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I have used adc and ALTERA fpga ( ACEX1K) on my board.. but while selecting, u have to take care of these things... anyways... u can use boost up converter... ( 5V to 3.3V) many companies are providing this TI, intersil... search there... dont use resistors... its not a good practice..... and before selecting converter IC.. check curr
Hi, How are you processing the output of the adc? fpga/DSP. It seems like you using some processor. You need not map the values. You may just use some logical operations to convvert it into 2s complement. Some of them are suggested in previous responses. Check what is the reference voltage to the adc. This will determine whether the (...)
Hi All, We have a QPSK modulated signal 700 Mhz IF, 80Mhz BW to demodulate.The bit rate is 100 Mbit, roll-off is 0.65. Now we have to select an RF-adc,fpga board to demodulate it. The RF part can be handled by an I&Q demodulator circuit. Our question is; what should be the minimum sampling rate of the adc's? What should be their (...)
The LM 35 has an analog output therefore - you cannot interface it directly with an fpga. You'll have to use an adc to convert the output of the LM35 to a digital signal. Does your fpga kit have an adc onboard ?
hi people, Im also interested in building a DSO. I've found this site that uses adc+fpga+PC The general idea is clear and has some VHDL code. Analog input is not completely posted. There is also another post in this forum with more info. Hope this help! Regards, Martin
Hello, I want to search for some demodulatin algorithms for burst FSK. I had built a FSK transmitter and two FSK receivers to do burst data communication between two computer via wireless channel. The data rate is 9600kbps/19200kbps. One receiver is analog demodulator and using philips SA605 fsk demodulation chip, the other using adc/fpga to
I want to design a fir bandpass filter. its parameter: fc1=2MHz,fc2=3MHz, fs1=1.6MHz,fs2=3.4MHz.; I design a hardware system that has adc--fpga--DAC. can anyone give me its code?
I do not have any image in the file. It is just the sensor data I am getting from the adc/fpga combination. Then it will not be a recognizable graphics format such as GIF, PICT, PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc. You will need to learn how to create the image onscreen. You'll need to plot each pixel, draw each shape, etc. I do
hi I need to know how to start designing a digital AM receiver. I need a tool to help choose proper device in chain due to receiver standard parameters (Frequency, Sensitivity, Dynamic Range, ...). I don't know how the structure must be and don't know what devices and ICs may be used. I have experience in digital and analog. I am famili
Hi people, I request any question about adc with fpga or PLD. How can I make adc with fpga or PLD? Thanks all.
I am working on an fpga based DSO project. I would like some input on the fpga/adc clock. The project utilizes 2 adcs capable of up to 250MSPS (Maxim 1121s) and I plan on using a Xilinx Spartan fpga. For acquisition there needs to be several timebases. These include: 10Mhz, 25Mhz, 50Mhz, 100Mhz, 125Mhz, (...)
Hi, this is my first time connecting an external component to the fpga. The adc's output can be 5 v .. I'm using digilent spartan 3 board, where Vcco is connected to 3.3 V .. should I interface the adc to it direcrly since the fpga has internal clamp diodes ? or is it better to use a tranciever? Thanks :!:
Does there exists fpga that have adc integrated into the chip.
I have an fpga and a adc which uses LVDS signals. Will it matter if I cross the pairs of LVDS signals from the fpga to the adc (i.e. p->n and n->p) so that it is easier to route. Thanks
if the adc here is Anolog Digtial Converter, the first thing to design the interface is send a clock to adc.
fpga has more logic and ram memories. cpld if faster, but adc is not that fast even if it is high speed.
use SPI interface of adc to connect with fpga for data read and write operation.
Want to know about fpga and adc interfacing? Is this interfacing differs with the fpga vendor or any standard interfacing is there??? Thanx in advance.:D
Hi All, About to undergo a little project and i was wandering if anyone could provide a few answers to my questions please. I am going to use an fpga to control an adc to convert an audio signal and store the data into memory. Then i am going to use the fpga to control a DAC to convert the data stored in memory and output to a speaker. (...)
I am interfacing adc with DE2 board. I am using adc 0809. My problem is that adc is giving output voltage as 5V for logic 1 and fpga as 3.3V as logic high. Will there is any problem in connecting it directly or should i use any other adc IC which gives o/p with 3.3V as logic high (compatible with (...)
I want VHDL code for interfacing adc (SP774BT) to fpga>>> I have attached my datasheet
Hi guys, I have an 12V analog signal that I want to convert to 1 bit digital and feed to an fpga. (1) how do I make a 1 bit adc for an fpga (2) How do i interface it to the fpga. Any references would be helpful Thanks
Ok, First of all you have to specity what you mean by high-speed, high speed in adc terms can be anything from 1MSPS to 1GSPS, then it all depends on what you want to do with the data after you captured them. Any fpga is good for 1MSPS adcs but there no fpgas as I know who can support an adc at 1GSPS (...)
can you tell me what is the adc interface(spi,i2c or parallel) and at what speeds you will be controlling it with the adc...because if the speed is more u might have to terminate the lines properly
This is a straight forward adc. Just connect all the data lines to the fpga. Read the datasheet carefully. its an easy task only. All the best
I have constructed the VHDL code for master(fpga) and slave (adc). What are you trying to achieve? If you want to control the adc, you have to design a SPI master interface. A VHDL code for the slave would be needed only to simulate the slave's behaviour. For the code, i found out some errors in master and slave(i think is t
Thats what I was expecting, glad you stated it explicitly! Assuming you'll be targeting Xilinx devices. It has what you call Delay Locked Loop(DLL), instead of PLL. To utilize DLL in your design you have to generate and instantiate HDL module in you design. Xilinx core generator will take parameter like multiplication/division factor to gene
Hi, Are you sure pls, that your Ev.-Board is problem less to control if you will drive it from normal 5V supplyed logical gates? Is it not a missed GND wire or some similar in system? K. Added after 21 minutes: Sorry, what is exactly your input pls? Signals from the 5V adc logic or you wish to drive the
hi, i need adc core for Spartan 3E fpga kit..... and how to connect it with MICRO BLAZE Processor???/ plz help me out... thanks
There are a couple of other things you will need to consider as well: The front end adc will have a high speed parallel -ish interface (maybe even LVDS). The fpga will need to be able to handle these signals, route these to a buffer memory and psuhing it out. Because you want to store 1Msamples (8bit), you will need 8Mbit of memory inside the
Hello guys, I am trying to interface adc 0808 with spartan 3E fpga.can anyone please tell me how to do verilog program of this?.adc 0808 works at 450 KHz and fpga 50 i have to use different adc or i can do it with 0808. please help. thank you for your time and help
Hi, I need vhdl code for interfacing on board 8 bit adc-DAC to fpga SPARTAN 2 pl. help me
You have to look at the data sheet of the adc used in your board for knowing the registers to be configured & timing to be followed. State machine based implementation for timing diagram & configuring registers in RTL has to be written.
What adc are you using? how does it work? you have to read the datasheet and learn how the adc operates. generally what you'll need to do is: you will have to communicate with the adc, tell it what to do and get the converted data out of it.. for example: 1. set a bit of the adc to start conversion. 2. wait till the "done" (...)
The adc is a high speed device which requires sophisticated layout technique. I'm under the impression, that the analog circuit design as well as the fpga interface implementation is far beyond your level of electronics knowledge. What's your point of measuring a 100 us time constant with a 6 Bit 400 MHz adc? You'll achieve much more exact (...)
Hello, I am starting to research the market to buy a signal processing board for communications signals, including at least 1 adc (150Msps, 14bit), 1 DAC (200Msps, 14bit) and of course an fpga. My purpose is to perform signal processing to signals with bandwidths of 40MHz maximum, and I am having a lot of trouble while choosing an fpga (...)
Hello, I need help to design a receiver : I use a AD7626 adc in "self-Clocked mode" (page 23 in datasheet : ) In this mode, the clock is not present, the data contain an header '010' which permit to the receiver to recover the clock. I'm a beginner in fpga design and I would
Hi, thanks in advance I want to implement a trained Neural Netw in fpga(Spartan 3E), I know it's not the first time but my question lies in hardware level. you know to train a Neural netw I need some sample data Input,but the system after implementing is going to use the out put of adc of board as the neural network Input( :?: )
Hi, thanks in advance I asked this question in fpga forum but it seems hardware guys didn't know, maybe you software guys know it, or at least encountered such problem: I want to implement a trained Neural Netw in fpga(Spartan 3E), I know it's not the first time but my question lies in hardware level. you know to train a Neural netw I need s
I am trying to configure an adc using an fpga. I can read the default values from the adc register properly, but I'm unable to write to those registers. The fpga clock is 48 MHz and serial clock for the adc is 8 MHz. The VHDL code that I've written is given below. LIBRARY IEEE; USE (...)
You didn't tell if BUSY_adc has a defined timing related to the fpga clock or not. If not, timing constraints don't help. Then the signal must be registered to the fpga clock domain before being evaluated in expressions like the shown one.
is it possible to implement an adc inside a fpga? if it is possible how much time and energy does it need?
hiiii can anyone pls help me with a program for 'adc configuration for fpga':-(
I couldn't find any info about a board under the name of: "MX5VFKLX50" Please post a link to the board manufacturer's website or a datasheet for the 14 bit adc.
There wont be any different in serial interface and parallel interface of adc. If you developed for one channel it can be repeated for 16 channel. Upto my knowledge there wont be any difference for each channel. If it is yes please share the data sheet. Things has to taken care while design adc interface are sample rate and sampling frequency and
Hello to everyone, I am very new to the world of fpga boards, and digital data converters, and that I deal with signal processing hardware. I am going to work with a TR4 development board produced by Terasic, such a board is mounting a Stratix IV fpga which is meeting my performance requests. Now the point is that I would like to connect an A
You mention "real" delta sigma adc. I didn't yet. It would use an integrator front end with respective linearity. I'm talking about possible modifications to the simplified SD frontend utilizing LVDS receivers. I have no idea if it gives noticeable improvements, just a suggestion to try out.
Hi, I need vhdl code for interfacing on board 8 bit (0808) adc-DAC to fpga SPARTAN 2 pl. help me
Hello. I'm a beginner in VHDL and want to interface adc(ADS7800) with fpga virtex-5 can anyone help me in this.? regards.
It sounds simple but as soon as I check for adc_busy signal the adc_busy signal stops coming at it doesn't, the adc response is not changed by the fpga reading the busy signal output. Rest assured that the problem is with your code, not the adc. New logic works fine with simulation.Any synt