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Hello, could you please re-formulate your question! concerning the question about the frequency bands of wimax, different bands are available in different parts of the world. The frequencies commonly used are 2.3 GHz , 2.5 GHz , 3.5 GHz and 5.8 GHz.
As title, I always hear about WiFi and ANT+. I am planning to do a wireless solution for my project and I am curious is there any other choice other than WiFi and ANT+? (future expand to internet of things, preferred IPv6 or unique identity.) Please advice me. :) thank you.
hi guys i m designing rf mixer for wimax application. anybody can help me about how to design mixer and the equations used for that?
hi every one: i have 2l microstrip antenna for wimax technology designed by gives some value for s11 about -3.5 db it is less than what i am expected ...but my problem whenever i do any changes to my design the s11 curve shape like curve...(however in the beginning it give notch)..there is no notch at specific frequency after make modif
this is for school and its only based on simulation. my simulation software options incude opnet for wimax or qualnet for lte technologies respectively. I have about 2 weeks to get this done. Please any sort of information will be much appreciated. thank you
dear friends I'm working in my thesis about improvement of handover in mobile wimax with user's profile and I tried to predict target base station with neural network by user?s profile because I want to investigate the influence of knowing target base station before handover over handover delay and throughput. now i should simulate with mat
Dear friends I'm working in my thesis about improvement of handover in mobile wimax with user's profile and I assume that we know user?s profile so target base station is known before handover. I should simulate in matlab. Anybody please tell me in detail or please give me the source from where I can learn matlab simulation. Also, I would be r
hi everyone i am dealing with some matlab codes about receiving the wimax signal. the below is first part of a m-file i have found on the internet. but i dont understand what some variables and parameters do. I would appreciate if someone help me filename = 'E:\wimax Files\Air Data\Air Data 1390_12_27\Freq3549MHz_FS20MS_ (...)
Hello everyone, my thesis is about simulating wimax through sui channel my question is : Does sui can be performed using jakes model ??? thanks
hi need information about wimax architecture ,adaptive modulation,MIMO techniques.
Hi all. Did anybody make the Homologation/FCC tests for wimax? i need some documents or explanation about it. Thanks a lot
Hello everyone I study electronics in Greece and I have some questions about an exercise. The exercise is here: It's in greek so i'm gonna try to translate it for you. α. According to the following picture design a telecommunications syste
Hello!!! I'm working now on my thesis about handoff simulation between UMTS and wimax. I use ns2.29 simulator with extension from NIST to use the mobility. I had already wrote a script of the handoff but my problem I don't know how to interpret the trace file generated after the simulation. Thus, if anyone can help me I will be grateful. I am new
I would like to thank if someone reply my queries This is about block size for Convolutional turbo codes (CTC) in 802.16d wimax. The block size as defined in the standard as 8 ≤ N ⁄ 4 ≤ 1024, and N is bit pairs and N can be one of *N sub channel, N sub-channel and its value is one of 1,2,4,8 or 16. From this
Hi All, I plan to design a Multiband antenna for wimax & LTE.Inorder to get both the frequencies under the -10dB mark, i need to make some slots in my layout. I dont know how to make these slots. If you have any info. about how to make these slots in layout, i will be really grateful. thanks for your time. Regards
Hi Everybody, I'm doing my final thesis and I need some information about wimax simulation in Opnet 14.5, Plesase, could you please send me some simple scenarios (2 wk & 1 BS) with all kind of details. For example Wk1 sent an email to Wk2, what are the parameters to do in aplication and profile, etc... if i have to assign IP address in the net o
i hope if i can get some help with channel convolution coding in wimax so i need any matlab code about vetrbi or turbo or any other convolution coding and i hope if i can get any good pdf about it as i'm making ma graduation project and i only have 2 weeks before the deadline of the presentation . thanks in advance best regards
hi,, i'm doing project about admission control too,but my project is bandwidth connection admission control in wimax network,, call admission control and connection admission control are different?? what version do u use for matlab??any sourcecode about admission control?? could u send to my email if you don't m
does anyone got idea how to set up the wimax in opnet??? can i get some examples about it? thank you
I'm interesting simulation about wimax in opnet modeller,,, is there any tutorial to start with it??? please share to me,,
i heard about OPNET it seems perfect but scheduling algorithms are found in MAC layer , just go to MAC and have a look
Hi, I am working on a wimax project. My jobs is to handle ADC/DAC interface. I am not familiar to Signal Processing. So i need your experiences about filtering. I have search about wimax and decimation a lot. We implement 10 MHz, 1024 FFT wimax system. In our design, analog signal is sampled at 40 MHz. (...)
hi All I m using opnet 14.0 for my project on routing for mobile wimax.I have settled All environment variable . It looks like every thing works well with opnet. But when I create a network model and after running. it is giving error.Any help will appreciable in fixing the error.If any one have any idea about it please help me. rup
Hi everybody, I want to know about simulation the qos of wimax, is there anyone can help me please? I should use which program or simulator? thanks in advance.
Wifi has a range of 100 meter so you can't use it with few kilometers. Other one is wimax which actually can be used within about 30 kilometer range. Secondly, You can transfer you data without the presence of Internet but the range matters a lot.
What are the exact frequencies of operation for Wi-Fi wi-Max and 3g...i know that it operates in 2.4Ghz abnd and the broader classification but i wanted the exact frequencies....
Hi, Can i use OFDM in Mobile wimax. I am doing my thesis on mobile wimax and i came to know that it use OFDMA. Problem is that the wimax Patch i am using supports only OFDM but it also supports mobility. I am using that patch in ns-2. And i have started my Thesis, i am so worried. Can anyone tell me about that. Looking (...)
I am working as trainee engg my training level project is about planning a woman network .you are experienced person in wimax plz share Ur knowledge advise me to simulate different scenarios in wimax. I am requesting you to send some project docs or urn project details. Ply guide me what ever u done for urn project I want to learn and (...)
hi all! i have a small problem about my simulation of array antenna based on my master of science thesis based on the topic "modelisation and design of patch array antenna for emision and reception of internet (wimax) signal". the problem concern the validation check step on HFSS11 soft ware. can some on help me?
i am thinking of making a project in visual C about wimax, has anyone any such code or can any1 help me plz
hi friends!!! I am doing my final project on wimax and there is a problem on matlab...I know nothing about matlab but I need a matlab code about wimax...first what kind of simulation can I do about wimax on matlab?...second , please send me a simple matlab code and tell me what I can do (...)
hey,, i found a journal about design of mems filter for wimax. it uses HFSS simulation. i am very interested in doing this design for my final project. It uses CPW and BAR technology. the BAR is composed of piezoelectric material. The problem is, I am a newbie in HFSS and mems.. Can anyone help me how to simulate S parameter of this filter? Thank
what about the OFDM, CDMA, LTI, wimax, and others, you can google your interest. I am sure you will find many subjects
dears, in case of using two antennas with different 3 db angles( one is 60 degree and the other is 15 ) in a NLOS technologies ( such as wimax ) , is it necessary that the link budget for the uplink is same as the link budget for the downlink ? specially for " propagation loss " . if there is any books talking about this subject i will be tha
hello. i am doing the same thing research about wimax, have u find out any simulator best for the security in wimax. please let me knw frnds, thank you.
Hi everybody I am doing my master thesis on wimax mesh network and use ns-2 to simulat it but i am new in this simmulator.Anyone doing in the same topic?.I wpuld prefer to discuse and exchange information.if anyone already done on wimax mesh ns-2 code ,could you please let me know the code? Thank
Hi to all I hope if you could help and make it clear for everyone to post a reference E-book or any suitable reference about OFDM-wimax.
I have to make a wimax simulator at PHY layer. Im on encoding/decoding part. Where can i find some documentation, articles about it ? Thank you.
One part of the answer depends upon economics. If few users want the new features of 3G, the telephone companies will be very careful in thinking about the major cost of doing 4G.
hi all I am little confused about frame and burst of wimax I know that burst is some data with the same FEC and the frame has a number of bursts but how many bursts in the frame and how these are related to OFDM Symbols please help thanks
I'm doing a research about high speed mobile networks. For now, i found 3GPP LTE and 3GPP2 UMB. can we consider wimax as one of these networks :?:
Hi, Merry Christmas! "severe pathloss environments often are desirable in a multiuser wireless network, such as CDMA/wimax systems." Can any one tell me why? Thanks Very much! fryFox, Dec 25, 2008
Hi all I am implementing wimax physical layer ( not all blocks) on spartan 3A kit, I want to send data through RF module and receive it on another kit. I don't know about RF modules and their abilities, if you have any information about this please write it down. if you know RF types , cheap supplier please write, that may help. (...)
if any one make vhdl code about channel estimation in wimax mymail is:
thank you ricksidd, could you give us any book or website containing informations about the calculation of SNR of wimax Many
node block of viterbi decoder for wimax can you help me to find some paper about this topic ? i want the matlab code
Hi All I have a small question concerning reed solomon block in wimax. the reed solomon block is assumed to correct bytes-or burst errors- while viterbi is assumed to correct single bits. but the reed solomn block is followed by interleaver ( after convolutional coder) which will distribute error blocks to single error bits. so th
Hello... please tell me about SOFDMA ...what are the main advantages og SOFDMA over OFDM ...
I have co-channel and adjacent channel rejection problem in my wimax products with zero IF, build-in LNA in tranceiver and digital IQ. The receiving BER will be un-acceptable when co-channel and adjacent channel interference become higher. Can anyone have any idea about the problem?
i want to help me to find good paper about implemention of wimax phy layer and mac layer using dsp