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Although mentioning battery operation, Plector also requested +/- 13V output. Obviously, these requirements don't go together well. If high voltage output is a serious objective, I would personally go for DC/DC converter supply from 2 or 4 AA batteries. Referring to LM386, tba820 and similar classical small audio amps, I think they serve their
At 10 years old, it is likely to be an electret element. You could try any simple amplifier circuit. For example, an LM386 will be sufficient, I recall they have quite high gain (not used one in years). tba820 that you mention should also be fine, possibly sufficient without any pre-amp. If you find you do need a pre-amp, then the 741 would be ok
Both are pretty old devices, and both are obsolete. tba820 is (was) very popular, and easier to use because it is supplied in a normal package. Go with that unless you really need loads of power. If you are looking for other simple audio amp ICs for low power, then TDA7052B is a reasonable choice too, it is not obsolete, and needs slightly les