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I totally get it now. I have some problems with it though. The two statements are mutually exclusive. The other thing is the ground connection. Now that either end of the speaker element is connected to each output of the op-amps, there is no "common ground", right? The most misused word, and, I su
At 10 years old, it is likely to be an electret element. You could try any simple amplifier circuit. For example, an LM386 will be sufficient, I recall they have quite high gain (not used one in years). tba820 that you mention should also be fine, possibly sufficient without any pre-amp. If you find you do need a pre-amp, then the 741 would be ok
Both are pretty old devices, and both are obsolete. tba820 is (was) very popular, and easier to use because it is supplied in a normal package. Go with that unless you really need loads of power. If you are looking for other simple audio amp ICs for low power, then TDA7052B is a reasonable choice too, it is not obsolete, and needs slightly les