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Sir I am interfacing two lm35 using adc 0808 and I was writing a program. But I am seeing an odd result An arbritary numerical value is being shown. I ma giving you the code as below. /********************* adc-0808****************************/ #include //including (...)
This thread from the Xilinx forums might help you:
sbd please tell me why it not run, i didn't receive data from adc , adc_data always high. thanks convert: setb eoc clr ale clr start nop setb ale setb start HERE12: cpl clk jb eoc,HERE12
hi Every one First I need to say happy new year 2014. i need write C code for LDR to adc interfacing. actually i need to compare 3 LDR voltage. it can possible to compare LDR voltage in adc ? i am using AT89c51 micro controller. adc 0808
Hi, I need vhdl code for interfacing on board 8 bit (0808) adc-DAC to FPGA SPARTAN 2 pl. help me
Are you interfacing adc0804, 0808, 0809 to 8086? Lets us assume that you have used reference voltage for adc such that for 5V adc value is 255 now adc value for max voltage of LM35 will be 76.5 max voltage of LM35 is 1.5V If 76 is stored in AL and you want to display it as 150 deg C. (...)
you can find some information on: Interface LM35 with 8051 adc
You can you adc0808, however you have to divide 50Mhz clock down to something which 0808 can handle.
hi, yes u can connect 2 mc and make them communicate serially. for adc interfacing u can refer 8051 micro controller by mazidi it has both circuit and code. regards kj
I found adc interface with 8051 in C here
8051 (incl. 89S52) doesn't have analog-to-digital converter - you have to externally connect one .. Here is an example: Once this is done, reading a potentiometer shouldn't be a problem .. Rgds, IanP :D
Hi amol_shah where is the clock circuit at clock input for adc0808,did you think it will work without Regards MedTronic
Hi All, Can anyone help me how to interface adc0808 with different sensors, As i am using 8051 microcontroller & A/D convertor is adc0808.I know interfacing of microcontroller with A/d convertor,but not with sensors. I am using sensors like PIR sensor,LPG Gas sensor,Door sensor & many (...)