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Hi Altruists, I need to design an incremental sigma delta adc (OSR=500) where I need to implement a CoI Filter. From literature study i found that this CoI filter is actually same as CIC but without the comb part for CIC. I need to write a code in verilog (or verilog A) for CoI Filter. I dont have so much deep knowledge (...)
Hi! I am a new user of ovm (I used to work with vhdl/verilog based verification methodology) I am trying to develop a verification environment for a design that communicates with an external adc( spi protocol: cs, sclk etc) I have some questions: As I need a model to emulate the behaviour of the adc, should I (...)
I am designing a sigma delta adc using cadence (ic 4151),at 90nm technology.but i want to design it using ams verilog,so i want to know what are the library files that are required to carry out the designing procedure..The cadence licence which i am using doesnt contain the amsLib file ,so can i (...)
i design sar adc and there is a proplem in sar logic code the command @(initial_step) saw the first command only (ex. see counter=0) and the other statement repeated in code and i want to make them initial only this is the code // verilogA for try, try, veriloga `include "constants.vams" `include (...)
hay every one, i am new to verilog, tried to make some small programs like clock etc. now i want to design an adc chip as one of my course projects. actually i want to design a chip that works as and adc if the mode pin is high and DAC if its low. plz gude me out, and suggest me that if its a nice project or (...)
how about adc/DAC design. if u want a bit more complicated.. PLL. Good luck.
hi,, I am using ic5141 and wrote a simple verilog-ams code for 1-bit DAC where input is digital signal and output is analog.After that i instantiated in schematic window for simulating it. I reffered manuels to simulate this but i am not getting any proper idea for simulating mixed design. For simulating any design, is it compulsory to (...)
Hi all, I am designing adc in verilog. The first block i need to design is a sampler. The specifications are as follows Signal frequency : 1KHz Sampling Frequency : 2Khz over samppling : 10 % of sampling So the new sampling frequency is 2.2 KHZ... Can anyone give some idea how to implement. No code is (...)
Hi... I am looking for a synthesizer and a simulator for verilog with analog / verilog -AMS or something that would let me include analog parts in my design such as an op-amp / DAC / adc etc. I searched google for such a tool for hours and did not find anything. I would prefer a free tool... but tell me about it (...)
I am designing a rather high resolution (>15bit) delta sigma adc. I have a design that's working in MATLAB and I am trying to build the same thing in cadence using verilog A modeling. Every component I have now is ideal and in verilog A code, so that means no transistors, no resistors and no capacitors. I am (...)
Hello . I have a bare 10bit pipeline adc design , and would like the create the top level interface . So to allow it to interface to mcu etc ? How do I do that , any example like in verilog for example ? Never didi it before as I more towards analog ? Hope u guys can share example/knowledge ? Thx in advance. Regards.
hi,everyone I am designing a flash adc. As you know, it is composed of the array of comparators and the digital encoder. I have a question about the encoder. The encoder is designed by using transistors in spectre or the netlist in verilog in practice.
Hello guys . Wanted to design serial 8/10 bit SAR adc ( something like AD7995 4-Channel, 10-Bit adc with I2C-Compatible ) . But I am more towards analog , know little about digital ? Anyone got example ( state-machine/verilog for the control etc ) to do something like AD7995 ? May be I will do it without channel ? Single (...)
i have read the allen's book about the i want to design the circuit and simulation for it.but i donnt know how to start.the software i know is cadence and matlab.and i know use the verilog-a to design the DAC and the verilog to decimator and filter.But i am not sure. Also,can anyone tell me the procedure in detail?
No It is not possible to 'design' an adc or dac using vhdl/verilog. However it is possible to 'model' an adc or dac using vhdl/verilog You dont HAVE to use ams if you dont want to. Simple adc and DAC can be modelled using simple vhdl/verilog hope it helps, Kr, Avi
I design a decimation filter(in verilog) for a 1-bit oversampled sigma-delta adc. But I don't have any idea to verify it. Could anyone give me a hand? Thanks a lot!
HAI ALL, can someone tell me about the SAR adc design FLOW. I HAVE SEEN EXAMPLE of control logic unit in SAR in Tanner but the circuit is too complex to built using schematic(full custom). I cant find other ckt in ttech paper as people do not show the complete ckt . is it true if i assume that the logic unit was synthesize from FRONT end tool such
either vhdl-ams or verilog-ams is a good choice. search the ebook upload/download forum for a delta-sigma adc top-down design book.
Hi everyone hope all of u njoying at ur best ! well i m a new member here & new to VLSI as well.. i m doing a project in verilog i.e. implementing direct form FIR filter in verilog. i need help in synchronizing the sampling period of adc with that of the verilog code clock.....but i m not able to do so..can any one help (...)
is there a good simulation testbench for adc simulation available? thanks!
i agree...cadence should be sufficient.....for the adc which i designed i did use cadence... spectre simulation....and it was for 16-bit...
Hi people, I request any question about adc with FPGA or PLD. How can I make adc with FPGA or PLD? Thanks all.