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adc is mostly implemented with analog circuit(r-2r adc,flash adc)... so not possible to write verilog code
HAI ALL, can someone tell me about the SAR adc design FLOW. I HAVE SEEN EXAMPLE of control logic unit in SAR in Tanner but the circuit is too complex to built using schematic(full custom). I cant find other ckt in ttech paper as people do not show the complete ckt . is it true if i assume that the logic unit was synthesize from FRONT end tool such
No It is not possible to 'design' an adc or dac using vhdl/verilog. However it is possible to 'model' an adc or dac using vhdl/verilog You dont HAVE to use ams if you dont want to. Simple adc and DAC can be modelled using simple vhdl/verilog hope it helps, Kr, Avi
hi all i am asystem designer of a 9 bit pipelined adc , and i want some help in this work , and some books and data about that , thanks alot
Hi I want to model a adc in verilog and use it in digital simulation. My purpose is to make this behavior the same interface as the true analog one and use it in a digital SOC environment. Write some testbench to test its connection. My problem is how to model the analog input because it is one bit width signal, how do I model the different i
Hello . I have a bare 10bit pipeline adc design , and would like the create the top level interface . So to allow it to interface to mcu etc ? How do I do that , any example like in verilog for example ? Never didi it before as I more towards analog ? Hope u guys can share example/knowledge ? Thx in advance. Regards.
Hi all, I am designing adc in verilog. The first block i need to design is a sampler. The specifications are as follows Signal frequency : 1KHz Sampling Frequency : 2Khz over samppling : 10 % of sampling So the new sampling frequency is 2.2 KHZ... Can anyone give some idea how to implement. No code is (...)
Hello everyone: Could you help me on the following questions: 1. Which information are included in the verilog model? 2. In which design flow we must use the verilog model? 3. How to deal with the analog signal in verilog model? Can anybody show me a example about adc or DAC model? Thanks (...)
Hi people, I request any question about adc with FPGA or PLD. How can I make adc with FPGA or PLD? Thanks all.
hi I am designing a 16 bit sigma delta adc in cadence. I am not able to design a decimation filter in CMOS... can any one suggest me any circuit
I'm looking for a behavioral verilog or vhdl model of an adc? Type of adc does not matter. Anyone can help?
1. Read Books: Analog Integrated Circuits design by David & Martin.Get fundamental understanding of adc. 2. Select adc type, and find some papers on IEEE JSSC to try reference design. System level simulation using Simulink or verilog-A is necessary.
i agree...cadence should be sufficient.....for the adc which i designed i did use cadence... spectre simulation....and it was for 16-bit...
I think case study is helpful , I once saw a case study provided by cadence named "Top Down Modeling and Test Bench Development Verification Case Study: Pipeline adc" ,it is quite good
is there a good simulation testbench for adc simulation available? thanks!
hi friends i wrote FIR filter and adaptive filter code in verilog i wanna test this code using matlap 7. i read articles from mathworks web. they said we can interface simulink and modelsim. if any one has already experience in this area. pls help me. i wanna know my code is functional and logically correct. is it possible i can put adc ->MODEL
borislee, Choose a FIR or IIR filter to design. Choose a suitable sampling frequency. Choose the number of taps and coeffcients to determine the frequency response of your digital filter. Run simulation on Matlab-Simulink and make adjustment of your design. Implement it either using DSP Processor, FPGA/CPLD or Custom IC. If you want quic
adc dac pll and son on you can get many many example in this board
Hi everyone hope all of u njoying at ur best ! well i m a new member here & new to VLSI as well.. i m doing a project in verilog i.e. implementing direct form FIR filter in verilog. i need help in synchronizing the sampling period of adc with that of the verilog code clock.....but i m not able to do so..can any one help (...)
thank u tarkyss and aravind for your valuable answers, i sorry that my question was a bit unclear. the filter i want to implement is to be used in an integrated adc (fixed coefficients), so lets assume i want to implement a Decimation do i go about implementing it in verilog?.....sounds easy to u, but not to me :D so if some
either vhdl-ams or verilog-ams is a good choice. search the ebook upload/download forum for a delta-sigma adc top-down design book.
hello all, i am about to start work on an charge redistribution SAR adc, however, i would like to do the so called system level simulations in Matlab/Simulink. can someone please shed some light on this matter, maybe provide a reference also. many thanks
You can find verilog models of op-amps. etc from the semiconductor manufacturer. Most will provide models on their web sites. You can also look at : Which has some ideal models. However, you are posting into a programmable logic forum. None of these analog solutions will ever be implemented
if the adc here is Anolog Digtial Converter, the first thing to design the interface is send a clock to adc.
OT: Are there any VHDL-AMS/verilog-A model for such adc?
i have read the allen's book about the i want to design the circuit and simulation for it.but i donnt know how to start.the software i know is cadence and matlab.and i know use the verilog-a to design the DAC and the verilog to decimator and filter.But i am not sure. Also,can anyone tell me the procedure in detail?
you means to implement a sigma-delta adc, but can you tell me how this adc receive analog input ? and maybe verilog_AMS is anohter option. BR. ls000rhb
So I am desingning a SA adc. The problem I am having is that how can I design the Successive Approximation Register (SAR). Do I design it using state diagrams? If I use state diagrams (Moore State) to design it, then I will have to draw A LOT state diagrams for a SA adc that can convert 8 bits. State (...)
I need to convert readings from sensor in analog voltage to binary fixed point Q2.13 format. (I hope this is the right place to ask...) Is this something easy to do with discrete adc on stripboard? Any suggestions on components? Thank you.
Hello guys . Wanted to design serial 8/10 bit SAR adc ( something like AD7995 4-Channel, 10-Bit adc with I2C-Compatible ) . But I am more towards analog , know little about digital ? Anyone got example ( state-machine/verilog for the control etc ) to do something like AD7995 ? May be I will do it without channel ? Single (...)
hi,everyone I am designing a flash adc. As you know, it is composed of the array of comparators and the digital encoder. I have a question about the encoder. The encoder is designed by using transistors in spectre or the netlist in verilog in practice.
I am designing a rather high resolution (>15bit) delta sigma adc. I have a design that's working in MATLAB and I am trying to build the same thing in cadence using verilog A modeling. Every component I have now is ideal and in verilog A code, so that means no transistors, no resistors and no capacitors. I am (...)
Hi... I am looking for a synthesizer and a simulator for verilog with analog / verilog -AMS or something that would let me include analog parts in my design such as an op-amp / DAC / adc etc. I searched google for such a tool for hours and did not find anything. I would prefer a free tool... but tell me about it (...)
hi,, I am using ic5141 and wrote a simple verilog-ams code for 1-bit DAC where input is digital signal and output is analog.After that i instantiated in schematic window for simulating it. I reffered manuels to simulate this but i am not getting any proper idea for simulating mixed design. For simulating any design, is it compulsory to (...)
Thats what I was expecting, glad you stated it explicitly! Assuming you'll be targeting Xilinx devices. It has what you call Delay Locked Loop(DLL), instead of PLL. To utilize DLL in your design you have to generate and instantiate HDL module in you design. Xilinx core generator will take parameter like multiplication/division factor to gene
hay every one, i am new to verilog, tried to make some small programs like clock etc. now i want to design an adc chip as one of my course projects. actually i want to design a chip that works as and adc if the mode pin is high and DAC if its low. plz gude me out, and suggest me that if its a nice project or (...)
how about adc/DAC design. if u want a bit more complicated.. PLL. Good luck.
hi all, I'm doing a graduation project about Delta-Sigma adc i started with the system level design using schreier tool and his book " Understanding Delta-Sigma Data converters" . I'm now determined with my OSR , Order , BW and DR . Now i'm asked to do a modelling for thoses parameters using verilog.A blocks in Cadence. My question: 1) (...)
SOC design is a term used for integration of smaller subsystems into a single system block on a single IC. A microcontroller is a "system on chip". It integrates the CPU core and various peripherials (USB , SPI , I2C , adc etc...) on the same IC. A SOC can be implemented on either FPGAs or ASICs (wich is termed VLSI).
i design sar adc and there is a proplem in sar logic code the command @(initial_step) saw the first command only (ex. see counter=0) and the other statement repeated in code and i want to make them initial only this is the code // verilogA for try, try, veriloga `include "constants.vams" `include (...)
There wont be any different in serial interface and parallel interface of adc. If you developed for one channel it can be repeated for 16 channel. Upto my knowledge there wont be any difference for each channel. If it is yes please share the data sheet. Things has to taken care while design adc interface are sample rate and sampling (...)
I am designing a sigma delta adc using cadence (ic 4151),at 90nm technology.but i want to design it using ams verilog,so i want to know what are the library files that are required to carry out the designing procedure..The cadence licence which i am using doesnt contain the amsLib file ,so can i (...)
as I know , many analog design use C for delta_sigma modulator and someone use matlab(simulink) design delta_sigma recently.. but it is idea case condition .. and I know a tool called "smash " dolphin provide a mix mode simulation maybe sometime we can use mix mode tool simulation whole chip because deltaSigma AD need 1. frontend --> del
Hi, It depends on the application. If you want to use it for adc the choice depends on the number of bit of resolution you need in the final ouput and you may ignore the LSBs. BRM
The easiest way to generate the code for your D/A simulation is to build an ideal adc with a sinewave input source. Then use its output to drive your DAC. HSPICE should have macro model capability to handle this. Willy
Hello Blugate In your case I asume that the clock signal from Analog block is coming properly. But the moment it goes to digital domain you are seeing an unknown state for some time on the clock signal. So you may have to check the adc(Analog to digital converter) models the tool is picking and placing on the clock signal. The threshold vol
There are some solutions. 1. Using matlab to generate the digital sine wave. 2. Using verilog-A to write a ideal adc, and then generate digital sine wave. In this case, you should use some simulator like spectre.
I would try VHDL-AMS or verilog-AMS; they both have the big advantage when dealing with top-down design that you can start from a high-level behavioral description down to transistor level simulation in the same application (AdvanceMS from Mentor, Smash, SystemVision, Simplorer)... You can even mix different levels of abstraction: e.g. your Opam
im not quite sure abt all this testbed(cct) for testing pipeline adc performance such INL,DNL,SNDR & FFT using Cadence. Do anyone have some testbench cct for these performance metrics ? i knw it need to be done in transient.. but how about testbed signals ???
Hi, My background is analog. I need to estimate roughly the number of equivalent gates of a digital filter, a decimator for delta-sigma adc converter. Is there a "best practice rule" to estimate this number based on the filter order, word length, ... ? Or do I have to design this filter, write some VHDL or verilog and run through a (...)