hi to all! Can anyone tell me how to design a 50ohm microstrip line that work on 900mhz, 1800mhz, 2100mhz, 2500 mhz? I have to built in on FR4 (epsr=4.4 tangentloss=0.02 1.6mm thikness) to feed a monopole slot antenna. I try to use Txline software but it does not give a good width, I need (...)
I am looking for a good and simple PIFA design that can be constructed from FR4 if possible printed on the board and mounted above a large ground plane. I have a large ground plane available, for 868 mhz it looks like several wavelengts. The antenna should able to cover: 868 (...)
i want to design booster antenna for 900 mhz - 1200 mhz. who have the circuit, schematic and pcb design??
The doubt i have is if is possible to use this substrate at for example 900 mhz? and if the antenna is for some frequencies how can I choose the parameters, if they depends of the operation frequencies? Thank you very much
Yes, you can design a LNA operating in the required band , and its output can be coupled to your GSM phones antenna to enhace reception. Contact your service provider and check the frequency band. It will be either 900 (...)
I am trying to design a passive GSM antenna around 900 mhz (for 833-960 mhz band). What I am trying to do is to stack one 1/4 wavelength monopole (placed at bottom) with another 5/8 wavelength monopole Placed on top) with a phasing coil (in shape of a helix) between them. Can anyone (...)
Hi I am using an antenna for 900 mhz : etched dipole on a printed board size about 80mm by 20mm... It is on FR4 so you have SQRT(epsilon) electr. length reduction.This is not enough for normal resonance though. Therefore it is loaded in the center by 2 pcs chipcoils in the order of about 27 nH. It's a bit lossy though (...)