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guys i've made a very simple zero crossing detector which gives a pluse on exact zero cross. i've simulated the ckt using multisim and it's perfectly runs. but when m going to implement the hardware m facing a problem with m attaching d circuit and please tell me how can i make dat ground for both AC and DC. here the 5
hi,everyone.I designed a two stage amplifier,the voltage source is 5v. but I find that the ac gain decreases terribly while the temperature increases.I simulated it with spectre,the ac gain is 30k under 27°,but only 3k when 80°。Also, I find the gain of the differential stage is stable(about 100) ,and the problem must be resulted from the se
A DC current is any current that does not change over time (unless the conditions of the circuit change due to, for instance, temperature variations, power supply changes or programming). The bias current of a differential amplifier is one such example. An AC current is a current that changes over time due to, for example, an input signal.
I have 1280uf 200v capacitor in a circuit. The input is variable between 1vdc and 108vdc, 1vac and 120vac. Amperage is less than 1A. When I turn the variable transformer down, it takes a long time to drop the voltage. I have a 100w 100ohm resistor that drains the power. It is currently on a momentary switch that I push to drain the cap. Can I
Good Morning all, I am trying to simulate a simple buck-boost DC-DC converter with a DC-AC full bridge single phase Inverter using matlab. Basically i use simspowersystem to draw out the circuit and just try to simulate. However, I could not get the desired results. Currently, i'm still learning on the matlab software. Anyone can provide
have to develop a circuit.which takes (25v dc) /1 amp // and make it up to (50v dc) /1 amp You can only get the same power out of such a circuit (minus inefficiency losses) so 25W input means ca. 20W output, which is 50v x 0,4 amp. First change de DC into AC with some kind of oscillator , then rectify the AC with a vo
Dear all, In my Pic 16F675 Project some time mcro stops working during electrial spikes, I used WDT to reset but sometime its WDT also not workes and circuit Needs to be restart, My project is Based on Live Pover supply made by 220 V AC to 12 volt dc by reducing down it by series capacitor shunted by a 12V/1W zener and then regul
Dear all I require a power supply op 12V/500 mAmp/and ip is 15V to 300 V ac/dc can any body suggest a good circuit for this. regards Anand
Hi all..! I have developed a single supply zero crossing detector from the link ... The circuit is also given in LM393 datasheet . It does work. AC input is 12V from transformer. The circuit makes AC and DC ground common... AC input is al
I have a 120v Vacuum cleaner motor, I want to be able to control the speed on it but i can't remember the name for the little things i used on my 12v dc motor. Can someone help? You may have used Variable resistors or Potentiometers or even a reheostat in laboratories. But for controlling a 120 volts vaccum cleaner motor, a
Can someone suggest a way of generation high frequency (1 or 2KHz) AC voltage from 24 V DC supply . Also I need a way of reading that High frequency AC votage's magnitude which would come out of my circuit as a multimeter works for 50Hz frequency.
Just a capacitor will block DC and pass AC. Phantastic idea !
I am a physics student building a simple circuit to be used in a research lab, and I having trouble deciding what type to connectors to use in my design. My design will call for 2 signal inputs, 1 power input and 1 signal output on the pcb. I was hoping to mount the pcb inside an aluminum enclosure, on the panel of this enclosure there will be 3 bn
Hi, Everyone: After I designed a DC/DC power supply, I found that the power is a little smaller than the system requirements. The total power of my system is about 4 Watts, but the DC/DC supplier can only suppy 4.5 watts. I hope to know if there are some problems when I use this power source. regards Jim I think you
I have a circuit like the attached diagram for interfacing PECL(3.3V) to LVDS by AC coupling. I have draw all signal levels at each input/output pin. The problems are: 1) The negative input of LVDS receiver DS90LV110 has the same pulse as positive input; those two pulses are in phase. I am wondering where the pulse on negative come from? 2) T
when running ac analysis, the defualt circuit stage is @0s how can I run the ac analysis using the DC bias condition @ other time, for example 200ns? waiting for your help thanks
Most important: dc or ac signals? (I am always surprised that some guys expect complete and correct answers without giving complete and sufficient information).
Hi All, Here is a new concept which I got listen that to reduce the power consuption of a contactor, there are some electronic circuits which gives sufficient power when a contactor starts and once picked up the circuit reduces the drive power to coil. By doing this ,it saves power. This circuit can be driven on AC & DC both. (...)
how to get a transformer in cadence using spectre, I am design a AC-DC circuit . please help me thanks
Hey all, I'm planning on building a 1.2-18V @ 1.5A variable DC power supply using an LM317 variable regulator. The circuit I plan on following is seen here: Variable DC Power Supply Using LM317 Regulator . I will be using a 19V @ 6A AC laptop adapter (VERY cheap on eBay, c
How much your input? Direct from AC?
how to convert An Dc input like an impulse to 220 volt ac 100 watt output please reply as fast as u can
Hi... I've two DC generators, namely Generator-1 and Generator-2. When the Generator-1 supplies 1.5A, the output current waveforms (see attached figure, measured using Tektronix TCP312 current probe with AC coupling) shows peak-to-peak current ripples of 40mA. The frequency of the current ripples is about When the Generator-2 supplies 37mA
Hi every one i need pic 16fxxx based dc 220v to ac 220v 50hz inverter circuit with asm code please tell me some ideas and web site
I came across an interesting way to refine current measurement and I came across an interesting way of precise measurement of current.Consider a precision current source 0-2A, DC currents measured at the shunt.Source is a precise and low noise, but even so it may occur on the ripple (due to the connected load, etc.). It is therefore appropriate ass
It depends what the circuit is. Example ATV-Projects LNB Voltage Booster does not use PWM. In that example it simply chops the DC supply so it can be used as though it was AC before a standard voltage doubling rectifier. Brian.
Jeez, maybe I didn't figure it out. What about the 12 K feedback resistor and the two series 1.2K input resistors. Don't I get a gain of -5? What I realized is that the input voltage I measured +1.336 volts DC probably had some AC riding on it, and the voltmeter was probably lying to me.
Wether it interfere's depend on what signals do you pass on these....Its understood that wires used for telephone will have telephone line signals but you didnt mention what signals of the burglar alarm will be passed over the wires. Wether its a sensing IN, or a siren Audio, DC volatge or an AC voltage?
I have a motor that runs on 120VAC. It has 3 connections in total. 1 for 120VAC(hot) and the other two go to (neutral), but 1 connection rotates the motor clockwise, while the other counter clockwise. The motor connection diagram - PSC Gear Motor Connection Diagram I
We are looking for a circuit design for 100 Watt 220 volt AC output and 48 Volt DC input.
Of course you can use a regulator but where will you put it and it's capacitor and heat sink. It wouldn't surprise me if the TV had a 5V supply internally that might have enough headroom to supply the viewer. Other than something heroic, perhaps you can find a dual supply that will work. Something like this:
These heater fans are mostly using a shade-pole motor. It can be controlled to some extend with a phase angle control (as utilized in a light dimmer). Due to the fan load, the speed is some kind of self stabilizing. Some simple triac dimmer circuits sometimes have problems with inductive loads, some are even supplying DC voltage to it, you should h
I need a circuit or some kind of mechanical means of taking an 18v 1.5A drill battery(dc), and inverting it to either ac or pulsed dc, so that i can run it through a transformer without killing it. I will be using this power to run a tesla coil. So any help would be appreciated.
AC or DC? this may help you
Friends, I have AC current sensor with approx. 1/2 Volt output. I am looking for a circuit to convert that to 4-20 mA "true RMS" signal. Where should I start? Thanks Rey
Hey guys, I got this Smithchart from MWO, and according to my supervisor, S11 shouldn't be 0 and S21 S12 shouldn't be 1...but I can't find any problem with my schematics...when I carry out the annotation, the current from port 1 is 40 mA when it's supposed to be idea why it's
Can anyone tell me what ic is used in this circuit i have got this leddriver which works 2300v ac input and 12vdc out put 4 amp i drives led strips, led lights and 5050smd led modules can any one suggest me a good led river 230v ac in 12v dc out for 5 amp with cheap rates
Hi, Your capacitor is rated at 10v. At 500vac input, the output voltage will be 500*1.414 = 707v. It will blow away the capacitor. The arrangement of the zeners make them useless. Here is the corrected you have to have the zener drop the voltage in something, ie the resistor
I mean to say a dc coil You didn't, except for a mysterious question title containing the term DC. If it's a a contactor or solenoid coil, you'll want constant DC current (rather than constant VA or W), strictly spoken. I'm not aware of a simple solution to achieve constant current with high effiency without a controller cir
I am not very good at electronics. In my Analog and Digital Electronics Lab last week, I performed a task. The teacher displayed a circuit diagram and gave a brief lecture on the specific type of amplifier... Incidentally, I did not take notes except copying the diagram... I was trying to simulate the same diagram on Multisim today but I am consist
if you have 17v AC RMS then if you use a full wave rectifier with a capacitor you will get a little less than 17*1.414=24v DC d you want to convert this to a higher voltage you need a step up circuit for example MC34063 MC34063A design tool A
from how many volts DC to 230V AC? and which type? linear push pull, buck boost or SMPS.
1) RTFM 2) Use Google 3) Use the search on here, browse through this forum. 4) Do not expect people on a forum to tell you all the steps required for PCB design - there are too many Unless all you want is: a) design circuit b) draw schematic c) layout PCB d) make gerbers e) manufacture board f) assemble and test board. Key factor
Not sure, what you mean. A thyristor can be used in a free running trigger generator (e.g. for a stroboscope). A diac or a zener diode (in case of a sensitive gate thyristor) is firing the thyristor, when the storage capacitor voltage reaches the defined threshold.
hi would you please describe me about the lambda/4 line philosophy that is used to isolate DC circuit and RF parts in microwave circuit main question is about the length of the line.why it should be lambda/4.what happened if length reach the value less or grater that specified traditional value? thanks in advance
From your request it is not clear what you mean by "sensitivity". AM modulators have a response expressed as the proportion of carrier amplitude to the control voltage. Some modulators allow to control carrier level by a DC input voltage, others have only AC-coupled input (via a capacitor.) If your AM modulator is an audio to RF device, you can u
This would depend on the signals that are required by your laser. I assume that the laser requires a TTL signal. This means that the laser will operate if you give it a 0v DC signal and it wont when it receives a 5v DC signal. If this is the case then you need to convert your alarm output of 0.5v AC to a 5v DC signal. You could do this with a [U
The HF pulse needs to go into the workpiece and not back into the source. So you will want a narrow pulse and a lot of source inductance. I would check that your DC source indeed has that kind of inductance. You might prefer to deliver the HF to the torch directly so that the welding cable inductance is in your favor rather than against.
Hi, check following links , they may be useful for you 12vdc-220vac 100/200watts sinewave inverter dc to ac converter... 12vdc - 240vac power Inverter
I have prepared one control card for driving a DC drive with input 2 phase 410 volts AC, I want to interface with some micro-controller preferably ATMEL mega8535 to give all control as speed reference Tacho input Torque input Current input voltage input all faults over current, over voltage, and other parameters speed refernce, tacho feed